OS: Pyar Ki Jeet (prediction of promo version 2)

Posted: 2012-05-15T09:06:32Z

Hey everyone!

here is my second version of what I want to happen in the Promo episode.  Hope you all like it! Don't forget to comment/like!


Priya stood in the doorway of KM.  As Niharika did her aarti and welcomed her back into the house, she looked at the Kapoor family standing in front of her.  She remembered the last time that had happened; on the morning after their wedding.  At that time she entered the house, clueless about what was happening.  But this time, she was entering with a purpose.  A purpose to save the house from Niharika's evil schemes.  She gave Niharika a bit of a smirk. 

Then she saw him.  He, for whom she had been waiting her whole life for.  He, whom she loved more than anyone else in the world, even herself.  He, for whom she was doing all this for.  Her man; Ram.  Today, he had a slight smile on his face.  She could feel the tears coming on as she remembered what Vikram had said.  How he had locked himself in a dark room, and hadn't eaten anything, or even talked to anyone for a few days.  It was her fault.  She had put him through that.  She had hurt him to save him.  And she was about to hurt him again, this time even more than the first time.  She blinked her eyes a few times and the tears went back in.  She couldn't show her weakness in front of Niharika. 

She entered the house and found herself face to face with Ram.  She looked into his eyes and saw that sadness, that regret, that fear, that love.  His eyes were still slightly swollen and a little red.  She could tell instantly that he had been crying and that he hadn't slept.  Again she could feel the tears coming on, but she blinked them back in.  She needed strength for what she was about to do.  Her tears would make her seem weak in front of Niharika.  And she wasn't going to let that happen. 

Priya, in her thoughts, Ram, aaj main waapas aa gayi hoon, lekin main iss ghar mein tab tak nahin reh sakti jab tak aap sab ke saamne aap ki dil ki baat bata de.  I'm really sorry Ram, main jaanti hu ke maine aap ka dil bahut dukhaya hai, bahut chot paunchayi hai aapko.  Lekin yeh sab main aap ke liye hi kar rahi hoon, taaki Niharika ki sachai aap ke saamne aajaai.  Uss ne bahut saalon se aap ka ghalat istemaal kiya hai.  Ab aur nahi.  Lekin aaj aap ko sab ke saamne mujhe rokna hoga, aur mujhe poora vishwaas hai ke aap yeh karenge.  Mujhe aap pe, aur apne pyar pe poora bharosa hai. 

Ram found himself face to face with Priya.  He looked into her eyes and saw that same sadness, regret fear and love that was reflected in his eyes.  He noticed she blinked a few times to push the tears back in.  But he saw them before she did that.  He saw those tears that were the words her heart was speaking that couldn't be brought to her lips.  He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a small box.  He came closer to her.

Ram: Priya, yeh tumhare liye hai 

He took her hand in his and Priya closed her eyes as he slipped the diamond ring on her finger.  She again tried blinking away the tears.  

She closed her eyes again and took a deep breath and started what she had come here to do.  This was the test.  This was the moment where her love was going to undergo the test.  The entire Kapoor family was watching, including Niharika.  Priya looke at Niharika and then at Ram. 

Priya: Main bhi aap ke liye kuch laayi hoon.

Ram has a questioning look on her his face as Priya hands him the papers.

Ram: Kya hai yeh?

He takes the papers from her and looks at them in shock and then looks up at her.

Ram, chokes out: Divorce papers? 

As Ram looks into Priya's eyes, he sees it.  Even though it was only for a fraction of a second, he sees it.  He sees the hurt, the sorry, the same pain he had been feeling in the last few days.  He sees her tears that she had been trying to blink away since she entered through that door.  Priya sees the hurt in his eyes, the question, the pain. 

Priya, in her thoughts, I'm sorry Ram, main jaanti hu ke aap pe in kuch dinon mein kya beeti hai lekin aaj aap ko sab ke saamne apna pyar ka izhaar karna padega.  Agar aap mujhe nahin rokenge, toh main nahin rukungi.  Kyun ke aap ke saath ke bina, main Niharika se nahi lad paungi.

Please Ram, aaj mera saath dijiye.  Mujhe roklijiye.  

Ram: Priya, yeh kya hai?

Priya: Abhi abhi aap ne kaha, divorce papers. 

Ram: Kyun?

Niharika: Priya, yeh kya pagalpan hai? Tum Ram ko divorce do gi? 

