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Posted: 2005-04-28T09:30:43Z

Hey guys, how yall doing? i had written this fan fiction a while back for my group Garv_Kumud_4eva at yahoo groups. Even though there aren't many Garv and Kumud Pair fans, I decided to post this anyways. I know this is a big a** email and its gonna take yall forever to read it.  But I hope you like it. Alright buddies. GOtta go. Please comment. Okay Bye.

LOVE U ALLBig smile

T: Trishul


Kk: kkusum


This is the scene where Garv unaware of the wedding between Kumud and Kshitij. Therefore, he goes ahead to find evidence against Trishul. Trishul calls Garv and taunts him.

Garv sees trishul's name on his caller id thingi on the cell.

He answers the call.

G: Trishul your dead. Mujhe tumhare against saare sabot mil gaye. Tumhara yeh khel khatam chukka hain.

T: "Mr. Garv, tum mera kuch nahin bigad sakte, kyunki tum ab apna pyaar kho doge aur apni zindagi bhi, kyunki jis ladki se tum pyaar karte ho na, woh kissi aur se shaadi karne jaa rahi, she is marrying someone else.". (Laughs). "Kabhie Kabhie mere dil mein khayal aata hain, jaise tujhko banaya gaya mere haathon mar n eke liye" (Laughs again).

Garv is shocked , so he just hangs up because he wants to stop the wedding. He looks behind him and finds some punks that Trishul had send to kill Garv. Those thugs have hammers, chains, etc. in their hands. Apna Garv doesn't panic or get scared instead tries to fight them back. They are 5 and he is all alone. They attack apna Garv, and they hit him hard, he is bleeding, but apna Garv, being the determined, tough guy that he is, whoops their asses and manages to reach the wedding.

Garv is injured and bleeding all over, but the pain that he feels right now is nothing compared to the pain he feels after he looks at Kumud with the mangalsutra around her neck. The guests have already left.

The whole Kapoor khandan and Oberoi khandaan are shocked to see apna Garv in such a terrible condition. Apna Garv is still standing there with his cold eyes filled with tears staring at Kumud. He is bleeding all over.

Trishul and Vidhi are upstairs they are scared. They hink that apni to phat gayi. We are doomed.

Kumud is crying after she sees her love, Garv like that. St. Kkusum comes forward to help Garv. But now Garv is cold to everyone. He is angry at all of them for what they did to him. But being the nice guy that he is he doesn't show it to them.

Kk: " Garv beta yeh sab kaise ho gaya? Kissne kiya yeh sab?

(she yells) Koi ambulance ko bulao!!

G: "Nahin mom, mein apna khayal khhud rakh sakta hoon, you guys please carry on with your celebrations"

Kk: " Kaise baatein kar rahe ho? Tum mere bete jaise ho!"

Garv completely ignores the comment, and comes straight to the point.

He yells.

G: Trishul!!! Trishul kahan chuppe ho! Come on down you_________!"

You go ahead fill in the blank.

Kk: "Garv beta Trishul ne kya kiya"

Garv plays the tape which has evidence against him and Vidhi. It proved to everybody that they both conspired together to destroy the kapoor Khandan and killed Sohan and trying to kill abhay.

Everybody is shocked. Vidhi and Trish, run away before the tape is played.

G: "Meine aap logon se kaha tha na ke ye aadmi sahi nahin. I warned you all, but as usual none of you guys believed me"

He is still bleeding, blood is everywhere, just like Shahrukh in Pardes, but in a worse condition. His eyes are red, with tears trying to flow.

G: "Vidhi ne Trishul kaa saath diya aur aaj meri bhi zindagi barbaad kar di"

Garv looks at Kumud and is about to fall down because he is not able to stand. Lali chachu comes forward and holds him up.

Kkusum can't believe that Trish turned out to be such an evil man.

L: "Thank you Garv beta, tumne aaj mere Sohan ke katil ka pata karke mujh par bahut bada ehsaan kiya hain. Apne jaan ko khatra dekar, tumne aaj mujhse ehsaas dil laya hain ke mera ek aur beta hain. Thank u beta.

Lali chachu cries.

G: "Nahin uncle, yeh to mera farz tha"

Garv is out of breathe so he stops talking to Lali chachu. He is like seriously injured.

