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Posted: 9 years ago


Uhm.. I made it.. Not the best but still something.. Better than what I had for first one.. which was NOTHING LOL

  Finally on #2!! Let's go with Introduction first.. 

My name's Khushi and make siggies for over a year now.. Feel free to call me anything. I won't mind. As long as you DON"T CALL ME KHUSH. All my friends know not to call me that. Don't call me KKG or KKGSR or anything that relates to Khushi from IPKKND. I hate when people compare. Stopped in between but picking up the pace again Big smile I don't really have a favorite... Like I do but I tend on not making it obvious LOL Though my closest friends on IF know... I do not judge anyone and will make on anyone.. As long as the scene is not too intimidating. Then it gets hard for me to sig on. Had experience so not gonna do it anymore. 

Thank you so much friends for constantly supporting me over my very delayed updates at times LOL Without your feedback, I would not be on 2nd shop Hug 

I do not believe in crediting Inspirers for only one reason... There are sometimes so many that if I forget any, some might feel bad.. So I will leave it blank.. As I'm sure the people who inspire me to keep working and improving know the role they are playing Embarrassed 

Now...! Started out alone but my friend, Soumi, is going to join me from now on. Awesome no? So her intro... 

Name is Soumi! I love everything so will update on whatever is new and in my head

Dream Studio 

Yes.. I have changed the title of the shop so that it matches both of us :D The reason we chose this is our birthstones Embarrassed With our copyright, you'll see whose birthstone is what . 


Non - Animated Icons
Non - Animated Avis
Non-Animated Siggies
Animated Texts
Animated Avis
Animated Siggies


Mines will be: 
DC (for icons+Avis)

Soumi's will be:
PC (for icons+Avis)

For Rules/Pm Process/Index/Credits- Keep on scrolling Big smile
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Posted: 9 years ago


1. Request ONLY when shop status is OPEN!! So far, I (Khushi) have gotten many requests when closed and over pmz. I did do them but From now on, If we receive any such, we will not bother telling you. We will just ignore. The shop is there for a purpose. Please make use of it. 
2. Pm Requests will only be accepted when  something surprise for anyone.
3. If you request, then use it for a day or more. We do take our time in making them.
4. Usually, I (Khushi) take only about 10 requests at a time. So before requesting, check the list and see space is open. Wouldn't want your effort of finding pix go to waste if all slots of occupied.
5. I hardly say no to anyone, so please follow the rules.
6. I don't accept kiss scenes because I feel weird working on them.
7. Please specify if u want it in any particular style.
8. Only 1 request per person. Icons and Avis to go with it will be allowed.
9. If u r reserving, then edit it asap.

 For Siggies   

1. Please provide High Quality Pics only.
2.  Text needed on the Siggie - Please don't give a Poem and don't leave it on us.
3. Any number of pics from 1-12. I love blending more.
4. Any specific style or coloring u want.
5. Mention: If you want your name on the siggie or not.
6. Give us some time to complete them. We are school going bachas Tongue
7. If you want matching Icons with the Siggie or not.

 For Video Siggies   
Same as Siggies. Just follow Avi Rules as well. 

  For Avis   

1. Please provide Youtube Links only.
2. Timing - You want in Avi.
3. Timing must be under 20 secs.
4. Prefer HQ Video.
5. Do you want them Stacked and which way - Vertically, Horizontally or Both.
6. If you want your Name on Avi's or not.
7. Small Avi's or Big Avi's or Both.

We will mostly be google-ing our textures, fonts, and brushes or use Deviant-art. So credits to respective makers. At times, if a friend helps out with text or so, I'll be mentioned. If any of our update was inspired as a result of seeing someone else's work, credit will be given and permission from inspired person will be taken. 
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Posted: 9 years ago

Yes... Examples for me as I just updated twice today.. LOL Didn't get time to make anything new after that. Posted all that I made Tongue Here are the one's that other's liked the most and frankly, I do too... 

Editing.. I need to go pick out like top 5 or top 10 Stern Smile

Here we goo... 

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Posted: 9 years ago

Hey Guys! Here is the update!!




^ blehh!! im sorry this must be painful to look atCry



^ i dont know what went wrong but loads of things did!

Teri Meri Kahani







Ladies VS Ricky Behl




And thats it for now! Thanks for viewing!! <3 

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Posted: 9 years ago

*Will add links and mention what is on each update as the updates come*

We will most likely be updating together. Still, keeping different index's incase there is a time when we don't update together. 

Examples + Soumi's Update- Page 1!

Requests- Page 22

Special update- Page 48

Requests + Quotes + KriyAnsh + SwaRon + ArHi Page 32

YuvReen Avis Update- Page 59

KD-Kiya + Shakti Mohan + Shiv-Parvati-Sati Page 67

TBP + KeDi + RaHi + KiSha + FaBha + PiBbo + Ramayan + Ganesha + DKDM + Shakti Mohan + KriYansh + SwaRon + KSG + RoAan + Selena + Taylor + RisaBala + RaghaVi + Quotes + Parvarish + Mix + Requests - Page 89

Arjun-Aarohi/KriYansh/SwaRon/KaSh/RishaBala + Requests - Page 95

For pmz, Please send this account a buddy request. makes both of our work easy when there's a common ID. Also, other buddies on our individual accounts will not be bothers by constant unwanted update pms. 
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Posted: 9 years ago
Originally posted by idreamaboutyou

 c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s
k h u s h i


aww, my love you finally reached your second shop, so happy for you <33 to be honest i hope you open a billion more !  you are a very hard worker because your work always comes out pretty <3 i adore your coloring's and avis the most (:  i'm so glad that we became such good friends ! it's really nice knowing you and scrapping you all the time (: ok now enough of that and on to the update. the layouts are so pretty (: and your lucky that your birthstone is diamond, i really wanted the mine is so ugly. the banner is just so pretty, loved the coloring and text amazing work (: haha, this just cracked my up, it made my day, so funny and that's why i love you :

Originally posted by ..first.rain..

 As long as you DON"T CALL ME KHUSH. All my friends know not to call me that. Don't call me KKG or KKGSR or anything that relates to Khushi from IPKKND. I hate when people compare. 

 now enough of my mindless talking and lets go on to your work samples: 

http://i.imgur.com/6yJVy.gif -This sig is just so pretty, the coloring is my favorite, and style also (:

http://i.imgur.com/jVxf7.jpg -This is just gorgeousness, stunning (: 

http://i.imgur.com/lqcAY.jpg -I love the little sparkles on it and pretty coloring. 

http://i.imgur.com/eK760.jpg - I adore your quote sigs its so beautiful.

http://i.imgur.com/0gOpx.jpg -This sig is the one I love the most, the coloring is stunning and everything amazing. 

http://i.imgur.com/AbKFK.jpg -I loved the style and text, beautiful. 

http://i.minus.com/ibw7YmG3t7y7yT.gif -I love this style it's so pretty and coloring is gorgeous. 

http://i.imgur.com/LHfMY.jpg - Amazing work on this one loved it. 


your work is just perfect in every way and remember that. if you just bad things about it then you'll get a jhooti from me. rofl (; 

khushi i love your avis and sig, especially the coloring their gorgeousness. <3 now i hope you open many many more shops ! btw; the shop name is awesome. (:

once again congrats (: this is just so colorful, right? oh and kitna big hai? rofl (; aww i feel so special that i'm going to have the first post, wohoo ! thanks for that (: 

jaldi update kar. (;

bye now. 

l o v e ,m o n a3


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Posted: 9 years ago
now i have thug le stuck in my head.
thank you.
Edited by malluangel - 9 years ago

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