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- A r c h i v e  M a n s i o n -


This thread will be edited will all important links and info related to both the show and forum and will essentially serve as a guide for the forum. The thread will be updated regularly so please do check every now and then. Please do not post any comments in this thread. Thank you.


  D e v e l o p m e n t  T e a m

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T a b l e  o f  C o n t e n t s 

 Rules and Important Links
 post 2
 About the Show/Character Sketch/Summary
 post 3
 Updates Archive
 post 4
 Forum Activities (GOTW/DOTW/MOTW/Contests/News Letters)
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 Appreciation Threads
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 Fan Fictions/One Shots/VMs
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 Off Screen Segments
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 I m p o r t a n t  L i n k s

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke Members Introduction:Here

SSLK Help Desk

.~.Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke Creation Gallery.~.

SSLK Picture Gallery-No Comments

-/-SSLK Articles Archive-\-

 R u l e s  o f   t h e  S e c t i o n

Here are a few rules to keep in mind before posting. Please go over each and everyone of them.

Also, please go over I-F's COC: I-F Code of Conduct

Introduce Yourself
As members join everyday, rather then cluttering the forum with "Hi I'm New Here" or "New Member" type posts, please introduce yourself in the intro thread: Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke Members Introduction:Here
Updaters are volunteers who take time out of their busy life to provide one. Please be patient and refrain from posting topics asking for updates. Also, do not PM updaters and demand for updates.
Help Desk
Please post all questions/queries/etc. in the SSLK Help Desk. Rather then posting new topics asking for something, all questions can be directed there and a member will reply to your query.
New Topics
Members are requested that before posting a new topic, please check at least 2-3 pages back to see if a similar topic has been posted. This reduces the number of repetitive posts.  
Posting videos from other sites as well as anything that contains a logo/link are not allowed and will be trashed.
Bashing/Name Calling/Personal Attacks
Bashing or any type of name calling towards a member/actor/character are not allowed. It is offensive as well as disrespectful and can hurt the sentiments of the person it is directed at. Anyone found doing so will receive a warning.
Also, bashing a character is also not allowed. Criticism towards a character and the plot are allowed and can be discussed and is different from bashing.

Bashing vs. Constructive Criticism

Bashing: an act of verbal abuse or the use of foul language that can be provocative or offensive!
Constructive Criticism: any feedback that is purely intended to improve someone else's work in future endeavors! Code of Conduct strictly forbids members from bashing celebrities, the characters they portray on screen and fellow members! This includes the use of foul language, as well as any personal remarks, i.e. how the actor looks like, as they have no control over it! We welcome members to share their constructive criticism on the absurdity of the series's story line and character, as well as to discuss the actor's talents, however, please refrain from engaging in any kind of bashing, which may have severe consequences.
(credit MP_Radha)

Topics comparing two actors, shows, or anything that can lead to fights are not allowed. Any thread found doing so will be closed immediately and a PM warning will be sent.
Multiple IDs
Members are permitted to have one ID only. Those found using another ID will have it banned immediately as well as receive a warning and may also receive a raise in their warning level.
Chatting/Spamming/One Liners
Chatting as well as spamming and one liners are not allowed. Topics posted on the forum are for the purpose of discussing so stick to the topic at hand. Threads that no longer serve that purpose will be closed. Posting just to say "Thanks", "tfs" etc. is also a form of spamming and instead, the "like" button can be used to express your gratitude.If you wish to chat or converse with someone, then use the PM feature or go to the Chat Club Forum
Posting in CAPS is considered shouting and is therefore not allowed.
All articles should be posted here: -/-SSLK Articles Archive-\-. Also, when posting articles, refrain from postin articles from sites such as TellyChakkar as they are in direct competition with I-F.
When posting articles from TellyBuzz, post the link only, rather then copying+pasting the whole article.
All creations (siggies/avis) are to be posted in the .~.Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke Creation Gallery.~.. Signatures are to be 550x500 max. and members are allowed to use 3 550x500 siggies as well as one small siggy.
Pictures of the cast are to be posted in the SSLK Picture Gallery-No Comments.
No Comments
Threads that say "No Comments" on them such as the Article Archive/Picture Gallery/etc. mean only those items are allowed. Any comments found will be trashed.
If you find anyone violating any of the rules, please use the Report button and refrain from replying back directly as it can add fuel to the fire.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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Gunjan, is a smart, suave 17 year old Mumbai, big city girl, who has a wonderful relationship with her mother Sneha. Tragically, Sneha is diagnosed with cancer and dies soon leaving behind a lifetime of void in her young daughter Gunjan's life.  Her dad wants to take her to Australia with him where he has a big business, but Gunjan's maasi, Shail now takes her under her wings and requests her to come and stay with her. Gunjan now moves to Banaras with her maasi. Here in the city of Banaras, in her masi's home has to share her room with Rachna, Shail's 16 year old daughter. Gunjan  from her own nuclear family in Mumbai now comes to Banaras to live in a joint family headed by Dayal (Rachna's father) who runs a garment shop and lives with his two brothers and their family under one roof.  Gunjan is told to share the room with RACHNA a long haired girl, wearing a loose suit so that her figure cannot be seen properly, her eyebrows still not made – a complete contrast to Gunjan. Rachna is brought up in a very traditional and conservative manner in a middle class Banaras household. Shail's husband, Dayal, Rachna's father has laid down strict rules and regulations for Rachna. However, Gunjan has been brought up in a free and spirited environment in Mumbai, now begins to feel a little stuck in the small town of Banaras, but for Rachna, Gunjan is like a window to a world that she has neither lived or wants to experience. Thus begins the story of Gunjan and Rachna, a story of young girls who are like  chalk and cheese – one is smart and suave and the other gawky and awkward.

