THE JANUS MAN--- A Short Story..

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Hello another SS from me in a very very long time.. I will keep it really simple and gripping.. Hope you all like it and please do leave your valuable comments..



The   Janus  Man

Part one
He was waiting  for his prey..
Patience was a virtue he had developed over these years..Every move and step he took was calculated and deliberate..Nothing was left wanting..
Today in this early morning roundup he had hit the jackpot..A few enquires had confirmed what he wanted to know..
Years of searching & travelling from as far as Australia to Indore from Amritsar to Dubai and back to Mumbai had all been in vain..
A chance call had landed him  in Pune a couple days a go,but still the target had eluded him..
The sun's rays casting a glow of golden hue and brightening those neatly arranged vegetables looked picturesque...
He scanned, his sight ready to detect even the slight movement in that subzi market..
He shifted his legs, wiped the sweat of his brow and leaned casually against an unopened stall..
His mind did a fleeting recap of all that happened these past years..
She had walked out!!!!!
Leaving him fuming and shocked.With his real mom in tow, she walked away without a backward glance..
Too angry and stunned, he couldn't digest her irrational behaviour.In a fit of rage,one beyond comprehension, he simply reacted..
Left his home. Dissolved his business and bestowed half of the money to his step family..The other half he created a trust in his father's name.. With that  interest he carried on with his life..
No friends and family. All those near and dear to him were cut off, totally..Her betrayal changed him and made in into a recluse.. He shunned love and affection like a plague..
A nomad he travelled with sole purpose of destroying her..
A movement!!!
A vision of ethereal beauty hit  him .. He almost buckled under.. Taking a deep breath he calmed and looked at the panorama before him..
She was dressed in a simple plain white salwar suit with red sequined duppata..Her hair was loose in the trademark way.. There was an easiness and relaxed way about her..
She bargained with the shop keeper; her usual method of vegetable buying, he noted..
His fangs out, he licked his lips. Ready and waiting..
It was an animal kind of action, calm but concentrated, relaxed yet ready to pounce at the right time..
But  the vision was blocked by a truck load of vegetables arriving into the market..A sudden clamour by the labourers and milling of the crowd, changed the scenario..
She was gone!!!!!
Rushing to the seller and passing a few notes yielded him more information..
He now had the address of her..A regular in this subzi mandi, she knew that shopkeeper so well..But that didn't matter to him..
All he wanted was her!! HER and no one else..Soon he will meet her and will carry out his plan..A surge of new energy passed through him..
Today, He thought..Yes tonight precisely!!
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The  Janus  Man

Part two

It was the same evening...

He casually strolled into the park..His demenour so different..Relaxed and natural,he was radiating more warmth..
To a casual observer he looked a teddy bear, all cuddly and lovable.. But to a keen one his eyes betrayed all that easiness. The intensity was too strong and focussed  like that of lazer beam..
Dusting off the bench,he sat on it and viewed all the activity of the park..He had to kill time and what better way than to come here..
The grass under his barefeet, kindled and trigged waves and waves of bitter and nostalgic memories..
Shrugging off and squashing those unwanted memories, he wiped his sight and mind clean..
He saw her!!!!
A sight that was so cute and straight  out of a nursery rhyme..
She was building a castle out of the sand..
Her concentration intense but her hands loosing a fighting battle against the breeze that was blowing her hair across her face..
Throwing her hands in exasperation, she kicked the castle destroying what she had built earlier..
Her attention  got diverted and she zeroed in on the slide..
Waiting patiently for her turn and helping a toddler in front of her, she  was all contrast.. One minute blow hot and the next  blow cold..
He couldn't resist taking his eyes off her..
She seemed familiar yet   strange..
Watching her skip, hop and jump and moving from one play area to another, she was a bundle of energy..A chota packet dynamite..
The hour passed and a sense of deep calm and peace seem to pervade his body.. 
She reminded him of his childhood..All  innocence and carefree living..
Worries and tension never a matter..Indulgence and affection, soothing and comforting in a coccoon of  love.
Oh, those were the days!!!
Shaking the memories, he walked towards her..Wanting to see her closer and touch her..
Something trigged inside him. A new feeling , that was inexplainable..
He saw !
She was the girl!
The same girl he had seen her a few months before in Dubai, in the pastry shop..
Both liked Blackforest cake zeroing on it..It was a beautiful scene..
She was chubby looking and dressed cutely.. An adorable child that made his heart skip  a beat..
Greeting her tentatively he wanted to know more about her.. Talk to her..
But someone called her  and she ran  away. He didn't catch her name..
She gave a backward glance and joined her friend's ayah and walked out of the park...
She sparked something in him; a memory, a vision or a small detail that was long forgotten; perhaps..
He slumped out of the park like a defeated man..
As soon as he took the taxi, his mood lifted..
The advent of the night held him in good prospect.. He saw bolt upright. The adrenaline flowing through his blood.
Tonight all will come to an end..
Tonight yes tonight he thought..
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Wonderful maris dii...i loved it...

   superb was so classy...

keep continuing pls...will be waiting for the next part...Big smile
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The  Janus  Man

Part Three

The eveing turned into night..The air seemed to crackle with raw energy..There was slight thunder and lightning,clapping and sizzling..The city will soon be awash with rain he thought..

