OS: Main Bahut Door, Bahut Door Chala

Posted: 2012-06-02T00:50:33Z

Okay Guys,

The title of the OS is one of my fav Kishore Kumar song and it is dedicated to Ram. I have vented out my frustration through this one. Hope you'll all understand Wink

Main Bahut Door, Bahut Door Chala…

What the hell is going on?

Yes, that was exactly what Ram was feeling at the moment.

Priya has just stunned him with her insensitivity. She has just told him that she doesn't love him as her husband.. just as a friend, maybe. Now what is that supposed to mean? Does it mean that she has lost her way in her own fabricated stories and was just saying whatever came to her mind? Does it mean that she was really being pressurized hugely by someone and hence this desperation for divorce? Why the hell is she doing that? Now this is getting really frustrating! What does she mean by all the crap she hurled at me just now? Is she really that desperate to leave me? I have had enough of this bullshit now. It is high time that I know the real motive behind all the tosh. I can't let Priya ruin her as well as my life! Time has come for some dire actions.

Ram had tried being gentle and understanding, but no result. Last night he had even gone the whole length of spiking Priya's juice with alcohol to make her blabber the whole story, still no results. Now, he has to become as ruthless as Priya to set everything in order, even his wife!

Ram is standing in the balcony and thinking all this while Priya is in the washroom. She comes out after freshening up, with her trademark out-of-the-shower look. Her wet hair gathered at her right shoulder; her face glowing sans makeup, giving her a pearly look. Ram just couldn't take his eyes off that beautiful sight. She is the only woman who has been able to render him in that state. She is the only one who makes his life meaningful. She is the only woman who makes his life beautiful and yet she is the only one who has the power to hurt him. Currently, she was exercising that power and how!

Priya goes to the mirror and gets ready. All this while, Ram is just standing at the door of the balcony, watching her intently. She is aware of Ram's intent gaze but tries ignoring him. Their morning had started on a very bitter note. It was getting very difficult for her to keep her strength in Ram's presence. His pleadings were haunting her. She has seen it all – his love, his tactics, his anger, his frustration, everything. It had been heartbreaking for her to see Ram get all worked up, time and again because of her drama. But she was helpless. Waiting for the right moment, Priya had decided to continue this painful game, even if it meant hurting him and getting hurt herself. She was still clinging on to her strength of love and Ram's unbreakable trust on her. Ram will forgive me once the truth is out. Thinking all this, Priya gets ready and comes to him.

Priya – Mr. Kapoor, washroom khaali hai. Aap ja kar taiyyaar ho jaiye.

Ram  – Kya kaam hai?

P – Kya kaam hai matlab? Aapko sirf bata rahi hoon ki aap ja kar ready ho sakte hain.

R – Mere paas bhi aankhein hain aur mujhe dikh raha hai ki bathroom khali hai. Mera mood nahi hai ready hone ka. Toh pls don't bug me anymore. Waise bhi, kya fayda.. tum toh..

He leaves the sentence hanging and goes out of the room. Priya watches him going out with guilt laden eyes.

After sometime, Ram comes back. Priya is reading a magazine.

R – Priya, we are leaving in 10 minutes. Pls get ready.

And he is about to go out again when..

P – Leaving in 10 minutes? Kyun? Aapne toh kaha tha ki hum yahan 2 din ke liye aaye..

R - ..they. haan, 2 din ke liye aaye they, socha tha thoda waqt sath guzaarenge but ab mera mood nahi hai.

P – Mood nahi hai matlab? Arey aise kaise? Ekdum se..

R – Priya, tumhein kya lagta hai ki main kya hoon? Pls ekbaar mujhe clarify kar do..

P – Mr. Kapoor aap..

R – Kya Mr. Kapoor? Tumhein kya lagta hai? Tumhaari ye sab bakwaas sunne ke baad main tumhaare sath ek hi kamre mein ek minute bhi reh sakta hoon? Tumhein lagta hai ki tum mujhe ye sab kahogi aur uske baad bhi main tumhare peechhe haath baandhe phirta rahunga? You know what, jab hamara rishta hi khatam ho gaya toh tum kis haq se mujhse aisi koi bhi ummeed rakh sakti ho?

P – Mr. Kapoor, main..

