OS: Bas Ek Pal...

Posted: 2012-06-01T15:53:54Z

Hey guys,

I wrote another OS.  I stole some of the dialogues from Thursday's episode so sorry in advance but I promise I added lots to it!! I hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like/comment!! 

WARNING: It's suuper super super long! The longest thing i've ever written, almost triple my normal OS lengths! If you want me to break it up into parts, comment and i'll do it!


Priya enters the room, followed by Ram, who closes and locks the door behind them.  She was shocked and couldn't control her smile to see the dcor of the suite.  A bottle of wine on the table, candles all around.  It was a nice romantic set up.  She had no idea Ram could make such arrangements! No doubt he had made arrangements on their special night but that was a different situation.  She glanced at the couch and couldn't help but smile at how small it was.  The smile wiped off her face instantly when she remembered Niharika and her charade.  It was so ironic how they had finally gotten 2 days to spend time together, and grow closer, and she had to spend these 2 days, the last 2 days of their marriage, making him completely hate her.  Why was life so cruel?  Nevertheless she was with Ram alone.  His company, his presence was enough to make her feel better.  She just needed his company to tell her that everything was going to be ok.  Or was it? 

Priya: Arrangements toh aap ne kaafi achhe ki hai, lekin what a waste.  

Ram: Why?

Priya: Aap shayad bhool gaye Mr.Kapoor.  Yahaan aane se pehle maine aap se kaha tha ke main aap ke saath aaaoungi lekin iss shart par ke hum alag alag kamron mein rehenge.  

Ram's heart sank.  He thought she might have forgotten.  But nothing gets past his feisty wife.  Fine, if she wanted to continue this game, so would he.  But not for long.  Today, he was going to make her talk.  He had it all planned out. 

Ram: Kuch bhoola nahi main.  Ek aur kamra aap ke book ho chuka hai.  Lekin jab tak hum sote nahi hai, kam se kam khana to yahan kha sakte hai, kuch baat cheet to kar sakte hai.  Maine tumhari har favourite cheez order ki hai.  

Priya looked up at him and smiled.  

Priya: Really? Aapko pata hai mujhe kya kya pasand hai? 

She used a sarcastic tone, as to not give away her real feelings but she was genuinely touched.  He remembered everything about her.  She never even imagined that Ram would ever know her likes and dislikes, even after they fell in love.  He just didn't seem like the type to remember these things.  It worked.  He bought the sarcasm.

Ram: Come on Priya, 6 mahino se ek saath reh rahe hai yaar. Tumhara sab kuch pata hai.  Tumhari pasand, tumhari na pasand, sab kuch ok.  Tum bhale mujhe apne zindagi ka hissa nahin maanti ho lekin tum meri zindagi ka hissa ho and I know you better than you think.  

Priya, in her thoughts: Main jaanti hu Ram, aur yehi toh problem hai.  Ke you know me better than I think.  Isiliye toh yeh khel itna mushkil ho gaya hai.  Kyun ki aap ko mera natak saaf saaf dikhraha hai.   Actually, andar hi andar mujhe achha lag raha hai ke aap jaante hai ke main natak kar rahi hu lekin main Niharika ke saamne kya karu ab.  Yeh natak bahut zaruri hai usse divert karne ke liye.  Aur aap yeh kaam mere liye aur bhi mushkil kar rahe hai.  Kyun karte hai aap mujhse itna pyaar?  Mujhe bahut accha lag raha hai ke aap meri saari pasand, na pasand jaante hai aur sach kahu toh aap meri zindagi ka hissa hi nahi, balki meri zindagi hi hai.  Lekin iss waqt main sach nahi keh sakti.  Lekin ek din main aap ko yeh baat batakar hi rahungi.  

Priya: Uh, tab bhi. I mean its ok aap ne itne arrangement kiye hai lekin koi fayda nahi.  Kyun ki mere liye chahe jo kuch bhi khana order kiya ho, main khane nahi waali hoon.  Mujhe sirf juice peena hai, that's it.  

Ram smiles.  Bingo.  Just what he was waiting for.  Her request for juice.  He couldn't help noticing her flustered attitude seeing his arrangements.  She really did not know how to lie well, especially to him.  There was something in her tone that gave away that she was lying.  And her eyes spoke volumes compared to her words.  She also kept looking here and there and secretly smiling to herself.  Maybe tonight he could finally make her tell him and then they could enjoy the next couple of days as a couple, and just spend time together and catch up on all the time they lost in the last month.  

Ram: Jaanta hu.  Who bhi intezaam kiya hai maine, juice wahan par hai.  Kam se kam aap ki ijazat ho toh juice serve kar sakta hu.

Priya avoided looking at him.  She knew she had given it away.  She could tell by his tone that he was mocking her now.  He was right, he really did know her a lot better than she thought he did. 

Priya, avoiding to look at him, in a very sarcastic tone: Yeah, ok whatever, lekin jaldi kijiye, mujhe bahut pyaas lagi hai. 

She walked over and sat down on the couch.  It was small and she knew Ram wouldn't come and sit next to her there.  Ram smiled and went to pour her juice.  He remembered the first time Priya had gotten drunk at Vikram and Neha's house.  She had nicknamed him Tablet Kapoor.  She was so cute when she was drunk.  Tonight was going to be fun.  If she didn't talk, at least they could forget about everything and just have a good time.  

Ram, in his thoughts: Sorry Priya, yeh sab karte hue mujhe achha toh nahi lag raha lekin kya karu, tumhare mooh se sachhai nikal ne ke liye ab bas ek hi tareeka bachha hai.  Aaj main woh sab kuch pata kar hi lunga jiss ka mujhe intezaar tha.  Thodi si daaru andar jaayegi toh tum apne aap mujhe sab bata dogi, yeh main jaanta hu.  Aur agar nahi batayi toh koi baat nahi, tumhe nashe ki halat mein, bahut cute lag rahi ho.  Aise hi, tum sab kuch bhulakar thode maze toh karogi.  

He pours the wine in the juice and walks over to her and hands it to her.  Priya starts drinking the spiked juice.

By the time she is finished the one glass, she is sprawled on the couch, completely intoxicated.  Ram is standing, watching her, loving her behavior. 

Priya, talli: Mr. Kapoor, aap radio on kijiye'pleasee

Ram: Kyun? 

Priya: Bas kijiye na, warna main karti hu' 

She stood up and wobbled a little, almost falling, but managed to steady herself and held on to the couch for support.  

Ram: Nahin ruko, main karta hu. 