Not bothering with something to protect him from nature's dance, he walked the street purposefully..
It was dark.. Time for him to strike.. Pounce on his prey..Get  on with the retribution and avengement..
Chaffing his hands, he could visualise, how he would go about it..All these years will not go wasted..He will extract his pound of flesh..
The rain came in sheets now..Not to be blinded he held his hands above his eyes..He had now reached her house..
An independant one...Well she could afford it.. Afterall all her money was his, right?he thought bitterly..
He stood infront of the gate.. He didn't notice the sudden blackout of power due to the downpoar..It was almost pitch dark..
His eyes adjusted to the darkness..
There were some windows open and the shutters banging against the frame.. It seemed like a music building slowly to hit a cresendo.. Something was beating like a drum in unison. He was shocked to hear that it was his own heart..
He could almost visualise what will happen next.. 
Yes !!!
There she was, appearing at the window and trying in vain to close the shutter..
He saw her!!!
 She was now in her nightdress!!
Satin blue, a favourite colour of his..
He focussed intently on her.. Never batting his eyelids..taking in the details..A sigh escaped him,involutarily..
He was mesmerised!!
He watched her..
She sensed something..
She saw him!!!!!!
Her eyes playing a drama..First in fear, then in disbelief and finally in love!!
He saw this.. It stunned him!!!
Eyes in love??
It was staggering but the truth..
He felt himself shudder.Shivering perhaps from the cold and the realisation..
He was rooted just holding the gate for balance..
He saw a faint light floating towards him..
She was running towards him with a torch..
Opening the gate with a jerk, she was heaving for breath and watched him intently..
Her intensity was too much to handle..He almost doubled over..
Strong gentle hands half lifted ,half helped him to wobble across the path..
His eyes had locked with her hers..
She seemed to plead, request and beg for his forgiveness..
But her love seemed to override even that remorseness..
He felt at home.. His nomadic life seemed to find a permanance..
A peace and tranquility seem to awash his tortured soul..
Tear flowed!!!!
His and hers..Together and apart..
He neither noticed his hands gripping her body strongly nor hers finding solace in his hug..
The dam broke loose..
The explanations and words will come later.. But right now its only them..
The minutes that passed seemed like hours..
All his aim and intent of wrecking a havoc in her life was obliterated..His bitterness and vengence seemed to dissipate by the seconds..
She led him indoors into a bedroom..
Another shock reeled him.. His mind and body was numb..
That GIRL!!
She was sleeping soundly..
His eyes truned towards his beloved.. Her nod and eyes spoke and answered his unasked question..
His Baby! His flesh and blood, right before his eyes..
Immense wave of saddness washed him..For want of proving a few things how she had distanced him from his rightful needs..How much he had assumed wrongly before realising her real worth and value..
Love is irrepresible and bittersweet..
Both had suffered and suffered enough..
The past can never be grieved , its gone..
The future neednt be bothered , it will come..
The present is be lived beautifully and be remembered.
The Janus  Man, the two faced man; one looking into the past and the other into the future is now singular..
He has changed, transformed..
 A bitter and embattled man  of the past waiting  for the future to wreck and destroy  her life,   is now a Man of  present..
Ram loves Priya
Priya loves Ram..
Both love Riya
Riya loves both..
~~~~~~~~~~~~The end..~~~~~~~~~~
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Originally posted by kaviya10

Wonderful maris dii...i loved it...

   superb was so classy...

keep continuing pls...will be waiting for the next part...Big smile
Thanks Kaviya.. Now its complete, all three parts.. Read and please dont fail to hit the like button.. thanks..EmbarrassedBig smile
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The  Janus   Man

Author's note
Dear friends, when I first developed this seed of an idea, i just wanted to pen my frustrations and exasperations.. I have penned my poems about the future track and rant and raved about my thoughts of BALH being killed like this..(read my killing me softly and killing me brutually and It huts..dammit post), but still felt restless. 
But this SS is like a catharsis for me..
With this I have unburdened and unwinded myself, over the seperation, leap, and all other future tracks that are in the offing..
Now I will not get affected and continue watching BALH.. Yes you heard me right!! I have decided to continue watching the show.. A part and parcel of my life i just cant dismember it from my heart and soul..
Am at peace by writing this SS in a descrpitive manner..
Whether you like or not, please find it in your hearts to comment eitherwise.. Thanks for your continued support to me..Big smileBig smileBig smile
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Posted: 2012-06-05T03:37:01Z
OMG!!!!  dii kya writing was so classy and professional...
your writing was so magical and i loved every word in it...

I loved the emotions that you have penned down...

But that's it only 3 parts...Cry Cry Cry pls write some more...
oh kya hena yeh dil mange more dii...
Thank you for the SS...hats off to you...Clap Clap Clap
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Posted: 2012-06-05T03:43:10Z

I am too overwhelmed to say anything.

I started with the first part. Read it hungrily but attentively.

Then I waited after the first part. I imagined RK in that mode. Could it be possible? Yes! Bang came the answer!

I scrolled down to comment and was delighted to find Part 2. I read it apprehensively... My heart racing really fast. Riya is Ram's manifestation and you penned that beautifully.

And then I scrolled down to comment and was again surprised!! Part 3!!! Voila!!!!!!!!

You wreaked havoc with this post Maris! The intensity you showed is palpable!!!

There is a bitter-sweet tornado raging in my mind after reading this. I really want to hold it on forever. Its exquisite.. really!

You captivated me. Honestly Maris, this is going into my favourite bookmarks.

Thanks a lot for this intense piece of writing. Its unforgettable.
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