Book 3 FF:Till the End of Time (book4 link: pg 148)(Page 73)

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its ok tanzie Smile take ur time Smile
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we r w8ngLOL
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grt was so well described...the whole scene was infront of my eyes like its real...u made it a reality...grt job
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Originally posted by mandy1024

Tanzie no need to apologise dear Embarrassed We all know how tough it is to manage work n hobbies Ouch I dont know when was the last time I updated my own works n my new OS is taking a lot of time as well Ouch So sorry dear for unreserving my comments late but I suppose by now u know y Wink I just had to read this once more Big smile More than the story itself, here I loved the way u have depicted a scenario. Its relatively easier to describe human emotions since we can relate to that very well but to describe a scenario n a situation it takes a lot of creativity n kudos to u for that Clap U r truly gifted Tanzie n I hope u can publish this story one day as well Clap

Coming to the update, I totally understand Abhay's frustration n angst. As a vampire, he knows the nature of his world n how can he drag his fragile human wife into it? Ouch He is helpless from all angles right now. He cant even vent out bcoz there r two babies at home now n he defo cant go on raging like a bull Tongue Aryan could probably have taken up the case but being a father his children need him the most now, since their mother is no more Cry Kol is defo an intriguing n charismatic character Embarrassed I so wish he hadn't got stuck with that vile woman whom he took for a wife Dead Though Pia means nothing to him, he found it imperative to warn her of the impending dangers of his world, for he knows what Pia means to his friend.  Though he means her no harm Pia is intimidated by him n this amuses him LOL The moment when Abhay sees Pia with Pranay being put to sleep was so sweet, poignant. Though Abhay was frustrated to the hilt, his anger subsided bcoz here were two people who personified love n innocence, the only most beautiful aspect of his dark life. Just like how Pia can fight tooth n nail to rescue Abhay out of this mess, Abhay can goto any lengths n any corner of the world to keep his love safe Embarrassed I just loved the bond these 2 share Embarrassed So beautiful n so strong Smile
Do I really have to say how much I hate Mohini? Angry I thought if not anyone, she did love her sister truly Ouch But seeing what she did now I doubt that Dead If u truly love someone, then u will have to love them more than u love urself n that is something Mohini can never ever do n I wont blame the blood of the original warlock running in her veins for that Dead Even  Peehu belonged to the same clan. True she was selfish, proud n vain but her love for Aryan n her babies was true unlike her cousin's Dead I just loved the part u wrote about metamorphosis Clap That was what I call a stroke of brilliance Clap Mohini will never help anyone unless she knows she will get something out of it n Pamona fits into the same category. The worst part is she is using Pamona to impersonate her almost dead sister to get back at Abhay Angry How low is that! I wonder if she is avenging her sister's death or the chance that she was deprived of to become the world's most powerful being when Abhay revealed her true intentions before her husband Angry She knows Abhay still feels guilty for what happened between him n Ragini n she is using Ragini's face to exact her revenge Angry I really want to know what Ragini will have to say abt this once she is resurrected Angry 
If there's one thing Pia needs more than ever right now, then its time but alas thats the last thing she will get Ouch Yet she is leaving no stone unturned to fight for Abhay Clap It was funny when Kol pointed out that Abhay was freaking out more than Pia LOL I understand y Kol had to disappear when Victoria came to take Abhay with them. Kol being the member of the panel should not be seen associating himself with the accused. Victoria is another intriguing character here. She isn an original but still she is no less powerful. I love the way u described her here Clap Beautiful women can sometimes be vain n so is Victoria LOL She seems to be the improvised, powerful version of Ruhi here Wink(well she was boy tracker n she is man player LOL) Only difference being Victoria can make men dance to her tunes while Ruhi would only make then run away from her LOL I loved Abhay n Victoria's convo Wink So smarty pants Raichand is back Cool The part where she asks Abhay that he keeps his food at home n Abhay snapping back saying Pia is his wife cracked me up ROFL Though Kol made sure he left on time, he couldn't entirely fool Victoria for she could indeed sense the presence of a powerful supernatural Wink I loved the way Abhay tried to distract her LOL Charming indeed Cool Like every other supernatural she was shocked on seeing that Abhay's wife was a human as it went against the very nature of vampires to take a human for their soulmate. Also liked the part where Pia answered her on her face when she tried looking for another reason to charge Abhay with treason Cool So now she knows that Abhay is not alone in this fight Approve  Best part was Abhay coming to terms with the fact that Pia is his lawyer finally Wink The part where Abhiya bid farewell to their family was touching. I was surprised that Aryan handed Peehu's charm bracelet to Pia. But of course, for Aryan nothing ever mattered more than his family n in some corner he feels guilty bcoz he feels he should have the been the one to protect his brother rather than let Pia before an army of the most dangerous n powerful supernaturals. There wasn much of Abhay n Aryan written in this update but Abhay's parting line to him said it all Approve  I hope Alina can arrive soon n testify for Abhay but I know its easier said than done Ouch Now that Pia has Peehu's bracelet with her, I wonder if Mohini will be enraged or find a means to control Pia since its belongs to her legacy Ouch  Only time will tell I suppose Ouch
The part where Aryan reminiscenes his past with Peehu was poignant. There was so much unsaid between them Ouch For me their bond will always be the most beautiful u have depicted so far in this FF even more than that of Abhiya. True I despised Peehu n believe me I still do for certain acts of hers but at the end even she was a person like any of us with her own set of flaws. One thing I do appreciate abt her however is the fact that she never denied or shied away from admitting them or her own mistakes Ouch n for some weird twisted reason I identify myself with her n maybe tats y I despise her Ouch The song 'Bheegi bheegi' from Gangster suits them perfectly. This little para for me was the most beautiful part of this update Embarrassed So poignant n so deep in emotions. Despite all the pain she gave him n all the anger he still holds against her for letting her pride come in the way of their love, he will always love her till his last breath Cry
Honestly how on earth u find me creative? Wacko Forget write I cannot even dream of coming up with something so creative n by this I mean the part of the Supernatural court Clap BRILLIANT Clap Take as many stars as u want for that Star Fantabulous Clap The way it was written I felt I was transported there n I was seeing it through my eyes Clap Its sad that instead of going for their honeymoon they r fighting all supernatural forces of nature right now Ouch Their lil moment just before going there was passionate n it held the promise that no matter what they r here to stay, together n forever Embarrassed Chand doesn seem to be the emotional type, atleast thats the vibes I am getting from him right now Confused He doesn seem to appreciate the fact that Pia is brave enough to fight against all odds for Abhay Ouch Haseena on the other hand is very affectionate n yes we all know y that is so. The manner in which u described the SPC was breath taking Clap N now comes the biggest twist - Pamona impersonating Ragini as the judge. Will Abhay be able to overcome his burden of guilt n fight for his love along with Pia or will he succumb to it? Ouch 
N here u were hoping u wont get an essay? Tongue Dream on woman ROFL U keep giving us such brillaint updates Clap So now u have to pay by putting up with my long essays as well Wink 
No adjectives this time as well Tongue for u will slam them down as exaggeration but I can give a Thumbs Up n a hug Hug 

