MY WOMAN, MY LIFE..A story in 5 parts... :)

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Hello again fellow BALHians.. Am back with another story. Its quite long and divided into 5 parts..Its an unique one(which I have tried for the first time)Sound and Print..A special note of thanks to Jahnvi for helping me in this attempt..
This one is especially for Anu(Anamika163) and for all Saakshi's deewanis.. Asusual please read and comment.. Praises, brickbats and like button pressings, are welcome..Big smile
It was early. Quite early in the morning..The sleeping sun was yet to rise above the horizon and make its presence felt..But the room was awash with the dull grey light when the night was giving its way to the dawn of a new day..
It was quiet outside, while the inside was punctured by the deep breath of the sleeping form beside him..
While adjusting himself, his hands accidentally switched on the stereo player, on the bed stand. The soft soothing music of Sonu Nigam's 'Dhanya dhnaya naari jeevan' from the album Classically mild, wafted through the air, filling the room with serene and relaxing feeling..
Resting his head on his hands and facing sideways, he slowly caressed her back, tracing random patterns. Unconsciously he realised he was tracing her name..Soon Priya was awake and turned over..
The smoldering eyes filled with passion and hands that were demanding yet gently heightening her excitement were sending waves of goose bumps all over her body..
The clothes were discarded fast and the heat met with heat.. Bodies were explored and rediscovered of places, of nook and corners that attracted attention and toyed with, creating sensations of lust and love..


Soon the panting and hard breathing normalized and were in slow pace with the music, that just seemed right.. A dedicative piece for woman in general and Ram dedicated his mind body and soul to the woman of his life, Priya..


Shortly, Priya was up and headed to the bathroom for her ablutions..Watching unabashedly at her bare back, Ram felt his loins tight again.. But a deep sigh escaped his lips, reminding him of the tight schedule ahead in the day..
For her part Priya sensuously glided past him, fully aware of the effect she was having on him..A little tease and play always helped their bonds, on each new dawn..



Sun streaked into the room lightly it up brightly..The typically decorated girlish room was as cheerful as its occupant..
Ram kissed the bundle of joy, tickling her into an awaking mode..A loud "good morning" finally made its mark..Sitting upright she curled her arms around him and wished him back..
In one short, swift motion, Ram lifted Pari and deposited in the bathroom for the usual morning ritual.. Ever since he was back into their folds, it was his duty to brush her teeth, bathe her and get her ready for school..A chore he relished and enjoyed very much..


A little later the dining room saw the dressed and seated father and daughter duo..While Bansi was busy in the kitchen Priya served them their breakfast; a bowl of oatmeal porridge for Ram and a plate of buttered aaloo parantha for Pari.
Eyeing his angel's plate, Ram was all drools ,while his mouth simply swallowed the bland meal..
Priya couldn't help but smile at this childish scene..


Each day she saw Ram mothering their daughter, Pari, while she carried out the wifely duties for him.. He seemed to make up for all those years lost, in bringing her up and in her parenting.. She wholehearted gave in, cause she was, in turn trying to make up for all those years of separation..A win -win situation, in all respects..


Soon Pari, their little angel, was off to school and Ram was getting ready for work..


He saw Priya wasn't ready and enquired..
"Aren't you going to college today? Kya hua? Are you alright? "
"Nope" she answered singularly
"Then what is wrong?" he persisted..


"Don't you know what day is today? What does this date signify?" she asked cryptically
"No..Er..What is so important about today?"he asked confusedly


"Well go ahead to office.. Think about it and let me know when you get it.. Okay?..Waise abhi mujhe mandir jana hai aur uske baad I have lots of other work"she said almost pushing him out of the purani kothi..
"Hmmm, Whats so damn important about this day?" thought Ram accepting her peck at his cheek..Preoccupied,he left for his office..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of part one~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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 Part  two

Priya sat pouring over album, crossed leg on the settee and a cup of ginger tea in hand. Her thoughts wandered back in time; 5 years earlier to be precise..The intended mandhir visit was long forgotten..

She was thinking from past to the present..

Her hands moved from the photos of those initial days of her engagement, while her mind was fresh with the very first meeting, in front of the non working lift ..

That was today, exactly 6 years back; june 13th, the day when she had first laid her eyes on Ram..  

She was reminiscent of  all those months; her compromise wedding that had changed them both, leading to find love for each other and later all that mess created by Ram's step family.. 

What happened seemed to be a nightmare..Her arrest and subsequent accident resulted in memory loss..One fine day she walked out from the hospital, dazed and unknowing.. All she remembered was a kind old woman, secreting her away, while caring and helping her.. 

