Just Because I Love U AR SS Prt.14 (05th-Sept-2019)

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Just Because I Love U
Chapter 1

For Kajen Fans

For Kash Fans

He was sleeping peacefully when his beautiful sleep was disturbed with some voice he slowly open his eyes and saw his beautiful wife was finding something on their computer table and he sat up on bed
h:''hey jaaan good morning''
and he gets an irritate reply from her beautiful wife
w:''what is so good in this morning?''
h:''areyy yar kya achaa nai hai is subhh me itnaa pyaara khubsoorat khilla hua chehra dekhne ke bad kisii ki bhi morning good hogii naa jaaan''
he winked at her and
w:''armaan please stop ur fllirting subhh hi shuru karte ho and frankly speaking i am not in mood of hearing ur comments''
ar:''areyy riddhima kya hua y r u in such a foul mood rat tak to u r in veryy good mood''
ri:''armaan merii blue vaali file nai mil rai aur mujhe der bhi ho rahii hai office jaane ko pta nai kahan rakhh di maine''
she said while looking in droors
ar:''areyy yar riddhima tumhara apnaa office u can go whenever u want''
ri:''shut up armaan u know that i am marketing head in company''
ar:''but u r also in board of directors and moreover u r mrs.armaan mallik loving and dearest and darling wifey of armaan mallik chairman of mallik empire so y r u bothering baby.i am ur boss and u r mine even u r also having share in company so please''
ri:''armaan how many times i have to tell u please dont mix our personal lives with our work.i agree i am one of b.o.d of company but its not beacuse of me its dad's(armaan's dad)gift to me and i can not say no to him so i kept that shares but u know na i have my own identity rather thn mrs.mallik wife of armaan mallik''
ar:''par baby tum derii se jaa sakte ho tumhara apnaa office hai jaan after all''
he said while coming closer to her
ri:''no armaan tum boss ho to tum jab chahe jaa sakte ho but mai mallik empire me riddhima armaan mallik nai riddhima mallik hun jo ek employee hai jisee time par pahunchna jaruri hai and my office hours are 10:00 a.m so pls ab tum hatoge mujhe merii file dhundhni hai''
ar:''par pls ek din na jaan''
he said while hugging her from behind
ri:''armaan leave me merii dress kharab ho jayegi chodo mujhe''
but armaan was adamant but riddhima
ri:''armaan chodo mujhe merii file dhundhne me help karne ke ilava subh masti kar rahee ho tum''
ar:''han to apnii biwii ke saath hi masti kar rahaa hun na aur kahin tum is blue file ki bat to nai kar rai naa''
he said while showing her file 
ri:''ye kya armaan kab se dhundh rahii hun bol nai sakte the tumhare pas hai had hai tumhari bas bache ho tum chalo ab do mujhe''
ar:''well madam ye apnee hi kal di thi mujhe sign karne ko''
ri:''oh han aab do mujhe tum''
ar:''file chahiye to ooski keemat denii padegi tumhe''
ri:''kya armaan please''
ar:''ji nai tumhari is stupid file ke kaaran mujhe merii good morning kiss bhi nai milii''
ri:''kya armaan kitne besharam ho tum''
ar:''ji nai tum to aisee bol rai ho jaise padosi ki biwii se maang rahaa hun apnii biwii se maang rahaa hun kiss''
ri:''armaan tum na fine come close jaldi karoo i am not free mujhe der ho rahii hai''
with this she pecked on his cheek and picked her things while saying
ri:''maine tumhare kapre nikal diyye hai to please dontt create mess in room for finding clothes and have ur breakfast before coming to office bye''
ar:''bye love u''
and armaan smiled
he loved his wife he is in madly in love with her one thing about her which irritates him most was her extra-ambitious,she is so much ambitious in her life,her job and her career was her life and even when armaan proposed her she said she wants to marry him but only on one condition that he never stopped her working and he agreed to her,but sometimes he feels she is just more extra-ambitious.but he tells himself may be he think more about it.the more important thing is that he love her and she love him back, and he smiled and after getting ready he left for office and he wasthinking about the day when he met riddhima for first time. 
armaan was entering in mallik empire and suddenly he bumped in one person and just before she falls armaan caught her from her waist protectively and all the papers in her hand were blown over them.armaan looked at the beauty in his arms she was wearing a business suit and her hair was neatly ties in pony with one flick on her forhead and her glasses was on her head and armaan just looked in to her deep green almond eyes he just lost in her beauty when suddenly his dream break
g:''oh hello mr.chodenge mujhe''
and he immediately leave her
g:''pta nai kahan dekh ke chalte hai saare papers giraa diyye.mujhe already der ho rahii hai and now i have to re-arrange them''
ar:''i am sorry miss let me help u''
g:''ji nai thanks apkii mehrbani se already merii bahut help ho gayyi hai''
ar:''i said na sorry miss''
g:''to koi ehsaan kar rahee hai ap sorry bol kar''
ar:''oh hello agr itnaa hai to tum dekh ke chalti aur hum nai takrate''
