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Hey guys!!

I started a new FF! Hopefully it works out, if it doesn't, then i'll just stop lol.  This first part is a filler, so just bear with it.  I really had no interest writing this part but it was necessary, and i know it really sucks lol.   I promise it'll get much better! Hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like/comment! 


~Part 1~

~Part 2~

~Part 3~

Part 1


Priya woke up with a jolt.  She was breathing heavy and could feel sweat dripping from her face.  Her own scream echoed in her ears.  She leaned over and opened the drawer of her bedside table.  She took out the picture of her and Ram at the Mah-Guj border.  It was the only picture she had of them, of him.  She held it close to her heart and closed her eyes, as a few tears escaped.

She'd had the same dream again.  She'd been having it almost every day for the last 5 years.  She first had it when she was in jail, the night before she was released.    

Ram: Main tumhe yahan se bahut jald nikalunga Priya.  I promise. 

Priya nodded a teary smile.  Ram turned to leave, trying to hide his own tears.  But Priya had already seen them.  She knew how lonely he was and how much he needed her by his side right now.  And she needed him too.  She just wanted to rest her head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat.  It was the most soothing thing and gave her that level of strength that nothing else could.  She had given Neha some chits to place around the room so that Ram doesn't feel so completely alone without her. 

After he left, she sat down on the ground and hugged her knees.  Tears were falling from her eyes.  It was dark and she was scared.  She wanted the comfort of those arms that held her when she was scared.  

Ram was driving.  His eyes were on the road but his mind was somewhere else.  He was thinking about how the hell he would get Priya out.  Would he be able to find Sid in time?  Would Sid confess?  Knowing that he was Niharika's son and all that he had already done, Ram had a doubt in his mind.  How would he prove Priya's innocence?  It had been so long since they had been together.  First Natasha's domestic violence case, and then her leaving, and then this whole natak to bring out his family's truth, and now her being in jail.  They had been through too much.  They deserved to be together now.  Enough was enough. 

Lost in his thoughts, Ram didn't see the oncoming truck.  All of a sudden, a light flashed in his eyes and the truck smashed into his car.  He flew out of the car from the impact, and rolled down the side of the road, into a deep valley.  He stopped halfway, caught in a tree that had fallen over. The car also rolled down the valley but exploded into flames.  Ram saw his car in flames, and slowly closed his eyes, tears rolling through' 

Ram: I love you Priya, I'm sorry'



Priya woke up with a jolt in the cell.  She had tears streaming down her face and she was terrified.  What if something happened to Ram?  But no one heard her scream.  It was dark and she was alone.  

The next morning, Vikram was worried.  He had not heard from Ram after they had met with the lawyer.  Ram was headed to the police station to see Priya.  Vikram arrives at Kapoor Mansion looking for Ram.  He is greeted by Niharika and Shiney. 

Vikram: Ram kahan hai?

Niharika: Kahan hai matlab?  Tumhe nahi pata?  Woh kal raat ko ghar nahi aaya.  Mujhe laga shayad tumhare saath hai.  

All of a sudden Vikram's phone rings.  He answers it and turns white.  He looks at Niharika and Shiney and then turns and runs out of Kapoor Mansion.  He arrives at the Police Station. 

Inspector:  Hume aaj subah woh highway pe jo valley hai, uss mein ek jali hui gaadi mili.  Investigation karne ke baad pata chala ke woh Ram Kapoor ki gaadi thi.  Lekin hume gaadi ke aas paas koi nahi mila.  Hume shak hai ke shayad aag mein Mr. Kapoor ki body'

Before he could finish Vikram held up his hand to stop him.   Tears were forming in his eyes.  Ram, dead? How? When? WHY?  How could his best friend be dead?  How was he going to tell Priya? How would she live without Ram?  Why was God so cruel?  Why had he separted them forever when they were so close to finally being together? 

Inspector:  Ek aur baat thi.  Hume pata chala hai ke Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor ko office se koi lena dena nahi tha sivai ke woh company uss ke naam thi.  Woh kabhi office gayi hi nahi toh uss hadse ke zimedaar nahi ho sakti.  Hum Mr. Kapoor ko giraftaar karne wale the kyun ki wohi Kapoor Pharmaceuticals ko sambhalte the.  Lekin accident ki vaja se, ab aisa nahi ho sakta.  Toh hum Mrs. Kapoor ko riha kar rahe hai.  Aap usse shaam ko leke jaayega.  

Vikram wipes his tears and nods.  Should he tell Priya? No, not yet.  He needed to tell the rest of the family first.  Everyone in Kapoor Mansion, Krishuji, the Sharmas.  And Neha.  Neha would be there to take care of Priya.  She was her best friend.  She was always there for her.  

Vikram:  Mujhe aapse ek request karni thi.  Aap please Priya ko kuch mat batayega.  