Thanks so much for such beautiful comment as usual. you analyze my writing so perfectly and understand my points so well. Embarrassed 
since im in hurry so all short replies LOL metamorphosis was surely a surprise like i wanted to bring and if you have seen Mohini enough and hate her so much you havent seen anything. she will always be a unique villain and one of my best creations till date. court part will be funny mostly. you will like it. and there will be more Aryan now as he is in charge of house. not all lovestories are meant to have a happy ending and Peehu Aryan were like that only. 

thanks so much Hug 
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Originally posted by -juhi-lily-

wonderful update tanzieClapClap
i loved that victoria which pia answers back to victoriaWink
so eagerly waiting for the trials to begin...
now everyone will come to know the real MRS. PIA RAICHANDWink

Thanks a lot Juhi. Victoria is not really cunning but yes she is interesting and hot LOL more of Pia Abhay will bajao the judges.. wait and watch Wink
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Originally posted by ..tora.tangled.

whoa!!tanzie dear what an update!!!!! it was so fabulous and so well-written.the story gets more and more intense and gripping with each chapter..Star Star Clap Clap
piya is going to defend abhay..this should be interesting..and the metamorphosis!!u rendered me speechless there!! yup it is like one of those X-men movies...and mohini has convinced pamona here to change her form and aura so that she resembles ragini????? god, she is THE most sly cunning, calculating, clever villain i've seen.Angry..throwing abhay and piya off even before the case starts with just the appearance of "ragini"Shocked Shocked
so abhay's love is going against abhay's past love..apparently of adds more spice to the story..Star

that part where abhay and piya kissed...i don't know why, but it felt so heart-wrenching and yet so beautiful to me...StarHeart

haha..piya must have stunned victoria with her knowledge of vampire law..i loved reading that part and even abhay was speechless!!LOL LOLpiya's indeed a lawyer to reckon withSmile..i'll enjoy seeing her defending abhay with her wit and love!!Wink

felt bad, like real bad for aryan...i don't think mohini will spare him and the kids from trouble either..and he doesn't deserve all this..Cry

lets see what happens now...the story and the plot is heating up!! and i'm loving it!!Big smile

Thanks a lot Tora. Hug  glad you liked the update. just remember you havent seen anything of Mohini yet.. wait and watch Wink  
Mohinis focus is Abhay now so for now she wont but once Abhay is released her next victim is Aryan's children. thanks so much for loving it dear
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Originally posted by FeistySoul

Mohini is not known as The Mohini for nothing.
The lady really has the best crooked mind.
Abhay will be totally unbuckled by Ragini and Mohini knew that.
Piya's determination is laudable.
But love of the kind she has for Abhay won't let her do nothing.
And that is exactly the kind of love Mohini should be fearing.
Aryan's emotional turmoil was well depicted.
I think Jeh might appear in the court right Tanz?
The wait was worth it dear.
Great update.

Thanks a lot Nidha. surely Mohini is THE MOHINI for a reason and there's much more to come from her side Wink Yes Jeh might and Alina too.. and AbhIya relationship would be complicated with the abrupt arrival of ragini but they will deal with it just like they did with so many issues before.
thanks so much Embarrassed
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Eagerly waiting 4 next chappy
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