RaYa OS- A New Beginning!

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Well I am back with a new OS on RaYa. I had been missing them terribly. So I thought of sharing this OS with you all!Embarrassed


RaYa OS- A New Beginning!


She stood there looking at the man that meant the world to her. She longingly kept looking at him, drinking his presence to her content. She was free today. He had freed her. He promised her that he will do anything in this world to see that she is safe and secure. As he said final thanks to the lawyer and saw his step brother go with the police did he notice she was standing, looking at him.


He walked up to her, squeezing her hand, he led her away from the crowd to a temple. He had to apologize, and what better place than a temple. He believed in God, but with Priya entering his life, he believed more than ever. And with yesterday's miracle, he couldn't thank God enough.


While he stood in complete devotion in front of the idol, Priya looked at him. She didn't need to pray to God, as she prayed to her God. Ram was indeed her God! He slowly opened his eyes to see Priya looking deep into his eyes. He blushed by the sudden display of love by Priya.


Ram: "Aisi kya dekh rahi ho? Main yahin hoon tumhare saamne."


Priya: "Bas yeh dekh rahi hoon ki aap mere saath hai yaan nahi. Pichle kucj dinon main aapko khone ke darr ne meri zindagi bahut pareshaani main daali hai."


Ram: "Jaanta hoon Priya. Lekin ab sab theek hai. Tum azaad ho. Mere saath ho. Aur hamesha mere saath rahogi. Yaad hai na tumne jail main kya kaha tha?"


Priya: "Nahi to."


Ram: "Jab maine kaha tha ki mere saamne andhera hai to tumne nahi kaha tha, ki Priya aapki thi, Priya aapki hai aur Priya aapki hi rahegi. To bas. Ab chalo yahan se. Hum ghar jaa rahe hai."


Priya: "Chaliye."


Ram: "Ek minute Priya."


He walked upto the idol, bent down his head on her feet, took the red powder and came back next to Priya.


He smeared the red powder in her maang claiming her as his forever! She stood there dumbfounded at what had happened. What had transpired between them? A few moments ago she was an expectant divorcee who was fighting for her life and now she was Mrs. Ram Kapoor. In all sense Ram had made her his!


She remembered her wedding day. They had married only for their family's sake. But it was worth the decision. She remembered her every encounter with Ram! Right from the first one after the accident till the one now outside the court when she flung her arms around his without caring about the world!


Recollecting the turn of events; she felt blessed; truly blessed but now was not scared of a relation with him. She was not scared of a future with him. She was scared if anyone would hurt his Pride and Ego because of her. But then she remembered that here she was talking about Ram Kapoor and for her He would do Anything. Anything!



Ram: "Priya tumhe pata hai na ki main aaj maa se milne jaanewala hoon."


Priya: "Jaanti hoon. Aapne unhe wapas apne zindagi shamil karke yeh saabit kar diya ki jeet hamesha sacchai ki hi hoti hai. Main aapke saath hoon. Jaayiye aur le aayiye hamari maa ko."


Ram: "Matlab tum nahi chalogi mere saath?"


Priya: "Nahi Ram. Yeh ek Maa ur uske bete ka rishta hai. Mujhe isme nahi panda chahiye. Aap bas Maa ko leke aayiye."


With that he told her that,


Ram: "Main Maa ko to le aaoonga par kal."


Priya: "Kyun kal?"


Ram: "Kyunki aaj main tumhare saath bitana chahta hoon."


As soon as he said that she blushed profusely! Even after almost a year for their relation, his words could make her blush. She found herself in his arms.


He released her from the hug; wiping her tears; placing his arms on her shoulders; he said;


Ram: "Mujhse pyaar karna itni badi sazaa hai kya?"


She smiled; punched him lightly and in between her sobs said;


Priya: "Bilkul nahi; aapse pyaar karna meri sabse badi sazaa ho; par mujhe ye sazaa zindagi bhar kubul hai!"


Ram: "To chalien?"


Priya nodded and slid his arm through his.


It was evening when Ram was waiting outside for Priya. He had organized a dinner for both of them.


Ram: "Priya aur kitna time lagaogi? Aadha ghanta ho gaya hai."


Yelling she comes out and Ram just couldn't take his eyes off her! She looked ethereal in the white sari; the earrings and the necklace adding to her beauty!


Ram placed her hair strand behind her ear; closing the gap between them he pulled her for a quick peck!


Both Priya and Ram are in the parking when Ram ordered the driver that he was going to drive today. The driver tried to protest but in vain.


Priya intervened and tried to protest but later gave into his demands.


Ram: "Priya main ye shaam tumhare liye bahut khaas aur yaadgar banana chahata hoon. Priya ab tumhari enquiry commission khatam ho gayi ho to ab hum chalien?


Priya: "Par aaj main jahan kahoongi wahan leke jaana padega aapko."


Ram: "To chaliye. Kaha leke jaao main aapko?"


Priya: "Yahan ek Dhaba hai. Whan chalet hai. Mujhe meri saari favorite cheezein yahi milti hai. Aur yahaan ke aloo paratha to aapko poore Mumbai main nahi milenge. Sacchi Ram!"


He drove her to the Dhaba. They had a wonderful dinner date. And both were back together in their house.


Ram switched on the music system with a romantic tune playing in the background. Later Priya switched it off. She took him to the beach to count the stars, while returning both had road side tea!


And they were back in the Kapoor Mansion! The whole night; the couple found themselves with each other swaying to an unknown music; only making them closer to each other. While they were getting more intimate with Ram's fingers making patterns on her back; he was exploring her with his lips. She couldn't resist him any longer. She was with him; and he gently picked her up and rushed them to the bedroom!


He placed her on the bed; lying besides herself. He wanted to grasp her; confess to her how much he loves her; wanted to make love. But he had to wait; there were many walls; not social; but he respected Priya and couldn't go against her wishes. He gently met his lips with hers; and she responded. She was ready to submit to the man whom she is in love with. Is she ready to submit? After all that happened in the last few weeks, he needed and assurance.


She looked deep into his eyes and he read them; this is what she wanted!


As the candles were blown away; the couple cherished their night of unison.


It was a total new beginning for them!


Do leave your precious comments! They really mean a lot to me!


So guys how were it? I hope I have lived up to the standards of all the RaYa fans!


Positive criticism is always welcome!Big smile


Please press the like button!Embarrassed


Love And Luck Always!











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Posted: 2012-06-13T14:05:54Z
super  cute  ..  do  continue  the  part .. love t o read more 

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Posted: 2012-06-13T14:28:53Z
awsum!!! why cldnt the cvs think of this.. i was sad after the epi but ur this ff bot a smile on my face.. :)
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Posted: 2012-06-13T14:39:41Z
i just wish this happens in real too i mean in serial tooWink and really aweesome ff pls do continue sooon eagerly waiting and please give us long updates as u write so good it feels like they ended so early...
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Posted: 2012-06-13T14:52:29Z
Lovely, ur os r always fantatastic
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Posted: 2012-06-13T18:56:05Z
It was lovely! Kaash serial mein bhi aisa hota.. LOL
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Posted: 2012-06-13T19:14:08Z
ClapClapClap Nicely written Sister...well done Thumbs UpThumbs Up...keep it up...thanks for the PMEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2012-06-13T19:18:01Z
Very nice Mayu..I like the way of your two tone colors for dialogues and the story narration..Beautifully written were all loose ends seems to have been tied up.. Indeed its a new beginning, that is worth reading..ClapClapThumbs Up
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