"MY FAMILY"...A lengthy story..

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Authors note

Am back with another story..For two days, I mulled over this seed of an idea..Writing and rewriting again, each time I was besieged with self doubt..How am I going to present this story.. Afterall it was from the point of view of a 4 year old..
But finally I managed to write this story.. It had become like my pet project, something close to my heart..
Hope you will all like the main character and appreciate and understand what I had wanted to convey..
So now on to the story...
MY   FAMILY  Big smile

"Cut and paste a picture of your family or draw images of your family" read the text of the school activity book. She listened to the teacher's instruction, while her eyes saw the outlined page of the book..

She contemplated for a minute and was quick to draw in that confined space..






My  papa is never with us and I haven't seen him at all, she thought while doing this activity..Soon the bell rang and she walked out of the class sedately.. Immune to other children's discussion about their families and exchanging of notes, she hardly waited for her friends to catch up with her..

She didn't know what to answer when they quizzed her about her father.. For a 4 year old it was indeed a very complicated query that was difficult to answer




Guddi ran out of the school as fast her her tiny legs could carry and boarded the school bus back home..Today she will pester her mom again about her dad and will make sure she gets proper answer, she decided with determination..




Priya reached home a much later.. The bundle of joy simply rushed out of the door, to hug her tighly as soon as it saw her mother..Smiling happily and holding her close, Priya felt all the tension and stress of the day, drain away.

A new vigor and energy seems to run through her blood now..Accepting a cup of ginger tea from her maid, she sat down to listen to her preschooler's activities of the day..




" Momma, today I was asked to draw or paste my family picture.. I just drew you and me..Where is papa, mommy? Why hasn't he come to see me at ll? How will he be like? Where does he live?" a barrage of questions in eager enthusiasm followed, making Priya sigh and at a loss for words..

Always she had managed to answer her in simple terms allaying her that one day her father will come to see them..But off late it was getting difficult to convince her..




Her mind drifted 5 years back in time..She was released from jail, but had met with an accident..Soon Ram too had an accident in which he had lost his memory..On her release from the hospital, she learnt that Ram's amnesiac state had changed the dynamics totally..

She also discovered to be pregnant with his child.. With none to alleviate her compounded problems she left for Australia with Krishuji and gave birth to Guddi..
Later she came to know that Ayesha had married Ram and was in the family way too..That shattered her badly..From Australia she relocated alone, to Dubai and stayed put there till six months back..




As Guddi started growing she found solace in more ways than one..

From an infant to a toddler to now a preschooler, she lived each day newly with her baby.. Priya discovered that her 4 year old was marvelous, wonderful, creative , brilliant and compassionate child...
She laughed often, smiled even more, acted silly, was sometimes goofy too, with tremendous imagination..She let her grow in her own pace, but taught her to behave well and be disciplined..Her love for her princess was unconditional; but at the same time her child knew what was within its rights and acted accordingly..




But one thing she couldn't do anything was Guddi's  persistent  curiosity about her father.."What was my father like? What is his favourite  food? What did he do for living? Etc etc," kept bombarding Priya, making her helpless to satiate her thirst for the knowledge of her father..

Ram was in her heart, even though there was not a single photo of him with her. That added to her woes of dealing with Guddi, on this issue..





A chance offer for the post of a professor in Mayo college, Ajmer, India, saw her shift base again in these 5 years..But to her dismay she discovered Guddi to be more adamant and demanding, of her father..How was she going to handle this pressure? Her own resolve and control of her life seems to slip through her fingers day by day..




Back to the present, she noticed much time had passed and Guddi had been fed dinner was already asleep, thanks to the maid..Caressing her face and blowing a kiss on her, Priya heard the faint snore from her precious.. Memories of another time and place flashed through her..

The dam broke and she cried, her body quivering, for her lost love..The damp pillows and sound sleeping Guddi were the silent sentinels, who seemingly offered comfort and relief..

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MY     FAMILY Big smile
He eyed the gold rimmed classy invitation for the Golden jubilee celebrations of the Alumini assn of Mayo College...With slight indifference, he fiddled with it, while his mind wandered elsewhere..
His eyes ultimately fell on Priya's framed photograph..


