FF: Har Pal Ka Intezaar... Part 16 (Pg. 72) (30.6)

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Hey guys,

I actually started thinking about this when Gita Di mentioned some stuff the other day on my prediction post hahaha, so this ones for you Gita Di!  I might turn it into an FF if I can come up with more stuff to write about.. OR I might just turn it into a Random Scenes thread.  Please don't ask me any questions cuz I haven't thought about it at all yet lol.  For now i've left it as an OS. Smile

Hope you guys like it! Don't forget to like/comment



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Part 1

Priya stirred a little in her sleep as she felt something cool and soft on her face.  It felt like a rose.

Priya: Mmm, sone dijiye naa.. 

Wait a second, she went to bed alone last night.  Her eyes flew open as soon as she said that.  She opened her eyes to find exactly what she had been dreaming of.  The smile and the eyes that made her weak at the knees.  Ram was lying down beside her, his head propped up on one arm, in his business suit, with a rose in his hand.  He was gently moving the rose up and down her cheek and looking at her longingly.  She smiled sweetly and hugged him tightly.  She buried herself in his chest.  He held her back tightly.  He had been waiting for her to wake up for 2 hours now.  Eventually, he couldn't take it anymore and decided to wake her up.  It had been too long.  2 months is a really long time.  Every day had felt like it was inching by slowly. 

Priya moved back a little and let Ram lie down properly.  She put her head on his chest and they both lay there in each other's arms. 

Priya: Aap kab aaye?  Aapne phone kyun nahi kiya? Main aajati aap ko lene.

Ram: Bas kuch hi der pehle.  Jaanta hu ke tum aajati lekin main tumhari neend ko disturb nahi karna chahta tha. 

Priya, raising her eyebrows and looking up at him: Accha? Toh abhi abhi aap ne kya kiya?

Ram tightens his grip around her: Sorry, aur intezaar nahi kar paya.  Pichle 2 mahino se tumhara intezaar kar raha hu, Priya, aur phir abhi 2 ghanto se tumhe dekh raha hu.  Ab bas, bahut ho chukka.

Priya reaches up and plants a soft kiss on his cheek.

Priya: Aap Prem si mil ke aaye?

Ram: Woh aramse so raha tha.  Usse disturba nahin karna chahta tha.

Priya: Aap jaante hai woh aap ko bahut miss karta hai. 

Ram falls silent.  A few tears roll down his cheeks as he thinks about being away from Priya and Prem for months at a time.  Only he knew what he went through every time he had to say bye to them.  But this was the only way to keep them both safe.  Priya has her head on Ram's chest and feels his heartbeat become unsteady.  She instantly realizes he's crying.  She gets up and lies on her side facing Ram with her head on one hand looking at him.  She makes him look at her, wipes his tears and caresses his cheek gently.  She shakes her head. 

Priya: Nahi Ram, please aaj mat roye.  Itne din baad main aap ko dekh rahi hoon aur main nahi chahti ke aapka rota hua chehra dekhu.  Please Ram.  Main jaanti hu halaat abhi theek nahi hai, lekin hum bahut jald hamesha ke liye ek saath honge.  Ab, chaliye, Prem ko utha ke aate hai.  Woh bahut surprised hoga aap ko dekh kar. Bahut din se aap ke baare mein puchraha hai. 

Ram: Haan chalo.

They both get up and freshen up.  And then head to Prem's room. 

Prem is sleeping in the middle of the bed on his stomach.  His mouth is a little open and he is sleeping peacefully. 

Ram and Priya are standing in the door way, watching him.  Ram is standing behind Priya and puts his arms around Priya's waist and rests his chin on her shoulder. 

Priya, turns her face slightly and looks at Ram from the corner of her eye: Jaante hai Ram, jab main aap ko miss kar rahi hu, tab mein ghanton tak Prem ko sote hue dekhti hu.  Woh bilkul aap pe gaya hai.  

Ram kisses her on the neck: Ab tumhe yeh sab nahi karna padega.  Kyun ki ab, main wapas tumhare bina nahi jaane wala.

Priya turns around and hugs him: Sachi?

Ram hugs her back: Haan sachi.  Ab bas, bahut ho gaya.  Bahut dukh sehliye hum ne.

Prem stirs a bit and makes a moaning sound.  Ram and Priya break their hug and enter the room.  Ram comes and sits on the bed next to him.  He caresses his head lightly and kisses him on the forehead gently.  Prem stirs again at his touch and opens his eyes.  He smiles sleepily. 

Prem: Papa? Aap aa gaye?

He jumps up straight into Ram's arms and hugs him tightly.  Ram holds him in his arms and looks at Priya, who is leaning in the doorway with teary eyes and a small smile on her face.  She was so happy seeing Ram and Prem together.  It was the most wonderful thing.  Ram whispers something to Prem in his ear and Prem turns around to look at Priya. 

Prem: Mama? Aap bhi aa jao naa. 

Ram stretches out one arm, calling her.  Priya comes and sits on the bed next to Ram.  He wipes her tears, saying no, and holds her tightly with one arm and holds Prem with the other.  The three of them sit with each other, embracing the moment where they were together, as a family.  That moment, which came for a few weeks at a time, every few months.  

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It was too good keep write some more.
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Posted: 2012-05-18T11:30:16Z
superb story amby next part plz 
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Posted: 2012-05-18T11:40:58Z
Amby ji aap ne No question ka board kyu laga diya mujhe kuch puchna tha, yaar, abhi kiya karu, puchu ki nahi ??? BTW very nice OS ji, please keep continue
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Posted: 2012-05-18T11:42:41Z
Originally posted by jakther

Amby ji aap ne No question ka board kyu laga diya mujhe kuch puchna tha, yaar, abhi kiya karu, puchu ki nahi ??? BTW very nice OS ji, please keep continue

LOL thanks 
haan puch le.. bas yeh mat puchna ke Niharika ke saath kya hua tha kyun ki mujhe ab tak nahi pata, i havent thought about it yet lol.  
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Posted: 2012-05-18T11:46:27Z
Very interesting start...do update soon  and thanks for sharingClap
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Posted: 2012-05-18T11:47:09Z
Awee so cute,,, love it..Amber you are rocking today, we want more...Big smile
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Posted: 2012-05-18T12:01:04Z
WOO HOOO! The Australia track! LOVE IT!

I had promised myself to stay away from IF today, because I have so much work to get done. Then I decided to just sneak a peek and guess what! an OS/FF dedicated to ME! How could I not read it. and then when i read it, how could I go back to work!

At this rate, I will have to work on the weekend to get stuff done! Confused

But to read such stories, it s all worth it... honestly dear... this is soo cute. ok, off to work. aaj raat ko phir se padhungi! unless you have more stuff posted by then!
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