He walked over to the stereo and turned on the music.  And looked over at Priya.  She stood up, wobbled a little.  He went and sat down on the other side of the couch, leaned back, crossed his arms and watched the show unfold.  He made sure he had the remote so he could turn off the stereo.

Priya: Thank you Mr. Kapoor' Aap ne yeh sab mere liye kiya.  Aap ne hamari one of the last evenings to kitna yaadgaar bana diya.  Yeh juice, yeh trip, yeh candles'lekin jo aap soch rahe hai, aisa kabhi nahi hoga'main jaa rahi' 

Raat akeli hai'Bujh gaye diye'. Aake Mere Paas, Kaano Mein Mere' Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye! 

The song cut her off.  Priya totally forgot what she was going to say and silently listened for a few seconds before' 

Priya: Are, yeh toh mera favourite gana hai! Mr. Kapoor, aaye mere saath dance kijiye!

Ram: Nahin main theek hu, tum dance karo na.. 

Ram was totally enjoying this.  He loved his talli wife.  And he was there.  He would make sure nothing happened to her.  Just a few minutes of fun couldn't hurt anyone! He wasn't doing anything wrong!  He just wanted a few minutes, without and fighting, without any arguing.  And besides, in a few minutes he would make her tell him what he wanted to know and then she would roll over and fall asleep.  Then the next morning, he would figure it all out and all this drama would finally be over! 

Priya walked over to Ram, who was still sitting on the couch, watching her with a cute smile on his face.  She started singing along with the radio. 

Raat akeli hai'Bujh gaye diye'. Aake Mere Paas, Kaano Mein Mere' Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye!

She grabbed his tie and pulled him off the couch.  Ram went along with it and stood in one spot.  He slipped the stereo remote in his pocket.  

She came in front of him and ran her index finger down the side of his face and ended with a tap.  Tum aaj mere liye ruk jaao, rut bhi hai fursat bhi hai' She looked him in the eyes passionately and touched his lips lightly with her 3 fingers.  Tumhein na ho na sahi, mujhe tumse mohabbat hai' She let go and turned around, biting her lower lip shyly. Mohabbat ki ijaazat hai, to chup kyun rahiye'.jo bhi chaahe kahiye'

She walks over to the side table'Raat akeli hai'She blows out a candle'Bujh gaye diye'She walks over to Ram  Aake Mere Paas,She comes close to his ear' Kaano Mein Mere' Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye' She turns around and bites her lower lip shyly again'Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye.. 

She takes a few steps away from him and turns her head to look at him, behind her' Sawaal bani hui dabi dabi uljhan sinon mein' jawaab dena tha, toh dube ho pasinon mein' She starts walking back towards him' Sawaal bani hui dabi dabi uljhan sinon mein'She takes her pallu and wipes the sweat off his face'Ram flashes back to the last time she did that' jawaab dena tha, toh dube ho pasinon mein' She steps back and looks at him'They share an eye-lock'thani hai do hasinon mein, toh chup kyun rahiye' jo bhi chahe kahiye' 

She turns around, facing her back to him, while singing the final lines of the song'Raat akeli hai'She starts to wobble and lose her balance, and starts to fall'Bujh gaye diye'Aake Mere Paas, Ram catches her and she looks up into his eyes, while still singing' Kaano Mein Mere'Holding her by the waist in one arm, he slips his other hand into his pocket and turns off the stereo' The radio fades out'Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye' There is silence between them.'Ram is holding her by the waist and she is looking up into his eyes' 

Priya, finishes and says the last line: Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye'

Ram helps her stand up, and makes her face him.  She starts to walk away when he grabs her by the arm and pulls her close to him, holding her tight by the arms.  Priya looks into his eyes.  People say when you're intoxicated, you lose your senses, but for Priya, being intoxicated in that moment felt like she was in her full and complete senses for the first time in a month.  She could finally open up and tell Ram how she feels' 

Ram: Are you sure? Kahu mujhe kya chahiye? 

Priya doesn't answer.  She just gets lost in his eyes.  Her heart pounding.  Even in an intoxicated state, Ram still had the same effect on her that he always had when he touched her.  Her heart started to race and she could feel electrical pulses down her entire body. 

Ram, repeats: Kahu mujhe kya chahiye? 

Priya, still lost in his eyes: Haan, kahiye' 

Ram: Tum jaanti ho mujhe kya chahiye Priya' Sirf ek cheez aur woh hai sachaai'

She snaps out of her trance, breaks the eye-lock and tries to release herself.  Ram holds her tight, not letting her budge.  

Priya: Uhh, please chodiye mujhe'Mujhe apne room main jaana hai' 

Ram: Nahi jaane doonga.  Aaj main tumhe kahin nahi jaane doonga.  Maine jaan bujh kar tumhe daaru pilaayi hai aaj.  Jab koi bhi aadmi ek aurat ko jaan bujh kar daaru pilata hai na, toh sirf isliliye karta hai kyun ki woh uska galat faayda uthana chahta hai.  Lekin maine aise kyun kiya jaan na chahti ho? Kyun ki main tumhari majboori jaan na chahta hu.

Priya looked back up at him.  She could see the pain, the intensity in his eyes.  She wobbled a bit, unable to stand properly, but Ram held her firmly, looking deep into her eyes. 

Ram continues: Main jaanta hu ke koi tumhe majboor kar raha hai kyun ki main jaanta hu tum mujhse kitna pyaar karti ho.  Achhi tarah se jaanta hu.  

Priya, in her thoughts: Aap bilkul sahi keh rahe hai Ram.  Koi mujhe majboor kar raha hai.  Aap ki sauteli Maa, jo aap kabhi vishwaas nahi karenge.  Aur aap bilkul sahi keh rahe hai, main aap se bahut pyar karti hu.  Apne aap se bhi zyada.  Isiliye main yeh sab kar rahi hoon.  

Ram: Jab tum iss tarah mujhe dekhti ho na, tumhari aankhon se pata lagta hai mujhe.  Jab main tumhe choota hu, toh main khud mehsoos karta hu ke tum kitna pyar karti ho.  

Priya just stood there, looking at him, lost in his eyes and his words again.  She could hear the passion in his voice.  She couldn't understand how he loved her so much.  How he could see through her drama through her eyes, and how he could feel her body respond to his touch.  She could feel the tears forming in her eyes.  He loved her so much and all she had done was hurt him over and over again. 

Ram, tightened his grip, shaking her a little: Aur agar tum mujhe itna pyar karti ho toh tum mujhe sab kuch kyun nahi bata rahi ho?  