g:''mere pas tumhari bevahjah ki bakwas sunne ka koi time nai hai to thanks for bumping in me and bye please do not met me again''
and she leaves and armaan just smiled at her cute pouted face.
after some time
armaan was sitting in his big office when he was informed that the candidate for his new marketing head has come
armaan's back was facing her and he signaled her to sit down and after getting her file he said
ar:''so ms.gupta age 23 topper from iim banglore done mba in marketing and having 1 year experience working as part time worker in khaana empire.impressive ms.gupta so ms.riddhima gupta right?''
ri:"yes mr.mallik''
ar:''so ms.gupta y did not u continue in khaana empire as u already work there?''
ri:''well i think there is no scope of groW*H working there and i want to grow as marketing head not want to stick one position thats y''
ar:''well i like ur attitude ms.gupta''
now armaan turned his chair and he come face to face riddhima
once riddhima shocked to see him but she calmed herself and armaan really liked her confidence that she did not panicked seeing him as she has a little fighty encounter with him before
ar:''so ms.gupta y did not u accept our offer at the time of campus placement?''
ri:''well mr.mallik at that time i did ot think that i can handle such a responsibility and with the big responsibility i did not effect want to effect my scores and moreover working with such a big empire like malliks i want some experience so''
ar:''well thanks ms.gupta and thanks we will let u know about our decision''
ri:''thanks mr.mallik''
ar:''the pleasure is all mine''
and he forwarded his hand to her for hand shake and she shook hands with him and she leaves.
outside mallik empire
ri:''hey muski''
mu:''hey ridzi kaisa gayya interview''
ri:"'han ho gayya but mujhe nai lagta ye job mujhe milega muski''
mu:''lekin kyoon ridzi tere se better oonhe kahan koi milega yar''
ri:''vo bat nai hai muski actully andar jaaane se pehle merii mr.mallik se choti si fight ho gayyi''
mu:''kya tu job milne se pehle hi boss se jhagra kar liyya''
ri:''yar muski merii koi galti nai thi''
mu:''to fir''
ri:''yar hua ye ki''
and she explained whole incident to her and muskaan laughed in her style
mu:''kya tune ose ye kaha ki ab kabhie mat milna''
ri:''han yar ab mujhe thode naa pta tha ki vo next cabin me mera interview lene baitha hogaa''
mu:''tera na kch nai ho sakta ridzi,kam ke age tu kisii ko kch nai samjhti aur bechare ne sorry bhi bola fir bhi''
ri:''kya bechara ooske karan mujhe jo saara fir se pile up karna pada khair vaise ootne time me pta hai insaan koi deal finalise kar sakta hai''
mu:''ya ya vaise ridzi i agree being ambitious is good but extra-ambitious is not so good yar''
ri:''muski please mujhe fir se vo behas nai karni''
mu:''to theek hai chl  mujhe ek dress bhi buy karni hai chl mall chalen''
ri:''oh han aj rahul ki party to madam new dress hi pehen ke jayengi''
mu:''kya yar ridzi''
she blushed and with teasing muskaan they leaves for mall.
armaan enterd in mallik empire all the employees greeted him and suddenly he heared some noises and he saw his wife and armaan shook his head and go to his cabin and called his p.a.
p.a:''good mornind sir''
ar:''good morning roshni''
ro:''sir u have two meetings''
ar:''ok well roshni bahar aj kis ki shamat ayi hai''
ro:''well armaan its sapna i think she is having some dress problem and u know riddhima mam''
ar:''ya ya mrs. hitler armaan mallik''
ro:''ya armaan jis tarah mam sapna mam ko daant rai hai koi nai bolega ki she is assistant mkt head of riddhima mam and her''
(roshni and armaan were friends alsoo)
ar:''one of her best friend  well rosh jab kam par bat ati hai u knw na hitler mallik was too much''
atul said while joining and
ar:''ya hey champ tu yahan''
at:''yes bhai vo bhabhi se milne aya hun''
(armaan and atul are cousins)
ar:''she allowed u to met in office hours strange''
at:''yar its  for some professional work''
ar:''ya right ''
ro:''armaan i am going agr mera desk jyada khali rahaa to next number meraa hogaa sapna mam ke bad''
at:''aur merii bhi appointment ka time ho gayya agr derii hui to dubara appointment nai milegi mrs.riddhima armaan mallik aur vaat bhi lag jayegi sapna ke bad merii so better i should go tujhse bad me milta hun bye''
ar:''ya bye''
and roshni and atul leaves for their resp places and armaan's gaze fell on riddhima's snap which places on his table.
and same day armaan reached at club and
ra:''hey man armaan finally u come han mujhe laga ki terii end moment par fir koi meeting nikal ayi hogii''
ar:''no yar rahul but han tujhe pta hi hai office se niklana asan nai hai u know that''
ra:''ya especially tujh jaise workaholic aur ambitious business person ke liyye''
ar:''chl ab merii tareef band kar ye bta ye party kis khushi me hai?''
ra:''ruk sabko ane de''
ar:''kyoon kaun reh gayya?''
ra:''champ aur ri''
and he is cut short by atul
at:''hey guyss''
ra:''hey champ kahan tha tu kab se wait kar rahee hai tera''
at:''yar sorry but anjie se merii fir se fight ho gayyi''
