OS : Kahan ho tum chale aao

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Ram and Priya held each other's hands for support. The tumultous times were here. How life changed in a matter of hours. Ayesha left them with a news that spelt disaster.
Ram was confident after Sid being arrested. He knew Priya would be home. He wanted to keep up his promise to release her from jail.He couldn't believe turnaround of events. Sid's words kept ringing in his ears. What was I thinking? How did I spare him? He dared to blame Vikram, his best friend. And now he ruined both his father's dream company and now threatening to let Priya rot in jail. His eyes were turning red in anger. He couldn't believe he let Sid handle the most profitable business. Inspite of knowing that he wasn't the best business honcho around. Inspite of Vikram warning him a million times. He knew he had to control his anger for Vikram and concentrate on Priya. Looking at her just killed him inside. She was paying the price for loving him. For being a part of him and providing him unconditional love and support. He knew her for 6 months and she was willing to place her life at stake for him. That very thought shattered him.
Priya was comforting Ram with her words. She wanted to be strong to ensure Ram doesn't lose faith. But however hard she tried, her tears failed to stop. They were flowing like a fountain. The mere thought of being separated by bars were hard. She couldn't even imagine being away for long. And it only made it worse that her own sister, her little sister, chose her over her love. Her love which was only being played by her BIL who was nothing but honest. Sid was using her sister and her sister was willingly playing the pawn game. In the end, it was going to hurt all over. She couldn't make Ayesha understand the dangers of the ambitious plans earlier. And now it came back to bite her. What was I thinking? Instead of watching her closer and letting their parents know, she inturn believed it was her little sisters childroom dream. But now things moved out of control. So many lives were turned upside down because her little sister never grew up. Never grew up to differentiate good vs evil. She and Ram were going to pay the price for her trust on her little sister who didn't even think twice before providing false witness. Her heart was breaking into pieces inside at the very thought of losing the one she loved the most.
They were hurting deep within. Each one of them cursing themselves for trusting their siblings. Their love for the families were ruining their lives. They let that happen. Their minds played the incidents leading up to now. The hopes for a brighter future looked bleak. Everytime the thought of the future crossed their minds, their hands held tighter. They knew what the other person was thinking. But putting that in words could bring out the worst fear turning true. So they stayed silent. Their eyes providing the comfort and the smiles providing the hope. They were standing there looking at each other with the bars separating their love. They knew that these bars couldn't keep them apart but their love and trust on the siblings could. It was not a win win situation. It was always going to be a loss.
Priya decided to break the silence.
P : Aap itne udaas kyun hain?
R : Bahut doori hai humare beech main. He looked down not wanting to show how much he was breaking down.
P :Aap aise kyun sochte hain. Yeh salakhe, yeh dooriyan, humare dil main thodi hain?
R : Pata nahi mujhe bahut darr lagra
P : Kaisa darr.
She lost her voice worried if their thoughts were the same.
R :Aisa darr ki humari doori khatam nahi hogi toh.
P : Aisa kuch nahi hoga.
She tried hard to control her tears which threatened to flow. she wanted to give him comfort.
R: Main kuch dinon se humare baarime sochta hoon toh, ajeeb se darr lagta. Hamare beech ke dooriyan mitenge nahi aur bhi bad jayenge.
Priya could see that he was slowly losing hope. She asks him to look at her and tries to convey it is only his imagination.
Ram looks at her telling her not to provide him false hopes. Even her words of their love rising above the bars that separate them fails to cheer him up.
Their eyes closed revealed a dark future and Ram's fears kept getting stronger. Priya kept saying it wasn't so but her tears revealed her fears. They cupped each other faces. Ram placed a kiss on her hands.
R : Priya. Tum chinta mat kar. Main tumme yahan se bahar nikal doonga.
His voice shook but he was determined that he would find a way.
P: Mujhe yakeen hai Ram. Aap mujhe zyaada der nahi andar rehene denge.
The jailer called out to them since the time had exceeded.
P : Abhi aap ko jaana chahiye.
R : Nahi Priya. Aaj mera mann kuch ajeeb sa lagra. Main kahi nahi jaara hoon.
P : Aap jayenge nahi toh mujhe bahar kaise nikhalenge?
R : Main Vikram aur Rishabh ko bholdoonga. Woh sab dekhlenge. Please. Mujhe jaane keliye mat kaho.
P : Nahi Ram. waise bhi ab 2 bajne wala hain. Aap ko jaana chahiye. Meri baat toh sunenge naah.
Ram nods his head but his heart kept telling him to stay. He couldnt tell why but he wanted to stay. He didn't want to leave Priya alone today.
R : Theek hai Priya. Main kaam khatam karke kal subah aaonga.
P : Mujhe pata hai ki aap yahan se lekhe court tak mere saath hi chalte hain. Ek minute bhi mujhe aap ke nazar se door nahi kar sakte hain. Hain naah.
Ram nods and a faint smile appears.
R: Nahi Priya. I can't let you out of my sight. Tum apni khayal rakhna. Neha tumhare liye khaana lekhe aayegi. Please. Sab kuch khaalo. Main phone karke check karoonga.
P : Theek hai Ram. Aap bhi jaayiye. Aur kuch khaali jiye. Bye.
They both bid their good byes and Ram kept looking at her walking backwards. It was the hardest part of his visit. And he knew Priya was holding up just for him. He waves his hand and then leaves to his car. It was time to get some evidence to prove Priya innocent.
Priya saw Ram's shadow disappear and then she breaks down.
P : Aisa kyun hota hai Ram? Kisko main duniya main sabse zyaada pyaar karti hoon, unse door rehna padra.
She held on those bars and slowly dropped down on the ground.She couldn't hold her disappointment with life. She couldn't take it any longer. She saw a Chit next to her dress.
It read " Mujhe pata tah ki mere jaane ke baad tum toot jaooge". " Aur kitna royegi Priya?" Just remember all our wonderful times Priya. It will never fail to bring you smiles. I love you. Your's Ram.
She held the chit close to heart and muttered " I love you". It made her feel better as if a part of Ram was with her.
Ram rushed to his car and drove to his office. He had called the security to fetch the tapes for the week. The employees were called upon to prove the innocence of his wife. He had requested them to vouch for the misdeeds of his brother. He then spoke to Rishabh and Natasha making sure they would take the witness stand. He also remembered to talk to the NGO which Priya contributed to. The next few hours were spent with the lawyer explaining every bit of evidence and cross checking to make sure nothing could go wrong. He was satisfied at the end of it. A smile crossed his face.