She broke the eye contact and Ram shook her again, harder this time.  

Ram: Kyun nahi bata rahi ho kaun tumhe majboor kar raha hai? Kya hai uss ka naam.  Priya I love you.  Pyar karta hu main tumse.  Chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye, main hoon tumhare saath.  (he continued to shake her)  Toh tum kyun nahi vishwaas karsakti mujhpar.  Kyun nahi bata sakti mujhe.  Please Priya batao kaun hai woh.  Kaun hai woh aadmi jis ki vaja se tum yeh sab kar rahi ho? Batao.  

Priya started laughing.  She felt herself wobble again, about to fall, but Ram held her firmly.  

Priya: Nahi Mr. Kapoor.  Aap mere saath nahi hai.  Aap vishwaas nahi karenge.. aap iss baat par vishwaas nahi karenge.

Ram: Kyun nahi karunga Priya.  Batao Kaun hai? 

Priya: Kya jaan na chahte hai aap? Ke main yeh sab kyun kar rahi hoon? 

Ram: Haan please. 

Priya: Koi hai, aap ke bahut kareeb jo mujhse yeh sab karwa rahi hai' 

Ram: Kaun hai woh Priya. 

Priya, looking seriously into his eyes, slightly smiling and a tear falling: Main yeh sab isliye kar rahi hu kyun ki main aap se bahut pyar karti hu' 

Ram: Main jaanta hu.  Main jaanta hu ke tum mujhse bahut pyar karti ho, lekin phir bhi batao yeh sab kyun kar rahi ho?  

Priya, almost laughing: Bata du? 

Ram: Please Bata do. 

Priya: Aap kisi ko batayenge toh nahi? 

Ram: Nahi bataunga, I promise 

Priya, smiling: Promise 

Ram: I promise. 

Priya starts laughing again.  She wobbles again and Ram holds her firmly so she doesn't fall.  

Priya: Yeh sab isiliye kar rahi hu Mr. Kapoor (while laughing) kyun ki I love you.  

Ram sighs and rolls his eyes.  He already knew that but still felt a bit of relief knowing he wasn't wrong.  This was going to be harder than he thought.  Priya wasn't willing to talk, even in her intoxicated state.  But she had said "karwa rahi hai" which means her blackmailer is a woman.  He would get to the bottom of it and find out. 

Priya, while still laughing, and leaning back: I really love you.. 

Ram tightens his grip on her and steadies her again.  She hugs him and puts her head on his chest and her laughs quickly turn into cries.  He holds her steady with one arm and puts the other on his forehead, slightly frustrated.  

Priya, crying:  I love you Ram.  I really really love you'

Ram tightens his grip around her, holding her close.  He could feel Priya's tight hold around him and could hear her light sobs and he knew she was scared.  She was scared of what might possibly happen in the future.  He puts her hand on her head, holding her tighter to his heart, and she wobbles a bit more while hugging him and almost falls to the ground but he catches her and steadies her back up, and holds her tight clueless but at the same time helpless.  A couple of tears rolled down his cheeks.  He needed to get to the bottom of this.  He needed to stop his wife from hurting herself and him so much.

Priya felt Ram's tight hold around her.  She felt herself wobble and almost fall but Ram had caught her.  He had supported her and he held her tight, close to his heart.  All she could do was continuously tell him she loved him and cry.  She couldn't tell him who it was or why she was doing this.  Who, knew this may be their last physical contact for a long time.  She could slowly feel her senses coming back.  Not entirely, but she was starting to sober up.  She cherished the moment and held him tight, with her head on his chest.  She had wished for this moment for such a long time.  

Ram felt her loosen her hold a little.  He turned her around and scooped her up into his arms.  Priya put her arms around his neck and looked at him in the eyes, with tears flowing down.  He laid her gently on the bed and helped her change into her nightgown.  He tucked her into bed and turned to leave when Priya held his hand and gave him a pleading look.  She wouldn't remember anyways, he thought, I'll just sit for a few minutes until she fell asleep and then leave.  He laid down on the bed next to her, keeping his distance because he knew he would not be able to control himself and he didn't want to take advantage of her not being in her senses.  Priya looked at him with a blank look on her face.  He just looked at her, without acknowledging her look. 

Priya: Kya main aap ka haath pakad sakti hu? 

Ram: Kyun darr lag raha hai? 

Priya nods.

Ram: Kis baat ka darr? 

Priya: Kahin aap mujhe chod ke chale na jaaye.  Aap se door rehne ka darr'

Ram felt a pierce in his heart.  If she was so afraid, why was she doing this? What would happen if somehow they actually separated?  He knew she was not in her senses and by tomorrow, that fear would be buried deep within her heart and her charade would be full on.  He stretched his arm out, moving his hand closer to her so she can hold it.  Instead of holding his hand, she just moved closer to him and cuddled to him.  She rested her head on his chest, spread her arm across his torso and closed her eyes.  Ram was taken aback by this action.  He shook her a little. 

Ram: Priya, Priya'. 

But she didn't move.  She was fast asleep within a couple of minutes.  He cherished the moment and closed his arms around her tightly.  He kissed her on the head, rested his lips on her head and closed his eyes, a tear escaping from them.  This might be the last time they ever slept in each others arms.  Tomorrow, he would agree to whatever Priya said just so she could get what she wanted and finish this drama off.  And right now, she was hell bent that she wanted a divorce.  Every day she stabbed him in the same spot, deeper and deeper, making him live is biggest fear of her leaving.  Why was she doing this to him? Why? 

The next morning, Ram woke up first.  He silently thanked god that he woke up before Priya.  She was still in his arms, holding him tightly with her head on his chest.  He lifted her arm and moved her over so he could slide out.  He got dressed and went to get some tea.  He knew her head would be pounding, like it always was when she drank.  

Priya stirred and slowly woke up.  She found herself in Ram's room on his bed.  Wait, wait.  They had agreed to sleep in different rooms.  What happened last night? She looked down and found herself wearing her nightgown.  The last thing she remembers is wearing her black saree, drinking juice.  Uh Oh.  Did they? The thought made her blush.  She smiled shyly to herself.  Just then she hears Ram's voice. 

Ram: Priya' Priya' Utho! 

Ram walks in with a tray with tea.  Priya wipes the smile off her face and starts her drama.  

Priya: M..main yahan, iss kamre mein, aise' kaise? 

Ram smiled a wide smile.  She really didn't remember a thing.  