Kumud is still crying, she wants to run and hug him, take him into her arms and comfort him, but she can't because the whole family is there, and her husband Kshitij too.

Garv takes hold of himself and manages to walk up to Kshitij and Kumud, Garv thinks that these are the last moments of his life. He can barely walk but he manages to.

G: " Kumud, Kshitij. I am sorry I interrupted the wedding celebrations, I just wanted to expose Trishul and Vidhi before I die. Mein waqt se phir se haar nahin chahta tha. I am really very sorry. I hope you understand"

Kumud's heart can't bear it anymore she wants to go back to her love, her heart is now regretting the decision it made of marrying Kshitij.

Kshitij on the other hand, is also very upset, he can't believe he is losing his good friend.

The flashback of Garv and Kumud comes to Kumud. And the flashback of Garv and Kshitij's friendship comes to Kshitij.

Both of them are so shocked over the situation, that neither Kumud nor Kshitij are able to say anything.

Garv is just so mad at Kumud.

G: "Congratulations Kumud and Kshitij! Finally, tum dono ab hamesha khush reh sakte ho. You guys are made for each other. Look at yall! Mein bahut khush aaj, I might not look like it but I am, ab mein chalta hoon okay"

Garv can barely walk. Kkusum, Lali, Kshitij, Kumud all come to help him but he doesn't take their help. He shoos them off. He walks out alone to his car, manages to drive to the hospital safely.

The nurses and the doctors immediately admit him and start treating him in the ICU.

Apna Garv is in serious condition, but is safe. The whole kapoor khandan boleto- kumud, kkusum, kali, Kshitij Lali are outside the room waiting for the doctor to come out and talk about his condition.

The nurse comes out and asks them to go inside to see apna Garv, but only a few people at a time. Kkusum, Kali and Kumud go in first. The doctor is feeding Garv some medicines. The kali and Kumud are shocked, because the doctor is a young, tall, beautiful girl totally compatible to apna Garv.

They see Garv smiling and enjoying the conversation with the doctor. They both are jealous.

This is the part where Garv and Rhea(Priyanka Chopra) have a conversation, while Kkusum, Kali and Kumud are waiting at the door, for the doctor to call them in.

G: Garv

R: Rhea (Priyanka Chopra)lol

G: thank you Doc!

R: You 're welcome Garv! Waise tumhari mar peet ki boori aadat gayi nayio abtak haan?

G: What are you saying Doc? Aap kya mujhe jaanti hain?

R: tum mujhe itne aasani se bhool sakte ho garv lekin mein tumhe bhool nahi payi.

Apna Garv is confused. He thinks that I haven't met this girl before and now what is all this? Garv looks at her and is trying to remember her, and then he says..

G: Mein kissi ko itni aasani se nahin bhoolta. Tum mujhe pehle yeh batao ki tumhara naam kya hain ?

R : thik hain, I will give you a clue. (she smiles) mera naam hain Dr. Rhea Malhotlra.

G: Rhea Malhotra! Hmmm. Mein yeh naam pehli baar sun raha hoon. I am sorry Rhea, but I don't…..

R: (she cuts him off) Its ok Garv, that what I though. Jab yaad ayega naa tab bata dena. I cant believe this, tum lawyer kaise ban gaye! Lawyer hone ke liye bahut smart hona zaroori hain. You have got to have a sharp memory. Jo tumhare paas nahin hain. Or may be I wasn't that important to you and so you forgot about me.

Garv remembers her by the way she talks, the way she is angry at him. He remember every thing about her, but just smiles and lets her talk.

R: What is so funny?

G: kuch nahin, I can't believe that mein itna injured hoon aur meri Doc. Toh mujhse lad rahi hain. Its gonna affect my health u know.

R: What do u expect me to do. Itne salon ke baad mile hain aur tum mujhe pehchaan hi nahin rahe ho. Anyways mein tumse baadme baat karti hoon. Idiot!

Rhea turns her back around and Garv watches her go. He smiles and then he calls.


R: Kya hain? (she says angrily)

G: Tumhari bhi yeh aadat nahin gayi ab tak. Hamesha naak par jaise ghoosa baitha hi rehta hain.

