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Hey Guys,

Another OS at 3:30 in the morning.. Wanted to finish it so sorry if it isn't the greatest!!  Especially at the end..i legitimately kind of fell asleep at my laptop hahaha...Tongue I think I should stick to fixing the CVs scenes instead of this now... Wink Hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like/comment!

ENJOY! and Goodnight! Sleepy

All the good times and beautiful memories she spent with Ram flashed in front of Priya's eyes as she listened to the song that was playing.  A slight smile lingered on her lips and tears threatened to fall from her eyes.  These were tears of happiness as well as tears of worry and pain.  Thinking of all the beautiful times they spent together brought tears of happiness to her eyes.  She had never sat and reflected on them before.  And every word Ram said about the end of their relationship brought tears of worry and pain.  Evey word he said stabbed Priya in the heart.  A little deeper each time.  She closed her eyes and thought about all the nasty things she had said to him in the last few days.  Had they hurt him the same way she was hurting right now?  She shrugged off the negative thoughts.  Only a few more days before Niharika would finally be exposed and then she could tell Ram how she really felt.  She looked out the window, remembering their memories again, and they drove the rest of the way in silence. 

Ram was stealing glances at Priya throughout the drive.  He noticed her slightly smile for a fraction of a second, when he mentioned one of their happy or funny memories.  And He noticed the tears threatening to escape from her eyes every time he mentioned the end of their relationship.  Her tone while talking to him in the car was different too.  More like a painful tone instead of a feisty one.  As much as he hated doing this to Priya, and seeing her in so much pain, this was the only way to make her open up; to remind her of the beautiful times they spent together.  

He stopped the car and got out.  It was dark out, and Priya couldn't tell where they were.  It wasn't until he opened the passenger side door that she realized they were at her favourite place; the beach.  She got out of the car and looked at the view in front of her.  This was the place that made her feel at peace.  The sound of the waves crashing against the shore were so soothing and relaxing.  They made her forget all her worries.  Ram closed the door and stood next to her. 

Ram: Chalein? 

She gave him a blank look.  Why had he brought her here?

Ram: Mujhe taare gin ne ka mann kar raha tha.  

That one sentence was enough to set off her emotions again.  She had tried so hard to control them, but memories of her wishes and counting stars came flooding back to her.  This was the same man standing in front of her, who without any question, had fulfilled all her wishes in one week when she had the BC scare.  Those were undoubtedly some of the best moments of their lives.  They had grown so much closer during those 6 days.  No, she couldn't fall weak now. She had to maintain this charade for a few more days.  She blinked her eyes a few times to get rid of the tears. 

Priya: Lekin mujhe taare nahin gin ne.  Main gaadi mein aap ka wait kar rahi hu. 

She turned to leave. 

Ram: Maine tumhe kya kaha tha? Tumhe divorce chahiye toh tumhe mere saath 2 din bitaane honge, meri kahi hui jagah pe aur abhi isi waqt mujhe taare gin ne ka mann kar raha hai. 

She stopped and silently turned back and followed him.  Ram knew what was going through her mind.  He knew that was enough.  He didn't say another thing.  They walked in silence until they found a perfect spot.  Ram laid down on the sand and then gave Priya a look.  She silently spread out her dupatta and laid down next to him.  They looked at the stars in silence. 

"Zindagi ki har khubsoorat cheez dekhi nahi, mehsoos ki jaati hai." 

He had put her hand on his heart and said that to her that night.  More tears formed in her eyes.  She looked over at Ram who instead of counting, was just looking at the stars.  He looked back at her and smiled innocently.  Her own words come back to her "Main toh sirf uss process ko enjoy karna chahti thi...".  She immediately looked away and turned her face to the other side and closed her eyes as a tear trickled down the side of her face.  How she wished she could just enjoy this moment with Ram instead of ruining it with her pretense.   

Ram was lying down, looking at the stars.  He really didn't care about counting them. Since Priya had mentioned last time she had just wanted to enjoy the process, he had thought about it too.  It was a beautiful night, lying down on the sand, looking up into the open sky and gazing at the stars.  He wanted to relive that memory with Priya.  He didn't say anything else.  He didn't need to.  He knew she understood where he was coming from.  He was observing her from the corner of his eye.  He saw her look at him and he looked back at her and smiled.  He saw her turn her face the other way.  He knew he had gotten his point across without having to say a single word.   