Ram, in his thoughts: Well well Priya, tumhe waaqai kuch yaad nahi hai haan.  Tum itna natak karti rehti ho na, ab tum dekho main kya karta hu' 

Ram:  Woh uh kal raat ko maine tumhe thodi si pilaadi.  Uss ke baad, tum ne' 

Priya: Maine kya' kya maine? 

Ram smiles remembering her little dance number, and then her laughing and then her crying and telling him she loved him, and then finally when he put her to bed, she snuggled close to him and slept with her head on his chest all night. 

Ram: Uss ke baad tum ne toh sab kuch kardiya..i mean come on, main kya karta?

Priya: Please Mr. Kapoor.  Mujhse mazaak mat kijiye.  Mujhe bataye, kya kiya, kya hua? 

Ram: Ok. Sorry, sorry relax.  Tension lene ki zarurat nahi hai.  Kal raat aisa kuch bhi nahi hua jo nahi ho na chahiye. Ok? Lekin haan, mujhe jo sunna tha, woh tum ne bata diya' 

Priya looked at him in shock.  Uh Oh.  What exactly did she tell him last night?  She didn't tell him about the plan did she? Or what about Niharika? Why was he smiling and so happy? 

Priya: Kya Kya jaan gaye aap?

Ram: Yahi ke tum mujhse pyar karti ho' 

Priya: Matlab? 

Ram: Matlab, jab tum nashe ki halat mein thi, tab tum ne mujhse kaha' that.. you love me.

Priya sighs a sigh of relief.  Ram already knew that.  It was no big deal.  But its good that she told him again.  After what she was doing to him, it was really important that he knew every step of the way how much she loved him'

Priya: Ohh.. Okay okay.  Toh? Iss mein kaunsi badi baat hai Mr. Kapoor.  I love you bolne ke liye mera koi nashe mein hona zaruri nahi hai.  Woh toh main aap ko aise bhi bol sakti hu.  I love you. 

Ram: Accha? Lekin tum aise bhi, nashe ki halat se bahar, mujhe gale lagte hue, tumhara sar mere dil pe rakhte hue, rote hue, keh sakti ho ke you love me?  Ke you really really love me? 

Priya flashes back to last night.  She faintly remembers hugging Ram and him holding her tight.  And then she remembers him carrying her to bed and falling asleep with her head on his chest.  

Ram: What is the problem, tum kyun kar rahi ho yeh sab? Yeh natak? 

Priya: Kyun ki sirf pyar hi zarurat nahi hota.  Duniya mein aisi bahut si zaruratein hoti hai, bahut si kwaishein hoti hai jo pyar nahi khareed sakta lekin paise khareed sakte hai.  Aur shayad, woh saari zaruratein mere liye pyar se zyada mayine rakhte hai.  

Ram raises an eyebrow at her.  He knew she was instantly lying and he even had proof of that from events of their past where she had chosen the emotional things over the materialistic.  But since she was so adamant, he played along with her.  

Ram: Woh sab kuch main tumhe dene ke liye tayyar hoon.  Toh phir tum mere saath reh kyun nahi sakti? 

Priya: Nahin Mr. Kapoor.  Its not possible.  Maine hamesha apni zindagi dusron ke liye jee hai.  Choti umar mein kaam karna shuru kardiya.  Ghar ko support karti thi.  Kartik aur Ayesha ki school ki fees, un ki shok, sab pura pura karte, meri apni zindagi kahin gum si ho gayi.  Ab Main apne liye jeena chahti hu.  Woh saari cheezein karna chahti hu jo maine kabhi nahi ki.  Bahar jaana chahti hu.  EK azaad zindagi ka sapna dekha hai maine.  APni marzi se. Bina kisi ko jawab diye. 

Ram: Toh maine kab kaha ke tumhe mujhe koi jawab dena padega.  Tum jo chaho karsakti ho.  Tumhein jo azaadi chahiye main tumhe doonga, tum bas mere saath hi raho.

Priya closed her eyes for a second, thinking, Ram aap yeh mere liye itna mushkil kyun kar rahe hai.  Why Ram.  Aap jaante hai ke main aap se kitna pyar karti hu toh phir aap mujhe jo jee main aaye kyun nahi karne dete.  Agar aap jaante hai ke main aap se kitna pyar karti hu aur aap ke bina nahi reh sakti toh phir main wapas aajaungi na.  Yeh aap hi ke liye toh sab karti hu'  

Priya: See aap aisa mat sochiye, aap mere liye matter nahi karte.  Its not that.  Matlab, humne jo bhi waqt saath mein bitaya hai who bhi matter karta hai but jo hamare beech hai, its not "love love".  Kaise samjhaun aap ko. Matlab, I love you, lekin husband jaisa love nahin hai.  Matlab, jaisa maine apne husband ke baare mein socha It's not like that.  Shayad ek dost ki tarah zyada hai.  Ek aisa dost ki tarah shayad jiss par main zindagi bhar bharosa kar sakti hu.  Aur kabhi bhi zarurat pade toh use keh sakti hu but not more than that.  Hum dono ke beech, shaadi ka hona Mr. Kapoor, yeh koi zaruri nahi hai.  

Now Ram was angry.  How could she say all those things! This time she had taken it too far! That their love was friendly love?  What about all those intimate moments they spent together? What about their last happy conversation, about starting a family? Had she forgotten all those moments? How could she insult their love like that! Not only had she insulted his love, but her own!

Ram: Achha Priya?  It's not husband jaisa love haan.  Kya tum tumhare har dost ko cheek cheek ke kehti ho ke tumhe uss ki har baat achhi lagti hai, yahan tak ke uss ka paseena, usske kharrate, uss ki dil ki dhadkan acchi lagti hai?  Kya tum tumhare har dost ko kehti ho ke tum uss ke ilava kisi aur ko notice hi nahi karti, ke agar tum alag ho jao toh tumhara din ki shuruat aur din ka ant uss ke naam se hoga?  Kya tum tumhare har dost ko cheek cheek ke kehti ho ke tum usse pyaar karti ho?  Toh tum tumhare har dost ke saath pyar bhari raat bitaati ho, usse kehti ho ke aaj ke baad uss couch pe koi nahi soyega? Tumhare har dost ke saath apni dil ki baat batati ho? Tumhare har dost ke saath apni zindagi ki choti choti wishes ko poora karti ho? Tumhare har dost ke saath tum apne dil ki sabse badi khwaish share karti ho, ke tum kisi ko zindagi dena chahti ho, tum maa ban na chahti ho?  Tumhare har dost ka itna achhe se khayal rakhti ho, uss ki adaton ki, uss ki dawaiyon ki, uss ke khane ki?  Aur kya kaha tumne?  Jaisa tumhara apna husband ke baare mein socha waisa nahi hai? Toh phir kaisa hai tumhare liye husband jaisa pyar? Jo tum Ashwin ke liye mehsoos karti thi?  Aur yeh apni bharose wali bakwaas band karo.  Tum kaunsa bharosa karti ho mujhpe haan?  Agar sach mein bharosa karti, toh phir mujhe sab bata thi ke tumhe yeh natak karne pe kaun majboor kar raha hai.  But you know what, yeh sab toh ab tumhe kehna bhi bekaar hai.  Yeh sab baatein kar ke tum mere pyaar pe kya, apne aap ka pyaar insult kar rahi ho.  Jaanti ho kyun, kyun tumhi ne yeh sab kaha tha.  Tumhhi ne kaha tha ke jis rajkumar ka tumhe hamesha se intezaar tha, who tumhari zindagi mein aa chuka hai.  Kya tha woh sab Priya?