The inspector nods and Vikram leaves from there.  First he goes to talk to Neha.  He needed her more than ever right now too.  She would be devastated.  They needed each other.  Neha was waiting for him. 

Neha: Kya hua, Ram ka kuch pata chala? Aur Priya kaisi hai?

Vikram comes close to her and makes her sit on the couch.  He holds her hand and turns to her.  Tears are forming in his eyes again.  Neha sees them and gets worred. 

Neha: Vikram, kya hua.  Tum ro kyun rahe ho.  Ram theek to hai na?  Aur Priya?

Vikram shakes his head, tears falling down his face now 

Vikram:  Neha, kal raat ko Ram ka accident ho gaya.  They found his car burnt in a valley.  They didn't find his body, and are assuming he must've got burnt in the fire.  They are saying he's no more Neha. 

Neha immediately took her hand back.  She stood up and took a few steps back. 

Neha: Nahi, tum jhoot bol rahe ho.  Aisa nahi ho sakta.

Vikram stood up and walked towards her.  She kept moving back, with tears flooding her eyes. 

Neha: Tum jhoot bol rahe ho Vikram.  Ram nahi mar sakta.  

She hit the wall behind her.  She slid down the wall and collapsed on the floor.  She started sobbing.  Vikram knelt on the ground next to her and held her tight. 

Neha: Priya ka kya hoga Vikram?  Woh nahi jee payegi uss ke beger.  Tum nahi jaante woh Ram se kitna pyaar karti hai. 

Vikram:  Main jaanta hu Neha.  Aur iss waqt usse tumhari bahut zarurat hai.  Tum uss ki sabse acchi dost ho.  Maine kisi ko kuch nahi bataya.  Mujhe tumhare saath ki zarurat hai.  Main Dadi, Krishuji, Natasha, Rishabh, in sab ko kaise bataun ke Ram ab iss duniya mein nahi hai?  Aur Priya?  Usse kaise bataun Neha?  How do I tell her Ram is not alive anymore? 

Neha looks up at Vikram.  He has tears in his eyes.  After all he just lost his best friend too.

Neha: Vikram, main chalungi tumhare saath.  Sab ko batane, aur Priya ko batane.  Lets tell everyone else first, aur phir Priya ko jail se nikalwake hum usse batayenge.  

Vikram nods and hugs her.  They separate and wipe their tears.  They both stand up and hand in hand go tell everyone the bad news.   

First they go to Krishuji.    She opens the door. 

Krishuji:  Are Vikram, Neha.  Accha hua tum dono aagaye.  Main tumhe hi phone karne wali thi.  Ram aur Priya theek to hai na?  Pata nahi kal raat se kuch ajeeb si bechaini ho rahi thi.  

Vikram and Neha look at each other.  

Krishuji: Tum log chup kyun ho.  Batao na.  Ram aur Priya theek to hai na? 

Vikram slightly shakes his head.  Tears are forming in his eyes again.

Vikram: Ram ka accident ho gaya hai.  Woh ' 

He couldn't continue.  He couldn't tell her that Ram was no more.  He couldn't tell a mother that her child was dead.  Krishuji steps back and holds her hand to her mouth.  She shakes her head. 

Krishuji, while continuously shaking her head: Nahi aisa nahi ho sakta.  Yeh naa mumkin hai.  Aisa nahi ho sakta.  

Neha comes and hugs her from the side.  She holds her tight.  While Krishuji starts sobbing.  

Krishuji:  Mera ek lauta beta, jisse maine 20 saal baad mila, aur ab woh.. 

Neha rubs her back.  

Neha:  Please Aunty, Aap ko himmat rakhni padegi.  Aap aise nahi toot sakti.  Humne Priya ko abhi tak yeh baat nahi batayi hai.  Woh bilkul toot jayegi.  Iss waqt hume aap ki bahut zarurat hai.  Priya aaj shaam ko jail se nikal jayegi.  Jitna jaldi ho sake hume usse yeh baat batani hogi.  Warna agar usse kahin aur se pata chal gaya toh acha nahi hoga. 

Krishuji wipes her tears and nods:  Tum sahi keh rahi ho.  Main tumhe shaam ko Kapoor Mansion mein milti hoon.  Tum log usse wahin leke aao.   

Neha hugs her again to ensure she's ok.  Her and Vikram leave to tell the rest of the family.  Krishuji collapses on the couch and buries her face in her hands.  She starts sobbing. 

Vikram and Neha gather the Sharmas and the Kapoors together and tell everyone the bad news.  Dadi completely broke down hearing her Golu was no more.  Rishabh tried to stay strong to console her but ended up breaking down with her.  Natasha collapsed on the ground, while Kartik consoled her.  Shipra and Sudhir were in tears, worrying about Priya.   Niharika and Shiney seemed to be slightly upset, but it didn't bother them much.  They thought that if Ram was no more, then getting rid of Priya would be a breeze.  Besides, they owned everything anyways.  Sid had already played his game by using Ayesha so he was safe from any charges.  There was no reason for them not to celebrate.  

