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This is what I wanted to see... Wrote this long ago but never posted.. Hope u like it...

Natasha... Chotti... Ye kya kia tune nuts...

They rushed her to the hospital... And immediately took her to the ICU..

Ram was pacing through the floor, shouting on top of his voice asking the doctors to save his chotti's life.. He was ready to spend his entire fortune over her.. And as minutes passed by, his anger towards Kartik just kept increasing.. Whenever he saw natasha, all he could think of was his revenge against Kartik... Soon Priya reached the hospital.. And looking at her, Ram had a sense of relief... He could face anything in life.. All he needed was His Priya's support... It felt so strange to him, a one time ruthless entrepreneur, now needed his wife's support in every step in life..

And she was by him in an instant... Holding his hand.. Calming him down with her loving look...

when Niharika saw this, she just could not help herself from getting angry!! She could not bear to see Ram and Priya together...And she made an instant plan...

Strike while the Iron is Hot she thought..

With her brother and son as her flanks, she faced Priya..

N: Priya kaisi aurat ho tum.. Ye sab tumhari wajah se hi hua hai.. Naa tum zidd karti k Ram Kartik se baat kare nahi ye sab hota.. Tumhari wajah se RAM KI LAADLI BEHAN aaj hospital me hai..

P: Maine jo b kia hai usme kuch galat nahi hai. Maine zindagi me aaj tak sirf sach ka sath diya hai aur aage b wohi karungi.. Agar aaj Nuts ki ye halat Kartik k wajah se hui hoti toh mai khud usse jail bhijwati.. Lekin mai apne bhai ki aankhen, uska chehra padh sakti hu and i know k usne Nuts ko chua tak nai hai..

N: Mai nahi soch sakti thi Priya ke tum itna gir sakti ho ki apne bhai ko bachane ke liye tum jhoot ka bhi sahara logi!! Dekha Ram, TUMHARI chotti ka ye haal hone k baad b ye apne bhai ki tarafdaari kar rahi hai? I can't believe this..

Priya was just about to say something when Ram shreiked 'Enough'..

He pulled Priya away from the others and took her to a corner.. He just shook Priya's hand off when she tried to console him... He ignored her and this reminded her of the day she went against Sid... Like he had removed his hand off her shoulder the other day... This made Priya feel like Ram did not believe in her anymore.. Like he was not there for her.. Like she had lost his trust.. Priya silently walked off the floor..

Seeing this, niharika mama and sid smirked... Time to Party.. They thought.. Finally differences created between Ram and Priya.. All we have tn do now is put fuel into this fire whenever possible! All they were waiting for was a chance to hit the bar and as soon as Ram came back towards them, they excused themselves saying they had some important work and would return in the morning and went off..

Ram was the only one to stay there as he had asked Rishabh to escort Dadi home... He found himself a solitary chair. Away from the others and went to sit there.. Thn it struck him.. He felt all the guilt possible.. He had behaved badly with Priya.. She did not deserve this.. She had come to the hospital just for him.. Just to console him.. So that he would be ok..

I need to go and apologise to Priya, he thought,... But how do I face her.. After all the wrong i have done..

Oh lord, why do i get so angry.. Why do i remove all my anger on that poor soul.. Even though its not her fault?? What was Priya's hand in natasha's action?? Nothing... Nothing at all.. Then why did he do this to Priya??..

Thinking about his beloved wife, unable to hold the tension any longer, he swooned away..


After sometime, the doctor came and woke him up..

Mr.Kapoor, aapki behan aapse milna chahti hai.. She's perfectly ok.. So dont worry..

Ram heaved a sense of relief.. The stress he had reduced a bit.. But the thoughts of Priya kept coming back...

He walked towards the ICU, all he wanted at that time, was to hold Priya's hand... All he wanted was her support...

He entered the ICU and looked at his sister.. Nuts had tears in her eyes..

R: Chotti tu ro mat.. Mai nai baat karunga Kartik se.. I won't do anything that u don't want me to.. I'll convince Priya..


N: Bhai, i actually wanted to confess something.. Kartik did not do all this.. I got it done.. Myself and Kartik had a huge fight.. The mistake was mine.. Kartik had given me a job to do and I proved irresponsible.. Moreover, i did not accept my mistake.. I have done many other things too bhai.. I did not have a miscarriage.. I aborted my child.. I did it because i wanted to concentrate on my career.. Mummyji papa and Kartik don't know about this... Also, the malfunction.. That was not not accident.. I got it done too as ayesha had blackmailed me to make her a model when she came to know of the abortion..But there has been only one person who has supported me through all this.. Priya.. She was the one who understood my feelings and made me understand the wrongs.. She found out about the abortion because she was concerned about me.. She noticed that i was not keeping well during the christmas party and spoke to my doctor.. She would've informed you right then but then i stopped her from doing so.. I got her emotional saying that if she loved you, she would not say anything as it would affect your health... I'm sorry bhai.. I really really am.. Even today, had Priya not made me understand the importance of family in life, i would never have had the guts to confess all this.. She got Kartik here and told me that My Kartik was tensed since he knew about my health and has not even had water since i was admitted.. She made me understand that family is very important..

Also bhai, one more thing, don't ever be angry with Priya.. She loves u a lot bhai.. And whatever happens, just trust her Bhai, coz she is your only true wellwisher..


