Os : Bas Ek Jara.. Sath Ho Tera...

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Its over.. Its over at last...
Priya breathed a sigh of relief.. She was cleared of all charges. Sid was behind bars and she was free, for now.
Her eyes were searching for Ram. He was the only person she wanted to see now. It was almost 1-1.5 month since her life was on a roller coaster ride. She needed a break now.
Ram came to her after a while, after completing all the paperwork with the lawyer. 
He looked into her eyes and smiled. 
He said,

R : See.. I had told you, it was matter of just one day.. Aur dekho.. Maine chhuda liya na tumhe.. Now no one can keep us apart!

Priya half smiled through the tears of joy and without caring where they were, or who would look at them, she hugged him with all the might she had.. and he reciprocated in an instant.. He wrapped his arms around her and murmured a soft 'I love you' in her ears...
They stood like that for a moment. As long as they were together, they did not care what hardships life put into their path. As long as they got to hold each other in arms, at the end of the day.. all was well in their world.

Ram took her hand and led her towards their car. They reached home. Dadi and Rishabh welcomed them with joy. But as Ram's eyes fell on Niharika, the expression on his face hardened. He was angry but too disgusted with her to say anything. 

Priya understood, she tightened her grip on his hand to calm him down and they went to their room. Priya knew how hard it must have been for him to accept the truth, which he did not want to believe for 20 years.
His anger and disgust was telling her that he was heartbroken to accept that, the 'family' which he had loved for years, was never his..

Priya felt restless and disturbed. She could not see him so much hurt.
Priya wanted him to talk his heart out but she knew if she pestered him, he'll just get angry. She decided to give him a little time, before she could talk to him about Krishu Ji..

Priya sighed and started to go towards washroom. She was not feeling well. She had hardly eaten or slept in 3 days. That had made her weak. She had hardly taken two steps when she felt dizzy and lost her balance. The fall she was expecting never came, instead a familiar set of arms caught her. Ram picked her up, and placed her on bed.
She opened her eyes and looked at Ram's wary face. The anger and hurt which was burning in his eyes a while ago was now replaced by pure love and care for her. As Priya looked into them, She remembered once again, what Krishu Ji had told her about love.. She understood that only she has the power of healing his wounds.. 
Time to time he had made her feel like a queen, made her feel loved.. made her feel special.. Today he needed her, and she thanked her stars that the things had worked out and she could be there for him.

Priya smiled at him to assure him that she was alright, but he was not convinced. He was still worried. He cupped her face with his right hand

R : kitani weak lag rahi ho... 3 din jail me rehane ka asar toh hoga! aur itnao dino se jo natak tumhe karna pada..
How did you do all this? Kaha se aati hai itani himmat, itana hosla tum me Priya? 

Priya stared at him with loving eyes.

P : ye himmat muze aap hi se milati hain.. aapke pyar se.. I behaved so badly with you.. and still you trusted me! Do you know how much that meant to me? If u did not love me so much, I couldn't do any of this..

Their eyes locked together, conveying their love to each other..

"When somebody loves you..
There's nothing you can't do..
When somebody loves you..
Its easy to get through..
When somebody loves you..
The way I Love you..."

Ram leaned in and kissed her forehead.

He asked Bansi Kaka to get a glass of milk. Priya made a face as she didn't like milk. But he made her drink it from his own hands.. The whole nok-zok while she refused to drink and he insisted, lightened their hearts..

Ram smiled triumphantly as she finished the milk. She kept the glass away and cuddled close to him again, keeping her head on his chest. She wanted to go to sleep but as Ram's hand slid on her waist to pull her close, her mood changed. Many weeks had passed since the last time they were this close. Without thinking much, she moved her head upwards, nuzzling on her way till his neck. She leaned back a little to look at his face. As their eyes met, Ram could see the longing and passion in her eyes. He just could not refuse the demand of of her eyes and he bent to meet her lips with his own.. The kiss went on for a while but as Priya's hand reached up to buttons of his kurta, he broke away from the kiss.

He shifted her into her original position... and said, patting her head

R : tum bahot thaki ho Priya.. so jao.. I'll call the doctor in morning for your checkup..

Priya did not protest. She was indeed exhausted and she could sense that Ram's mind was somewhere else. She too was feeling a little dizzy again. She moved a little to find a more comfortable position.