Ram: Chalein? 

Priya silently stood up and picked up her dupatta.  She put it around her shoulders and shivered a little.  

Ram: Thand lag rahi hai?

Priya didn't respond.  She didn't say a word nor did she nod or shake her head.  She was just too shaken up by everything and couldn't bear to say no or even say yes at this point. Ram started to take off his blazer. Memories of that night came crashing back to her.  She had felt cold that night too and he had taken off his blazer and put it around her shoulders then too.

Priya, while shivering: Main theek hu.  

Ram smiled to himself and they both walked back to the car.  He continued to drive as Priya silently stared out the window.  Ram kept stealing glances at her every now and then.  They finally arrived at the resort.  They entered the room and Ram closed the door behind them.  The noise of the door closing startled Priya.  She remembered their first night after marriage when she closed the door and Ram asked her why she had done that.  She smiled to herself at his innocence back then.  Ram turns back and sees Priya smiling to herself.  He doesn't say anything.  

Ram: Uh Priya, tum jaake change karlo, maine hamare liye Dinner ka intezaam kar liya hai..Wahan uss wardrobe mein tumhare liye kapde pade hai.  

Priya: Main change kyun karu? Mujhe yahi pehn na hai.  Aur dinner ka intezaam matlab? 

Ram: Please Priya'aaj hum ek saath romantic dinner karenge' 

She looks at him and lets out a slight smile, and walks over to the wardrobe and opens it.  In there, there are 5 sarees hanging on one side and 3 suits and ties hanging on the other side.  She turns back to him.

Priya: Mujhe saree nahin pehn ni.  Main apne suit hi pehnungi.  

Ram: Are, kyun? Tum saree mein kitni acchi lagti ho.  Main chahta hu ke yeh do din, hamari shaadi ke aakhri do din, tum Mrs. Priya Ram Kapoor ki tarah dikho, meri high profile biwi ki tarah.  

Priya looked away.  Again he said those words that stabbed her deep.  "Hamari shaadi ke aakhri do din".  She silently picked out a black saree from the wardrobe and started walking to the change room.  

Ram: Ruko, tum yahi change karo, main washroom mein jaata hu. 

And before she could say anything, he picked out his suit from the wardrobe and went to the washroom and closed the door.  Priya ran her fingers through the saree.  It really was a beautiful one.  She smiled at her husband's taste.  She changed into it and was having trouble closing the hook when she heard Ram's voice.  

Ram: Main bahar aa sakta hu?

Priya, almost yelling: Nahiii 

Ram: Kya hua, tum theek to ho? 

Priya: haan' woh bas hook band nahi ho raha..

Ram smiled to himself. 

Ram: Main kuch help karu? 

Priya cursed her luck.  Why did this have to happen now? She remembered the last time he had touched her hook.  It was their special night.  He had teased her about her hook being open and then got up and opened it and closed it again, leading to' But right now she didn't really have much of a choice but to let him help.  

Priya reluctantly answered: Haan' 

Ram silently came out of the washroom and stood behind her.  He took over from her.  Priya closed her eyes and slightly shivered, as his warm hands touched her bare back as he closed the hook without any hesitation this time.  He had done this a few times now and was a master at it.  Ram knew Priya's eyes were closed, just like they had been every time he had closed her hook.  He so badly wanted to run his hands up her back, and then hug her and kiss her neck, but he resisted.  After closing the hook, he just walked over to the wardrobe and picked out a tie. 

Priya was anticipating something more than Ram just closing her hook.  She stood there waiting for a few seconds but when she felt his hands off her back, her eyes flew open and she came back to her senses.  Her heart sank as she turned around to see him looking for a tie.  She walked over to the mirror and finished getting ready.  Ram puts on his tie and walks over to the table, where there's a bottle of alcohol and a jug of juice  

Ram: Priya woh dinner kar ne mein abhi thoda time baaki hai' tum juice logi?

Priya: uhh ok!

She went and sat down on the couch, while Ram poured 2 glasses of juice.  He closed his eyes for a second before opening the bottle of alcohol and adding some to Priya's juice.  

Ram, in his thoughts: I'm sorry Priya, lekin aaj tumhare mooh se sab kuch nikalwane ke liye mujhe yeh sab karna hi padega. 

He walked over to the couch and sat down next to her and gave her the glass of juice.  They both sat in silence awkwardly drinking juice.  

