Book 3 FF:Till the End of Time (book4 link: pg 148)(Page 82)

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It's either people dont read Abhiya ffs anymore or must be my writing has gone really haywire because from around 80 liked this FF came down to 50 likes.Ermm sigh.. i will try to improve but cant help. im going through hell busy schedule Ouch
heartfelt thanks to all who stick to me from the beginning. means a lot Hug

Tanzie as a writer I can tell u ur writing hasn gone down one bit for this FF Embarrassed As a reader I still enjoy reading them. As for likes, even in my FF they have gone down Ouch From 50 its come down to 35 in Guardian as well. In my case I can clearly say its my crappy writing n delay in updates but in ur case I being 200% frank - in terms of quality ur FFs r intact Approve

u r ryt mandy...I think its bcoz ppl don't read ABHIYA ff...?!
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Tanzie dnt ever say like that, you are my inspiration and nt just me many new writers here are inspired by you! Its you, for whom many still come here to read abhiya fanfics. Approve All your works are hugely popular and loved, so trust me the more you write the more your readers will love it. Smile So keep on writing and never ever stop please. Embarrassed we all eagerly await for your works. Hope this story goes beyond book 5 and gets 100 likes. Carry on tanzie..we are with you! Hug
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Thanks so much girls.. always inspires me Hug
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Tanzie Indu is absolutely right Approve U r my inspiration too for writing Guardian Embarrassed Ur FFs r the most popular ones here n they r the reason most of them still stick to this forum. So dont ever get disheartened Hug n yeah I will always be ur reader till the end of time Embarrassed
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brilliant tanzie. i just loved how pia BBBd the Roy couple ROFL 

now seeing that Abhay was perplexed, I wonder if Ragini said something which made Abhay doubt if she is Ragini at all
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Tanzie as far as readers r concerned the no. has dropped drastically in every other FF here Ouch n believe me it has nothing to do with the update Ouch As u urself said before I am sure u will never ever stop writing n u will never quit updating ur FFs in IF till the time even a single reader waits eagerly for ur update Embarrassed n I will always be ur reader TILL THE END OF TIME Hug About the current track its thoroughly enjoyable n I love exploring more on the supernatural theme u have in mind for this FF. Trust me dear its brilliant n please don't change it assuming readers r getting bored coz its anything but boring Approve