Her arrest and subsequent release; he clearly remembered..But a freak accident robbed him of his memory.. By the time he regained it back, many things, that were beyond his control had happened..


Sid was proved guilty but he has escaped the law and police, never to be seen again.. Priya was proved innocent but she was nowhere to be seen or traced..


His stepmom and mama still cared for him, but only in namesake..Rishabh and Vikram had helped him clean up the mess; professionally..Dadi went back to Amritsar, wowing to return only if Priya came back..He had left everything, almost all of his business and the houses to his stepfamily and moved to a small yet comfortable house..


But what made him bitter and cynic was the forced marriage between him and Ayesha…For the sake of family honour and for Sid's child, he had to give into to his mom's schemes..During his amnesiac state he had signed numerous papers, one of which was his own divorce papers.. It had proved advantage to his step mom..


Inspite of himself, looked forward for the unborn child, as deep inside he wanted to be a father…His marriage to Ayesha was in namesake but the baby will definitely be his and will carry his name..


But fate had other plans..Ayesha died in the childbirth and the newborn too didn't survive its premature birth..Feeling disappointed he channeled all his energy and money to work for projects and the charities that were close to Priya's heart..The blind school, the orphanage, the cancer rehabilitation centres and other charities kept him occupied full time now..


 Mayo college held fond memories for him and he didn't want to miss this reunion..



Landing in Ajmer, he freshened himself and headed for the nearest bakery to order a huge box of assorted cakes, for the morrow..It was for distribution at the orphanage, he patronized..


He saw her at the shop, when both zeroed in the blackforest cake..
Something about her looked familiar. Her chubby cheeks and cherubic face and the plump figure, tugged his heart's strings..


"Hello" he said "You want some more cakes?" he asked her..
Eyeing his plateof goodies, she felt tempted.. "No thanks" she said in quite a grown up way..


"Oh! Go on, help me finish some of these.. It is okay to share mine" he assured her with a twinkle in his eyes.. Seeing her torn between, hesitation and wanting more, he simply decided for her, by feeding her a huge piece...


Happy to see her give in to indulgence, he remarked conversationally   "Nice dress", while both started devouring on a piece or two..
That broke the ice and within few minutes he learnt that she had recently shifted here and her name was Guddi and she had no father, yet..
The topic veered away to other important things that were a daily challenge for a 4 year old..There was an easy friendship and bonding that went way beyond a mere acquaintance..The minutes dissolved into an hour and the child suddenly realized it was late..
Her ayah who had been shopping nearby came to pick her up.. Soon she went her way and Ram's mind was filled by her.. She seemed to be etched in his memory and heart forever, something he had never experienced in recent times..


The day after, saw the reunion..Speeches, films about Mayo's history, presentations, awards and more speeches followed..Ram sat through the ceremony with attached detachment..
His mind was preoccupied by Guddi, while his body went through the motions... The gathering broke away post lunch, to reassemble for a dinner party in the evening..Ram excused himself and rushed out for his appointment at the orphanage..With the boxes of cakes he headed for the orphange..


The jeep carrying Priya, exited the building, for the weekly purchase of the provisions: a job entrusted upon her.
She saw a black car with tinted windows making its way inside.. Probably some visitor, she thought..


The car carrying Ram slowly entered the orphanage halting in front of the reception area.. He saw the jeep going out..Probably on an errand, he thought..


As soon as he alighted, he saw Guddi again..A pleasant surprise and welcome relief for his tired eyes..


"Hi there..Good to see you again.. You are here all alone?" he enquired..


"Ji haan main apni mummy ke saath aayi hun.. I come here every week to play with my friends here.. Momma spends time at the office and I at the grounds." she said cheerfully, all the while eyeing at him with open curiosity..
Ram got the hint and asked his driver to get something for him..


Soon, the man was back with a brand new Barbie doll, which lit up Guddi's eyes immediately..
"Thanks you" she said to Ram." I will show it to mummy when she is back. You will be here till then?" she asked eagerly..


