Book 3 FF:Till the End of Time (book4 link: pg 148)(Page 127)

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Updated on Page 140. PMs will be sent from this acc tomorrow. Edited by PhoenixFF - 2014-11-24T12:31:27Z
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Posted: 2014-11-24T16:53:29Z
finally u unres the update D'oh D'oh
super duper awesome update
god that chudail mohini still didn't get her scene Angry Angry
still trying to find way to hurt abhiya disgusting Angry Angry
wow abhay took pia so many place to visit Clap Clap
finally abhiya got their some quality time Cool Cool
they just enjoy as newly married couple do having a great time together Hug Hug
abhay did everything that lovly husband do for his wife so sweet Heart Heart
loll abhay got so desperate for pia Wink Wink
abhiya romance was sizzling passionate Embarrassed Embarrassed
they saw the vision in their blood pia was emotional to see abhay suffer a lot in prison Cry Cry
god what's wrong with arnab he lost his mind completely Disapprove Disapprove
he called those firkin hunter just to find abt raichand Angry Angry
awe abhay was looking at pia & thinking abt their passionate night Wink Wink
he was worried abt pia that mohini meet her & didn't do anything that was not normal Ouch Ouch
abhay want to findout for that he need Aryan help
alina went to meet jay bcoz it was urgent Ermm Ermm
Aryan was missing alina & her everything Heart Heart
hope arman will tell amber abt the hunter
wow they r going to plan for abiya's weeding anniversary Party Party
update soon
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Posted: 2014-11-24T18:11:55Z
I remembered why this FF is my favourite of all your works LOL

Mohini's scenes, the spell etc was very well written. Her complex equation with Kol. Something BIG is going to happen and boy can I feel it :P
Abhay and Piya- aah! Their bits were beautiful. I loved the honeymoon and good Abhay knows that Mohini might have done something. But i wonder if he will discover anything.

Jeh- I hope Amber can help him.
And what's with the Arghasias people?
Its been so long you updated that even stuff which normally gets me worried is having me excited :P

PS. I told you that this would go to book 4. I told you! LOL
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Posted: 2014-11-24T20:34:26Z
i am scared. Literally shaking of what mohini will do to Abhiya now. Eeeps poor Piya and Abhay. And who are these Arghasis fellows? Are they also Supernatural? Are Siddhartha and Abhay related? I guess will have to wait for next update.
I love how Mohini is confused about Kol. I still cant believe this women has a softy side
excellent chap Tanz waiting for more.
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Posted: 2014-11-24T21:05:05Z

Mohini swirled the water inside the plastic bowl
with her finger and it was moving in snake shape
inside the bowl, looking extremely creepy for
something which has no color and no shape. Her
eyes were red, swollen. it's feels she cried after a
millennium. Every creature in this world has some
weakness they can't get over it, ever and THE
Mohini - even she has some. one her pride, her
family legacy and another Kol. There was nothing
more important to mohini than her family legacy
and her sister but she lost her. and there was Kol.
her love, her desire, her husband, her destroyer,
the deceiver, her worst enemy. She true equal
opponent who can match her in each and every
aspect but everything is ruined. She loathes him so
much. He not only left her but he also broke her
pride which is hates more than anything else. Why
can't she just get over it? and why can't he just
forget the past and move on? what was she
thinking? does she want Kol to forget everything so
that they can be together again? Never. she will
never go back to him. why can't she get over him?
because she can't forget what he did to her? or she
can't forget he hates her now and never want her
back or she wants to go back to him? and this is
one subject Mohini doesn't have the answer to her
own questions. she stopped twirling her fingers in
water. She needs to go back to India. her magic
wasn't as strong now as it should be because her
mind is completely unsettle and her emotions
aren't in control any longer. and she is NOT
supposed to be like this. she always has everything
under her control. so she needs to put herself back
together. She bring out the hair she has taken
from Piya and kept it in the box Pamona gave her
and she smiled finally. Before leaving she has
things to do. she wants to play her favorite game.
Game of Revenge as Mohini believes revenge is dish
best served cold. She smiled with satisfaction

This is so so good tanzie! Clap extraordinarily amazing! The way you have dug deeper into her skin--her character--her mind--it's terrific!! If there had been no Abhay piya then Mohini had been the central of action! No one i could imagine of picturising such as intriguing character like hers, except you! Clap

You have portrayed her layers so vividly that an entire write up could be written on her!

The way she reacts and the way her mind us a glimpse of her desire and aspirations. And all i could feel is Mohini is craving for love. She too wants to be desired and wanted just like anybody. Only vengeance had made her blind!

Loved your portrsyal of Amsterdem. You made it so vivid n real with your description n well chosen words! Loved it. Thumbs Up

Abhay Piya and their time off in the city was perfect picture of the freedom of a couple who had had little amount of peace and hence their joy n elation were quite apparent. And again so well penned by you! Clap

When it comes to Abhay and Piya and the limit of the extremities of their love--you are amazing! The way you have brought out Abhay's pain and Piya's sadness and the way she asks him not to torture himself was sheer beauty! Abhay was more real than just a fictional character! His concern--and his lovevwere splendidly explained. The blood sucking moment was very deftly written! Clap

Mohini i can see behind that hideous face--is a woman suffering! And i wish Kol had her brought out from the dark edge. She could have been different. There was chance. But i dnt think that will happen! Not with the resolve and hatred i see in her! Impossible.

And i fear for Piya! I hope she gets help before Mohini succeeds in her plan or before it gets too late! :(

About Jeh--what will he do now? Whose side is he?

Please update soon tanzie. Like i said--you are the soul of the forum! Don't ever leave. And keep writing...we are here always for you. Hug

P.s. and dont please mind my being late. I will always come. As long as you write--i'm here to read. Hug

P.p.s. this story has a flavour--and aura that lingers long after i have read it. Always it's different! A mystic feeling is what i get whenever i have read this ff! And kudos to you for infusing life in it with such beauty and precision. Clap Clap
overall i love the way you plot, and play your characters!
oh and i forgot to mention--your descriptions on magic are always incredible! keep writing. ..
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Posted: 2014-11-24T21:54:30Z
Awesome update dear but mohini's plans r giving me goose bumps. Abhiya honeymoon was sweet sum real quality time dey needed for them selves. The entry of siddharth's n his family causing Arnab fearful is defnetly a cause to worry . Eagerly waiting for da new twist ClapEdited by mahi4ever - 2014-11-26T09:24:30Z
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Posted: 2014-11-24T22:06:57Z
Awesome dear love it
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Posted: 2014-11-25T06:56:42Z
Loved Abhiya part. It was cute and awesome. Loved it.Clap
Oh no now Mohini is after Pia. At the end she really got her way to take revenge. Who are those Arghasis? Are they after Vampires?

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