R: (Rhea is shocked, she looks behind and smiles, she is all happy) Matlab tum mujhe pehchaan gaye?

G: Obviously, yaar. Tumhe kaise bhool sakta hoon. Well yea I didn't remember you right away coz u look different.

R: what do u mean I look different? (She knows what he means but still style maar raheli hain)

G: I mean before u were moti but still cute. But now you have become so beautiful, just like Ms. World. (He laughs) toh I got a little confused you know.

I am sorry Rhea, you know I love you (as a friend) Will you forgive me?

R: Yeah yeah. I love you too. I forgive you and quit flatteing me.

They both laugh!

They continue to talk, but suddenly Garv glances at the door and then he finds Kali, Kumud, and Kkusum at the door. Garv looks all cold towards Kumud. After Rhea looks at him staring at them. She looks at the door too, and walks towards them.


Kk: Kkusum

K: Kumud

Ka: Kali

R: Oh hi, kya aap log, Garv se milne aaye hain?

Kk : Haan, is it okay if we meet him Dr.

R: Yeah sure, waise mera naam hain Rhea Malhotra hain.

Kkusum, kumud, Kali all introduce themselves to Rhea.

They all shake hands.

R: Well kkusumji or Kali, aap dono jakar Garv se mil sakte hain, lekin mujhe Kumud se kuch baatein karni hain. Kumud if you don't mind, could you please come along with me?

K: (She nods and walks with her)

Kali is wondering what the heck the Dr. wants to talk to Kumud about?


This is the scene where Rhea(Priyanka Chopra and Kumud have there conversation in Rhea's office.

R: Dr. Rhea(Priyanka Chopra)

K: Kumud.

R: Please have a sear, Kumud (she smiles)

K: Thanks, toh aap kya baat karna chahti hain, Garv toh thik hain na?

R: Garv is much better( she smiles and continues) Dekho Kumud mein yeh to nahin jaanti ke tumhare aur Garv ke beech mein ab kaunsa rishta hain. Lekin jahan tak ke mein janti hoon Garv tumse bahit pyar karta hain.

K Kya? Yeh sab aapko Garv ne kaha?

G: Garv kya kehta, usse kehne ki koi zaroorat nahin hain, waise bhi uski condition to hain nahin, kuch kehne ki.

K: Toh aapko kaise pata chala?

R: Dekho kumud, Last night when I was operating him, during the whole operation he was taking your name. Meine toh usse anesthesia ka dose nahin diya tha coz i didn't have enough time.

Kumud is crying.

R: Aur aisi condition mein agar koi kissi ka naam leta hain toh obviously that person is the most important person to him.

K: Lekin mein kya karoon Rhea meri shaadi ab Kshitij ke saath ho gayi hai. now its too late.

R: Kumud I know. Mein Garv ko bachpan se jaanti hoon, we used to go to school together, till highschool. Phir mein ne medical school jjoin karli aur usne law school. After that we got so busy with our lives that we lost touch. Meine socha ke Garv mujhe bhool jaye ga, lekin mein usse nahin bhool payi.

K: Toh tum Garv se pyar…?

R: (She cuts her off) Garv mera acha dost THA, Kumud! He was always there for me, jab mein usse door hogayi mujhe iss baat ka ehsaas hua ke U really love him. But then it was too late.

K: What do u mean It was too late?

R: Meine medical school khatam karne ke baad, meine soch liya ke mein Garv se baat kar loongi. Toh mein uske ghar gayi America mein. tab uski MOM ne kaha ki woh ab India mein rehta hai. Uski shaadi bhi hogayi hain, and they are expecting a child. Uss ladki ka naam Kumud hain.

K: phir tumne kya kiya.

R: mein phir India aa gayi. Garv aur tumse milne, dekhne ke tum dono ek doosre se kitna pyaar karte ho. aur jab meine dekha ke tum dono ek doosre se bahut pyaar karte ho toh, i decided to back off.

K : Haan mein usse pyar karti hoon, lekin ab mein kissi aur ki hogayi hoon, aur mein yeh rishta nibhana chahti hoon.

