THE MARRIAGE-- A short story..Compltd

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Again my brain seems to work overtime these past 2 days.. Here is an OS for you all to comment and criticise and praise if maybe..Thanks for your patient reading.. 



The mandap was decorated in resplendent manner.. Flowers of various hues and sizes adorned the walls and the stage..The air was filled with warmth and heady fragrance of a mix of flowers and the perfumes of all kinds..


The shehnai music vaadhan along with traditional  music of instrumental ensemble, seemed to waft through the air adding a splendid touch to the atmosphere..


The invitees, some seated and some standing were all eyes and ears, wanting to miss none of the action..The air seemed to be impregnated with eager anticipation of the event about to happen..


Ram was dressed in an attractive sherwani and was seated on the low stool infront of the havan..

His face calm and serene, betraying none of the turmoil inside..

He was waiting for his bride to join him and the function to get over quickly..


Niharika and Mamaji seemed to burst out with their happiness and their  schemes coming true..Their faces glee with satisfaction..


Natasha and Karthik stood mute spectators, their faces impassive..Ishika was just a wallflower..


Dadi was slumped on the seattee placed at one corner hardly bothering about the rituals and actions going on the stage..

  Ram's mind drifted back in time..

 It seemed that the accident he had met with, completely blanked out 2 years of his life..He remembered all that happened before..But these 2 years was simply erased out of his brain..

 When he woke up from a deep sleep, he saw his mom and mama and dadi in the hospital.. It ached and pained all over. But his mind seemed numb and blank..

Niharika assured him nothing had happened and that he was safe and sound.. It was just another road accident and he was lucky to have escaped unscathed..

Try as might, he couldnt recollect how this accident happened and why did he drive the car in such a rash and fast manner..It seemed everything was white and not even a faint scar was seen, when he excercised his grey matter.. 

 The physical wound healed well and fast and he was back home quickly.. His room seemed familiar with the usual purple colored walls and the typical art deco furnitures along with the usual personal possessions.. It was perfect and nothing was out of ordinary..


Initially he wanted all to brief him of the happenings. But Niharika would have none of it..Slowly he found Dadi,Rishabh and Nutz distancing themselves from him.. Often it was Ishika or his  mom and mama keeping him company..
 In a month's time he found himself signing quite a lot papers, officially and personally. When questioned about it, the answers given to him didnt seem convincing.. But when he tried to probe further, he seemed to hit a wall and blankness; literally and figuritively. The wall in the form of his mom and the blankness in the form of his mind..

He gave up this fight as it stressed him very much..He was simply told that ,Sid and Rishabh were looking after all the businesses and that he needed rest, although he never saw Sid at all..
A few weeks later his mom broached on the topic of marriage.. Although he was against it,she seemed to convince him well. His present state of mind and affairs suggested a marriage will be a good idea.. Reluctantly he gave in to her..
 To add insult to injury, Vikram seems to have deserted him completely..He and Neha seemed to have left him for good; permanantly.. 
So with no one to confide to or ask advice he simply went along with his mom, trusting her completely..
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THE   MARRIAGE--Part 2. contd

He saw her, the woman he was supposed to marry..

 Ayesha was her name..

A young woman slightly heavy set, with an air of indifference about her..


Her eyes seemed dull and life less and she hardly spoke a word to him. Her impression was one of forced agreement..Always his mom was with her and he could hardly get a word in private..It seemed her parents were somewhere and weren't keen on attending this function..

No amount of proding or cajoling yieled  anything more  about her background... He felt  insular with everything shut out and secreted from him.




Giving in to exasperation he resigned himself to marry this mystery woman..Well,he had to settle someday; let it be now, he thought..



The sharp ringing of the bell rudely awoke his reverie to the present..He gathered his wits and looked forward for the wedding.. 




Niharika was smiling. Her smile belying  the hatred and cunningness inside..

Ram's accident was Godsend.. In one stroke, she had created a masterpiece..
She remembered  that fateful day.Priya took the blame and was arrested for all those deaths due to the spurious drugs manufactured'
Good riddance she had thought!. But the idiot Ram soon found that Sid was the cause of all misery and in setting  things right had driven rashly to get his Priya freed and acquitted..
Then the accident happened and Ram's amnesia was a blessing in disguise..


