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Hi people this is my FF about how things are going with Ram Kapoor once the whole divorce jhamela and separation is done. It is my first attempt at fictionalizing what I think about so please excuse the errors as there are bound to be many.

Here goes:

Somewhere on the beach of Mumbai

It is around 7 am and the beach is filled with people walking, talking, laughing, gossiping, doing nothing but there is one man standing gazing into the horizon- staring at something far off ' something only he could see. To anyone glancing at him, he looked like a hugely successful executive who was contemplating a deal but on a closer look, one could feel the tension radiating off him like it was an energy force. Though his stance looked ordinary, the two guards who stood just a few feet away from him knew it was anything but. They had been coming with him for the past 4 months every day to this beach and stood at exactly the same spot for about half an hour before going back. Even though the guards were with him 24x7 and could now gauge how he would react to different situations, these 30 minutes of each day was a mystery to them. The man whom they knew to be the business tycoon Ram Kapoor seemed to disappear for this half hour entirely. Here they saw a man who seemed to weep but no tears were visible, who seemed to be filled with emotion but not a muscle moved during the entire time he stood gazing at the far away waters. They just stood behind him and kept a diligent eye out for anyone who could disturb his silent vigil and shooed away anyone who was likely to cross his line of vision.

At exactly the end of the 30th minute, Ram Kapoor turned away from the water and started his brisk walk back to the car. He did not utter a single word but put out his hand for the bottle of water kept ready by the guard and got into the car. Upon arriving at the Kapoor mansion, he stepped out and told the driver "addhe ghante mein nikalna hai." Though his voice was soft, one clearly heard the "don't mess with me" tone behind it and the driver who was by now used to his curtness just nodded his head. Even as he entered his home for the past 20 years, Ram took out his phone and called his secretary to finalize his appointments of the day. Not bothering to acknowledge the presence of his family who were seated at the table for breakfast, he told "Bansi kaka, corn flakes bhej dena 15 minute mein. Mujhe nikalna hoga 30 minutes mein." As he stepped onto the staircase, his grandmother called out to him "golu, ek minute beta, mujhe tumse baat karni hai." He paused for a second and turning to her said "Dadi aaj mujhe bahut sare kaam hai. Main promise kartha hoon ki aaj shaam ko mein aap se aake miloonga. Please ab mujhe jaana hai." Climbing the stairs he did not even heed her stuttering "Ram, golu, aeery puttar'"

Entering his room at the top of the stairs, he shut the door firmly behind him and moved towards the washroom. Even as he was turning, he saw a ray of sunlight strike the photograph he kept at his bedside and he just stopped. She looked so beautiful' even after all these months he could not deny the effect she had on him' her eyes which could speak volumes with one glance seemed to be calling out to him ' it was almost as if he could hear her "Ram, Ram". The ringing of the phone shook him out of his stupor and tearing his eyes away from the photograph he answered the call. "Hello' haan neha, what is it? Itni subah kyon phone kiya?". Whatever Neha said then brought a small smile to his lips and in a far gentler voice than earlier said "Yes, I remember, I will keep Vikram occupied for the day tomorrow. He will not get home until 8 pm. I promise you and yes I will be there. Okay Bye.. mera meeting hai." Sparing one small glance to the woman in the photograph, he moved away and started his long day of business, meeting, conference, presentations etc.

 Okay people your comments and feedback will determine how i proceed.. hope you'll like it. let me know if it is not worth it too.


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wowww ... i loved it ...
plz cont soon
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It is really promising Nandini! Clap

Is Ram going back to his ruthless, no-nonsense bizman avtaar? Still, I am hoping he doesn't carry any bitterness for his love.. the way he admired her through her pic.

A very lovely start! Pls carry on further.. Smile
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wow very good nandini...where is ayesha?is she married to ram??,...glad to know you started this ff...waiting for continue asap...pls
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Gud continue soon.
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Originally posted by sss283

wow very good nandini...where is ayesha?is she married to ram??,...glad to know you started this ff...waiting for continue asap...pls

most definetly not... my ram loves only one woman.. she will make her appearance soon
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any thing  of  raya   goes well to  brain .. thanku 

do  continue  soon plzzz

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