R : I understand kumud, mein tumhare aur Garv ke beech nahin aana chahti thi. issi liyae I stayed away from Garv all this time. aur ab kismat ne mujhe usse phir se mila diya.

K: Tum Garv se shaadi karlo.

R: Nahin Kumud, I don't want to force him into a relationship in which he is still loves you

K Garv ke aur mere raaste alag ho chuke hain. There is nothing that can be done now.

R: Janti hoon, lekin mein chahti hoon ke Garv mujhse pyaar kare, aur phir mein usse shaadi karoongi. Its important to have a mutual love in order to have a happy long lasting relationship.

K: Hmm, you are right! Mein Garv se baat karna chahti hoon, I mean akele mein.

Kya tum meri usse baat karva sakogi?

R : Sure.

K : Garv mujhse bahut naraaz hain, bahut akela ho gaya hain. lekin meri kismat mein Garv nahin hain, meri haalaton ne mera saath nahin diya.

R : Don't worry kumud everything will be fine. Meine zindagi mein sirf ek heee insaan se pyar kiya hain, aur hamesha karti rahoongi. I will always be there for him.

K: Lekin Kali, who tumhe aur Garv ko ek saath kabhie nahin rehne degi, tumhare aur Garv ke beech who zaroor ayegi, Just like she ruined my relationship with him.

R: Uske baare mein tum tension mat lo. mujhe pata hain, ke tumhare aur Garv ke beech bhi woh ayi thi. I don't think she loves Garv, she is just infatuated with him , coz he is so good looking. (they both laugh). She doesn't truly love him. I will take care of her. Aur agar mera pyaar Garv ke liye sachaa hain na toh Garv mera zaroor hoga.

K: Tum kehana kya chahti ho? Mera pyaar saacha nahin tha?

R: Pyaar sacha tha, Kumud lekin tumhe us par vishwas nahin tha, aur na hee usse tum par. you guys misunderstood each other based on what other people had to say.

K: Tum theek keh rahi ho. Misunderstandings killed our relationship. Waise tum humare baare mein itna sab kuch kaise jaanti ho?

R: Good question Kumud! Yeh sab misunderstandings ke baare mein mujhe Garv ki behan, Garima ne bataya. She is my good friend. She decided to stay away from all this, because Garv asked her to. she says that if Garv is right, then he will eventually get his due. He has suffered a lot.

K: (she is crying) Mein Garv se milna chahti hoon.

R: Please usse yeh sab kuch mat kehna, I will leave you alone with im to talk.

K: Don't worry mein usse kuch nahin kahungi. (she smiles). By the way, you are very beautiful. Tum aur Garv ki jodi bahut pyaari lagegi.

R : Thanks, Kumud. Ab Chale (they smile).

Kali is wondering what is the Dr. talking to Kumud all this time. I should Find out.

R: Kali, Kkusumji mein aapse baat karna chahungi. If you don't mind that is.

Kali: (all excited to know) Sure, Dr. we don't mind. chaliye.

Rhea just wants to clear the coast so that Kumud can talk to Garv alone. Kshitij, Lali chachu are still waiting outside. Kumud tells Kshitij, tum ghar jao mein MAA ke saath ayungi.

Kshitij understands and he decides to go, but he is going to be back to meet Garv.

************************************************************ ****************************************

Garv the Hero:part 4.

This is the scene where Garv and Kumud talk to each other.

Rhea (Priyanka Chopra): Jao Kumud, Garv is awake, you can go meet him.

Kumud goes inside.

Garv is not happy to see her. I mean he is so disconsolate, but doesn't want to upset her because she just got married, and plus Garv is such a sweetheart.


K: Kumud.

G: Aao Kumud ! (he smiles) Have a seat.

K: Kaise ho?

G: I am doing much better, thanks. Tum kaisi ho?

K: Thik hoon (she is about to cry) Sorry Garv.

G: For what? I mean yeh tumhara faisalaand I respect that. Tum Kshitij se pyar karti ho, and so you married him. Its not a big deal.

K: It's a big deal, kyunki mein tumse pyaar karti hoon.

G: What are you saying Kumud! (he is mad and he yells)phir tumne Kshitij se shaadi kyun ki?

K: Kyunki who mujhse pyaar karta hain?