R – For godsake Priya, mujhpar thoda sa taras khao. Ab jab tumhein mujhse koi matlab hi nahi hai toh main kyun yahan tumhaare sath apne 2 din waste karoon? Isse toh achchha main un logon ke sath apna time spend kar loon jinhein kam se kam meri parwah toh hai. So pls, get ready and come down fast.

Saying this, he leaves the room. Priya packs her bag quietly and follows him. This was unpleasant but she was ready for this. She had to.

She goes and sits in the car, beside Ram, quietly. It's a silent drive where words are finding ways to escape but the heaviness in the air stifle them and kill them. Both of them had so much to say, so much to convey but…

They were just about to reach the city when the car suddenly halted.

R – Damn!!! Isko bhi abhi band hona tha!!

He gets out of the car, opens the bonnet and tries to gauge the fault but it was beyond him. He had never done this kind of work. He started getting frustrated. He dialed Jenny and asked her to send a mechanic to the highway as soon as possible. He slammed the door shut and got out to stand in the scorching heat. In no time, he was sweating profusely. Priya sat in the car, silently watching all this. She thought it better to remain silent. It had been almost 10 minutes while Ram was standing in the unbearable heat. Priya couldn't control the urge and rolled down the window…

P – Mr. Kapoor, aap kyun bahar dhoop mein khade hain? PLs car mein aa kar baith jaiye na.

Ram looked at her and glanced away immediately. Priya felt a stab at her heart.

P – Mr. kapoor, aap jaanboojh kar aisa kar rahe hain na.. jisse ki main..

R – Excuse me madam. Aisa kuchh nahi hai. Pls apne aapko itni importance mat dijiye. Main aapke liye kuchh nahi kar raha hoon. Main bas is waqt aapki shakal nahi dekhna chaahta, that's it!

P – Theek hai toh mat dekhiyega meri taraf. Aap dusre side face kar ke baith jaiyega. Kam se kam andar toh aa jaiye..

R – Priya, pls give me a break! You think it is funny? Tumhare liye bahot aasaan hoga yun kisi ke emotions se khelna aur phir normal ho jana but kya hai na, it's a bit difficult for me. So, just let me be, will you?

Priya retrieves back. She had anticipated Ram's anger but this indifference was really heartbreaking. She didn't say anything and remained seated in the car quietly. It had been 2 hours but still no one came. Ram had called a hundred people but they hadn't got any help yet. They also ran out of water kept in the car. The heat was increasing like anything and it was getting really difficult for Ram to keep standing outside the car. Priya was dreading he might get a heatstroke like this. Ram atlast called Vikram and asked him to send another car to them.

R – Vikram, actually 2 car bhej de. Ek se main seedhe office chala jaunga aur dusri mein Priya chali jayegi… Haan, wo office mein kuchh kaam tha isliye mujhe aana pada.. Aur kuchh baat nahi hai yaar.. dekh ab tu pls mujhe irritate mat kar aur jaldi cars bhijwa..

He then turned to Priya and said,

R – Vikram se bol diya hai. Tum dusre gaadi mein apne ghar chali jana.

P – Matlab ma-pa ke yahan? Kyun?

R - Kyunki I need a break from you!! Ab jab hamara divorce ho hi raha hai toh tum mere ghar aa kar kya karogi? Main tumahra sara saman divorce papers ke sath Sharma house bhijwa dunga. You don't have to bother!

Priya doesn't say anything. She just doesn't know what to say. This was just what she wanted. This was all a part of her plan. And she knew it since beginning that this day would come. But then why do I feel so bad about it. Why do I have this foreboding, telling me that things were going all wrong? Why do I feel restless and anxious? She pushed all those thoughts aside and tried distracting herself.

Vikram had told that it would atleast take an hour for cars to reach them.  Priya got out of the car and started walking towards the dirt track on the side of the road.

R – Kahan ja rahi ho tum?

Priya doesn't answer him and carries on towards a few trees.

Ram follows her.

R – Priya irritate karna band karo aur batao kahan ja rahi ho?

P – Wahan.

She points towards the trees.

P – Aapko wo laal jhanda dikh raha hai Mr. Kapoor? Wahan un pedon ke beech? Wahan zaroor koi mandir hoga. Main wahin ja rahi hoon, Car mein mujhe garmi lag rahi hai. Aap chaahein toh aap bhi aa sakte hain. Waise koi zaroori nahi hai.