Gunjan speaks without thinking and Rachna has been taught to never question anything. Rachna has an elder sister Pihu who was married early and she knew her father Dayal  wanted a son the second time and has not loved her that much but she is her mother's ladli. Rachna  has also vowed never to do anything which may upset her father and the brunt comes on her mother. Gunjan finds herself in this whirlwind situation where she has to adjust to the new family and specially Rachna. On the other hand Gunjan is like a "new attraction" a "ajooba" to Rachna's family.  After the initial conflict between the two sisters, slowly they  form a bond…they both are head strong girls but both nice at heart.   Will they get to enjoy those wonder years before they are pressurised by their families to get  married and live a life that's expected from them?

Will Gunjan and Rachna bring the change in the life's of women who wants to relive their aspirations? Will Gunjan and Rachna become the role models for the sisters who have left their relations in keeping up with their own family responsibilities? Will they bring back the sweet memories of sibling bond and love once more in forefront ? This is a story of love, everlasting friendship, the joys of sharing & caring, the fights and the make ups between sisters who may not be related by blood but form a connection that completes each other.

~*~coming soon~*~

Special thanks to --PiaSenGupta--

~||Story So Far||~
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  U p d a t e  S c h e d u l e

   Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday MahaEpis
 Written  ...hema23... SpunkyTigress SpunkyTigress pallavi25  happygirl123  happygirl123

 Video  Dhruvie  Dhruvie Dhruvie Dhruvie Dhruvie  Dhruvie


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SSLK OS Contest

SSLK OS Contest :)

...::DOTW: MayRu's future::...
~DOTW: FOTY's Impact~
DOTW: Lets sweeten it up.
D.O.T.W 22/04/13
|::|DOTW: Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage|::|
DOTW: What should Chhaya do? <||> | Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke"><||>DOTW: What should Chhaya do? <||>

GOTW **~~Chain reaction~~**
GOTW{~~***Time Travel***~~}
 GOTW city name antakshari
GOTW...brand name antakshari
||**~~GOTW : Serial Antakshri ~~**||
GOTW : This Or That
GOTW-Name Indian TV Show or Movie
GOTW-Count by skipping 5 & multiples of 5...
G.O.T.W Love, Like or Hate
Game Time name a name
GOTW||Matching Duo||

GOTW : How far can we go?
GOTW : Moive Name A-Z

GOTW - Girls and Boys name Antakshri
Counting in 100's
GOTW ABC order words

GOTW---Gift week

::Dreamer of the week::1

Dreamer of the Week:2

::Dreamer of the week::3

~::Dreamer of the Week:4::~

~::Dreamer of the week:5::~

::-Dreamer of the Week: 6 -::

*::Dreamer Of The Week::7::*

Dreamer of the Week:8

Dreamer of the Week:9

||~||Dreamer of the Week:10||~||

||~||Dreamer of the Week:11||~||

||~||Dreamer of the Week 12||~||

 .::Dreamer of the Week: 13::.

[||]Dreamer of the Week:14[||]

*{Dreamer of the Week:15}*

 |..::..|Dreamer of the Week: 16|..::..|


SSLK [ 1st Dreamer Of The Week ]

SSLK [ 2nd Dreamer Of The Week ]

SSLK [ 3rd Dreamer Of The Week ]
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Mayank&Gunjan AT#1.