G: Aur mein, Kya mera pyaar koi mayane nahin rakhta? (He has tears in his eyes, but his wound hurts too)

K: Garv, please! Mujhe maaf kardo, I know you love me a lot. And I love you too, but maa, dadi, aye, Aryaman uncle, Papa, sab iss rishte se kitne khush the. Toh mein unko kaise dukh pahucha sakthi hoon? Kshitij ka dil nahin todna chahti thi?

G: Yeah you are right! Kshitij ne hamesha tumhara saath diya hain, I mean pati toh mein tha tumhara lekin saath hamesha usne tumhara diya.

K: Mein yeh rishta nibhana chahti hoon. Garv, you need to move on.

Garv is hurt big time. But then he decides not show his pain to her. Because he thinks that she is right, after all she is married.

G: Janta hoon Kumud, and I think you should fulfill this relationship. Kumud aur waise bhi tum mujhe bhool jaogi, jaise mein Kali ko bhool gaya tha tumse shaadi karke, ya phir jaiuse Aishwarya Rai bhool jati hain Salman ko , Hum Dil de chuke sanam mein. (He laughs)

K: She Laughs, but at the same time cries.

G: Roh mat Kumud, there is nothing to cry about , no use whatsoever. Tumne ek decision le liya hain now just stick to it.

K: Mein zaroor karoongi.

G: Good, don't ever misunderstand Kshitij because misunderstandings create a rift in a relationship, agar tumhe koi shak hain, toh confront him, don't just jump to conclusions. Ek doosre par vishwaas karna ok?

K: hmmm (she is still crying)

G: And listen , I will always be there for you, but…

K: But, kya?

G: Mein chahunga ke agar tumhe ko problem ho ya pareshaani ho, just count on Kshitij first.

K: Tum kehna kya chahti ho?

G: Yehi kay, mein tumhare or Kshitij ke beech nahi aana chahtha. I don't want Kshitij to feel like we still have something, going on between us, when we don't. Jaise meine kiya tha.

K: Thik hain Garv, waise meine bhi tumhe galat samjha tha, Garv.

G: I know Kumud but your misunderstanding me was justified. Kali ne yeh pregnancy ka natak jo kiya tha. Aur I guess I deserved what I got.Meine tumhe galat samjha Kumud which led me to make this mistake Kumud, I am sorry Kumud.

K: its okay Garv, mein tumhare naseeb mein nahi ho. Koi aur hain!

G: Koi aur? Yeh kya keh rahi ho? Mein tumhe nahin bhool paoonga coz I realized that my true love is only you kumud only you and always be.

K: Garv nahin, jaise mein Kshitij ko apnaungi, waise tumhe bhi kissi ko mauka dena hoga.

G: Tum kiski baat kar rahi ho, Kali ki? Oh please, don't even think about it. Waise bhi shayad mein kabhie shaadi nahin karoonga. I don't believe in this stuff anymore.

K: Garv, Please aisa sochna bandh karo. Tumhe Rhea kaise lagti hain?

G: Rhea? Tum usse jaanti hoon?

K: Just spoke to her, she told me ke tum dono ek saath school mein pada karte the.

G: yeah she is the sweetest person I know. She was my best friend, always there for me. Mein bhi uska hamesha saath deta tha. I am glad I finally met her again.

K: Yeah, mein bhi ( she feels kinda jealous to see Garv talking good stuff about other girls but doesn't say anything).

G: By the wat, Kshitij kahan hain? Bahar hain kya?

K: Nahin yahan tha thodi der pehle wapas ayega tumse milne.

G: Well, Okay mujhe usse kuch baat karni hain.

K: Kaisi baat?

G:Don't worry about it.

Rhea calls kumud on her cell and asks her whether she is done talking to him. She says that Kali and Kkusum have left. Kumud says yes and then Rhea says that she is coming there in Garv's room.

The next part is where Garv talks to Kshitij. So wait for it. How do u like it so far guys! DO comment. Thanks.


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 This is great Tongue

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wonderful Clap Clap contiue soon
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wicked plz cont Tongue
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Its wicked!!!Tongue

Take Care



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awesome, plz continue soon
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wow!!! that was good .plz continue.
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awesome! continue soon!! Clap
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