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Hi guys, this is my FF attempt:

All the guests have arrived.  Lalaji's house was renovated with grandeur and seemed to be a perfect venue for Kapoor Industries'40th anniversary celebrations.  Priya stood on the balcony overlooking the red carpet entrance to the house, barely taking in the last few moments of the voluntary separation from her dear Ram.  Once the truth about Niharika and her accomplices is revealed, she would tell Ram exactly how she feels about him, how she died a hundred deaths being so close to him but yet so far and how it tore her heart apart to put up a pretence in front of him.  Priya could not endure a single day more away from Ram; her heart longed for him to be by her side.  Her lips curled into a slight smile with cheeks blushing thinking about how she would finally be in Ram's arms soon.  The extra colour on her face complimented her deep pink and maroon sari, gracefully draped over her left shoulder.  It was almost time – Priya was nervous, anxious and excited all in one.  She took a deep breath and stepped out with the confidence and poise into the hallway like a true Kapoor.

Ram was in a small room near the entrance hall recollecting all the hurtful things that Priya had said and done recently.  Although he was hurt at the time, it didn't make sense when he sat down and thought about it.  He loved her even more, more now than ever before.  He knew that she has no interest in his money, property or status.  Something else is at play and he would get to the bottom of this soon.  Priya searched for Ram in the crowd and in the entire house, he was nowhere to be seen.  She was somewhat apprehensive about Ram and that he may have just given up on her, but she knew better and washed the thought away from her mind.  Priya spotted Vikram in the entrance hall who was busy with welcoming the guests for the evening.  'Hi Vikram, did you see Ram anywhere?  It's almost time for the formalities to begin and I'm concerned that he hasn't arrived as yet".   Vikram smiled pointing in the direction of the room, "Ram is in there". 

Priya made her way to the little room and opened the door.  She slowly searched the dark room and finally her gaze fell on Ram looking outside the window.  Standing in the moonlight, he took her breath away; he was dressed in a tailored black suit with a crisp white shirt and a black embroidered tie.  His hair was neatly combed back and he was freshly shaven.  The familiar scent of his aftershave made these last few minutes of separation unbearable.  She tore her gaze away from him and said harshly, "If you done with your daydreaming, perhaps you could grace the celebrations with your presence!!!".  Ram did not respond and continued looking blankly outside the window.  "Did you hear what I said?  Shall we go into the hall now?  Everyone's waiting." Still no reaction.  Priya moved closer and repeated, "Mr. Kapoor, did you hear me?  Shall we go?".  Ram did not move.  Priya finally said, "Fine, the guests can entertain themselves!", and just as she was turning to leave, Ram caught her by the arm.  Ram pulled her to him and crushed her to his chest. He took a moment to absorb her beauty.  Her sari was elegantly draped around her slender body.  Her long, black hair cascading down the side of her shoulder and her back was exposed for his gaze.  She was magnificently beautiful in the sunlight.  Immediately he spread the palm of his hand on her bare back and crushed her body against his.  Priya was in instant heaven.  Ram looked into her eyes intensely and bent his head to kiss her forehead.  She knew that she should protest but her voice was stuck in her throat.  Ram trailed feather light kisses down the side of Priya's face, her rosy cheeks, down to her soft neck.   Priya was speechless, her body betrayed her mind.  Ram trailed kisses back up her neck and reluctantly drew his lips away to look at her again.  Gosh, he loved Priya more than anything in the world.  He would die without her.  He could not resist her anymore and moved to bring his lips to hers.   The feel of Ram's lips, and his strong arms around her reminded her of the happy, intimate moments that they spent together and how she would love only him with all her heart for the rest of her life.  Rest of her life?  Priya still has to sort out the mess with Niharika and then only can she think of the rest of their lives together.  With this in mind, Priya avoided his kiss and pushed at Ram's chest, trying to break out of the circle of his arms.  Her feeble attempts were useless as Ram had decided not to let her go.  Just then they heard a knock on the door that startled them both.  Immediately, Ram released Priya.  "Is everything alright?  The formalities are about to begin.  Shall we go Ram?" said Vikram with a wry smile on his face.  Ram and Priya looked at each other longingly as Ram confirmed, "Yes, we're ready". 

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Superb Neri . Please CVs learn something from our fabulous writers in the forum.Edited by SriB - 2012-05-22T03:37:18Z
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Posted: 2012-05-22T03:35:23Z
It was nice adays we miss these scene.thanx 4 post
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Posted: 2012-05-22T03:36:01Z
awww.. so nice dear.. Was sick of the article.. Thanks for posting this..
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Posted: 2012-05-22T03:36:07Z
too good imagination kash aisa hi ho...
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Posted: 2012-05-22T03:39:16Z
Thank u so much dear for this update . Super ,lovely .
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Posted: 2012-05-22T03:43:57Z
nice... kash they ek would turn up showin such romantic moments rather than her k style leap
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Posted: 2012-05-22T03:46:22Z
Wish to c ths in the serial.. Bt i knw ths is nt psbl.. Well written..<3
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