Meanwhile Ram was taken away for a tour of the campus, by the director..With Guddi in tow, he surveyed everything, distributed those cakes, was glad and happy to see his contributions utilized in an efficient manner.
The time passed..All along Guddi was chatting with him and keeping him company..


"Sweet child and very lovable" he remarked to the director.." 
"Oh yes. She is the daughter of patron, who does voluntary work..Very kind of her" he said in agreement..


"Actually she has shifted base here only recently, but was highly recommended by our previous director for her various contributions for such charities"..
He started to say a few words about her, but was interrupted by a phone call..
Ram eyed Guddi with an amused interest, as she played with the doll and started acting like its mother..


Vikram's call diverted him and excusing himself he went out.. Soon he was engrossed in business talk..


Guddi was now off to show the doll to her mom, who had now returned and was busy supervising in the storeroom..
Priya came hurriedly out with Guddi, to see who had gifted her the doll..Finding no one in the room, she assumed that someone from the office would have given it to her, just to humor her..


She then left child under the care of the warden and headed home.. This was the usual weekly routine.. She came along with Guddi, did some work at the orphanage and left her there to play with the inmates, mostly children.. Later the one of the caretakers would drop her back home..


Before leaving, Priya had made sure her precious would return the doll…Absently nodding her head Guddi agreed, reluctantly..


The little one knew that the man who gifted this doll to her was her special friend now.. For some inexplicable reason, she felt at home in his presence and wanted him to never leave her..
She liked this man very much.. He was just like her, big, round and smiled a lot at her..
She had already decided to take him home and show him to his momma..
Her father must be just like him, she thought, purposefully..


Ram had finished his work and was satisfied very much..In a way he was repaying for all kindness Priya has shown in his life.. Stifling a yawn, he wasn't keen to attend the alumini party. But he had no choice..


He saw Guddi again, this time waiting for someone from the orphanage to escort her home..


"Hello again" he said, sitting next to her on the steps of the building..


"Not going home?  Where is your mom?" he asked, checking his watch..


"Oh she has left already. Soon after Bhatia uncle finishes his work ,he will take me home" she said, while her hands were busy playing with Barbie doll..


Her boundless energy, talkative and curious nature, all endeared her to him.
She was eager to show him many things, looked bossy sometimes and mature another minute acting like his mom..
Her demeanor and bearings reminded him so much of Priya..Brushing aside his wistful longing, he got up waved a hurried goodbye to her got into the car..


Guddi saw him leave, abruptly..


She wanted to take him home and show him off to her mom; "This is how I want my dad to be"


She felt that he was sad but was afraid to ask him about it..So she waved a tentative goodbye and turned aside, her eyes moist..
She was angry at him now for leaving her like this..
"Am not going to speak to him" she decided positively..


The car slowly cruised out.. Ram looked behind and saw her forlorn look. His heart skipped a beat.. He turned his head back and leaned forward..  


The trail of dust left behind by the car painted a smoky picture..
Two hearts ached..

Each wanting to be in the company of the other..

Each wanting the other to make the first move..



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Contd, scroll down~~~~~~~~~~~

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MY   FAMILY Big smile
The car screeched to a halt and reversed.. It came to a halt beside guddi.. The smile on her face broke into a big grin and the joy seemed to dissolve into happiness..


"Hooray!" she thought, climbing down the steps two at a time.."Uncle you came back!" she shouted happily…..


The little wonder cannoned into him,hugging him and almost pegging him down..At a loss for words, all Ram could do was lift her up, swing her in circles and hug her tightly..A lump formed in his throat that was hard to swallow..


What is with this girl that touched his deepest emotional?.. What is with this little one that soothed his tortured soul?..


A little later, armed with the address of Mrs. Kapoor, he took Guddi along with him to drop her off at her home. 


Her unbridled happiness was infectious and he was soon finding himself answer her silliest requests and questions. Promising and assuring impossible things.. Deeper and deeper he was drawn into her life..




The house was small nestled snuggly among some tall shady tress. A little patch of a graden was radiant and bright with all kinds of flowers in various hues..It was like a picture perfect, quintessential cottage..