Priya, talli: Are Mr. Kapoor, aap juice kyun nahi pee rahe?

Ram: Are, pee toh raha hoon' 

After Priya finished her glass, Ram could clearly see that it had already started affecting her.  She stood up and walked over to the stereo.  She turned it on.  

Priya: Are, yeh toh mera favourite gaana hai!

She walked over to Mr. Kapoor and grabbed him by the hand.  She pulled him off the couch. 

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, mere saath dance kijiye! 

Ram awkwardly stood there while Priya grabbed him by his tie and pulled him close to her.  She sang along...

Raat akeli hai'Bujh gaye diye'. Aake Mere Paas, Kaano Mein Mere' Jo Bhi Chahe Kahiye!

She continued to dance around him.  All of a sudden she almost tripped and landed in Ram's arms.  He held her by the waist as they looked at each other for a long while.  He lifted her up in his arms.  She put her arms around his neck and looked at him longingly.  He walked over to the bed and gently put her down.  He found her nightgown and came and sat down by the edge of the bed.  She was lying down staring at him.  He bends down and unpins her pallu.  He helps her change into the nightgown.  She immediately rolls over and falls asleep like she always did.  He goes to the other side of the bed and gently caresses her head.  He is about to get up to go change when Priya wakes up and holds his hand.  She starts crying.  

Priya: Please mujhe chod ke mat jaaye.  Mujhe bahut darr lagta hai. 

Ram: Kis baat ka darr Priya?

Priya: Yeh natak karte hue aap ko khone ka darr.  Kahin aap sach mein mujhe chod ke chale gaye toh.  Hamari shaadi khatam ho ne ka darr.  Mere pyaar ki haar ka darr. 

Ram: Toh phir tum yeh natak kyun kar rahi ho Priya? 

Priya: Kyun ki agar maine nahi kiya, toh Niharika aap ko barbad kardegi.  Woh chahti hai ke hum hamesha ke liye alag ho jaaye taake usse aap ki saari property, saara paisa mil jaaye.  Jiss tarah uss ne aap ke maa-baap ko alag kiya tha paison ke liye, waise hi woh hume bhi alag karna chahti hai' 

Ram is in complete shock.  Niharika? 

Ram: Priya daro mat, main hu na tumhare saath.  

He hugs her and holds her until she falls asleep.  He watches her thinking about everything that she had just said.  Her words echo in his ears. "Jiss tarah uss ne aap ke maa-baap ko alag kiya tha paison ke liye, waise hi woh hume alag karna chahti hai".  How could she? The woman he had almost worshipped for the last 20 years was the same woman who had separated his parents and broken up his happy family?  It all comes back to him clearly now.  She was the one who had instigated him against Kartik, saying he was responsible.  And he had listened to her too!  No wonder Priya left him!  But why didn't she tell him this time? He would have believed her in a heartbeat!  It was Priya!  His everything!  Why had she played this game and tried so hard to make him hate her so much?  Tears fill his eyes as he thinks about all that he had done for Niharika and her family.  

The whole night passes by and Ram doesn't sleep at all.  He sits there, with Priya sleeping in his arms.  He gently caresses her hair, holding her, making sure she is comfortable and sleeping peacefully.  And then constantly thinking about what she had said. 

The shining sun wakes Priya up early in the morning.  She finds herself in Ram's arms.  He is absentmindedly caressing her hair and holding her.  Tears are brimming his eyes and Priya's words are still echoing in his ears.

First she smiles.  Being in Ram's arms after so long never felt better.  But her head is pounding.  She rubs her temples and then looks down at her clothes.  She was wearing a nightgown.  How did she get into that? The last thing she remembered was drinking juice.  Had they? The thought made her blush a little.  But she soon snapped out of her thoughts when she remembered Niharika and the drama.  She immediately moves away from Ram and looks at her clothes again.

Priya: Mr. Kapoor, mere kapde? Maine toh kal saree pehni thi.. toh phir yeh nightgown?  Kya aap ne? 

Ram snaps out of his thoughts.  He was no longer in the mood to play along with her silly game.  He knew the truth now and now it was time to end this.  

Ram: Tumhe kuch yaad nahi hai? 

Priya: Nahi, kya maine kuch piya tha'? Kya hum ne'? 