Ram listened to all of this silently.. He got up slowly and started walking towards the door when he saw Kartik entering with some medicines..

Ram apologised and asked Kartik where Priya was.. Kartik informed that she had left for home and hour back..

Ram badly wanted to see her NOW.. He wanted to hug her and tell her how sorry he was.. He entrusted nuts with kartik and drove back home as fast as possible.. He rushed up the stairs and ran into his bedroom shouting Priya's name..


But where was she?? He went into the changing room and checked the washroom.. She wasn't there either.. Where was Priya?? It was still early enough for her to go to class.. No, infact, she had no class today...

Then where was she??Kartik had told him that Priya went home..

He started looking for Bansi kaka instead and when he finally located him, Ram asked if he had seen Priya.. Kaka hadn't seen her either and that got Ram thinking...

Did Kartik mean Sharma House when he said home?? Was Priya so angry that she left him and went back to Sharma House..?? That did not seem possible.. And moreover, Priya had promised that she would never leave him.. She knew he could not live without her.. She loved him and couldn't live without him either.. She never left him even when the matter came upto divoce.. Would she leave him over this petty issue... No, She would not do this to him..

Nevertheless, he picked up the phone and dialled Sharma Residence...Sudhir picked up the phone and informed Ram that Priya had last come home when she got Kartik out on bail..

Ram put the phone down with a sigh of relief.. She had not left him afterall.. And then it clicked.. He had not tried Priya's number yet..


Hurriedly, he tried Priya's number and then...

Disappointment.. Her phone was switched of...Her battery must have died.. Perhaps, Rishabh is right..She needs a new phone!!

But then, again... She was not at KM or SH.. Her phone was off and it was a leave in her classes.. So where could she be?? With Neha.. He thought and tried her number.. Neha was however out with her kids and Priya was not with them..He grew pensive and started walking all around the house.. Niharika who had just come back from the hospital saw this and misunderstood the situation to be a fight between Ram and Priya..

She was happy and went away to celebrate.. Ram went back to his room, not knowing what to do..

He jst couldn't wait and watch.. He was about to go in search of Priya when.. When she entred the room...


As soon as Ram saw her, he just could not control himself.. He pulled her into a tight hug and thanked God for returning his Priya back... He had a hell of a day trying to locate her, brushing away all the negative thoughts that occured to him... Agar mai yaha sahi salamat hu, iska matlab, meri priya bhi thik hai...

Priya, who was shocked first, also hugged him back after a few seconds.. They held each other for sometime, tears of joy.. Of togetherness.. Of oneness flowing from their eyes..

Ram finally broke the hug..

Khaan thi tum Priya?? Janti ho, pagal ho gaya hu subah se tumhe dhoondte dhoondte.. Pata nai kaha kaha phone kar dia.. Aur tumhara ye dabba. Isse phek do tum.. Pareshaan ho gaya tha yaar mai.. Abhi bhi tumhe dhoondne nikla tha... Ek phone nai kar sakti thi?? Jaan nikal gayi thi meri toh..

P: Mai NGO gayi thi.. Boht din ho gaye bacchon se mile hue toh waha chali gayi!! Muje laga aap mujhse naraaz hai aur baat nai karna chahte, isiliye phone nai kia.. I'm sorry..

R: Tum kyu sorry bol rahi ho Priya?? Sorry toh mujhe bolna chaiye... Mai ghada hu Priya jo tums lad baithta hu.. Tumne phise meri problem solve kardi.. Chotti ne mujhe sab kuch bytaya.. Uske abortion k bare me bhi.. I'm so sorry Priya.. Aage se aise kabhi nai karu...Before he could finish, Priya put her hand over his mouth...

P: You know what?? I LOVE YOU.. I love this innocense and simplicity.. I love this possessiveness and concern.. I love the way u make me feel special.. All in all i just love you...

Ram was speechless.. He just pulled her into another tight embrace and wispered in her ears...


And disengaged himself...

Don't ever do this to me again.. Chahe jo bhi ho, remember, i'm always wit you.. And i just can't live without you.. And aage se kisi ko chance may dena tumhare bare me kuch ulta sidha bolne ka.. Jab maa tumhe suna rahi thi na, mujhse bardaasht nai ho raha tha.. Isiliye mai tuhe lekar waha se nikla..

Priya just kept starig at his face.. She just couldn't take her eyes off his childish face and his childlike expression...

At that instant, she just couldn't control herself. She held his face and brought it down to hers.. Kissing him on the lips...

Ram put his arm around her and they just lost the sense of the world!!

Theyloved each other unconditionally and irrevocably and no amount of efforts could, can or ever will be able to take that away from them..


Ok i know this is a bit long.. But hope u like it...
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Superb thnking partner... Thnks fr posting...
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Posted: 2012-06-20T04:29:31Z
Nicely writtenClapClapClap...well doneThumbs Up..keep it upEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2012-06-20T04:33:44Z
nicely written
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Posted: 2012-06-20T04:34:09Z
o wow its just awesome and the same all we wantedClapClap
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Posted: 2012-06-20T05:14:46Z
Hey that was superb yaar niceee...
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Posted: 2012-06-20T06:13:51Z
Nice OS. U could have posted it earlier. Well, better late than never.
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Posted: 2012-06-20T07:41:38Z
wonderful . superb. it IS very nice. No need for second thoughts for posting in this forum all are voracious readers.
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