Dragged by Guddi and almost running, he rang the doorbell..


The door opened slowly..



He saw the legs first.. The typical high heeled slippers strongly balancing the weight of the wearer..


The pale off white saree,sequined with gold and silver zari, hugging the slender and slim figure, presenting  a  gorgeous woman..


He looked up further..



She saw the shiny and neatly polished shoes..


The suit in black with a stripped red tie, indicative of a man well dressed and suave..


She looked up further..



His face was transfixed..Her face, in disbelief..


Two pairs of eyes held on to each other.. One questioning and the other answering..


Two pairs of hands tried to grope for support.. One   holding on to the doorframe, the other holding on to the little girl..



Two faces filled with emotions of all kinds.. One in anguish and the other in happiness..



Two hearts spoke with each other.. One crying and asking for forgiveness; The other wiping away the tears and offering solace..



Guddi's eyes darted from her mom to this man.. This side to that side..


Something seemed to make sense, many things didn't make sense at all..For a moment she thought her mom was angry with her.. Or, she thought this man had done some mistake.. But confusion reigned on her face and mind..


But her heart seemed to assure her that this scene was just right.. Was he her father??Has he finally come here to  take them away with him?


The complete silence, punctured by heavy breathing and sighs bothered her very much..She tried to speak determined to introduce this man and make him stay with the forever..


"Maa.." she said.


"Guddi.." they both said in unison..


"He is your father" said Priya,


"You are my child!!My precious." said Ram..


"You are my family" said Guddi..



A month later

New place, new home and new school..

"Draw or paste a picture of your family" read the text of the book.
The teacher indulgently watched girl draw and fill the space with an image of her mom, dad and herself..


"This is my Family" thought Guddi proudly..
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~My Family complete~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
PS: Thanks for reading this story.. Comments, like button pressings are most welcome..On a personal note, I consider this writing as the best one so far of all my creations..
Thanks for your precious time..Big smile
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finally got time to read 1st n starting 2nd one. So my comment is based on 1st.
Want to start wid pic- superb selection. pic itself describes content of story.. Abt story- its just beyond my imagination. Superb concept, content n writing.. Edited by D4BALH - 2012-06-12T08:25:35Z
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Awesome story didiClap...hats off...kalakkiteenga...solrathukku varthaiye illai...really superbThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up...the name 'Guddi' was too cuteEmbarrassed...just loved every bit of itEmbarrassed...the point when Ram comes along with Guddi to her house and the way you described the expressions  of both of Ram and Priya  were just out of this worldStar...thanks for such a wonderful storyBig smileEmbarrassedSmile...hats off to your writing...ungal ezhuthu thiran munnal thalai vanangugiren... Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-06-11T22:58:19Z
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Originally posted by TVserialfreak

Awesome story didiClap...hats off...kalakkiteenga...solrathukku varthaiye illai...really superbThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up...the name 'Guddi' was too cuteEmbarrassed...just loved every bit of itEmbarrassed...the point when Ram comes along with Guddi to her house and the way you described the expressions  of both of Ram and Priya  were just out of this worldStar...thanks for such a wonderful storyBig smileEmbarrassedSmile...hats off to your writing...ungal ezhuthu thiran munnal thalai vanangugiren...
 ThanksEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedBig smile
Ayo ore pughazharaama sutaraiye!!!!!!!.. Enna thaanga mudiyala paWinkLOLTongue..You too are a rockstar, thambhi..ClapStar
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Posted: 2012-06-11T23:12:30Z
Amazing story, its just wowww...out of this world . U just make my day ,thanks for lovely story.
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Posted: 2012-06-11T23:12:34Z
Awww maris such a lovely attempt ,your thoughts has to put up how a 4 year old chils thinks and its just fab dear ,each and every line so keen and clear manner,too good to read ,and the guddi is very clever like RAYA,and the pictures of family i mean each post you updated a pic of family ,that was so touching and it's not at all lenghthy ,i felt like oh it finishd soo soon,thank you very much for this..loved it to the core..

I consider this writing as the best one so far of all my creations..

i too consider this is your best dear ...keep rocking by the way what's u r name Wink
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