She had thrown out all Priya's belongings and wiped away even the slightest trace of her  presence from the Kapoor mansion..With Sid absconding, she took an Iron hand bringing everyone under her control.

Her tight leash and blackmail ,sometimes even physical torture made Dadi, Rishabh, Nutz and her husband  tow her line..
Priya's parents had shifted base to Indore and were constantly monitored and prevented from contacting Ram..
 Her only solace and support was Ishika and her brother..
The obedient  servants simply  followed her orders..





Ayesha was tough to handle..

But she was in such a mess and had no choice but to take up her offer.. Sid's child will be born as Ram's child and will be the heir apparent of Kapoor industries..

Niharika's prestige, money and the Kapoor name was all safeguarded and will never be tarnished again..



Priya was the sole exception..She was freed after an iron clad contract that she will divorce Ram and will never see him again.. A small ransom was paid to shut tight the mouths of law, police, media and the families of the victims concerned..Priya was given an alimony and sent off with KK..Both were now out of Ram's life forever. 


The pandit's incessant chants of the mantras brought her back to the present..Soon Ayesha will wed Ram and Priya will  become a history..





Ram sat, doing the pooja with an anticipation and piety..

His body seemed at peace; his face serene.
But his mind was restless. He couldn't fathom what was wrong, but something deep inside troubled him..
Everything seemed familiar yet everything was new,..An hazy and nebulously vague picture of undergoing all these rights and rituals previously flashed in his inner mind..Try as he mnight he couldn't put his finger on it..




'Kanya ko bhulayiye" said the pandit..


Niharika nodded towards Ishika..


The milling crowd of the invitees and guests looked forward for the bride to make her entry.. After all  they  knew that Ram's second marriage  was something not to be missed..



The laughter and the gaiety associated with marriage was missing here, but that was never a concern..All that mattered was Ram marrying Ayesha..




Ram sat like the Buddha..

He will see his bride in close quarters, for the first time... Will look for some sign or something else  to give him the clue about this sudden and rushed decision of hers..
His heart was beating faster in tandem with the drums drowning any unwanted(asubh) sounds that will be rendered.It didn't sound right to him..But he felt helpless and bounded by the promise given to his mom..




Lost in thoughts he didn't notice the perceptible change in the atmosphere..The murmers and whispers  among the crowd suddenly turned loud and clear..


"Look ! Oh look there!" someone shouted..

Fingers were pointed at the front door of the hall. All eyes automatically turned towards it..


The sudden commotion died out. Instead there was a stunned silence..The air was heavy and the crowd seemed wait with bated breath at the sight before them..


Unbelievable eyes didn't want to miss or leave out anything.. Strained neck tried to catch each and every movement'



Niharika and mama were rooted to the spot and speechless..Dadi couldn't believe her eyes.. Nutz and karthik were shocked..




Ram slowly looked up..His eyes slightly moist from the havan's smoke and fumes, couldn't make out the hazy scene in front him..

Wiping away the tears and clearing his vision, he was totally caught offguard..

His heart seemed to beat in a normal manner.. His mind at peace and the soul less tortured.. A sudden wave of tranquility and immense satisfaction coursed through his body.. He almost swooned in that relaxed calm state..Tears of joy seemed to flow uncontrollably over his face..


Images of something stronger flashed across his blank mind.. Soon everything will clear and the realization of all that happened will hit him..
The brain started working overtime to kick out the amnesiac state it was in..Memory loss was slowly getting lost.. Ram was at a loss for words.. The sight before him was the harbinger of good tidings and good times ahead..




Getting up to his feet, he almost stumbled. Balancing himself, he gingerly got down from the stage..Striding purposefully forward, he beckoned at the sight in front of him..Nodding his head he opened his arms in welcome..



In walked Ayesha and Rishabh in all splendor and richness of  a newly married couple..


The marriage happened!!!!!.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End , for a new beginning!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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me first!! Big smile..will post after reading it! Embarrassed


Wonderful OS Maris!! Star Clap...but seems it is incomplete!! if its so then pls complete it soon Embarrassed..who is the bride! will post again when u will post the full OS! i loved this Embarrassed
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Superb post didiClapClapClapClapClap ...really touchingCryCryCry...hope nothing of that sort happens to Ram..continue to rock with these superb unique posts...Thumbs UpThumbs Up
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plz continue...

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Day Dreaming
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rocking startClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
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