A few hours later, both of them go to pick Priya up from jail.  Priya had been suddenly released from jail and Vikram and Neha had come to pick her up.  They had been quiet throughout and Priya wondered why Ram hadn't come to pick her up.  She had been worried and asked them about it constantly but they kept ignoring her questions and diverting the topic of the conversation.  She silently sat looking out the window the rest of the ride home, praying that Ram was ok.  

When they reached Kapoor Mansion, Vikram and Neha were shocked to see the sight in front of them. They hadn't been expecting this.  They had wanted to settle Priya down and tell her the bad news as calmly as they could.  

Priya walked up next to Neha and her jaw dropped.  Everyone was sitting on the ground, in white.  She came a little bit closer and as someone moved from in front of the photograph, she collapsed on the ground, seeing the picture. 


Everyone turned to look at her.  Shipra started walking towards her with swollen red eyes and tears still falling.  Neha kneeled down next to her and held her.  Priya clung to Neha and started sobbing.  

Priya: Neha aisa nahi ho sakta.  Please bolo ke yeh jhoot hai.  Neha!!!

Just then, Krishnaji entered the house and stopped in her tracks when she saw Priya collapsed on the ground, sobbing uncontrollably in Neha's arms.  She came and sat next to them.  She rubbed Priya's back and Priya turned towards her to see who it was.  She saw Krishnaji and immediately threw herself in her arms. 

Priya: Maa.  Woh mujhe akela chod ke nahi jaa sakte Maa.  Woh mujhe akela chod ke nahi jaa sakte. 

Krishnaji held onto Priya, caressing her hair and rubbing her back, trying to console her.  She had tears in her own eyes.  She had found out this morning about it too and had told Vikram and Neha to meet her at Kapoor Mansion so that the three of them could tell Priya.  But when she arrived, she had not expected this.  

At that exact moment Niharika stood up.  She crossed her arms and took a few steps towards Priya.  

Niharika:  Well well Priya.  Ab tumhare liye iss ghar mein kuch nahi bacha.  Toh apna baurya bistro band ke iss ghar se hamesha ke liye nikal jao.  Ab Kapoor Industries ki maalkin main hoon.  Ek company bachi thin a jo tumhare naam thi, aur ab woh bhi' Aur ab woh mota bhi nahi raha tumhe bacha ne ke liye.  So just get out of here. 

Dadi: Oye Chutki!

Niharika turns to Dadi and holds up her index finger to her. 

Niharika: Aap ek shabd bhi nahi bolengi.  Agar aap ko iss ghar mein rehna hai toh aap ek shabd bhi nahi bolengi.  Ab yeh mera ghar hai.  Aur main decide karungi kaun yahan rahega aur kaun nahi. 

Priya wipes her tears and stands up.  Priya walks up to Dadi and shakes her head. 

Priya: Nahi Dadi.  Aap issi ghar mein rahengi.

Dadi: Lekin Priya puttar' 

Priya: Please Dadi'

She turns to Rishabh: Rishabh, Dadi ka khayal rakhna.  

She puts one hand on his cheek and smiles a little.  Then she walks up the stairs to their room.  She went to the wardrobe and took out one of Ram's favourite white kurtas.  And she picked up the photoframe that was on the bedside table.  It was the one of them at the Mah-Guj border.  She stood in the doorway, looking into the room one last time, remembering all the memories that she had shared with Ram in there.  With tears rolling down her cheeks, she turns off the lights and closes the door. 

She came back downstairs where everyone was still standing.  She walks up to Vikram, Neha and Krishuji. 

Priya: Chaliye.  Mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye.  (She looks down at the kurta and the frame.)  In do cheezon mere liye kaafi hai.  

They leave Kapoor Mansion and head to Vikram's house.  Krishuji didn't have a permanent residence in Mumbai because she wasn't planning on staying.  When reaching Vikram's house, Neha immediately leads her to the guest room.

Neha: Priya tum araam karo.  

Just then, Priya immediately dropped the kurta and the frame on the bed and ran to the bathroom.  Krishuji came and knocked on the door. 

Krishuji: Priya, tum theek toh ho?  Kya hua? 

Priya came out a couple minutes later clutching her stomach.  She had thrown up and was feeling horrible.  She had just sat down when she felt nauseous again and ran to the bathroom again.  Neha immediately called the doctor.  Krishuji and Neha settled Priya down in bed.  

Doctor: Mrs. Kapoor, aap ke liye khush khabri hai.  Aap Maa bannewali hai.  

