OS - Kyun dard hain itna tere pyaar main?

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woah angie... you have hit the right chord...

Ram: The man who can endeavour anything for his lady love... but feeling sad and beaten down to grave that his lady for whom he transformed himself...to a person who can make wonders in the world just for the sake of a small confident curve on his lady loves lips...
Priya: A lady who can erase her self identity and her instincts for the safety security of her husband. A ;lady who feels that she is the the bhrahmastra of her husband where with her love she is over confident that to whcih ever direction her indirect acts blow the wind ..that direction her husband will act...
FInally the ture lovers one with heights of modesty and the other with heights of over confidence are competing in the war field with a lady shakuni of Mahabharat ie, Niharika, dusyasan Sid
Haaa here priyas tanlent intelligence matches to Satyabhama ... but yes Ram toh Ram hi hai... Matru pitru vaakya ka paripaalan karne walah...
Kaisi mahabharat ho rakaha hai... jaha ganga mayya ho KK , Vik bana arjun, Neha bani Subhadra... wah ji wah...
but full an final ... OS sounds pretty realstic and take a bow angie dear ...Clap
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Loved the title, I know where u got it from.
Waiting for it to be done.
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Posted: 2012-06-04T14:50:47Z
waiting for u to update, loved the title!!Big smile

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Posted: 2012-06-04T14:51:33Z
Originally posted by fosla

This is based on today's episode!! Iam gonna take my writing to fix the crappy mood that CV's put me in successfully after every episode these days. Thanks Amby for enlightening me this route!! It works damn well!! Hail the fiction world to heal the wounds from the show!!

There are gonna be parts from the episode and the twist where I felt disappointed with the episode to make it complete for me.

Priya Kapoor dropped on the couch. However hard she tried, those words refused to leave her mind.
"Jab tak tum hare nauntaki khatam nahi hota, mujhe tumhari shakal mat dikhana"
"Tum hain aazadi chahiye naah, main de deta hoon. Divorce, paisa, everything that you want"

She tried every possible distraction and consoled herself about the greater good. It's gonna be ok didn't help nor did the 'All is well' chant. She needed to regroup before Mr Kapoor was back in the room. She knew he wouldn't hold his anger too long. 

Her thoughts were disrupted finally with Ram's entry in the room. She sat up and tried her best to hold her ground. Until she heard his words.

R : Sorry to disturb you. Tumse ek aur cheez kehna baaki hai. Agar hum dono ka beech koi rishta hi nahi rehna wala, agar main tumme woh har cheez denawaala hoon woh tumhe chahti ho, toh yeh sheher se bahar aana aur yeh do din ek saath rehna.. yeh sab natak. kisliye? So i think we need to go. Waise bhi kal babupi ka company celebration hai aur meri family ki meri zaroorat hai. Yahan tum hare saath time waste karne ke bajaye, mujhe shayad tum logon ke saath rehna chahiye, jinki meri parwa hai. Jo meri parwa karte hain. Toh tum apna saaman baandlo.. Nikal the hain.

Every one of those words made Priya wish that the earth swallowed her then and there. They hurt where it hurt the most. And it was just the second time he said things after putting up her meaningless words all these moments. Did I hurt him beyond repair? Did I go too far? Did I cross boundaries and placed my relationship at stake? These questions hounded her on hearing Ram's reactions.

What made it worse was he didn't turn back after saying those words. He left.

The car ride back home made matters only worse. They didnt' know which was harder? Their relationship being at loggerheads or the looming silence. It was broken by the call from rishabh who informed that all the preparations were set up for the party tomorrow.

R : Hum log aaj hi wapas aara hain. Baaki main aake dekh loonga
Ris : aaj?Par aap toh do din ke baad aane wale the naah bhai?
R : Haan.. haalat ab kuch badal gaya.

Priya turned her face towards the window to not let Ram see her reactions. 

R : Usme konsi badi baat hai. Waise jo insaan badal sakte hain toh choti se plan badal kyun nahi sakta?

Priya wiped her tear silently lest Ram breaks her down. She was still not willing to let it all out. She wanted to meet her team to discuss before any further action.

Neha's call provides her the news of Niharika's psychatric visit and their action plan that saved the day. She couldn't muster more than a ok which already alerted Neha that things weren't too alright.

Neha's concern is thrown out of the window by Vikram who claims that Ram loves Priya too much to say things that would hurt her. His emphasis on things becoming alright at the end gives some hope to Neha.

The car halted to a screeching stop. 

P : Aap andar nahi aayenge

R : Nahi. Main seedha office jaana chahta hoon. Waise bhi iss waqt, behether yahi hoga ki hum dono ek doosre se alag rahe. Tum ghar jao.. main office jaata hoon.

Priya left the car and rushed home.

He didn't even want to turn to her side. He loved her too much to hurt her by his words. But then, things went too far this time. He couldn't understand her behavior. And she didn't help by hurting him everytime he tried to understand. He couldn't take it anymore. There was after all only so much could one hurt. Her refusal to believe in him and spill the beans even in her inebriated state made his worst fears come true. May be she did really mean all those things. The morning after conversation about letting her free since she didn't feel a love other than as a friend and returning to his life incase she felt later point of time were the final straw. How could he let this happen all over again? First his mom and then Priya. It was time to stand up and stop getting trampled all over in love.

"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead" How true was that line he thought while he could finally let those tears roll down. He parked his car a little further down the road and broke down letting out a scream. He couldn't let others know he was torn inside.

Work in progress
Lot of reading to do for me. The earlier one also has 5 parts. Will console my soul with your OS. I can bet they will be far far better than those dud CVs
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Posted: 2012-06-04T15:08:00Z
Angie so beautiful, Cry amazing.. Join Cvs team, idiots can not write anything, I can not see Ram and Priya in pain, so disheartening.. ...  OK finally finished everything ,Superb..Clap you rock galThumbs Up
A big hug to youHug

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Posted: 2012-06-04T15:13:05Z
ClapClapClapClapClapClapyaar i think agar priya ke point of view se soch jaye to yaar she save her hubby 4m evil  people whats wrongCryCryCryCry
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Posted: 2012-06-04T15:24:08Z
Originally posted by jollyghai

Loved the title, I know where u got it from.
Waiting for it to be done.

Ha ha!! I love the new Rabba ve!! Those lines just touch the heart everytime!

It's done now!! hope you like it!
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