Coming to the update I loved the way u started this dramatic update on a light hearted note which was so endearing Embarrassed Amber who's greatest pain in life had been losing her child has finally seen the light in the form of Aryan's children. Among the two, I can see Amber is more attached to Ahana who is a miniature Amby when it comes to fashion tantrums LOL Jaisi bua waisi bhateeji ROFL I pity Aryan n now I am certain Aryan will never pass a taunt on dressing styles coz he will face the wrath of not one but two women of the house ROFL Three cheers to girl power Cool  The kids have become her world now n I really hope Amber n Armaan realise their feelings n confess it too Embarrassed They both need each other Ouch Amber is also feeling guilty tat Abhay is facing all of this bcoz of her Cry But Abhay being the head of the family should also protect his family n thats exactly what he is doing now Approve Vampires have heightened emotions be it passion, grief or guilt n guilt is something which can tear u inside out Ouch 
Coming to Aryan Alina I know Aryan will never be able to love Alina like he loved Peehu but y do I feel he does feel something for her which could be beyond the fact that Alina is taking care of his children or something platonic? Even when Aryan was Peehu's estranged husband I wanted Aryan to be with Alina Confused I know its twisted but though Peehu was Aryan's undying love I always saw Alina as his soulmate Embarrassed I know Amber n Pia will love them like their own children for neither of them will ever have children but the kids do need someone whom they can call a mother n not just get the love from family alone Ouch
I always love the Mohini part in ur updates Clap The family tree reminded me of Black Family Tree. I knew Mohini would never learn the truth from a direct source n I was so right Approve  I was impressed Cool  I loved the way she vented out her anger n grief. Gave me chills Ouch n I am sure she will never forgive Aryan for this n I wont be surprised if she holds him responsible for Peehu's death as well n holds a grudge on him as well along with Abhay Ouch As it is we all know how much she despises him but now things might get serious with Aryan as well Ouch But seems like Abhay is her top priority now. I know she despises him so much not bcoz of her sister's death alone but more bcoz of Abhay stopping her from achieving the ultimate power Ouch Good choice of song. Perfect for Mohini Star
Pamona fears Mohini n rightly so coz facing Mohini's wrath is a gazillion times worse than embracing death Ouch So now she has finally realised that Pia is no insignificant human. She is fighting for her client who happens to be her husband, her sole reason for hanging onto life n such people can goto any lengths to save their beloved Embarrassed But win or lose, she has to try before she accepts defeat else Mohini wont spare her Ouch Abt the compulsion detector I am surprised SC doesn have it Shocked I mean when they have witches n warlocks on board its obvious there will be compulsion as well. Mohini only favors ppl so that she can use them later n that slave wizard is proof for that Dead 
Pia is missing Abhay n I hope he gets back to where he belongs - with her Embarrassed Being alone wasn new for Pia but ever since Abhay came into her life, life took a U turn for good in her life but now she is back to square one but hopefully not for long Ouch Even if she had lost her memories her heart always belonged to Abhay Embarrassed But though Abhay's absence has left a dent in her life it has given her a purpose.
Kol is defo so smart Cool But I wish he could super charge that genius of a brain of his to dig the truth out. He knows how much Mohini loved Ragini. So how has she let her come to Belgium all by herself? Confused Since she has recently been resurrected Ragini must be weak n Mohini leaving her alone in this state is impossible. Though whatever he has known abt Ragini is contradictory to wat he is seeing now it could be possible that she has changed due to being brought back to life. Something is surely amiss n I hope its not long before he fits the missing pieces of the puzzle. U know wat? I am eagerly awaiting Mohini Kol face off Big smile Revenge is a dish best served cold n Kol knows no matter what happens Mohini will find a means to get it Ouch 
Even in the darkest of hours Abhiya will find a ray of hope in each other n thats the beauty of their relationship Embarrassed They are each other's salvation in the true sense. Even though Abhay himself is worried he is more concerned for Pia n Pia, is seeking strength to face watever is ahead though she knows how much dangerous it is for her to get involved in Abhay's predatory world but she will do all it takes to free him Big smile 
The courtroom sequence was hilarious ROFL It was obvious Mohini would change her game plan but this backfired as well LOL I loved the way u have paid attention to every minute detail here be it the simple fact of memory being erased once the human was done with the testifying Clap Superb Clap It was obvious the human couple would be dazzled on seeing the court n its grandeur LOL I loved Victoria's jibe on the court being a millenia older than Louvre ROFL Was Mohini so dumb tat she thought sending an old couple whose memories are bound to fail them help her get Abhay nailed? LOL But well given the SPC tat would have been possible if Abhay didn have Pia for a lawyer Cool I so loved Pia's questioning a lot Clap Fantastic! I felt like I was in a court n trust me this was better than most of the courtroom stuff I have read in many books before Clap No wonder ur in a league of ur own Approve It was so funny to see the man almost drop down when Abhay revealed his fangs LOL The fact that even a member of the jury who had fallen asleep during the trial woke up when Pia's name was taken is proof enough to show that Pia has taken the supernatural world by storm Clap  I loved Pia's defence Clap
I loved Abhiya moment Blushing It was so passionate n so filled with hope n victory Big smile If some were astounded, some were amazed seeing the bond between a vampire and a human, including Kol Wink 
I am waiting to know what will Aryan's n Mohini's next move will be n gosh Pamona aka Ragini has come to meet Abhay n she is crying Shocked Defo not good news Ouch I am sure she was there to awaken his guilt n I hope Abhay doesn do anything reckless else Pia's efforts will go in vain Ouch I so wish u update this soon coz I am eager to know what happened b/w Abhay n Ragini. Also I want to see Pia Mohini face off Big smile It will surely be a show stealer of course - two determined woman - One hell bent on destroying a man who snatched away her chance of becoming the supreme power n the other hell bent on saving the man who means the world to her or probably more Star
Do I even have words to describe ur writing? Confused Nope I ran out of adjectives long time back but I would say:
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Originally posted by Phoenix.Xeelan

Thanks so much girls.. always inspires me Hug
my pleasure tanzie Embarrassed you are always welcome.. Hug
and sorry 4 spamming in ur thread.. :( hope u dnt mind. :)
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