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All queries related to CID episodes or CID Forum can be posted here. This is to avoid opening new threads for one-line questions.


Members who know the answers please answer queries ONLY when posted here to discourage others from opening new threads. This is our forum and let's keep it clean minimize repetitions and cluttering.


Please take a read of "CID FORUM RULES AND NEW MEMBERS INTRO" and "Attention New/Old Members!!" to understand the working of this forum. Please do NOT consider these as restrictions. These are suggestions. We try to keep this place as organized as possible, this reduces workload on Mods/Admins too. Let's be a little responsible to a place which gives us so much joy. We have some interesting discussions here. You have a wide audience who is willing to hear from you. So don't be silent, please join in.

Links to old threads:
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Posted: 8 years ago
Need CID Cases related help like titles, air dates, previews, etc
For Forum related or other Non-CID Episode related question, ask here
Need old Cases, place a request here
Visiting the forum for the first time, tell us about yourself here
Found online links to cases, DON'T create new threads, add them here
Found a CID Related Article, DON'T create new threads, add them here
Wish to see the cases aired so far, take a look at the case Lists
Unable to find the thread for upcoming case, look here
Liked a picture in CID Picture Gallery III - NO COMMENTS  do not post comments there, post them here
Wish to discuss about any lady past or currently part of CID Team, post here
The Old "ASK ME" thread/s had some lovely questions and answers, take a read
Need CID SB Cases, here is the link to go.
Will Keep adding more, if you would like me to add anything please PM me.
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If you got your answer JUST HIT THE LIKE BUTTON and avoid "Thank You" posts.

The use of the QUOTE Button

A lot of members are habitual of quoting long long post then writing a small "I agree" or "thanks" below it. This is another way we duplicate stuff and cluttering the forum. We need to better utilize the QUOTE facility. If you like someone's post use the LIKE BUTTON. Quote only when necessary. Sometimes there will be small portions a member's message we would like to respond to. Quote only the relevant parts. If one wants to reply to another member or agree with everything the member has written "@username : message" would be a better way to go ahead.

Let's cut down the duplication and be more organized, if we don't clutter our threads they will be easier to read.


Some members are habitual of writing in ALL CAPS or in RED COLOR or in BIG FONT SIZE. Members need to realize that ALL CAPS on the internet is considered as shouting. Red colored font is used to indicate warnings, mainly by Mods or Admins. Posts in red are major turn off and discourage many members from reading your views. Big Size fonts are used to indicate something special or important.

We understand that a lot of members feel that if they write in Huge Font, or Bright Red Color or in ALL CAPS they will get attention. That is not necessarily true. These very things can drive people away from reading you views. Multi-Colored posts hurt the eye. I personally avoid them because my eyes start to water. Let's stick to Normal Size, Black Font-Color with Sentence Casing for regular conversations and have a wider audience reading your views.

Encourage Use of ASK ME

We see members creating new threads for small queries, cluttering the forum. This can only be curbed if regular members or those who know the answer stop answering in these newly created threads. Even if you know the answer kindly just refer them to this ASK ME thread.

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Posted: 8 years ago
New query thread..congratulations..
nw i have to repeat my question..

can anyone tell me about that episode in which fredysir,sachin and kajal were scolded by acp sir? I didn't watched it bt my mom told me that sachin said "me acp sir se darta nahi.."
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Posted: 8 years ago
[quote=ChotiChef]Guys u all must be knowing tht Siddharth Shukla aka Shiv was in CID show...But i don't remember the name of the episode...can anyone plss tell me the name of the episode...?????plsss...[/quote] may be it was "Pagla Aashiq" of 5th august 2011
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Posted: 8 years ago
can someone please tell me from which episodes are these pics from-

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Posted: 8 years ago
The last 3 are specially shot for the 12 years promo...
The first one is from an episode...I am unable to recollect it...I have watched it...they are looking for a laundry's it buried hand or something like that?
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Posted: 8 years ago
The first caps is from Case of Orphaned Child...
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