Ram looks at her exasperatedly.

R – Tumhein kya lagta hai, main aisi jagah par tumhein akele jaane dunga?

Priya smiles at his answer but..

R – Zyada khush mat ho.. tumhari jagah aur koi bhi ladki hoti toh bhi main aisa hi karta..

And with this he starts following Priya.

Both of them reach the temple. It's a small temple with just one idol and a few trees around it. There is no one around till miles. Ram and Priya make their way into the temple, remove their shoes and go and sit on the parapet. Priya dusts the stone surface with her saree pallu and sit down, making some place for Ram. But he goes to the other side, takes out his handkerchief, places it on the surface and sits on it. There is complete silence in the atmosphere. Ram takes out his phone and starts his work through it.

Priya fixes his gaze on Ram and contemplates the events since last night. He is pacing the courtyard without shoes while talking on the phone. Suddenly he shouts out loud and drops his phone. Priya comes out of her reverie and finds him wincing with pain. She rushes to him only to find a big thorn sticking out from his right sole. She tries to help him by steadying him but he shrugs her off. Ram somehow manages to pull it out himself and then limps towards the parapet. Priya follows him worriedly. He sits down, takes out is handkerchief and tries to tie it on his wound. But try as much he does, he finds it very difficult to even bend forward. Priya sees his helplessness and goes to him. She snatches the hanky from him and starts tying it, unmindful of his protest.

R – leave it Priya, main kar loonga. Don't bother.

She doesn't listen to him and ties it properly. Ram snatches his feet from her and stands up.

R –enough Priya, zyada mahaan banne ki koi zaroorat nahi hai. Itna ehsaan mat karo mujh par pls!

P – aapki problem kya hai Mr. Kapoor? Ek toh main aapki help kar rahi hoon aur aap itna gussa kar rahein hain. Theek hai, humaari aaj subah kaha suni ho gayi.. toh?

R – Toh kya? Tum kya expect karti ho mujhse? Main ab bhi tumse normally behave karoon? Jo sab kuchh tumne mujhse kaha, mujhe sunaya, uske baad you want me to act like nothing has happened? Wow! How convenient!!

P – Mr. Kapoor, maine aisa kuchh nahi kaha. Aap bekaar hi mujhse ulajh rahe hain.

R – Oh, main bekaar ki baat kar raha hoon. I see. Aur tum itne time se jo kuchh kar rahi ho, uska kya? Are you not answerable to me for that?

P – No Mr. Kapoor, I am not. Maine aapse pehle bhi kaha tha ki I am not answerable to anyone, not even to you.

R – Okay, you are not answerable to me but you practice all your rights on me. Hain na? Tabhi tum mujhe kuchh bhi sunati ho aur phir expect karti ho ki main tumhaari har baat maan loon. Wais ek baat bataao Priya, tumhein aisa kyun lagta hai ki tum mujhe chhod ke chali jaogi aur main puri zindagi tumhara intezaar karta rahunga? Kya kaha tha tumne? Agar tumhein laga ki tum mere sath reh sakti ho toh tum mere paas wapis aa jaogi? What do you think of me? Am I a machine jise tum jab chaho, jaise chaho program kar sakti ho? Mazaak bana diya hai tumne mera aur mere pyaar ka. Tumhare liye humara rishta sirf ek khel hai, jise tum pata nahi kaunsa khitaab jeetne ke liye khel rahi ho. But main tumhari tarah nahi sochta Priya. Mere liye meri shaadi bahut ehmiyat rakhti hai. Mere liye humara rishta bahut importance rakhta hai. Mere liye tum bahut ehmiyat rakhti ho. Tumhare sath ek khushaal zindagi ka sapna dekhne laga tha main, Priya. Par tumne sab bekaar kar diya. Tumhein kya lagta hai, tum jo kuchh bhi kar rahi, jo bhi khel khel rahi ho, is sab ke khatam hone ke baad tum mere paas wapas aaogi aur sab theek ho jaayega? Pehle jaise? Priya, let me make one thing very clear. Ab humara rishta pehle jaisa kabhi nahi ho sakta. Tum chahe kitni koshish karlo, usmein ganth pad chuki hai, wo bhi tumhaari zid ki wajah se.