||*~Mayan AT~*||~Its Complicated~||

||*~Mayan AT 2~*||~Tum Hi Ho~||

||*~Mayan AT 3~*||~Mr & Mrs Garg's Love Mansion~||

||*~Mayan AT 4~*||Mayan D **Rockstars**||

||*~Mayan AT 5~*||

||*~Mayan AT 6~*||

 ||*~Mayan AT 7~*||

||*~Mayan AT 8~*|| I will stand by u

||*~Mayan AT 9~*|| I will love u till the end of the earth

||*~Mayan AT 10~*||

||*~Mayan AT 11~*||

||*~Mayan AT 12~*||

||*~Mayan AT 13~*||

||*~Mayan AT 14~*||

||*~Mayan AT 15~*||

||*~Mayan AT 16~*||

||*~Mayan AT 17~*||

||*~Mayan AT 18~*||

||*~Mayan AT 19~*||

Mayan AT 20

||*~Mayan AT 21~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg's AT 22~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 23~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Grag AT 24~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 25~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 26~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 27~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 28~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 29~*||

 Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 30

 ||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 31~*||

Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 32

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 33~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 34~*||

~*Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 35*~

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 36~*||

 ||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 37~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 38~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 39~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 40~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 41~*||

 ||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 42~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 43~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 44~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 45~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 46~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 47~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 48~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 49~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 50~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 51~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 52~*||

 ||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 53~*|

Mayan AT 54

Mayan AT 55

Mayan AT 56

Mayan AT 57

Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 58

 Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 59

Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 60

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 61~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 62~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 63~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 64~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 65~*||

||*~Mr & Mrs Mayan Garg AT 66~*||

Rachna and Gunjan AT #1

RaBir AT #5 : Ae Kabira maan ja
RaBir AT#6:Abhi tak meine kuch harkat ki hi nahi
RaBir AT #7||Dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana||
RaBir AT #8|| Kuch to hai Tujhse raabta ||

 RaBir AT#9 AT awards nomination s Chk pg 1:)
RaBir AT#1.1 Dil Ding Dong Dong Bole AT Awards
RaBirAT#1.2 The RaBirian Anthem-Is kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai

RaBirAT#1.3WhiteGadi laya,Tujhe pick karu;Dekh lunga ashiq/teacher nu
RaBir AT #1.4 Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq.Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq
Rabir AT 1.5-Seene se ye dil gaya, tera jadoo chal gaya

RaBir AT #1.6 Mukhde pe rang lagaye,bada Rangeela Sawariya
RaBir At#1.7 Tu Hai mere haathon ki rekha

RaBir AT #1.8 I don't need a Parachute, Baby if I got you
RaBir AT #1.9 Get out-you hit me harder than a freight train
RaBir AT #2.0 Strongly ye jadoo tera mujhpe chal gaya

RaBir AT #2.1 Kuch to Hai tere Mere Darmiyaan
RaBir AT #2.2 Dekhun tujhe to Pyaar Aaye,Seene se Dil Chala Jaaye
RaBir AT#2.3 Ek mein aur ek tu hai , aur hawa mein jadoo hai
RaBir AT #2.4 Never thought you would be my distraction
RaBir AT #2.5 Din bhi gulabi hai; gulabi ye kehar

RaBir AT #2.6Kaccha Kaccha Nimbooda laido,ha Nimbu pani lai lai lai do
RaBir AT #2.7 The Trendsetters- Tujhko mirchi lagi to mein kya karron?
RaBir At #2.8 What goes around ,comes around
RaBir AT #2.9 Ishq me mit jaon,Ishq mein beh jaon
RaBir AT #3.1 Enter at your own risk, BLUSH land ahead
RaBir AT #3.2 The Nameless Saga
RaBir AT #3.3 Tujh Bin Sooraj mein Aag nahi re
RaBir AT #3.4 Locha-E-Ulfat ho gaya :p
RaBir AT #3.5-Chori katari Munda shikari;Rasme todtad k hungama karde
RaBir AT #3.6 Dil Hara re , Dil Hara Hara
RaBir AT #3.7 Kheeche mujhe koi dor teri ore
RaBiR At( + RaJna At )# 3.8 Kya se kya ho gya Tere Pyaar mein
RaBir (+RaJna) AT 3.9 # Deewana tere pyaar mein ghayal ho gya
Rabir AT(+rajna) 4.0#aap humare dill mein rahte hai
RaBir AT 4. 1#You are the world to me!
RaBir AT 4.2#tera dhayan kidhar hai,tera heroine idhaar hai
RaBir AT 4.3#Dillwale dulhaniya le jayenge <3 <3
RaBir AT 4.4# I would never let you go