Tears welled up in her eyes as she heard Ram speak like this.  He had just described the most beautiful memories of her life that she had shared with him and only him.  Her confession, the wishes, their special night, their conversation about starting a family together.  And he was right, she shouldn't have said that.  She not only insulted his love but her own by saying those things.  And what did he  say about Ashwin? That what she had with him was the type of love she was expecting in her life? No way! How could Ram even think that!  But she had forced him to think and believe it.  He said she didn't trust him but he didn't know what he was dealing with.  Maybe she really didn't trust him here.  Maybe she truly believed that he wouldn't support her and that's why she was so afraid of telling him; because she was afraid of losing him.  But what was she doing now?  Was this any better?  She was losing him by hurting him this way.  But there were only a few more days left.  If she stayed strong, maybe their relationship would get back to normal after Niharika's exposure.  She couldn't back down now.  

Priya: Please mujhe azaad kardijiye.  Mujhe divorce de dijiye.  Mujhe apni zindagi apne tareeke se jeene hai. Aur yeh sab tab hi possible hoga jab main aap se door chali jaaon.  Shaadi ke jaise rishte mein agar pati patni wala pyar hi na ho, understanding hi na ho, toh aise rishte ka tootna hi accha hai.  Aap jaane dijiye mujhe apne se door.  Aur phir agar kabhi mujhe laga ke nahi main galat thi, aur mein sach mein aap se pyar karti hu, aur mujhe aap ke saath hi rehna chahiye, toh mein wapas ajaungi na.  

There was only one way to make Priya stop and it was to play her at her own game.  Now he was really hurt.  All this time he had brushed it off thinking its just a drama, but now she had to know how he really felt.  She was taking this way too far.  How could she say that she would just come back if she realized damn it?  How much more was she going to insult their love? 

Ram: Your right, hum dono ke beech shaadi ka hona zaruri nahi hai.  You're absolutely right Priya.  Tumhe jo b hi chahiye mein de deta hoon.  Divorce , paisa, everything that you want.  Lekin ek cheez samajh lo.  Main yeh sab isiliye nahi karta hu kyun ki main tumhari baatein maan ne laga hu.  Main jaanta hu ke tum jo bhi reason tum mujhe de rahi ho, who sab bakwaas hai.  Main tumhe bahut acchi tarah se jaanta hu.  Jo bhi yeh natak tum kar rahi ho na, job hi plan tum poora karna chahti ho na, jab tak who plan tum poora nahi kar paogi, tum apni zid se peeche nahi hatne waali.  Isiliye mujhe peeche hatna padega.  Main peeche hatne ke liye tayyar hoon.  

Ram: You know what, Priya, aaj tak tumne jo bhi baatein kahi, maine bardaasht kiya.  Yahan tak tum mere baare mein, Poorani kothi mein, Maa ke kamre ke saamne itna kuch kaha, maine sab bardasht kiya.  Lekin ab aur nahi. Aaj tum ne jo baat kahi, hamare pyar ke baare mein, hamari shaadi ke baare mein, main jaanta hu sab bakwaas hai lekin phir bhi mujhe iss baat se bahut takleef hui hai Priya.  You took this way too far.  Is se acha tum mujhe sachaai bata deti, aur main tumhe divorce dede ta aur tumhari madat bhi kardeta kyun ki maine tumse kaha hai ke main tumahre saath hoon.  Chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye.  Chahe woh aurat jo tumhe majboor kar rahi hai mere jitne bhi kareeb kyun na ho.  Woh tumse zyada mere kareeb nahi ho sakti.  Lekin tum ne meri baat nahi maani.  

Ram: Tum ne abhi abhi kaha ke ho sakta hai ke tum wapas aajaao.  Aage jaake tum wapas aao ya nahi aao, lekin jab tak yeh nautanki khatam nahi ho jaati, mujhe apni shakal mat dikhana tum.  Aur ek baat yaad rakhna Priya, kahin aisa na ho ke tumhe yeh realize karte hue ke tum kitni galat ho, bahut der na ho jaaye.  Kahin aisa na ho ke main hi badal jaoon aur phir tumhe wapas na aane doon.  Kahin aisa na ho ke hamara rishta, jo filhaal ke liye kaagaz ke tukde se khatam ho ne wala hai, woh hamesha ke liye hamare dil mein bhi khatam ho jaaye.  Tum mujhse koi ummeed mat rakhna ke main hamesha ke liye tumhara intezaar karunga.  Jitni chot, jitna dukh tumne aaj mujhe paunchayi hai Priya, main nahin jaanta ke main tumhe kabhi maaf bhi kar sakunga.  Maine apne zindagi ke 40 saal akele guzari hai.  Phir tum meri zindagi mein aayi.  Aur ab tum jaa rahi ho, aura aage ki zindagi main akele hi kaatunga.  Lekin tumhara intezar mein nahin, balke un khubsoorat pal ki yaadon mein jo maine meri Priya ke saath bitaaye.  Woh Priya, jo kahin kho gayi hai, apne kisi maksat mein jo uss ke liye hamari shaadi, hamare rishte se bhi zyada mayine rakhta hai.  Aur mera yakeen mano, main tumhari yaad mein kabhi nahi ronga.  Thank you, Priya, mujhe meri Maa ki tarah, ek baar phir yeh ehsaas dilane ke liye, ke aurat aur rishte pe vishwaas na kiya jaaye toh accha hai.  Na dukh hoga, na dur jaane ka gham hoga.  