Tum nahi chahti mujhe batana, theek hai. Main ab tumse kabhi kuchh nahi poochhoonga, but itna yaad rakhna Priya, tum ye sab chaahe jis bhi wajah se kar rahi ho, isse mujhe bahot taqleef pahunchi hai aur wo taqleef tum kabhi bhi door nahi kar paaogi. Kabhi nahi. Ye dard ab hamesha mere sath rahega. Ye dard tumne mujhe diya hai – mujhpe trust nahi kar ke, mera dil dukha ke, humaare rishte ka mazaak uda ke. Aur iske liye main tumhein kabhi maaf nahi karoonga.

Ye jo kuchh bhi tum itne dinon se kar rahi ho aur keh rahi ho, I am sure tumhaare plan ka hi hissa hoga, nahi? Achchha batao, kya socha the tumne plan karte samay? Yahi ki Ram ko isse taqleef hogi ya nahi? Aur kitna hurt karna chaahti ho mujhe? Main kabse tumhaari bakwaas, tumhaare taane sun raha hoon, ek baar bhi tumne yeh nahi socha na ki mujh par kya beet rahi hogi? Kabhi socha kya? Oh, sorry… main toh bhool hi gaya, tum kaise sochti? Tum toh mujhse "love" wala love nahi karti na. Yahi kaha tha na tumne? Waise tum kab tak yeh natak aur continue karogi? Thak nahi gayi tum mujhe aur khud ko dard dete dete? Kya chaahti ho, main kya  karoon? Tumhaari ye ulti seedhi baatein sunta rahoon aur inhein sach maan loon? Main janta hoon ki ye sab drama hai phir bhi tum mujhse sachchayi chhupa rahi ho. Tum jaanti ho ki main tumse kitna pyaar karta hoon phir bhi tumhein mujh par bharosa nahi hai. Tumhare liye ye khel khelna humaare rishte se zyada important hai, hai na? Humare pyaar se zyada zaroori hai. Theek hai, continue with it. Khud bhi tadpo, mujhe bhi tadpao.. aakhir mera dil toh todne ke liye hi hai, hai na. Itna pyaar main tumse isliye hi toh karta hoon ki tum jaise marzi mere pyaar ke sath khelo aur jab marzi mujhe chhod ke chali jao.

You take my love for granted Priya. Kahin aisa na ho ki jab tak tum wapas aao, bahut der ho jaaye aur main sach mein tumse bahut door chala jaaoon. Kahin aisa na ho ki tum humaare rishte ko itna uljha do ki ise suljhane mein puri zindagi beet jaaye, phir bhi iska koi sira nahi mile. Waise main pata nahi kyun future ki soch raha hoon. Mere future mein ab kuchh raha hi nahi. Na tumhaare bina kuchh hoga aur na hi tumhaare sath. Sab khatam kar diya tumne Priya, sab khatm kar diya!

Yaad hai tumhein, jab tumhaare breast cancer ki reports aani thi aur tumne mujhe yeh keh kar bheja tha ki main jaaoon aur wo reports collect karoon kyunki tum mein himmat nahi hai? Pata hai tab mujhe kaisa laga tha? Lag raha tha ki hai jo chhoot raha hai mere haathon se. Tab mein isi tarah ek chhote se mandir mein ruka tha.. bhagwan se pray karne ki mujhe meri zindagi de do. Mujhe Priya de do. Arey tab toh main janta bhi nahi tha ki main tumse pyaar karne laga hoon. But aaj.. aaj phir isi tarah mandir mein khada hoon aur aaj bhi yahi mangana chaahta hoon ki mujhe meri Priya de do.. magar wo nahi jo mere saamne khadi hai. Balki wo jo na jaane kahin kho gayi hai. Wo meri Priya hai hi nahi jo mujhe is taqleef mein dekhte hue bhi apni zid se hat nahi rahi hai.. Wo koi aur hai. Main nahin janta ki mujhe wo pehli wali Priya ab kabhi milegi bhi ya nahi.. par ye zaroor janta hoon ki tumne us Priya ke wapas aane ki saari gunjayish khatam kar di hai!!


With this, he leaves the place and walks off to the car. A stunned Priya with tear stained cheeks is left standing, watching his fading outline. Is this going to be the future? A future with no Ram? She wipes her tears and follows him to the car. But he has already left, instructing the driver to take Priya to her home in the other car.

