Book 3 FF:Till the End of Time (book4 link: pg 148)(Page 117)

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Comment updated on page 127. Smile
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Posted: 2014-07-20T12:40:08Z
I know I m late but plz chalta hai
Amazing update.. Finally Abhiya won and ab the romance will start
I still feel Mohini will use pia's hair for some magic..
Pia is preggo and yeh kab pta chalega
Wanna know how abhay will manofy Pia
And loving kol-mohini scenesEmbarrassed

Plz cont..
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Posted: 2014-07-28T08:03:03Z
Originally posted by ..Bournville..

Phew. Finally the court case comes to a happy end. 
Still scared for pia though.

you will know soon. in 2/3 updates probably. 

Originally posted by alicia212

Wow great story please update soon
I can not wait for the next part of your story

Thank you :)

Originally posted by snitchseeker

I really am confused whether i should be happy that Abhay is free or terrified that Mohini is gonna get worse. I am literally shaking at the very thought of what she will do to Pia. Knowing you something totally out of loop. Anyways i loved the update specially kol and mohinis arguement. Am looking forward to honeymoon. And pia learning from haseena how to be the boss.
Awesome Tanzi

Thanks for the comment Snig. you should be terrified of what mohini will do with pia LOL i loved writing kol- mohini part too. thank you.
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Posted: 2014-07-28T08:08:43Z
Originally posted by Paint.It.BlacK.

AMAZING! That was a very impressive update tanzie!! Clap Thanks Indu 

wonderfully written in a strong, plain, unpretentious style..distinguished by humour and powerful understatement. Excellent.Clap
and i so prefer your mode of style! Its straight and bang on!Clap 

with lot of court room drama an meaningful plotting it was full of thrilling events!

Especially the Mohini Kol encounter was the show stellar!! Star Their argument..rage..the past, all was packed so niftly! Bestest part of this update.Clap thanks a lot. I enjoyed writing it and im glad i wrapped up the case. didnt want to drag it. 

Abhaypia pia's concern, depressive state and Abhay and his frustration was narrated brilliantly! Their fight was just a natural part of any marrital life and that you have used greatly through them. Bravo! Clap I want them as normal couple so yes thats how it is LOL 

And i always go estatic by the way you describe scenes of Mohini. They are quite a class! Star the role of nature, mohini's rage, it all makes it so powerfully brilliant! Clap glad you liked it 

Pia said everything to Kol except the part that was most important!!! :-(
But figures! Thats how the future problems will arrive i suppose!Wink  

Waiting to see what mohini's next plan would be and how will she make use of the hair! you will get to know within 2/3 updates I suppose. 

Overall it was pretty long..LOL ya..but was so interesting that i read in one go! Approve The court room drama especially! Very intelligent writing there tanzie.Clap great update.Thumbs Up
please carry on...Hug Thanks Indu. I will try to update on Eid or after that. lets see If i can. 

p.s. Am so sorry for being so late. I missed it. I thought i have commented. :-( bt when i saw ur note and came to check i realized. Really sorry! From now on i'll have to be more careful! :) its completely alright dear. Im late too in updating so it doesnt matter :) Im just glad you commented. 
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Posted: 2014-07-28T08:14:22Z
Originally posted by ..juhi..

Tanzie tanzie god that was brilliant...see abhay ko ek chiz btayi gayi aur usne turant mystry solve kar di...annd i like abhiya fight...LOLWink kinne time baad dono ko fight karte dekhe hain...Tongue

Thanks a lot Juhi. Abhay was pretty helpless in all this so being a abhay fangirl I wanted to give him some real credit and there's reason behind it. that mohini incident was veyr important in his life so theres no way he wouldnt have remembered a metaorph :) 

Originally posted by bookworm-ALS--

So kudos to Piya for holding her was crucial to win the case.
poor Abhay doesnt like being kept out of the loop..reminds me of PKYEK when he snapped at Chandeena and Piya is anyone going to tell me what is going on [LOL[

Kol and Mohini...superb. Superb scene. I am really really likinng Kol, there are lots and lots of layers in his character and I want to read more about him.

I am still afraid what Mohini will do with that hair. :(

Fab update. This is my fav FF of yours and you know it so update soon?

Thanks. yes Abhay was likely to get mad since he was helpless there. i liked writing the Kol-Mohini part. and what will Mohini do with Pia will come after 2/3 updates later. 
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Posted: 2014-07-28T13:16:32Z
I'm starting read this story
plz continue
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Posted: 2014-07-28T16:45:51Z
Originally posted by Manisha100

Awesome part..Finally Abhay is Free from Court...1st time i like Jeh...
Waiting for Next plz Post Soon. Smile

Thank you so much. 

Originally posted by piaviviandsena

FINALLY MY ABHAY is out of dis nonsence. i was shocked when i read dat ABHIYA won d case. i thought did i miss ny update. bt den i saw flashbck. it was amazing. bt i really wish ki us pamona ka secret sab ke samne aata. how did mohini reached on kol's home? she is going to come bck. bt plz yr let abhiya enjoy dere honeymoon. bdw plz apni dusri story bhi IF pe hi post kro na. plz. and u didn't pm me?

haha thanks. I wanted to reveal it in part by part. y wont mohini reach? she knows everything but dont worry another part of flashback will be revealed din next update. Abhiya will enjoy their honeymoon dont worry. sorry i missed maybe. i will pm from next time :)

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Posted: 2014-07-28T16:57:41Z
Originally posted by anjali0111

fantastic update
n dont bother about giving late updates...we can understand that you have lots of work n other priorities too...give updates as per your convenience...nobody will complainBig smile
like jeh's twisted way of supporting abhayLOL but at least he did help himSmile
 n what did pamona gave to heirloom...seems some kind of strong magic thingConfused
n pia stupid...again missed the important detail of her n mohini's meeting n didnt tell kol about the hair thingD'oh
loved the scene where abhay snapped at everyone...even though he is a vampire but this shows his human nature...he cares too much about others that he didnt like sitting there alone n being all ignorant about the important factsSmile
but abhay is in trouble nowWink...pia will try to maintain fake anger n he will try to manaofy herLOL will love to read how he will make it up to herBig smile

Thanks Anjali. thanks for understanding. trust me i keep writing everything in my head but i have no time to put it on paper. yes Jeh finally helped them and not that they can become best friends but he can understand them better. i put it in such a way that you cant hate Jeh but you will want to but you cant LOL how will she know touching her hair would be important.. when she will deliver this news it will be too late. 
yes how can Abhay be jus helpless sitting without doing anything? doesnt suit him.  he will make it up to her right u know that Wink

Originally posted by MS-meghasharma

amazing update tanzie but u really didn't opened all the secrets in this update.
i am eager to read how was abhay released & how did pamona lost in the court???
kol -mohini meeting was indeed explosive. it seem he is the only one she really fears.
pia and abhay have started having husband-wife fightsLOLit will  be interesting to see how abhay makes up to her. great to see some light moments b/w them after so many stressful days.

Thanks Megha. no i didnt. rest of secrets about case and court will be in next update and it will end the court part there. yes Mohini is afraid of Kol because she has feelings involve there too. feelings attached with her heart. otherwise as you see she got no emotional connection with anyways as she just doesnt care. but when she does its pretty fierce. and loosing Kol is something she will never get over. so many emotions involved along with Kol knows all her secrets. almost !! next update will be happy happy with Abhiyas honeymoon. they deserve some good time. 
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