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Hi friends,
This is my new attempt at writing about my favourite character... celebrating the announcement that Ram Kapoor is one of the top 5 fictional characters in recent times:

I am a big fan of Ram Kapoor the actor and the character. If Ram Kapoor the actor bedazzles me with his acting prowess and rakish good looks, Ram Kapoor the character fascinates me for the conundrum that he is' so quick to anger yet so complete in his apology if he is wrong, a man who does not think that trust exists but is honest and straight forward himself, a man who believes in giving his 100% even when he knows that he is not appreciated for his efforts'. The many facets of Ram Kapoor have been playing havoc in my mind'

The way the show has been mutilated beyond belief has set me thinking about what must be going on in this big man's big heart and mind' I wondered: what would this man's real personal diary be filled with? And what follows is the answer that I came up with' I know that there are posts out here which are based on the concept of Ram Kapoor's diary, but I think that my efforts at comprehending his thoughts will be different' I certainly hope so'and I hope all of you like it and again COMMENTS AND CRITICISMS ARE MOST WELCOME. These entries are more feelings than words' they are just outpourings of a heart that is filled with love and searching for someone who would share it'


January 1st 2011

Yet another year has begun' and I have so many things to do' I have accomplished what I set out to do last year ' lift Kapoor Industries to the top 10 in the country' this year I hope to better that so that my family will be proud to state that they belong to one of the best business houses in the country' they will surely be happy when they come back from the holiday they are away on' can't wait to see the joy on their faces when I tell them the good news but for now ' I am standing looking out as the dawn breaks out on the new decade' what does this year bring for me???

February 27th

Why was Maa not excited about the trip to the UK as a family? Vikram has been badgering me to take some time off and relax and I thought that a short family holiday to meet with Rishab would be greeted with approval and excitement' but' everyone said that they had other plans' I had told them last month about it and yet they did not bother' what is happening? They come to me when they want something but when I do the same why do they ???

March 7th

Why do I feel that my life has taken on a surreal quality? I seem to be living but I know I am not' It has been like I am not a part of that which I love the most' yet again my family has forgotten about today. Other than Vikram and Neha, no one wished me' even Chothi , my life has forgotten'Main toh sab ka khayal rakhtha hoon lekin meri khayal kissi ko athi hi nahi'why? Aaj babuji ka bahut yaad aa raha hai' In bees saalon me kitna kuch badal gaya hai' maa toh kitna kuch karthi thi mere birthday par' aur aaj khada hoon mai' akele bilkul akele' itne saare log hai mere zindagi mein lekin '



April 16th

A marriage in the Kapoor house' Ishika got engaged today and the marriage has been fixed for the 31st of May' The Dhanrajgirs have been family friends for a long and they know us very well' hope they accept Ishika into the family and hope she too is happy with them' this is the opportunity that I have been waiting for and I hope that the marriage will be as grand as maa and Ishika wish it to be.

May 29th 2011

Am in Singapore to check out the feasibility of buying Narang's company'. Do I want to buy it? Is it worth it? Will have to wait and see' Tomorrow is Ishika's marriage ' the first in the family after I have taken over the reins' everything is ready for her grand day' once I finish with this business I will head to Mumbai to see her enter into a new life that will be according to her wishes' I have done all I can to ensure that she has a life that she has always wanted'when I perform her kanyadaan, it will be with a heavy but happy heart , as I have fulfilled one wish of my father's.

Your comments will decide the route this FF will take. 


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Posted: 2012-06-15T07:51:49Z
Plz plzz continue...HeartJust loved this...HeartAnxiously waiting for your next part...Day Dreaming
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Posted: 2012-06-15T08:00:42Z
Why u stop dear? Its amazing ,please,please,please,please continue soon.eagarly waiting.
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Posted: 2012-06-15T08:04:06Z
Superb.. Eager to read nxt one..
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Posted: 2012-06-15T08:05:18Z
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Posted: 2012-06-15T08:14:43Z
oye Ram ji ki fan ji please continue karo, it's awesome
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Posted: 2012-06-15T08:43:16Z
its awesome dear!! Really enjoyed reading it! concept is nice! plz update soon ! plz plz plz ...
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Posted: 2012-06-15T09:10:24Z
wow Nandini di that seems like i'd get to read what all Ram felt like from starting...thought behind is amazing indeedClap
and then its coming from another RK fan like me that too after he n Sakshi named among top 5 favorite fictional chacte..super happy as wellEmbarrassed
please continue soon Nandini di..Big smile
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