Priya immediately closed her eyes as tears trickled down her cheeks.  This was their dream.  And he wasn't around to see it come true.  The doctor left and Neha sat down next to Priya.  Vikram came and stood next to Neha and Krishnaji was there too.  The three of them had discussed something and needed to tell Priya.  

Neha: Priya, I'm sorry.  Main jaanti hu yeh tumhara aur Ram ka sapna tha.  Aur ab'. Lekin Priya meri baat dhyan se suno.  Tumhe iss shehr se jaana hoga Priya.  Niharika ko pata chala ke tum Maa bannewali ho, woh tumhare bacche ko jaan se maardegi Priya.  Tumhe apne liye, apne bacche ke liye apna future secure karna hoga. 

Vikram: Neha sahi keh rahi hai.  Ram ne tumhe uss ke personal account ka joint holder bana diya tha jab tum jail mein thi taake agar kuch ho jaaye, toh tum dono ka future secure ho sake.  Tum woh paise ko leke Krishnaji ke saath Australia chali jao.   

Priya: Nahin.  Main akeli jaungi. 

Krishnaji: Lekin Priya..

Priya: Nahin Maa.  Maine aap ko bahut takleef di hai.  Ab aur nahi.  Aur ab mujhe akela rehna hai.  Please aap galat mat samjhiega Maa.  Jab mujhe lagega ke main theek hoon, tab main aap se milne aaungi.  Ab meri jeene ki vaja sirf yeh baccha hai, (she puts her hand on her stomach) jo mere aur Ram ki pyar ki nishani hai.  Ab yahi hai mere paas.  Aur kuch nahi.   

The three of them don't push her any further.  If she wanted to be alone, it might be best.  They knew how strong Priya was.  She would come out of it, she just needed some time. 

The next day, with Rishabh's help, Neha snuck into Kapoor Mansion and packed some of Priya's things.  She didn't tell him or anyone what was going on.  The less people that knew the better.  

After saying their goodbyes, Priya took a cab to the airport.  She didn't want anyone knowing where she was going and she herself had not decided that yet.  When she got there, she finally decided on Sydney.  She was familiar with the place, since her and Ram had gone there for their honeymoon and had tons of memories there too.  It seemed like the best choice.  She lost touch with everyone, her parents, Kartik and Natasha, Dadi, Rishabh, Vikram and Neha and even Krishnaji. 

Now, 5 years later, she was settled in Sydney with her 4 year old daughter, Riya.  Riya was an exact copy of her dad.  She shared his likes, dislikes and habits.  But at the same time, she shared Priya's feistiness and determination.  She was a perfect combination of the two of them. 

Priya wiped her tears and put the photo frame back in the drawer.  She had kept it hidden from her daughter because she was still young.  She didn't want to tell Riya about the father that she would never get to meet.  When the time came, she would tell Riya everything she wanted to know.  But it was better to keep it a secret right now and save her daughter that pain.  

Priya, to herself: I'm sorry Ram.  Maine aap ki beti se aap ki sachaai chupai.  Main nahi chahti ke woh iss dard se guzre ke woh kabhi apne Papa se mil nahi paayegi.  Lekin main jaanti hu ke aap hamesha uss ke saath rahenge.  Aap uss mein sama gaye hai Ram.  Woh bilkul aap ki tarah hai.  

She curled up in bed again, trying to go back to sleep.  She still had a couple of hours before she had to wake up and get Riya ready for school.  She didn't realize when she fell asleep, with tears in her eyes. 

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Amby absolutely love the title... one of my favorite songs...hvn't read it yet... will read n comment Tongue  n this is for u... i had made this long tym back.. tumhare FF ka title dekh ke yaad aiya... !

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Posted: 2012-06-15T22:50:40Z
eee...,. me 1st n me 2nd...Dancingkya yaar tu humesha emotional atyachar karti rehti haiD'oh indeed a very touchy start... plzzz update ASAP... eagerly waiting for it n as i said earlier love the titleDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2012-06-15T23:05:50Z
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Posted: 2012-06-15T23:07:21Z
Awesome, emotional Cry start to a new FFClapClapClap...please update the next part soon Amby...Embarrassed...can't believe that Ram is goneCryCry...please bring him back...EmbarrassedBig smile
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Posted: 2012-06-15T23:15:58Z
so   cute ..  beautifully  framed  words.. love this  story  line  plz  do   continue  soon..

 where is  ram  the tycoon.  he is not dead.. 
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Posted: 2012-06-15T23:26:57Z
Yay!! Amby dii a new ff.
It is so emmotional that i am still crying.
Awesome update.
Continue soon.
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Posted: 2012-06-15T23:42:04Z
Amby - IF this was a filler part 1, can hardly wait for the next one.
Good God .. what an emotional filler episode yaar. However much I hate the upcoming leap in the show, hope it goes the way you have written it here.
Hope we get to see mother-daughter bonding with Ram in their thoughts..

Loved it Chicka.
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