R : Kal main tumhe ghar lekhe aaonga Priya. Koi nahi roksakta.
He wrapped up for the day and decided to go home. He was feeling uneasy that night. He skipped dinner just like the past few days and went to the balcony. He read the chits under his pillow and the A/c remote. They would always cheer him up and then sadness would take over. Priya was suffering because of him. That thought gave him sleepless night as always. He pulled a chair and sat on the balcony. Looking at the stars hoping they were providing him the light in his life. He would stay there talking to the moon. Trying to make them pass the message to her. It felt like she was talking back through the celestial bodies. moments spent would soothe her. Ram's words would always come back to her mind.
Priya sat there in her cell trying to gather some sleep. The long day had drained her out because of the emotional turmoil. She couldn't close her eyes without worrying about the next day. While all the previous nights were hard, she always felt the hope. She knew Ram would not let her stay here longer. But tonight felt different. May be the stab by her sister was hurting deeper. Whenever she felt low, she would rewind the best days of her life. The 7 days during her breast cancer scare. The
She closed her eyes and had a peaceful sleep hugging the chit closer than ever.
The next morning began asusual. The police inspector instructed them to get ready for the court proceedings. It was 8am. They were going to leave a little early. Priya was always prepared before time. Another day in the court and she hoped it would be the last. she couldn't wait to go back home. She couldn't wait to lie in the arms of her husband. The best place in the whole world. She walked out with the lady constables hoping to get a peak of her husband who never failed to accompany her. Surprisingly, he wasn't here yet. She requested the Inspector to delay for a few minutes but went in vain. They had to leave since there was shortage of vehicles. Her eyes walked out of the station looking around for the familiar body.
Priya uttered Ram's name slowly and shed a tear.
Ram woke up from his sleep and looked at the time. It was 8.15.
R : Arre. Aaj itna dher hogaya. Priya mere liye intezaar kar rahi hogi.
He rushed and got ready in no time and headed to the station driving like a maniac. His uneasiness the whole night just increased when he found out about the jeep leaving ahead of time due to some issues. He knew the route that they took and followed up to catch up. The highway seemed more crowded than it usually is. He turned on the radio to hear the traffic update. His heart stopped for a moment when he heard the news of an accident causing the delay.
R : Aisa kuch nahi hoga. Main bhi kya soch raha hoon? Priya main jaldi tumhare pass aane waala hoon.
He kept diverting his mind and trying to reach faster as he could. There were a number of ambulance vehicles passing by and he prayed a silent prayer for the victims involved.
As he neared the accident spot that was mentioned, he turned around. His heart stopped for a moment. The car came to a screeching halt. He ran to the site. He could see the police officer being carried away in an ambulance. He remembered it was the regular officer on duty for Priya's case. He ran as fast as he could and saw that the Jeep had hit the tree and tumbled down the valley.
R : Priya,.., Priya.. Priya kahan hai?
He shook every officer he could see and shouted at them. He wanted to know his wife's whereabouts.He couldn't hear an answer. He kept questioning them and running from one ambulance to another looking for his wife. Nobody knew the answer. The commissioner came to the spot by that time.
C : Mr Kapoor. Iam sorry. There was a drunk driver on a truck who collided with the police jeep. The driver jumped out of the jeep and they have taken him to the hospital.
R : Nahi commissioner sir. Aap ko kuch galat fami hui hogi. Priya ko kuch nahi hosakta. Maine toh saare intezaam kardiya. Aaj usko bail miljayega. Aur woh ghar wapas aanewali hai.
C : Mr Kapoor. apne aap ko sambhaliye. Iam deeply sorry.
He placed his hands on Ram's shoulder. By then Vikram had arrived hearing the news.
Ram shook the commisioner's hands off and kept his search on. Until he found an emerald ring next to the tree. The chit that he left for Priya y'day was also there.
R : Priyaaa. He let out the loudest scream.
Vikram ran over to his friend and tried to console him.
V : Ram. Apne aap ko sambalo. Chalo.
R : Nahi Vikram. Kal Priya ne mujhe kaha ki woh hamesha mera saath rehegi. Usne promise kiya tha yaar. Aur woh apni promise ko kabhi nahi thodegi.Tum toh jaante hona.?
Vikram's eyes swelled up with tears. He couldn't understand what hurt him more. Priya being unfound or his best friend's refusal to see the truth.
R : Tum us side dekho. Aur main iss side dekhta hoon. Yahin kahi hogi Priya,. Dhoondo Vikram. Usko humari zaroorat hai.
He kept running like a mad person on all directions looking for Priya in the crowd that had gathered to watch the accident and rescue operations. Vikram looked at his friend unwilling to accept the reality and beating himself up.
V: Ram. Tum mere saath aao. Priya ko police dhoondegi.
R : Nahi Vikram. Tumko jaana hai to jao. Main yahan se kahi nahi nikal ne waala hoon.
Vikram, Neha, Rishabh and Natasha had tried to take Ram back home. He was not willing. He didn't want to even hear them.
R : Ruko tum log. Jab Priya ko dhoondoonga, main zaroor complain karne waala hoon. Tum sab log yahan bait ke kuch nahi kiye. Aur ulta mujhe bhi Priya ki madat nahi kar ne dera the.
R : Haan. Waise bhi.. aaj woh ghar aane waali hai. Maine saare intezaam kardiya. Ab bas usko lekhe jaana hai.
All of them were falling apart seeing the state of Ram. They coulnd't even mourn the loss of Priya. They were seeing a dead man walking alive in front of them. Ram was nothing short of that. He kept running the whole day looking for Priya. Until his legs gave up and he collapsed by night. His mouth still uttering Priya's name without a break.
kahan ho tum chale aao
kahan ho tum chale aao mohabbat ka
taqaza hai
Gham - e - dduniya se ghabra ker tumhe dil ne pukara hai
This is written just to get myself prepared if the rumors come true. I think i might surely skip that episode when that happens unless it is shown as staged. Hence this attempt to write it out. Just a random thought. The rest is left to our imagination. Would not continue this One shot. Thanks.
The earlier version for Ram is here
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Finally accident tou ho gayi, CryCry  don't want to see stupid  court drama again Thanx Angie, this is awesome OS, RaYa convo part is soo touchy, just loved it, though it's the last convo be2en RaYa b4 Leap but it's really mindblowing .
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Posted: 2012-06-18T10:51:13Z
oh god cant see ram in this state awesome update very well written great job...

