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Posted: 9 years ago

Thank u sooo much Sano 4 da banner its just sooo damn gawgus I can stare at it all dat ur a star <3 

 Shop name changed and credit goes 2 da one and only my lesbooo Sara <3 I love yah beachhh sooo much Heart

..W e l c o m e ..

Welcome everyone cant belive its our 6th shop eeeks im sooo maha proud lmaooo x hmmm ive been making siggies 4 i think bout 2 years i fink ive got such a crap memo so realli dont knw how long its just a guess LOL hmmm on memo lane now basically started off with very simple siggies :) finalli i have learnt 2 make Avi's anmd slowly slowly i've cum 2 learn how 2 make Siggie Avi's and im sooo proud of dat ROFL Hmmm i have many PSD dat i have used from deviantart but recently im trying 2 use my own coloring which i hope everyone is likin :) even though its crap lol im also gonna start uploading them on Deviantart if people wanna use which is defo gonna be a big fat NO cause im not dat good im crap lets just say LOL anywhooo enogh of my rambling and i just hope dat u all love my work even in dis shop :)

. . I n t r o d u c t i o n ..

.. S a i ..

Hey I'm Sai, I'm 25 and am from England. I'm a
mad Kash and Maaneet fan so our update is mostly going to be on them. I'm still
a beginner so they will not be the best but as we get used to making them
hopefully they will turn fab.

Hope u all will like our Siggies


.. S a n z y ..

Hey guys im Sanzy or wht yah all name me hehe x Im from England and yah all my upadates will be on either Kash,Maaneet or ArShi my new loves hehe x really wish yah all like my work even though its not da best ever but still wish yah all like and yah do request would luv 2 make yah all :)x 
Luv yah all <33
.. R u l e s ..

- Do not crop any of my work and name as urs
- Do not paste my works on other sites
- u can request as many times as yah want but 1 siggy at a time 
- if its a personal siggy feel free 2 PM oh and also plz dont ask Sai 4 requests she aint taking em in yet she is busy with work and dat so only im takin request at da moment x
- Only Req when im open [O=OPEN] [C=CLOSED]

.. R u l e s 4 R e q u e s t ..

- Only request whn my shop is open x [O]
- U can send me up 2 12 pics 4 a siggy but if i cant use em all will defo PM yah and ask yah :)
- Text of ur choice 
- use da siggy 4 like 2-3 days 
- Do not call my work urs 
-- People dat only comment on da shop can request otherwise i will ignore

For Avis x
- YouTube vid 4 like 15 seconds
- Ask if yah wnt border and coloring and dat x
- Tell me if u want da videos stacked and dat 
- Give me da size

Hope u all follow da rules :) x 

.. W h a t I M a k e  ..

Animated/Non-animated sigs

.. C o p y R i g h t s ..

Sai Creation

.. T h a n k Y o u A l l ..

Just wanna say im sooo happi im on my 5th shop and dats only cause of u amazing people love yah all sooo much it really mans da world whn i see all da boom comment i get its makes my heart go Dhak Dhak LOL hope u always shower me with all da lovely comment hank u all sooo much <33 Luv yah all Heart

.. P r e v i o u s S h o p s ..

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Posted: 9 years ago
.. I n s p i r a t i o n s ..

Inspiration damn I have sooo many swear down emmm let me first start wiv da most special people I have 2 add em I value my life very much LOL It's my Kameenian :P how many of their r us again lmaooo marn I suck at maths big time and counting wait their's me, Wiffey, Lesbooo, Pod, Iqztah, Retard and now POP ROFL that's like 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 wohooo done counting ROFL that took like 2 mins of my precious time ROFL seriously we have like da most uniquest nicknames lmaooo I just wrote em down and started at em 4 good 10 mins lol ROFL I just wanna say u guys rock ur like my world's haha I have 7 worlds how lucky am I #BigHug HugSeriously tramps ur da most Amzing people in my life I can't imagine my life without u lot Embarrassed And I'm just sooo glad I even met yah #Emotional Cry Can't believe I'm crying LOL Ur just da best and the people who don't knw ahaaa tough luckie 2 thm cause ur just mine and da rest 6 of us kameenian ROFL u see we don't like sharin eachother ahem Lesbooo and Pod not included #Bewafaaa's ROFL love yah guys truly <3 I can go on and on but u better stop now movin on LOL
Sanjuuu - She's Amzing she's like my other half whom I can't live without either she's just umuahhh she's my pinky LOL I love yah sooo much Pinky ur a bit abnormal and a nutter but I wouldn't have u any other way my chuwa ROFL

Also I wanna say thank u 2 all those lovely people I met on da ArHi/SaRun AT that comment x love yah guys sooo much just within few weeks it's just feels like we have become family and I just wanna say ur all sooo Amzing x lurveee yah all sooo much <3

Kaii back 2 siggy inspiration ummm theirs like sooo many kaii here goes 
Annie * My Retard *
Sai * PS have 2 add my blood sister * ROFL
Saraa* PregZilla * LOL
Their's just sooo many sorri if I havnt named everyone just think all da people on A&S shop are all my inspirations :)
2 all those people who keep commenting on my gallery thank u all sooo much u don't knw how happi it makes me u guys r just da best and without u I woukdnt be on my 5th shop x love yah all sooo much <3 

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Posted: 9 years ago
.. I n d e x ..

Update 1 - PG 11
Update 2 - PG 12

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Posted: 9 years ago

Whooot whooot LOL

Still in shock mode I can't believe I made it 2 my 6th Shop wow  just felt like yesterday whn I started 2 make siggies damn thy r sooo addicting trust me LOL

Love yah all sooo much that comment in my shop regularly means a lot 2 me <3 

Thank u all Embarrassed

Posted: 9 years ago
CONGRATULATIONS on the 6TH gallery! ClapClap

Partttyyy time! PartyPartyPartyParty

Can't wait to seee more stuff from the two of you!

AND I LOVE the change of name! ClapClap It's great! Wink

PS @Sanzilla: 'Bout time you un-reserved your spot in my Gallery, ghadiii. LOL First page, first post is yours! SleepySleepy
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Posted: 9 years ago
Congratz on ur new shop gals! Hope you have a zillion more inshallah! Hug


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Posted: 9 years ago
Congrats on the new shop girlies!<3
Posted: 9 years ago
Congratulations on your 6th shop. Well done and can't wait for next updateHug

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