And with that he walks out, leaving Priya with tears streaming down her face at what he had just said.  She just couldn't control them anymore.  She could feel the physical stab in her heart.  How had she taken this way too far.  How could she hurt him so badly and not even realize it?  She really didn't deserve his love anymore.  All he had done was love her unconditionally and all she had done was hurt him more and more each time in this stupid game that she was playing.  It still wasn't too late.  Maybe she should come clean.  He might still be there for her.  Or was it too late? 

Tu Ek Baar Jo Pyaar Se Mujhsko Chuley Tho Har Zakhm Bhar Jayegaa, 
Zara Ithzaa Suun Ke Dewaane Dilki Mujhe Aapne Dilse Lagaa... 

Tere Pyaar Mein Aise Jiyain Hum, 
Jala Hain Yeh Dil...yeh Ankhen Hue Nam 

Bas Ek Pal...  

Hamare Khayalo Mein Khwabaon Mein Yadhaon Mein Bathaon Mein Rehthe Ho Tum, 
Badaake Mein Yeh Haath Chuna Jo Chahuin Tho Pal Bar Mein Hothe Ho Gum. 

Tere Pyaar Mein Aise Jiyain Hum, 
Jala Hain Yeh Dil...yeh Ankhen Hue Nam

Bas Ek Pal Mein 

Sunaah Hain Mohabbath Ki Thakdeer Mein, Likhein Hain Andherein Ghanee, 
Thabi Aaj Shayad Sitare Sabi Zara Saahi Roshan Hue... 

Mere Haath Ki In Lakeeron Mein Likhe Abhi Aur Kithne... Sitam, 
Khafaa Ho Gayein Hain Kushi Waqt Sey Ho Rahein Hain Meherbaan Gam, 

Tere Pyaar Mein Aise Jiyain Hum, 
Jala Hain Yeh Dil...yeh Ankhen Hue Nam

Bas Ek Pal... 

Ram comes back a couple of hours later.  His eyes were red and swollen and he had an angry look on his face.  Priya had gotten dressed and was sitting on the couch, with tears in her eyes, lost in her memories with Ram.  He didn't even say hi to her.  He just started packing his bag and then hers.  He turned to face her.  

Ram: ab agar hum dono ke beech koi rishta nai rehne wala, toh phir yeh shehr se bahar ana, yeh do din ke saath rehna, yeh natak, kisliye.  Toh I feel yahan tumahre saath time waste Kar ne ki bajai, mujhe shayad un logon ke saath rehna chahiye jinho ne ab bhi meri parwa hai'

He started to walk away. 

Priya: Mujhe aap ki parwa hai Ram.

He stopped but didn't turn around.  She called him Ram.  She was being serious for once.  How he craved to hear his name from her.  She had said it so much last night but she was not in her senses and doesn't remember a thing.  Priya stood up and took a couple of steps towards him and stopped. 

Priya: Mujhe aap ki parwa hai.  Main aap ko nahi bata sakti ke mere saath yeh sab kaun kar raha hai.  Aap ko mujhpar bharosa karna hoga.

He turned around and came back to her.  He held out his hand.     

Ram: Ab jab hum dono ke beech koi rishta hi nahi hai toh phir tum yeh mangalsutra, yeh ring aur yeh sindoor kyun pehni ho?  Waise bhi tumne toh hamari shaadi aur hamara pyaar, sorry, mera pyaar, kyun ki tum toh mujhse pyar karti hi nahi ho hai na.  Un ka mazaak banadiya hai.  Ab iss mangalsutra, yeh ring aur yeh sindoor ka aur abmaan mat karo.  Yahan do isse.  

Priya clutched her mangalsutra tightly in her hand and looked at him with pleading eyes, tears streaming down her face. 

Ram: Aur maine hi yeh sindoor lagaya tha na tumhe, toh ab main hi mitata hoon.  

He moved his hand and was about to wipe it off her forehead when she held his hand and looked up at him.  She was holding his hand with one hand and her mangalsutra in the other.  Tears were flowing non-stop from her eyes.  She couldn't do it.  She couldn't end this relationship.  Not like this.  Not after hurting him so much.  She knew she didn't deserve his love but still, she still loved him and she couldn't bring herself to do it. 

Priya: Nahin Ram.  Main yeh mangalsutra nahin utarungi, aur aap mere sindoor ko haath tak nahi lagaayenge aur yeh ring bhi meri hi ungli mein rahegi. 

Ram: Kyun Priya, ab iss ka kya fayda?  Hamara rishta khatam ho chuka hai.  Tumhi ne kaha na ke tumhe divorce chahiye, tum mujhse waisa "husband" wala pyaar nahi karti, toh ab kya hua?  At least in cheezon ka toh abmaan mat karo.  

He left her, he knew he had said enough.  He just turned around and started walking towards the door again.  Just as he walked out the door, he stopped outside.  

Priya fell on her knees and started sobbing: Bas, Ram.  Main ab aur nahi kar sakti.  I cant do it anymore!  I'm sorry Ram.  Im sorry.  Bahut pyar karti hu aapse.  Aap sahi keh rahe the.  Main aap se bahut pyar karti hu.  Apne aap se bhi zyada.  Itna ke main khud nahi jaanti kitna.  Aur isi pyaar ke vaja se main yeh sab kar rahi hoon.  Meri har ek baat ke liye jo aap ko itni chot paunchayi hai.  Mere har ek harkat ke liye jiss ki vaja se aap ke dil mein chot paunchi hai.    Lekin main aap ko nahi bata sakti mere saath yeh sab kaun kar raha hai.  Aap ko mera vishwaas karna hoga, mujhpe bharosa karna hoga.  

He felt his eyes fill up with tears seeing Priya in that state.  He knew he had hurt her but she had hurt them both and he had to make her stop.  He had to make her stop hurting herself and him.  He had tried to talk to her, he tried to emotionally blackmail her by reminding her of their constant memories, he had tried to intoxicate her into telling him, but nothing seemed to work.  And today, she had crossed all the limits.  She had taken this too far and he was actually hurt by what she said.  Playing her at her own game was the only way to make her talk.  She had broken.  He had broken the shield she had created around herself.  And now that he was in, he would take care of it.  He would kill the person who had put Priya through this, who had put him through this. 

He slowly walked in and stopped.  Priya was still sobbing on her knees with her head hung down.  He walked over to her and stood in front of her.  He held her by the shoulders and made her stand up. 

Ram: Priya look at me. 

She didn't look at him.  She just kept looking down and sobbing. 

Ram: Priya, look at me!

He raised her chin forcefully to make her look at him.  