Ram: Haan tum kal raat ko hosh mein nahi thi'

Priya: Kya? Mujhe kis ne pilaayi? Main jaanti hu ke main kabhi jaan bujh kar nahi peeti.  Kya aap ne meri drink mein kuch milaayi? 

Ram guiltily looks away: Haan 

Priya took a deep breath, knowing how wrong it was for her to say this but she had no other choice: Aap ki himmat kaisi hui Mr. Kapoor?  Aap ne mere drink mein kuch milaayi taake aap mujhe apne bistar mein laa sake?  Isiliye aap ne mujhe yahaan leke aaye?

Ram: Yeh tum kaisi baat kar rahi ho Priya! Tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakti ho.  Tumhe kya lagta hai main aisa aadmi hoon? 

Priya: Toh phir aap ne mujhe sharaab kyun pilaayi?  Aur aap ki himmat kaise hue mere kapde badal ne ki? 

Ram: Kyun? Aakhri baar toh tumhe koi aitraaz nahi tha.  Aur tumhi ne kaha tha na "Aap safai kyun de rahe hai, main shikayat thodi na kar rahi hu"

Priya looks away.  That morning comes flooding back to her too.  The morning after holi, where he had taken the decision to help her shower and change her clothes after Niharika had given her bhang.  He had also said that she looked really cute when she was not in her senses.  Then she looks at him again in anger. 

Priya: Aap ne mere juice mein sharaab kyun milaayi? 

Ram, starting to lose it: Kyun ki main jaan na chahta tha ke tum yeh sab kyun kar rahi ho.  Aur tum mujhe bata nahi rahi thi toh mere paas aur koi option nahi tha. 

Priya looks at him in complete shock.  She couldn't remember a thing from last night and wonders what exactly she told him.  The only way to find out and the best way to cover it up would be to continue her charade.

Priya: Toh mujhe baat bulwane ke liye aap ne mujhe pilaayi? 

She angrily stands up and starts packing her bag.  She throws in her outfit from yesterday and is zipping it up when Ram grabs her hand to stop her.  

Ram: Toh tum abhi mujhe nahi bataogi haan Priya?  Tum abhi bhi yeh natak karti rahogi jab tum jaanti ho mujhe saari sachaai pata chal gayi hai' 

What exactly did she say last night? Did she tell him about the plan and everything? No! She couldn't have! Maybe she didn't' There was only one way to find out' 

Priya: Main nahin jaanti aap kis ki baat kar rahe hai.  Aur main abhi jaa rahi hoon kyun ki aap ne mujhe kuch baat bulwane ke liye sharaab pilaayi.  Aap ki himmat kaisi hui Mr. Kapoor.  Aap hote kaun hai yeh sab karne waale? Aur aap ko kya lagta hai main kaun hu?  Ek katputli jo wahi kare jo aap chahte?  Mujhe ab yahaan nahi rukna.  Aur mujhe divorce chahiye'. 

She picked up her bag and started to leave when' 

Ram: Tum achhi tarah jaanti ho main kis baare mein baat kar raha hu Priya.  You know exactly what I'm talking about.  Niharika, aur Maa aur sab kuch'Aur main kaun hoon? 

He walked over to her, took the bag from her hand and put it down.  He held up her mangalsutra and showed it to her.  He lifted her left hand and showed her the ring on her finger.  And then he took her by the hand and made her stand looking into the mirror and pointed to her sindoor.  Priya closed her eyes tight.  

Ram: Main kaun hoon? Main tumhara pati hoon damn it! Hum ne hamesha ek doosre ka saath dene ka vaada kiya tha, jo tum kabhi mujhe nibhane nahi deti.  Yaad hai tumhe? Hamari shaadi pe?   Aur woh toh pyaar hone se pehle tha.  Aur mujhe kya lagta hai ke tum kaun ho? 

She opened her eyes and looked into his.  Tears were forming in her eyes at his response.  He had just exercised his right as a husband.  He had reminded her of their vows and their wedding.  He had told her that he would have fulfilled this promise even before they had fallen in love.  And he had! He had supported her when Ashwin had tried to frame her.

Ram continues: Tum meri biwi ho, meri ardhangini ho, mera pyaar ho, meri gudiya ho, meri poori zindag hoi!  Aur yeh mera farz hai, ek pati hone ke naate, tumhara pyaar hone ke naate, ke main tumhe har musibat se bachaoon, tumhara saath doon, aur main yeh nahi kar pata jab tak main nahin jaanta ke woh kaunsi baat hai jo tumhe itni takleef de rahi hai.  Aur woh baat pata laga ne ka yahi tareeka tha kyun ki tum mujhe kuch bata nahi rahi thi.  

