Posted: 2014-07-05T22:33:15Z
Hey plsss continue soon
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Posted: 2014-07-06T00:32:40Z
Haye  tu aagayi  badi der  lagi di. Hum tho bhuke hai maneet ke FF ki. so juld se juld ff likhna shuru  kardo plzzz

love u dear

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Posted: 2014-07-11T01:54:56Z
Glad you are back Zoha, please continue your stories. Would love to hear them again.
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Posted: 2014-08-03T00:30:41Z
hey Zoha, hope you're having good time there.
Can I know when you'll updating again. Eager to read...Smile
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Posted: 2014-08-03T04:24:18Z
Awesome story...loved it...
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Posted: 2014-08-03T04:40:07Z
welcome back ..
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Posted: 2014-08-03T09:37:35Z
Nice to know u r back...do continue soon...waiting...
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Posted: 2014-08-19T15:08:46Z

Part 98

Maan.. she called him trying to talk to him but he furiously raise his hand.. Don't .. she knew this means end of discussion.. he won't listen to her until he himself got ready for it.. changing his cloths he silently take all his file and laptop banging the door..

Geet sat on her bed.. what should she do now to manofy him.. this is the reason she never wanted him to know how her being pregnant will effect her.. but due to these risk she can't let his happiness down.. every person needs child and she can't snatch this happiness from him by telling him the truth before.. now she is in worse situation. Dealing with an angry maan means dealing with hot steal.. he wont listen or understand her so easily, she habe to do things very carefully n smoothly.. this moment her one wrong word or action will make situation more more worse..

Whole day was passed.  Vicky came from office but maan was not find.. she waited but him but he didn't showed or picked his call. Tired of trying she went to sleep.. because their is no use, he will only talk when he wants to..

It was almost 2 am when he came home.. he know everyone must be sleeping at this time.. he doesn't wanted to face anyone or even talk to anyone.. not even geet.. that's why he sat in his office alone.. opening his room door he peeked to find her sleeping and entered inside slowly..

Taking a cold shower he changed in his pant and track.. he was really very exhausted so simply lyed on bed and close his eyes.. soon he felt his eyes heavy and slept in few seconds..

Geet wokeup next morning and finds him sleeping peacefully keeping a safe distance between them.  Tear rolled down from her eyes.. he never sleep without snuggling to her but today he did.. for the first time in their marriage life he have slept without holding her..

Wiping her tears she move close to him hugging his waist keeping her head on his arm..maan .. she wisphered softly tracing her finger on his cheek.. he groaned opening his eyes slowly.. when the reality of her being close and yesterday event came to him..

He silently tried to sit but she hold him tight not letting him move..maan  ease suno toh.. she pleaded trying hard to make him look at her but he again tried to stand at which he succeeded.. but geet tried her next weapon.. standing she ran hugging him  from back..

 Aise toh mat ruto.she wisphered soflty kissing the back of his nect.  Apni mishti ko dekhoge b nahi.. again wisphered crawling her finger from his chest to shoulder bringing his.body more close to her.

He inhaled Sharply trying to avoid every effect she have on him but to his dismay she continuous to kiss his.earlobe.. neck and shoulder..geet.please.. he wisphered removing her hand and move ahead.. but she came.forward blocking his way..

He look down and tried to move but she block his way by living her arms around his neck sticking her chest to his kissing his chin. I'm sorry.. she wisphered with her cracked voice not able.to face his this behaviour anymore. He look up to her face which now have a layer of tears rolling down her pink cheeks.

Truely sorry..wisphering she whimpered snuggling close hiding her face on his neck sobbing.. he sighed.. no matter what but this.lady.. his wife.. she is unbelievable ..holding her waist tight he Bring her close ..rubbing her back.. kissing her hair..

Precap: will maan agree??

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