In a few months she had managed to regain her memory, all thanks to wonderful medical advancements..Then she realized that it was indeed Krishuji who had helped her and had whisked her away to Dubai.. 

She was still afraid of Niharika and since Ram had rejected her, she felt taking Priya away from the scene was the best thing to do..Also Ayesha had eloped with Sid and was nowhere to be seen afterwards and Ram too busy trying to undo and untangle all the mess, Sid had created in his business. 

By that time it was too late for anything.. Priya was pregnant with Pari, and much water had passed under the bridge..For reasons still unclear and couldn't be explained she stayed put in Dubai all these years, under the support and guidance of Krishna Kapoor.. 

Until one day...

When Ram found them at last, after much search across India and Austraila..It was just a chance, a pure coincidence that he was able to zero in on them.. All due to Apeksha, whom he had spotted in Dubai airport heading for home, when he was in transit, heading for India..The rest was simple and easy. 

Slowly sipping her tea, her mind wandered..How he made himself indispensable to her, wormed his way back into their hearts, minds and home was a wonderful story in itself..Smiling and snuggling close to cushion, she relieved those months.. 

She was amazed at his persistent wooing and winning her back into his life..

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of part two~~~~~~~~~~~

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Part  three
Ram's mind was wavering.. Normally organized with his thoughts and possessions, he was at a loss in trying to decode Priya's cryptic words about this day?
His immediate analysis was from the present to the past.
Having chanced upon Apeksha, he immediately asked his good friend in Dubai to track her.. Cancelling his rest of the trip back home, he soon found what he had been searching for all these 5 years..


Priya's unexpected accident and her memory loss called in for prolonged hospitalization..Sid's underhand dealings, his escape from law and order, elopement with Ayesha, all called for thorough scourging and straightening of the mess created by him..


Soon after Priya's unexpected disappearance, he shifted to the purani kothi along with Rishabh and Dadi..KM mansion was settled with Niharika and mama as a repayment for all those years of bringing him up.. In one stroke he wiped them away from his life and never saw them again..


In these five years, Rishabh had learnt a lot and was now doing his own business. Vikram and Neha had been the pillar of his support, especially so after Dadi's passing away 2 years back..


Ram's mind wandered further, while unconsciously registering his car radio playing Dhanya dhanya naari..Today this song seemed to follow him everywhere, reinforcing his conviction, faith, trust and love for Priya..


The arrest, the unconvincing drama created by Priya, those glorious days of bliss with her after their realization, confession and consummation of love for each other all played out in front of him, while the car was negotiating the heavy traffic of Mumbai..


The marriage of convenience, Natasha's flip flop and their contrasting engagements all rolled like a film..


In a flash he realized it was the day, he had laid his eyes on Priya for the very first time..It was June 13th, the day when he first patted her back and saw her slowly turn back towards him.


The day she had called him Dinosaur, made him carry someone's groceries and egged him climb up her apartment stairs..The day when he and she fought like bull and tigress and wowed to make each other's life miserable..


Now almost laughing out loud, he realized what Priya was intending to do today..
A sudden rush of excitement ran through his body..Planning for today made his lips smack and his eyes twinkle..


The car had almost reached his office, when he calmly and firmly ordered his driver to turn back home..


Again his thoughts wandered back, but this time to the immediate past..


Sighting of Apeksha lead one thing after the other..In just under a day, he had all the information that had eluded him these past 5 years..His mom, sister and Priya had lived together in Dubai, where Priya taught in a college..He also learnt that there was a kid with them, his child..


With trepidation and plucked up courage, he waited with bated breath in front of their door..


What followed next was a scene straight out of a movie..


Silence, stunned disbelief, joyous and copious tears and hysterical laugh creating a beautiful cacophony of unbelievable reunion..His family was complete with his mom. Sis, wife and a daughter..


He wanted them all to shift immediately to India and announce to everyone about his long lost family..


But there was a hitch..


He had to get to know his daughter right from the scratch and Priya wanted a proper wooing from him.. Their marriage was one of a convenience and it was a slow and deliberate process of falling in love..Their togetherness didn't last long, even though their relationship and love still lasts..


So Priya laid a condition for him


"Woo me and our child, in two months times and we will follow you wherever you want us" she said firmly, but her eyes betraying a smile..


"Two? No no thats too much time.. How about a month? I deserve a month of vacation for all these five years and now is the good time" he cajoled her


She agreed smilingly.. It was more to satisfy her burning desire to see Ram in a romantic manner and also make him realize the responsibility and magnitude of fatherhood.