Ram: Priya mujhe batao tumhe majboor kaun kar raha hai.  

This was it for her.  She couldn't hide it anymore. She couldn't hurt him or herself anymore.  She couldn't play this game or continue this charade anymore.  She could feel the physical pain in her heart.  Ram shook her again.  

Ram:  Priya, batao!

Priya choked out between her sobs: Nn'Nn..Niharika'

Ram let go of her instantly.  He felt the blow.  No wonder she wasn't willing to tell him anything, because she knew how much he loved his family.  But what she didn't know was that he loved her more.  She was his life and she was the one who he breathed and lived for.  

Priya felt him let go, she stopped crying: Kya hua Ram? Yakeen nahi ho raha?  Niharika hai woh aurat jo mujhse yeh sab karwa rahi hai' Woh aapke paise ke peeche padi hai.  Jis tarah se who aap ke maa-baap ko alag karna chahti thi, who humein bhi alag karna chahti hai, aap ke paison ke liye.  Haan Ram, aap ki asli Maa, Krishna Kapoor.  Niharika ne usse aap ki jaan lene ki dhamki di thi agar woh aap ko chod ke na chali jaaye toh.  Main yeh natak isliye kar rahi thi, taake aapki company bacha saku aur usse mere upar shak na howe jab main uss ki sachaai aap ke saamne laane ki koshish karu.  Ab khush hai aap? Sab pata chal gaya hai aapko.  Lekin mere paas abhi tak saare sabut nahi hai jin ke bina aap ko kabhi nahi meri baaton par vishwaas hoga.  Isiliye main aap se itna divorce ki zid kar rahi thi.  Alimony ke daur par aap ki company ko bachane ke liye jab tak main sabut ekhate na karu.  Ab jaaye, unhe sab bata dijiye aur dekhiye woh kaise meri baaton ko ghuma phera ke hamare rishte mein daraar peda karti hai. 

Ram grabbed her shoulders again: Sabut Priya? What the hell are you saying?  (She started sobbing again..)Mujhe tumhari baaton pe vishwaas kar ne ke liye sabut ki zarurat kab se padi?  Aur tum mere company, mere paison ki vaja se itna sab kuch kar rahi thi? Bhad mein jaaye meri company Priya! Agar iss duniya mein koi bhi cheez mere liye sabse zyada mayine rakhti hai, toh woh tha tumhara saath aur tumhara pyaar, jo main kisi tarah kho chuka hoon!  Why Priya, why did you do this?  Tum ne mujhe sachaai kyun nahi bataayi?  Tum ne mujhpar vishwaas kyun nahi kiya Priya? Main tumhara saath deta.  Main tumhe har musibat, har mushkil se bachata Priya.  Kyun tumne sab apne sar pe le liya, jab maine tumhe kitni baar kaha ke main tumse kitna pyar karta hu aur main hamesha tumhare saath hoon.  Kyun tum apne aap ko itni takleef deti rahi?  Haan Priya main jaanta hu ke tumhe kitni takleef hui hogi yeh saari baatein mujhe kehte hue.  Mujhe bhi utni hi takleef hui hamari aaj subah waali baat se lekin main kya karta.  Tumse sachaai nikal ne ka mere paas aur koi tareeka nahi bachata tumhare khel khel ne ke sivaai. Kyun Priya Kyun?  Kyun tumne mere pyar ka mazaak bana diya.  Tum jaanti ho who 3 din jab tum mere saath nahi thi mujhe kitni takleef hui thi.  Main jaanta hu tumhe bhi hui thi,  Mujhe tumhari in aankhon mein sab dikh raha hai Priya.  Tum jaanti thi ke main kabhi, tumse nafrat nahi karsakta toh phir tum yeh koshish kyun karti rahi Priya?  Kyun mujhe itna hurt karti rahi.  Tum jaanti ho mujhe kis baat se sabse zyada dukh hua hai.  Ke tumne mujhpar bharosa nahin kiya.  Bharose ke bina pyar kya hota hai Priya?  Aur doosra sabse bada dukh iss baat se ke tum apne aap ko itni takleef deti rahi.  Itna kuch sehti rahi.  Mujhe tumhari yeh takleef nahi dekhi jaati, tumhe yeh baat samaj mein kyun nahi aata.  Kya karun main tumhe yeh baat samjhane ke liye?!  I love YOU Priya.  Sabse zyada, apne parivaar se bhi zyada, apne aap se bhi zyada.  Mujhe koi farak nahi padta ke koi meri zindagi mein rahe ya na rahe lekin mujhse yeh bardaasht nahi hota ke tum mujhse itni door ho.  Main nahi jee sakta tumhare beger.  Why don't you understand that Priya, tum hamesha mujhe hazaron maut marne pe majboor kyun kar rahi ho? 

Priya put her hand on his mouth and continued to sob.  By now, Ram had tears flowing out of his eyes too.  He was still holding on to her by her arms.  She fell on him and buried her head in his chest and continued to sob.

Priya, while sobbing: I'm sorry Ram' I'm really sorry' Main nahin jaanti thi ke main kya karun.  Maine sirf wahi kiya jo mujhe uss waqt theek laga.  Bahut pyar karti hu aapse.  Apne aap se bhi zyada.  Itna ke main khud nahi jaanti kitna.  I'm really really sorry Ram' 

Ram wiped his eyes with one hand, holding Priya with the other. Then he wrapped both his arms around her and held her tight.  She continued to sob.  He rubbed her back and rested his cheek on her head and held her as tight as he could.  They had both lashed out at each other and they both needed each other's comfort.  He couldn't see her in so much pain and she couldn't bear the thought of hurting him anymore.  

Ram: Shhh Priya, bas.. Ab rhona band karo.  Bahut aansu bahai tumne in kuch dinon mein.  Ab bas' Aur nahi.  

She continued to sob with her head on his chest.  He continued to hold her tight and rub her back.  He put his hand on her head, holding It even closer and caressed her hair.  After a few minutes, Priya finally stopped sobbing.  But they both stood in an embrace for a long long time.  Priya just stood there, holding Ram tight, with her head on his chest, and her eyes closed, focusing on his heartbeat which had started off racing and was finally starting to slow down.  Ram tried to separate her from himself so he could wipe her tears but she wouldn't let him.  She just clinged onto him tightly as if to never want to let go.  After a few more minutes, Ram felt her loosen her grip a little.  He moved her back and looked into her eyes.  He wiped her tears.  

