Book 3 FF:Till the End of Time (book4 link: pg 148)(Page 34)

Posted: 2012-08-22T11:49:12Z
Thanks for the patience and support from you guys... love you all... will be updating soon Hug

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Posted: 2012-08-22T12:04:42Z

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Posted: 2012-08-22T12:05:23Z
Awesome update.I loved it tanzie.It was hot,passionate & raunchy.I loved the convo b/w Alina-Peehu.Oh both know tht they desire 4 same man but still 4 their beloved they r coping wid each other.Oh Abhiya were dreamy.Pia all panicked 1st thn she read Abhay's letter,wore his Shirt,remembered the way she wore Abhay's shirt once whn she was not Mrs.Raichand & Abhay preparing breakfast 4 his beloved  but later was lost in love & the passion was at its peak & due 2 which poor pan & pancake had 2 bear consequences ROFL.LOL & thn Abhay ka again sorry 4 hurting u Pia crap & Pia compalining u r not romantic & thn wild,passionate & romantic side of Abhay thn other love making session in bedroom was agn hot .Jeh-Alina encounter was gud too& at last Amber-Aryan's encounter wid Mohini.Lets c wht they will do know?Ab nxt kaun sa update karogi?Confused
Love uHug
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Posted: 2012-08-22T12:06:00Z
what an update Tanzie. i m simply out of words reading so much passion. Blushing 
poor pan and pancakes Wink LOL
i wonder what will happen between mohini, aryan, amber now and will jeh and alina reach there on time and save peehu? Confused
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Posted: 2012-08-22T12:06:47Z
Tanzie amazing updateBlushing Edited by Abhiya_Gunner - 2012-08-24T00:42:54Z
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Posted: 2012-08-22T12:09:42Z

wowww Tanzie!!!!!!!!!!!!Clap I have run out of words of praise. Each and everytime, your update just blows me awayStar. All I have to ask is when are you publishing your first book? I loved Abhiya's honeymoonEmbarrassed. Delayed but worth the waitEmbarrassed. Piya sure knows how to manipulate her man into submission. The jealousy way works wonders but this new way is sooo much betterBig smile. Abhay didnt even have a clue. I love this romantic AR!!!Embarrassed They deserve happiness after going through so pain. I want their paradise to continue forever. Smile

Precap sounds super!Smile I want the brothers back together against Ragini. And Aryan will really need support with all that is happening with Peehu. He will be so heartbrokenOuch. I dont want him to be hurtOuch. Will Alina take Peehu's place in his heart to heal him??
Do update soon Tanzie. Will be waitingHug
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Posted: 2012-08-22T12:10:14Z
Tanzie I had kept a tab on ur replies wanting to res the 1st spot but missed it by a matter of 2 mins Cry
Coming to the update what can I say? BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing
I read it while I was in office just before going for lunch n I couldn stop it in between so asked my friends to carry on LOL n I ate alone later Wink
According to me the best part of the update was Peehu Alina confrontation. Superb Clap The way they could connect to each other's pain was so beautiful Embarrassed Hats off to u for that Clap Its hard for Alina to help save the woman who is the bane of her life - a woman who will always stand in her path to the man she loves n the one who is bearing his child Ouch Still she is selfless enough to keep her hatred aside n nurse an ailing Peehu Cry Another person in her place would have left her to die or maybe not bothered to help her if not harm her Ouch Peehu on the other hand only wants the safety of her children n Aryan's happpiness Cry I admit she was being selfless here but she brought it on herself Angry I agree many forces were at work to keep them apart n a lover may desert her man but how could a wife desert her husband? Thats no excuse on Peehu's part Angry She should have trusted in Aryan's love for her. She may have left him bcoz she loved her family more than him or bcoz her clan threatened to harm him.  But as a wife she had to stand by him as his pillar of support not walk out on him like a coward Dead If not for Aryan then atleast when she knew abt her pregnancy she should have come back to him rather than jeopardise hers n her children's lives Ouch I do feel bad for her but there's no denying that she wrought it upon herself Cry
Now that Jeh knows Alina is alive n well bcoz of Abhay hope he realises his he's headed the wrong way in life Smile 
Coming to Abhiya Blushing ermmm(clearing throat Blushing) I am surprised my lappy is in one piece ROFL  Mind u it was my office lappy n had it got burnt they would have deducted my salary LOL Pia had once stolen Abhay's shirt like bheegi billi but can now flaunt it off like a sherni ROFL Abhay cooking for her was like a quintessential sweet hubby Embarrassed n man I pity the burnt pancakes n kitchen for having to bear the brunt of Abhiya's passionate assault ROFL  Blushing The blood exchange part was hot n sensual too Blushing Well this bit I am afraid I cant go into details LOL I can say I have lost count of the blushing smileys I have used here Blushing LOL Gosh but I'll say one thing for sure. Hats off to u Tanzie Clap Only u can write such a passionate update n pull it off as an act of love not lust ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap 
Precap sounds exciting Big smile Haaye mere Ram Lakshman ki jodi ko kisi ki nazar na lage Embarrassed Brilliant work as always Tanzie n please heed the request of many of ur readers n publish a book dear Big smile Will look forward to it. Hug
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Posted: 2012-08-22T12:17:25Z
*faint *tanzie me in icu goshBlushing Blushing Blushing poor pancakes ROFL atyachar hua unpe kya galti thi unki ROFL abhiya wild cats ROFL tanzie if we reach hospital any day na u will be responsible seriously how can u write such hot updates and after that u can sleep becoz after reading this we are not able to sleep
lol see big comment btw song ha bheege hoth tere Rk ka fav song ROFL
Edited by --Rashu-- - 2012-08-25T23:15:52Z
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