Priya: Haan main Mr. Kapoor ko divorce doongi.  Maine aap se kehdiya Mr. Kapoor.  Main aise aadmi ke saath nahi reh sakti jis ne mere parivaar ko itna dukh diya hai.  Jis ki vaja se mere bhai ki zindagi barbad ho gayi aur mere papa ki tabiyat bhi karab ho gayi.  Nahin reh sakti main aise aadmi ke saath jo mujhpe koi bharosa nahi karta.  Jo meri baat par vishwaas nahi karta. 

Priya, in her thoughts, telling him with her eyes, Please Ram, bata dijiye aap ke dil mein kya hai.  Bata dijiye sab ko ke hum ek dusre se kitna pyaar karte hai. 

Ram felt like his world was crashing down once again.  He had made that mistake of not trusting and believing her and letting her go once, he wasn't going to make that mistake again.  He couldn't live without her.  He meant it when he said that.  He had even lived that reality in the last few days.  He wasn't going to live it again for the rest of his life. 

He came closer and looked into her eyes.  While looking straight into her eyes, he took the papers held them up in front of her.  He looked her straight in the eye as he tore the divorce papers in half.  

Priya, in her thoughts, Thank you Ram.  Aaj aap ne mera saath diya hai. 

Ram: Main tumhe divorce nahin doonga Priya.  Main in papers par sign nahi karunga.  Kuch mahine pehle, maine tumhe yeh divorce papers diye the, aur tum meri khushi ke liye in pe sign kar ne ko raazi ho gayi thi.  Lekin main aisa nahi hoon.  Kitni baar kaha hai tumse ke main tumhare bina nahi jee sakta Priya.  Main tumse apne aap se bhi zyada pyar karta hu.  Main jaanta hu ke maine tumpe aur tumhare parivaar pe vishwas nahi kiya tha, aur tum sahi bhi thi.  Yeh meri galti thi, jis ki vaja se maine bahut badi saza kaati hai tumse door rehkar.  Mujhe tumhari baat ek baar sun leni chahiye thi.  Lekin ab aisa nahi hoga.  Ab sab kuch badal gaya hai.  Ab tum chahkar bhi yahaan se kahin nahi jaogi, koi jo bhi kahe.  

And with that, Ram leaves Priya, and the entire family standing there and storms off to his room.  

Priya smiles and her eyes start overflowing with the tears she had held in from the moment she saw Ram.  She thinks, Thank you Ram, aaj aap ne mera bharosa nahi toda.  Aaj hamari pyar ki jeet hui hai.  Aaj aap mere saath khade hai aur ab mujhe Niharika se ladne ki aur bhi taakat mili hai.  Ab bahut jald, aap ko poori sachaai ka pata chal jayega aur Niharika ko dhake maar ke bahar nikal denge.  Aur bahut jald main aap ko aur Maa ko milwaungi.  Main jaanti hu ke aap Maa ke pyaar ke liye bahut taras rahe hain.  I love you Ram.  Aapki Priya hamesha aap ke saath hai. 

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Posted: 2012-05-15T09:10:08Z
Awesome dear Embarrassed...keep it up Clap...I too want it to happen this way Smile...hope the CVs show something like this...you write so well Embarrassed...very apt to the current situation of BALH...Thumbs UpEdited by TVserialfreak - 2012-05-15T09:16:00Z
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Posted: 2012-05-15T09:13:57Z
Oh my God!!! Double treat!! Amber.. you are a darling!!!

Thanks for the OS.. thanks for restoring the faith.. This was amazing. Loved Ram and his confession. Wanted to know how Niharika  reacted. Bechaari ke liye ambulance mangwaa do koi.. LOL
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Posted: 2012-05-15T09:17:03Z
Amby Di loved the second version tooClap
but but aren't u raising our expectations too high? What if we are to see some crap drama today which is very much expected?Dead
Actually do me a favor, lend some of ur talent to so called CVs pleaseAngry
Anyways, Thank You di for such a mind blowing version of not so cool promoEmbarrassed
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Posted: 2012-05-15T09:20:59Z
wow! So beautiful, you are on roll. I am enjoying your write ups than the actual show.. really awesome.Big smile you rock..Clap One request, please write the next part too..
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Posted: 2012-05-15T09:21:34Z
both are just wonderful...i actually feel better now...not worried much about whats going to happen in the serial...thanku amby dear...Tongue
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Posted: 2012-05-15T09:48:24Z
hey amby too good yar only u cud write this stuff after the pathetic promo your os brought some expectations i loved both ur versions i really hope they show something like this 
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Posted: 2012-05-15T09:57:13Z
Hogi pyar ki jeet ho gayi pyar ki jeet. I can expect this to happen in the show, Fingers crossed
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