Pari who was generally bubbly in nature was silent and eyeing him with reserved wonder.. She couldn't believe that he was her father, someone she had only dreamt of, as her mom had no pictures of him..


She was also angry with her mom for saying something beyond her understanding, but confused that her papa will not live with them now and take them away some place, right away..


For a 4 year all this was too much to comprehend and her sobs and cries were the only form of expression of her feelings..But no sooner than she started, she was ensconced into a bear hug, by this big round man..A warmth spread through her and eased her into calm by a gentle voice and soothing hands..


The wooing process was set into motion..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of part Three~~~~~~~~~~~
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 Part Four



The wooing began in earnest enthusiasm..


Priya woke up the next morning to assault of her sense of smell.. Red roses spilled all over her room.. From baskets to bouquets, to small pots on the window sill, to petals strewn on the floor.. Near her pillow was single long stemmed red rose that sat daintily waiting to be picked up..Smelling and smiling she could understand how much of effort it was for Ram(his allergy to flowers notwithstanding) to showcase his love for her..


Entering the bathroom she saw another one pinned to the bath towels along with a card that read "Good morning, my love"..


Soon she saw that Pari was treated to loads of ice cream, especially kulfi, her favourite one..
Ram standing in the room his face happy at Pari gobbling those goodies, while eyeing Priya hungrily..


Mother and daughter were royally treated the next day..A chauffeured limousine with Ram inside, was waiting for them to drop at their college and school respectively..


Throughout the ride Pari was chattering nonstop trying to keep her dad update about her activities..Her childish enthusiasm was infectious.. Ram was so involved in engaging and encouraging her, that he almost missed the sigh and tear strained eyes of Priya..
Holding her hands and gently patting her, he seemed to assure her that everything will be alright from now on..



Opening her notes during the class, Priya was deeply flushed to see a love note tucked in between the pages..Hiding her embarrassed face with great difficulty she carried on, only to see him again during lunch time, waiting patiently for her..


A simple meal turned into a delightful one with all her favourite dishes cooked and served to perfection, while he ate only a vegetable sandwich.. Priya was touched by this.


One day he had gifted her collector's edition of all her favorite writers along with a CD of Sonu Nigam's classically mild album..It was more than she could have asked for..


Ram knew that jewellery and other expensive things didn't impress her much. 'Dhanya dhanya naari' seemed to convey his feelings of bowing to Priya and holding her in high esteem for all the hardships she faced, yet being strong as ever..



The weekend saw him taking them to an amusement park..The rides were heavenly cause she got an opportunity to hold on to him tight, while the candy floss plastered all over his' and Pari's face was a delectable and lovable sight to watch..


Balloons of various colors kept Pari happy and occupied, while Ram's frequent and thoughtful glances towards her ,intrigued and made her wonder about him..


How much of the old Ram was he? Has he changed so much and what makes him endearing to her still after all these years?


The most striking aspect of Ram was his attire.. Gone was his usual suit and tie for all occasions..His casuals, be it T shirt with jeans or slack and comfortable trousers all spoke at length of his sartorial elegance.. He was handsome and suave even at his simple best..She was falling for him all over again..


The week after saw frequent absence of Krishna ji and Apeksha, citing reasons for spending time with their close friends, who had stood with them through the thick and thin..Their understanding and concern touched them both..


Left alone with Ram, now staying in that house(he had vacated his hotel earlier)Priya found it difficult to ignore him all times..


She turned the corner only to bump into him, which happened often..


She entered her room or Pari's, he was there ready to help her, just like servant waiting to serve his master..


She slept on the bed and he made sure the AC was turned, low so as not to affect her, while he made himself comfortable on the small chair by her bed...
Quite a few times, in the middle of night she saw him curled up beside Pari holding her hands or hugging her tightly..


He was silent company while she was busy with her work at home or boisterous and laughing while playing with Pari all those silly games and goofy sports..


He discovered the joy of parenting, by spending and getting to know more about Pari and taking care of almost all her basic needs and wants..In short he was mothering her more than Priya..


She could feel a strange unfamiliar emotion budding deep inside, something more and deeper than love for him..


He felt a tenderness towards the two most precious beings in his life, that made him feel vulnerable for the first time in his life..


The romantic dinner, a day later, saw them both in a mass of quivering nervousness..Both were apprehensive and disquiet about what would follow next..


There was eager anticipation yet an un-readiness..