Now the tears were flooding out of her eyes.  She just stood there looking at him.  She could not comprehend how he could love her so much.  How he had tried so hard to find out what was bothering her.  

Ram: Tum jaanti ho in sab se mujhe kis baat ki sab se takleef hui hai? Tumhare shabdon se ya tumhare harkaton se nahi, haan un se bhi bahut takleef hui hai lekin un se bhi zyada mujhe is baat se takleef hui hai ke tum ne socha ke main tumhara vishwaas nahi karunga.  Ke tum ne apne pyar pe bharosa kiya lekin mere pyar pe bharosa nahi kiya.  Tumne mujh par bharosa nahi kiya.  Tum ne socha ke main apni parivaar ke saamne tumhara saath nahi doonga.  

She had never even thought about that part.  About how hurt he would feel that she didn't trust him enough to tell him the truth.  How he would feel when she told him she thought he would believe Niharika over her.  He was in love with her damn it then why wouldn't he believe her? Or was it that insecurity that Niharika would twist everything around to make her look like the bad one.   

Ram: Tum jaanti ho ke kal raat ko mujhe sab bata ne se pehle mujhse kya kaha tha? Tum ne kaha ke tumhe darr lagta hai.  Darr ke main sach mein tumhe chod ke chala na jaun.  Hamari shaadi ke liye darr.  Darr ke shayad tumhara pyar har jaaye.  Tumne tumhara darr mere saath kyun nahi baanta Priya? Why? 

She had said that to him too? She had told him she was afraid of losing him? She had told him her biggest fear at the moment and it just so happens that it was his biggest fear too.  They were both afraid of losing each other.  

Ram: Maine socha ke tum jaanti ho ke main tumse kitna pyaar karta hu lekin shayad main galat tha.  Haan, main maanta hu ke Kartik ke maamble mein maine tumhara vishwaas nahi kiya aur iss baat ko leke tm mujhe chod ke bhi chali gayi thi.  Aur woh 3 din Priya, who 3 din meri zindagi ke sabse mushkil 3 din the.  Aur main jaanta hu ke woh 3 din tumhare liye bhi kitne mushkil the.  Mujhe tumhari aankhon mein dikh raha tha jab tum ghar se gayi thi aur phir woh party mein bhi.  Aur main jaanta hu ke ghar mein beth kar tumne kitne aansu bahai honge.  Aur phir bhi tum yeh 3 din zindagi bhar ke liye jeena chahti thi? 

By now, tears are flowing non-stop from Priya's eyes.  She remembers the day she left, in the taxi, where she had a complete breakdown.  And then getting to her parents house and having another breakdown in her old room.  Even her old room had memories of Ram which made her cry.  Those 3 days were the hardest 3 days of her life.  Ram was right, had she not thought about what would happen if he actually agreed to divorce her? How would she live her entire life like those 3 days?

Ram: Main jaanta hu ke mujhe iss baat se dukh hona chahiye ke Niharika aur mere sautele parivaar ne mera itne saal se galat istemaal kiya.  Aur wohi ne meri Maa ke saath bhi itna kuch kiya aur mera yakeen maano main bahut dukhi hu yeh sachaai jaan kar.  Maine saari raat iss ke baare mein sochta raha.  Lekin abhi iss waqt, mujhe tumhari baaton aur harkaton se zyada dukh ho raha hai.  Jaanti iss mein farak kya hai, ke main tumhe apna apna maanta hu, aur jab apne chot paunchate hai toh dukh ajnabiyon ke harkaton se bhi zyada hota hai.  Maine un sab ko kabhi mera apna nahi maana.  Haan mein un ki zarurat hoon lekin woh loh meri zarurat nahi hai.  Woh sab meri zimedaari the, jo maine apne marte hue pita se vaada kiya tha.  

Priya remembers the bathroom conversation that they had in their room.  Where he told her he considered himself to be everyones, but no one to be his.  What had she done?  Her action of telling him she did not trust him to believe her had hurt him more than what Niharika had done for the past 20 years.  She feels her heart break in half.  A stab runs though her chest. 