ar:''champ koi nai bat bol yar sabko pta hai anjie se terii kitni banti hai yar''
ra:''hmm anyways ab kya hua osnee kaha ki ose black pehnana hai and u say no anjie red me tum jyada achii lagogi''
at:''yes guyss but tumhe kaise pta''
ar:''champ college se tum log isi bat par ladte aye ho kam se kam reason to change kar lo''
and he laughed with rahul and before anyone say anything else they each received tight slap on their arm
ar&ra:''abeyy kaun hai''
an:''mai hoon anjali as in anjie''
ar:''oh hey anjie''
and rahul also greet her
an:''vaise kya bol rahee the tum kam se kam humare pas jhagra karne ko hum ek-doosre ke liyye to hai par armaan tum''
ra:''han vaise ammy anjie sahii keh rahii atleast ek girlfriend to bna le yar mera nam kharab kar diyya tune''
ar:''chup reh tu kapro ki tarah girlfriends badlta hai''
ra:''jyada jal mat''
ni:''rehne de rahul sabko pta hai ki agr ammy chahe to kitni ladkiyan is par mar mitengi''
nikki said while entering with abhie
ar:''dekha raoool jyada od mat''
ra:''oh han vaise bhi niki kabhie tere khilaf ho sakti hai kya?''
ab:''kabhie nai aur evn kabhie to mujhe lagta hai ki ye merii nai is ammy ki girl friend hai''
ar:''oye abhie chupp kar tu tujhe pta hai mai aur nikki just best friends hai''
an:''ok guyss please ye topic kabhie khatam nai hogaa,but please rahul tum batao whats the occassion of today's party?''
at:''han bol phone par bhi tune kch nai btaya ab to bol''
ra:''han guyys btata hun bas kch rime aur''
ar:''oye kab se yehii bol rahaa hai''
ra:''han yes so guyss ek minute''
and rahul leaves towards door and comes with a girl in curly hair
ra:''so guyss this is the reason of party met muskaan and muskaan they are my friends''
and he introduced them
ar:''raoool muskaan ka intro tune nam ke ilava kch nai btaya''
ra:''han guyss muskaan is love of my life and''
mu:''rahul ek minute ridzi abhie ati hogii''
and wind start blows and armaan's gaze turned to door and there was she
wearing a black golden strip frock and armaan looked at her and when she feels sudden gaze on herself she looked and saw her so called may be going to boss looked at her and she could not help to adore him wearing dark black shirt with blue jeans and they share eye-lock and their eye-lock break when muskaan nudged her
mu:''ridzi sapna''
ri:''she is having some work to vo nai ayegi but she said sorry''
mu:''koi na well guyss met m friend ridzi riddhima gupta''
ri:''anju dii ap yahan''
an:''well mam ye sawal mujhe apsee poochna chahiye its my group ridzi''
ri:''di vo mai muski ke saath ayi thi''
and sooon she introduced with everyone and now armaan who was still looking at her with disbelief
ri:''hello mr.mallik''
ar:''oh hello ms.gupta nice to see u again''
ri:''same here''
ra:''oye ye kya formal batein ho rahii hai''
ar:''vo rahul''
he explains everything
and soon 
ar:''ab ti age ki bat bta ab to ms.gupta bhi aaa gayyi''
ra:''han vo i propose muskaan and she said yes''
all:''congrats yar''
and after celebration they all retired to their res houses and when riddhima reached to gupta house,she was drinking water when her gaze fell on the person sitting in her drawing room and she split water seeing him
yes it was armaan in her house
and hearing her choking armaan ran to her and rub her back while samriti said
sa:''riddha kya hua aaram se peena chayiye na''
ar:''r u alright''
ri:''ya i am ok thanks''
sa:''achaa riddha is see mill armaan terii annie aunty ka beta aur armaan merii betii riddhima''
and after that armaan said riddhima she can join office from tomorrow but she said 
ri:''mr.mallik just because ki hum ek-doosre ko jaante hai apkoo mujhe job dene ki jarorat nai hai''
ar:''well u r wrong ms.gupta mai ye job apkoo hi dene vaala tha maine apponitment letter pehle hi banva liyya tha.and mai kam me relations nai laata so dont worry u are joining mallik empire without any recommendation unless u say no to me''
ri:''no in that case i will acccept this job see u tomorrow sir''
ar:''ye thi humare pyaar ki shuruwat''
and he smiled and after placing riddhima's photo on table he leaves for meeting.

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continue soon
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Hey Nkki...woww a new Story...Love the first chapter yaar...Armaan love Ridzy so much...All the flashback moments are treat to read...But why Ridzy is so extra ambitious...hope ye aage jaakar AR mein Prob na create kare...waiting for more so do try to continue soon...Thanks for the PM...Take care

Lots of Love
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hi niki i had read that story before &i was terribly waiting for this to continue' plz try to continue ASAP.
lods of love
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lovely part
thanx 4 pm
pls cont it soon

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its awesome continue soonSmile
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awsome starting

update soon

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