Ram reaches his office and tries to submerge himself in his work but he couldn't help recollecting the day's events. Every now and again, a teary eyed Priya would fleet through his eyes and he would lose his focus. It is very late at night when he reaches KM. With heavy heart, he makes his way upto his room. He was dreading an empty room with no Priya and no life.

He goes in, throws his bag on the bed and flunks himself on the sofa. It is pitch dark in the room. He rests his head on the back of the sofa and takes out a pain relief tablet strip from his pocket. He was just about to pop them in when a hand grabbed his arm. He stood up, surprised. Someone switched on the table lamp and before him stood his life, his Priya! Even before he could react, she takes the tablet strip from his hand, throws them in the dustbin and stands before him with teary eyes. He is just about to open his mouth when she throws herself on his chest with "I love you Ram!" and cries her heart out. 

Was really confused whether to redeem Priya or not, but anger got better off me. Maybe next time..

It might seem incomplete to you guys but really not in a mood to make it a happy ending where Priya apologise and all. Isse zyada happy ending main nahi karna chahti, as of now. 

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Posted: 2012-06-02T00:50:56Z

Loved Ram's dialogue! And you know what im not even upset you didnt make her redeem herself LOL
I just loved it!! You are too good girl!! 

Loved the whole scenario with the car and the walking away and the mandir and then the tablets!! 

Edited by azk92 - 2012-06-02T01:04:49Z
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Posted: 2012-06-02T00:55:04Z
Darling yehi kaafi hain. Finally Ram ki Priya is in Ram ki baahein. Apologies toh phir ho jaayenge.
 And do continue. Show something like Ram is still pissed off and Priya pacifying him atleast for a couple of days but within the room. Outside the room she can continue her drama before Niharika. This leaves an idea to Ram too.
Edited by ravichitra - 2012-06-02T01:15:14Z
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Posted: 2012-06-02T01:09:51Z
Dii its to good and not need for any apology, in last ram aur priya ek sath hai vahi bahot hai   isse jyada acha kya ho sakta hai .i love ur os.fantastic.Edited by Nany - 2012-06-02T01:13:15Z
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Posted: 2012-06-02T01:43:30Z
Originally posted by azk92


Loved Ram's dialogue! And you know what im not even upset you didnt make her redeem herself LOL
I just loved it!! You are too good girl!! 

Loved the whole scenario with the car and the walking away and the mandir and then the tablets!! 


Ram's dialogues, actually monologue LOL was the first thing I wrote.. aage peechhe ka sab bad mein adjust kiya hai! LOL

Yeah.. feeling so much better after venting out on Priya (even though indirectly... hihihi)

Still, haven't forgiven her. Will wait till Monday ep to see what route does she take.. apologise and confide (0.000001% Chance, but still..) OR continue the spewing..

Moreover, lets leave the redemption for the SGP takes.. will have something new to write about. Wink
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Posted: 2012-06-02T01:48:27Z
Originally posted by ravichitra

Darling yehi kaafi hain. Finally Ram ki Priya is in Ram ki baahein. Apologies toh phir ho jaayenge.
 And do continue. Show something like Ram is still pissed off and Priya pacifying him atleast for a couple of days but within the room. Outside the room she can continue her drama before Niharika. This leaves an idea to Ram too.

hey Chitra,

You are right.. apologies toh baad mein ho jaayengi. Let Ram get some tasalli with his Priya in his arms. No matter how much I am hating this Priya, but can't keep them both away from each other for long. Can't see Ram like that and w/o Priya, that's impossible. That's why this ending, Warna I was thinking of ending it with the monologue. Unhappy 

Will cover all that you want in SGP takes.. Embarrassed

Thanks for reading! 
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Posted: 2012-06-02T01:50:14Z
Originally posted by Nany

Dii its to good and not need for any apology, in last ram aur priya ek sath hai vahi bahot hai   isse jyada acha kya ho sakta hai .i love ur os.fantastic.

Hi Nany,

Thank you so much. Hug

Yeah, felt obligated to get them both together.. such is the charm of their jodi. Tongue
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Posted: 2012-06-02T02:22:21Z
Awesome Punya. No need for apologies because what  y ou have written blends perfectly with the flow and no need for explanations to have Ram and Priya back together. 
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