Ram: Priya tum jaanti ho, tumhari yeh khubsoorat aankhen kabhi bhi tumhara saath nahi deti jab tum jhoot bolti ho.  In mein hamesha kuch aur nazar aata hai.  Mujhe tumhari yeh aankon se tumhari dil ki har ek baat pata chal jaati hai.  Aur sab se badi baat, jab tum kehti ho ke tum mujhse pyaar nahi karti, tumhari aankhon mein mujhe pyar ke sivaai aur kuch nazar nahi aata.  Aur tumhare yeh aansu, jo tum chupa ke rakhti ho, woh bhi mujhe har baar nazar aate hai.  Yeh wahi aansu hai jo tumhare dil ke shabd hai, jo zubaan pe nahi aate.  Aur ek aur baat kahu?  Tumhari muskurahat bhi bahut pyari hai Priya pata hai kyun, kyun ki jab tum natak karti ho, aur nakli muskurane ki koshish karti ho, toh tumhari yeh muskurahat kabhi nakli nahi hoti.  Main jaanta hu tum kitni khush thi jab maine tumse yeh kaha ke hum 2 din saath mein bitaayenge.  Aur main yeh bhi jaanta hu ke maine jab gaadi mein tumhe who sab yaadein dilane ki koshish kar raha tha, tab bhi tumhare aakhon mein aansu aur chehre pe muskurahat bhi the.  Kyun ke tum acchi tarah se jaanti ho ke woh pal, woh yaadein hamari zindagi ke sabse khubsoorat pal the.  Aur tum jitni bhi koshish karo un yaadon ke baare mein baat na karne ki, who hamesha tumhare dil mein rahengi.  I love you so much Priya, please dobara mujhse door jaane ki koshish mat karna.  Main sach mein nahi jee paunga tumhare beger.  Main mar' 

Priya puts her fingers on his lips and shakes her head.  

She hugs him tight again.  

Priya: I love you too Ram.  Main aap ko chod ke kabhi nahi jaungi.  

He kisses her on the forehead and holds her tight,  That was where Priya belonged, in Ram's arms, with her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.  That was where she wanted to live and where she wanted to die.  They stand in another long embrace which lasts forever. 

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 am first .. and i love the fact that made Ram strooong!!!
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you are right dear! they belong in each others arms, and I belong in a dream world called  Ambywood or Azkland! your pick!Hug Edited by mem1 - 2012-06-01T16:42:32Z
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Yaar amby,
kya kamaal ki writing hai !!! you have shown your angst in th emost productive way possible... by creating a beautiful scenario wherein we get to see Ram Kapoor asserting himself totally and effectively and Priya changes from being "BhagwanPriyato Mrs. priya Ram Kapoor. the way you wrought the transition is awesome man!!

Take a bow and i take my hat off to you!!

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Originally posted by mem1

you are right dear! they belong in each others arms, and I belong in a dream world called  Ambywood or Azkland! your pick!Hug

HEY! where have you been? You went gayab!! Missed you!!
Amy said to say hi to you haha she said she was missing you!

LOL thanks.. im in dreamland too.. couldnt end it on an unhappy note.. LOL 
I dont knwo you decide.. 

P.S. SGP is in full motion.. we're gna talk tmrw and figure it out.. desperately need to write now! 

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Originally posted by nandinimp

Yaar amby,
kya kamaal ki writing hai !!! you have shown your angst in th emost productive way possible... by creating a beautiful scenario wherein we get to see Ram Kapoor asserting himself totally and effectively and Priya changes from being "BhagwanPriyato Mrs. priya Ram Kapoor. the way you wrought the transition is awesome man!!

Take a bow and i take my hat off to you!!

Thank youuu so much!! 
I'm sooo glad you liked it!! Embarrassed
I couldn't just leave her in the middle of Ram's crazy dialogues, no matter how nasty she was, cuz I know he wouldn't do that even though we all wish he would!!  And its an Amby creation so it has to end on a happy note, with them together of course! 
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Day DreamingDay Dreaming
Originally posted by azk92

Originally posted by nandinimp

Yaar amby,
kya kamaal ki writing hai !!! you have shown your angst in th emost productive way possible... by creating a beautiful scenario wherein we get to see Ram Kapoor asserting himself totally and effectively and Priya changes from being "BhagwanPriyato Mrs. priya Ram Kapoor. the way you wrought the transition is awesome man!!

Take a bow and i take my hat off to you!!

Thank youuu so much!! 
I'm sooo glad you liked it!! Embarrassed
I couldn't just leave her in the middle of Ram's crazy dialogues, no matter how nasty she was, cuz I know he wouldn't do that even though we all wish he would!!  And its an Amby creation so it has to end on a happy note, with them together of course! 

You my dear girl are too generous... she does not deserve any grace for the "I am mahan" complex that she is carrying around like a chip on her shoulder...but like you said Ram kapoor will never ever hurt her- emotionally, psychologically - never ever.. and therein lies the charm of the big man!!! I saw the ram Kapoor that raised my hopes of a perfect man in your Os man... kaash aiso koi hota.. aur woh mere zindagi me hota!!!!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
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Yaar amby,
kya kamaal ki writing hai !!! you have shown your angst in th emost productive way possible... by creating a beautiful scenario wherein we get to see Ram Kapoor asserting himself totally and effectively and Priya changes from being "BhagwanPriyato Mrs. priya Ram Kapoor. the way you wrought the transition is awesome man!!

Take a bow and i take my hat off to you!!

Thank youuu so much!! 
I'm sooo glad you liked it!! Embarrassed
I couldn't just leave her in the middle of Ram's crazy dialogues, no matter how nasty she was, cuz I know he wouldn't do that even though we all wish he would!!  And its an Amby creation so it has to end on a happy note, with them together of course! 

You my dear girl are too generous... she does not deserve any grace for the "I am mahan" complex that she is carrying around like a chip on her shoulder...but like you said Ram kapoor will never ever hurt her- emotionally, psychologically - never ever.. and therein lies the charm of the big man!!! I saw the ram Kapoor that raised my hopes of a perfect man in your Os man... kaash aiso koi hota.. aur woh mere zindagi me hota!!!!!Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

I know thats why i was really apprehensive about it.. I mean when i started, i was really pissed off. like i planned to just make him totally leave.. but then once i got past the talli Priya part, i couldnt stick to it anymore.. just couldnt make him do it... cuz thast what i love about RK that he really is the perfect man! Honestly haan! Wish meri zindagi mein bhi hota hahaha Day Dreaming
all my perfect man fantasies are coming out through this OS/FF writing hahahaha Embarrassed
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