R : Kya hua? Need nahi aa rahi? Ab kya tumhe Lori sunau?
Priya burst out laughing... Ram too smiled inspite of himself. As Priya continued to laugh, he chided her mockingly..

R : ha ha.. Itana bhi hasne ki jaroorat nahi hai..
P : (still laughing) seriously Ram.. Lori? badi mushkil se ek gana aata hai aapko! Wo bhi besura.. Koi lori pata bhi hai aapko?
R : ha ha.. Itana itrane ki jaroorat nahi hai... Maine Lori suni hai..Tumhe pata hai.. Ma kitana achha gati hai...?

He suddenly fell silent and looked away. It was obvious that it was not Niharika he was talking about. Priya sat up, she knew Ram never wilingly talked about Krishu Ji. He must have been thinking about her.

She held his face and made him meet her gaze. 

P : aap Ma ke bare me soch rahe the?

Ram did not say anything..

P : boliye nah please.. Aap mere sath share nahi karenge toh aur kiske sath karenge? I can't see you hurt like this..

R : haan Priya.. Yahi sab soch raha tha.. My life was perfect till I was 15.. Ma-Papa aur main... Ma ka ladala tha mai.. Par uske bad unke beech zagde suru ho gaye, aur mai dheere dheere ma se dur hota chala gaya.. Ab samaz mai aa raha hai woh sab is Niharika ki chal thi.. I'm not a fool Priya.. In logo pe jo maine vishwas kiya uska karan shayd mera ma ke taraf ka gussa tha.. and that woman poisoned Papa's and my mind. Like how ma was a gold digger.. She even made us believe that Apeksha is her illegitimate child and that is why she adopted her.. None of which is true.. aur muze ab ye samaz aa raha hain..
Loosing Ma and then papa made me emotionally vulnarable.. And shayad isiliye I deluded myself into believing that these people loved me.. But only I know how lonely I was before you came into my life..

Priya moved closer to him in an automatic response, as if to assure him.. He continued talking

R : Today I'm realizing that whatever you and Ma said in the party is the reality... But what do I do now Priya? I did my bit as your husband, but can you see how bad I have been as a son? How would I ever make it up to her? How would I apologise? Do I even deserve to be forgiven?

His eyes were moist.. and he let them flow unabashedly.. he needed to talk this out...

Priya wiped his tears..

P : you don't need to think that way.. I know how much Ma loves you.. Aur aap nahi jante.. Ek Ma ka dil kitana bada hota hai.. You have to be a woman to understand how much a mother loves her child.. aap ye sab mat sochiye.. Mantai hu ki galati hui hai.. Par bas ek bar jaake aap ma se miliye.. Aur sacche dil se mafi mangiye.. Jayenge na?
R : yes I will...
P : Then.. I promise.. Sab kuchh thik ho jayega...
R : You think so?
P : (smiling) I know so...

Priya was still awake when Ram fell asleep holding her close to his heart. As she looked at his peacefully asleep, childlike face, she felt happy.. Her plan was successful at last..

Most importantly she was still here.. where she belonged.. In the arms of the man she loved.. more than anyone... More than herself..!!

The night was still pitch dark...
But as Priya pressed her lips to Ram's forehead, she knew in her heart that the bright dawn was just a few moments away...
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Me firstBig smile...What a beautiful OS! So much love and passion for each other and Ram's remorse is beautifully penned. Thank God, at least in your OS RaYa are back together and ready to tackle situations aur woh bhi saath-saathWink BTW sounds like Priya is going to give some Good news soonEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2012-06-12T21:13:39Z
yes bright dawn r few moments away n we will get the chance to see dis time.. Fabulous os..Edited by D4BALH - 2012-06-12T21:23:10Z
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Posted: 2012-06-12T21:17:35Z
Most importantly she was still here.. where she belonged.. In the arms of the man she loved more than anyone... More than herself..

woowww fantastic os dear ..you made my day ...
loved  till the end ..beutifully penned down their feelings
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Posted: 2012-06-12T21:20:59Z
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Posted: 2012-06-12T21:25:04Z
Wow, absolutely beautiful, no words.. really super like.Clap
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Posted: 2012-06-12T22:07:13Z
Absolutely fantastic Goldie Clap

LOVED the conversation between Ram and Priya.
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Posted: 2012-06-12T22:20:03Z
Very nice and realistic.
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