||Chandrika Shah||Sonal AT ||Ladki Kamal ki ankhiyon se goli maare

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  A u t h o r

F a n F i c t i o n 

 vibz88  FF: Breathing Room Ch2 Pg4
 sweetmanu  GUNMAY FF:ISHQ WALA LOVE<3...
  swagakevin2  FF:Updated Pt 31 Pg 38 Rachna gets suspended  DESTINY'S CHILD 
 V2  Second Chances
 watsup  Hei...I know Love - ViNa FF
 Sapnepyardard  I Won't Let Go - ViNa FF
 angelinasingh  RaBir FF Chapter 2 UPDATED.
 braich_gal  FF: Kacchi Kaliyaan mat todo..
 MSN_Vanny  Joint FF:Second Chances
 FF - Together Forever
 #Life happens# FF - GunJeev Vihaan
New FF - Teri Meri Prem Kahani
Vina FF: Love Dobara!! Part 2 Updtd Treat Note pg4
RABIR FF: INTEZAAR updt part 2@ page 2
RaBir FF
LIFE. Character sketch updated Pg 2
RaBir ff : Love happens Again
RaBir FF: ~*Tum hi ho*~
 **Rabir FF: Live, Laugh, Love...**
RaBir ff Chapter-5 The kiss and face-off
**RaBir new ff**:I love you!!u r the love of life.
 ***RaBir new FF***:pyar-ishq-mohabbat!!!!
Rabir FF: Fall For You
*RaBir*~Wanna Kiss You & Wrap You~FF
 RaBir ff love happens again:
Rabir FF- I Am With You
Rabir ff-"Why Us"
New ff on Rabir
RaBir FF - Hennaed Hands
Mayan n Rabir ff [Play Date]


A u t h o r  

 O n e  S h o t  G a l l e r y 

 vibz88  OS : Mint(u) ki chutney 
 AsYa_fan  OS
  rupimon  My Rachna & Mystery guy meeting story!! 
  MSN_Vanny  Secret Meeting - A Rachna-Rajeev OS 
 SanayaLOVEsMJHT  OS Lights Camera Introduction 2 FUTURE LOVE Rachna 
 Starasdf  What We Feel - Sholon Si - GunJeev OS
 Starasdf  Look Me in the Eyes - GunJeev OS
 Starasdf  The Gunjan-Rachna Chronicles - Set of OS's
 angelinasingh  Rajna os : a new beginning...

Let Me Teach You How To Dance - A GunJeev OS
If Only- GunJeev OS (:
|| OS Marathon~ page 10||
>> Updated Part Two* | Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke">OS:Runaway Bride >>> Updated Part Two*
The Gunjan-Rachna Chronicles - Getting Vihaan OS 2
Gunjan's wedding prediction - OS
new vina's os:is this love or junoon?part 1updated
 ~*RaBir SS*~
Bheegi Bheegi Yaadei ; OS
RaBir OS : Seven minutes in heaven
~RaBir: Beginning of an Unknown Feeling SS
First Kiss - Rabir OS
The wedding Eve - Rabir OS
Valentine Day celebration Rabir OS :)
Ms.Garg's Birthday :OS
OS- Happy Holi
Utter Failure; OS on RaBir
 shimla os 18+ strictly :compiled rabirians
Shimla se lucknow: RaBir 18+ os
Rain blooms love :Rabir Os
|~|V2's Tainted Desires - A RaBir SS
RaBir OS- Best friends into Love
RaBir OS : Seven minutes in heaven
RaBir OS : Eighteen
RaBir OS-Rachna's Reply
RaBir OS-Spending time together
~~Rabir OS: Blissfully Happy...~~
Rajna OS
Rajna os : a new beginning...
rabir and rajeev OS
Rabir OS: Made for each other.
**Rabir SS: True Love... Chapter 5 @ pg 11**
RaBir SS - A Cast of Characters
Rabir Os : When Bittoo met Kt



  V i d d e r

V M  G a l l e r y 

  riva2987  Another Vm/teaser and suggestion plz!!!
  ariarai  Vihaan and Rachna new Vm Updated
 ariarai  Rachna and viahan VM 
 SanayaLOVEsMJHT  VM on Rachna n Gunjan 
 riva2987  Mayank-gunjan Vm
 riva2987  rajiv and rachna Vm 
 -Eris-  New VM || kabir || Piyush || Bringing Sexy back
 happygirl123  New Mayan VM's
 ariarai  ViNa vm & other jodis
 2nd Vm On Zohaib!!
ViNa Vm Trailer Story
VM ViNa tadap tadap; Badtameez dil
GunJeev VM
GunRa & ViNa VM s
RaBir VM : Humne tumko dil ye de diya
Mini Vm Rachna & Kabir
Vm jodis Ft rabir
Kabir||Piyush Sahdev VM || Jaan mein Dum
Valentine VM rabir
New RaBir VM: Its pouring rain
RaBir VM : Mein deewana Kabir s confession
RaBir VM :Aa tujh mein bitaun ratiyaan
RaBir VM --- Adha Ishq --- Band Baaja Baraat
New RaBir VM: Saari Night Besharmi ki Height
New Rabir Vm : Mein aur tum agar hum ho jaate
RaBir VM-Nazar se nazar mile
New RajNa VM Illa Illa
New Mayan VM's
my first vm on RaBir..
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