Priya solved the problem by snatching Ram's wine glass and gulping two glass full of the mildly potent drink..She had held on to him unabashedly trying to suppress the butterflies in her stomach..


Ram was delighted by her move but more disappointed with her drunk state.. He wanted her to be fully aware of the sensations of pleasure and equally participate in the act of love.


The night was more a fiasco, with Priya sleeping off her drunk, while Ram ended up in her bed, albeit trying to act like a saint..


In all, a month's time of wooing took only two weeks.


Priya capitulated eagerly. After all her love for Ram had never diminished but only grown tenfold..


For Ram it was more of a rediscovery and remembrance of those magical times and being reassured that their love was as strong as ever..


By March middle they had all shifted base to India and settled well in the purani Kothi..It was a picture perfect happy family, that was now happy and at peace after all the turmoil and tribulations, each had experienced..


~~~~~~~~~~~End of Part Four~~~~~~~~~~

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Part  Five

Ram quietly made his entry into the home..


Cancelling his appointments for the day, he knew how much important this day was for both him and Priya.. A day when both their destinies had changed..A day that was harbinger of all good and bad things to come, a day which was the forerunner to their marriage of compromise that ultimately lead to love and strengthened their relationship..


He saw her pouring over the album, lost in thoughts..She felt him there intuitively and with a smile on her face she slowly turned back.. She knew that he had realized what day it was and hence his presence..Ram's quiet presence, yet indulgent smile galvanised her into action..No words were needed, both knew how exactly the day ahead would be..


Soon he dutifully accompanied her to the temple followed by some shopping for her and a lazy lunch..


The dinner time saw his near and dear gathered to a sumptuous meal, all home cooked by Priya and his mom..There was light banter and easy relaxing and the atmosphere was one of content and peace..


But both Priya and Ram knew what was to follow was anything so mundane or ordinary..


Their appetite had worked for something more, something more demanding than to satisfy the mere hungry stomach..  It was the need to satiate and satisfy their physical and metaphysical hunger..


Left alone, she opened her mouth, wanting to say something, just to tease and put him off.. But when she opened her mouth only silence came..


Every line of his well remembered body was emanating wealth, power, some forceful magnetism along with tenderness, affection and loving warmth..


In those lonely years of sleepless nights and tired mornings, depressed and desolate days,she kept going and became strong with the unwavering love for the man of her life..


Now she knew that it wasn't just love, it was something of a mix of transcendental and mortal, of something heavenly and earthy.


She took a step forward closer to him..


He noticed a fineness about her, a quiet pride; stubbornness yet willful and courageous defiance against all odds. She was a princess with laughing black eyes, unruly yet glorious mane, who had integrated into life and beyond..
She was like a witch keeping him under her spell permanently..


He took a step forward, his arms wide open.


Love glowed in her eyes, a love so quiet and intense that he felt both humbled and profoundly proud.. Flames of desire was shooting uncontrollable through their veins and heightened their nervousness..


Their arms hugged each other and their mouths closed over each other..The cozy bed awaited its rightful owners..


Fire and ice; rage and peace seem to alternate their passionate union..The release simply shattered them both transporting to a plane of ethereal moments of pure wonder..


A long time afterwards, when deep contentment was evident in both their bodies and mind, the soft melody of Sonu Nigam's song filled Ram's heart and head..Apt lyrics for the woman beside him, he thought eyeing her..


Like a true woman she made a lot of sacrifice, compromised yet was equally strong and mentally tough to handle the worst phase of her life, alone.….


He respected her for what she was, will treat her as his equal, recognize and regard her for her true worth. "After all she is my soul, my love.. My woman, my life"


Soft snores and deep breath reigned supreme, when pale moonlight filtered into the room creating a heavenly glow..The night was still young for the good old sun to make its presence felt..
The possibilities for Raya, were endless!!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of the story~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Fantastic writing.. Hats off.. Thnx fr the awesme story.. U made my day.. Thnk u vry vry much.. Jst loved it..
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Originally posted by Lavi_961

Fantastic writing.. Hats off.. Thnx fr the awesme story.. U made my day.. Thnk u vry vry much.. Jst loved it..
Lavi, Oru paadu Nanni.Glad you like this effort of mine..Big smile
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Originally posted by maris08

Originally posted by Lavi_961

Fantastic writing.. Hats off.. Thnx fr the awesme story.. U made my day.. Thnk u vry vry much.. Jst loved it..
<font color="#6600cc">Lavi, Oru paadu Nanni.Glad you like this effort of mine..Big smile</font>

i lovd it .. Nd wait u r a malayalee?
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