loved it...

but still feeling pity for rams condition...
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Posted: 2012-06-18T11:57:47Z
Originally posted by jakther

Finally accident tou ho gayi, CryCry  don't want to see stupid  court drama again Thanx Angie, this is awesome OS, RaYa convo part is soo touchy, just loved it, though it's the last convo be2en RaYa b4 Leap but it's really mindblowing .
My first OS was Ram's accident. So making this one too just in case the other rumor comes true.
THanks Lakhi baby. I want a proper convo and hug too!!
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Posted: 2012-06-18T12:07:47Z
hi angie

am dead... do not know what to think... totally gone
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Posted: 2012-06-18T12:15:05Z
Originally posted by tasshuu

oh god cant see ram in this state awesome update very well written great job...

loved it...

but still feeling pity for rams condition...
I can't too! Hence Iam writing instead of watchin the crap that would be meted out by the CV's.
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Posted: 2012-06-18T12:16:13Z
Originally posted by nandinimp

hi angie

am dead... do not know what to think... totally gone
Still reeling under the episode effect? Or the bad OS?
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Posted: 2012-06-18T12:36:55Z
Originally posted by fosla

Originally posted by nandinimp

hi angie

am dead... do not know what to think... totally gone
Still reeling under the episode effect? Or the bad OS?

hey angie... 
your OS is 5 star rated my dear.. it is the episode that they showed earlier that has me reeling in shock and stupefaction...
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