OS: Mere Seene Mein Khud Ko Chupana Tera...

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Hey everyone!

Wrote a short OS on what I would've liked to see happen in today's episode. This is what I wanted! It starts off after Priya tells Natasha to take care of the Sharmas.  WAs really hoping for some emotional drama but disappointed again as usual! Hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like/comment!


Natasha: Aur bhai? 

Priya didn't answer.  She had tried to stay strong for her family but at the mention of Ram, she felt a tear trickle down her cheek.  She turned and started to climb into the police van before she completely broke down in front of everyone. 

Ram, Vikram and Neha came running out at that moment.  Ram was in complete shock after the verdict and could not move.  He sat there, unable to believe what had just happened.  They had lost the case.  Priya had been sentenced to 14 years in prison.  He had promised to get her out of jail and he lost.  He couldn't keep his promise.  Vikram and Neha tried to get him to come out and see Priya for the last time before she left, but he wouldn't get up.  When suddenly it dawned upon him that she was going to prison.  That this would be the last time he would see her outside of jail if he didn't do something about it.  He stood up and ran outside with Vikram and Neha following behind him. 

Ram: Priya! 

Priya stopped and turned to face him.  He stopped, still standing a few feet away.  Everyone was outside; The Kapoors and the Sharmas, Vikram and Neha, and the authorities.  

Ram felt a few tears roll down his cheeks.  He walked up to Priya and stood in front of her.  Tears started flowing freely from Priya's eyes as she looked into Ram's teary, hurt eyes.  She raised her uncuffed hand, wiped the tears off his cheeks and shook her head, telling him not to cry.  Without caring where they were and who was watching, he took a step forward, closer to her and took her into his arms.  The constable, feeling a little bit sorry for her seeing the tears in their eyes, let go of the other end of the handcuff.  Priya held the collar of his blazer with both hands and buried her face into his chest, letting out a couple of sobs as tears streamed down her cheeks and went through Ram's shirt.  He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight, resting his cheek on her head with tears rolling down his cheeks too.  He rubbed her back a little and caressed her hair gently and then put his hand on her head.  This was all she had wanted for weeks now, and more so in the last few days; to be in his strong arms, with him protecting her, shielding her from all possible pain.  And for her to hold him tight and take away his pain too.  She had told him nothing would happen.  She had promised him she would always be with him and she had failed to keep that promise.  And now, this was the last time she would be in his arms.  But she knew he would keep fighting.  She just had to give him that strength to continue.  

Kartik held on to his parents tightly, tears in all their eyes.  Natasha came and stood next to Shipra, holding and consoling her.  Neha stood next to Vikram, who was holding her.  Niharika, Siddhant and Mamaji stood on the side, smirking and watching. 

The lady constable got a look from the head inspector and she came closer to them and held on to the other end of the handcuff again.  She tugged a little and told them it was time to go.  Priya lifted her head and moved back.   She wiped Ram's tears again.  She caressed his cheek and looked deep into his eyes, silently telling him how much she loved him.  He wiped her tears, which were continuously flowing.  

Ram: I'm sorry Priya.  Main ek accha pati nahi ban paya.  Main tumhe bacha nahi paya. 

Priya put her fingers on his lips and shook her head again.  Ram took her hand and kissed it.  Then he wiped his own tears, and hers again.  He cupped her face with both his hands again wiping her non-stop tears with his thumbs.  

Ram: Lekin tum chinta mat karo.  Yeh ladai ab khatam nahi hui hai.  Main tumhe wahan se nikal ke rahunga.  Hum high court mein appeal karenge aur jeetenge bhi.  Tumhi ne kaha tha na ke yeh dooriyan hamare dil mein nahi hai.  Sahi kaha tha Priya.  Main jaanta hu ke tum hamesha mere saath ho.  Aur jab tak mere paas tumhara saath aur tumhara pyaar hai, main saari duniya se ladta rahunga Priya.  Ram aur Priya kabhi alag nahi ho sakte. 

Priya held one of his hand on her face with her uncuffed hand and nodded.  She smiled a little, with tears pouring out of her eyes again.  Ram let go of her face and held her hand.  The lady constable held her shoulders and turned her around to face the police van.  She took a step forward toward the van and tried pulling back her hand when Ram tightened his grip around her hand, not wanting to let her go.  How could he let his life go?  She looked at him with pleading teary eyes and shook her head again.  She smiled a little, and pulled back her hand.  He reluctantly loosened his grip, slowly letting go, his arm still reaching out for her.  She got into the police van and they closed the door.  She touched the window at the back with her hand, reaching out to him, while he kept his arm out, reaching out to her as the van started to move.  He saw her tears roll down her cheeks again and took a few steps forward, chasing the police van with tears in his eyes calling out to her.  The police van sped off, leaving Ram standing there with his arm still reached out.  Vikram and Neha came up next to him and held him on either side, consoling him. 

Within a blink of an eye, she was gone.  His life was gone' 

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 very touching, but plausible scenario.. Felt sad while reading this..This ending is actually a beginning for something else, that how I take it.. The possibilites are endless and you can present diffeernt scenarios and different stories.. Wonderful OS..Keep writing..
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Posted: 2012-06-18T19:31:39Z
CryCry.....Very touching one Amby...really pained me a lot...you brought in the emotions perfectly...you have gain mastery at it...ClapClap...hats off...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-06-18T19:39:02Z
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I am challenged at Angrezi.. will have to read it at my own pace.. HA HA HA HA..

Comments coming SOON..
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Posted: 2012-06-18T19:56:46Z

WOW Ambs. Very very Very touching and you finally had them  Hug. Awww.. How emotional.
I would have LOVED to see this scene played out in today's episode. It was highly possible scene that just didn't happen.

Needless to say.. Cry Cry Cry  but loved it.

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Posted: 2012-06-18T20:17:08Z
Very touching ,great os .
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Posted: 2012-06-18T20:54:59Z
Awww! Amby. Was that the missing piece everybody ws complaining about? Girl. .Fabulous. Emotional bit that always is missing in the show at the wrong time. Thanks!!
Loved it!!
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