Ram then cups her face in his hands. 

Ram: Meri zarurat tum ho Priya aur main tumse aur sirf tumse pyaar karta hu.  Aur tum jitni bhi koshish karo, mujhe tumse nafrat kar ne ki, main aisa kabhi nahi karsakta.  Aur abhi bhi, itna hurt ho ne ke baad main tumse pyaar karna band nahi karsakta.  Yeh mere pyaar ki seema hai.  Main khud nahi jaanta main tumse kitna pyaar karta hu.  Tumne yeh sab mere khaatir, apne pyaar ki khaatir kiya hai na? Ab please, mere pyar ki khaatir, yeh natak band karo.  Ab bahut ho gaya.  Mujhe tumhari yeh takleef aur nahi dekhi jaati Priya.  Maine tumhari aankhon mein woh darr dekh liya jab hum yahan drive kar rahe the.  Aur main yeh bhi jaanta hu ke tum andar apne dil mein kitni khush ho rahi thi jab maine kaha ke hum 2 din ek saath akele bitaayenge.  Toh please, kya hum yeh sab bhulakar, yeh 2 din, sab se door, enjoy nahi kar sakte?  Wapas laut the hi main sab sambhalunga.  Please Priya'

She can't control herself anymore.  She just starts sobbing.  For every ounce of pain she had caused him in the last few days, she had felt it a thousand times worse herself.  But this was something that she hadn't even considered.  She hadn't even thought about what would happen when he found out the truth and about her plan and her game.  Her plan, where she hurt him the most to stop Niharika and expose her.  And what if he had actually left her?  Was it worth it? Was it worth it to almost lose the love of her life so Niharika would stop? 

Ram wipes her tears and takes her into his arms.  He holds her tight against his chest.  Priya continues to sob.  He rests his chin on her head and caresses her hair and rubs her back gently.

Ram: Ab bas Priya, bas karo.  Please rona band karo.  

He makes her look into his eyes.  All she sees in there now was pure love.  

Ram: Kya hum yeh din saath mein, akele mein, pati patni ban kar bita sakte hai? 

Priya nods slightly, tears still streaming down her face.  

Ram wipes her tears and smiles: Ab bas Priya.  Waise, tum jaanti ho tumne kal raat ko kya kiya? 

Priya shakes her head: kya? 

Ram, singing: Raat akeli hai.. bujh gaye diye' 

Priya blushes and hides her face in Ram's chest.  Ram laughs.  

Ram: Tum sach mein nashe ki halat mein bahut cute lag rahi thi. 

She smiles and looks up at him.  

Priya: Sachhi? 

Ram: Haan sacchi..

He looks deep into her eyes and kisses her on the forehead.  He then takes her into his arms.  Priya rests head on Ram's chest and buries herself into his chest.  She holds him tight.  She had been waiting for this moment for a really long time.  Being in Ram's arms with her head on his chest made everything ok.  He said he would take care of it from now onwards didn't he?  He closes his arms around her tightly into a bear hug.  He kisses her on the head again and rests his chin on her head and they stand in a long tight embrace.  Priya closes her eyes and listens to and feels his steady heartbeat.  It had been too long since she had heard it.  It relaxed her.  It gave her a new strength.  Ram was with her now.  They would take care of Niharika together.  

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Amby, take a bow dear!! You are outstanding! ClapClapClap

Loved each and everything of the OS. The way Ram, despite getting to know about Niharika, focuses only on Priya and her pain was out of this world. What a changed man!


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amby seriously you should become a writer !!!...so much talent...im so glad that i get to read your updates...superb...fantastic...
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Dii,its to good .kash esa show me hota . lovely update .
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Posted: 2012-05-31T02:35:29Z
cool any plan of  continuation ..

pz  do  continue 

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Posted: 2012-05-31T02:37:44Z
Superb Amby...really good...thanks a lot for the PM...I could really visualize all these events happening...please take up writing seriously...you are to sure to rock in it..marvelous..eagerly waiting for your full fledged FFs on the leap episodes...am sure it would be thousand times beautiful than what we see on the show... Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-05-31T02:38:44Z
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OMG Amby i m Speechless yaar Ram's dialogue  r mind blowing just fabulous, u r really a genius Hatts-off baby ,
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Posted: 2012-05-31T03:42:17Z
I hope it happens like that in tonight's episode.
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Celebration ka din

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