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Story so far

Geet being a psychiatrist come to cure Annie, but fall in love with Maan. They both share the most sweet love, and bonding. In spite of many ups and downs, there loves always have fought with every difficulty. Maan came to know about geet health and decide to cure her as soon as possible.

Both get married and enjoy their live with many cutes moments. Geet decides that, when Maan will finish his dad dream project then only they will have kids. Both fall in love with her with each and every past seconds.


But life doesn't seems so easy, geet health become worst, so Maan takes the appointment and make her do her full checkup. They promises to be their for eachothers always.

Time passes, and their relation only become more and more strong which helps geet to get well sooner and progress well. her report after few check ups become great but still have to take a great care of herself.

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PART 98 PG 69

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Kissing her lips he brings her in his embrace closing his eyes totally indicating end of discussion. She sighed in her defeat and holds his waist.. No matter what no one can ever change his hatred or love for any person. Now she know if she tries to push him he will become angry.. Looking at him her lean up kissing his cheek keeping her head on his arm closing her eyes.. Maan open his eyes finding her sleeping and sighed.. He knows he have disappointed her but it's important.. And no one can change his decision..



It was 5:00 morning.. Geet was sleeping with her back to maan. He was hugging her tight when his Mobile started ringing. Rubbing his eyes he slowly moves his hand taking the mobile.




Sir Adi here


Haan Adi bolo..


Sir WO kuch problem ho gahi hai.


Maan immediately rose up a little. Kya?? And shouted only to realize geet is sleeping. Kya? He whispered slowly lying when she turn around in his embrace. Par kaise?  Great.. This is what he was scared of..



Sir can u please comes to office today. Maan sighed..


Haan Adi. I will be there soon.



Hanging the phone he looks at geet sleeping peacefully softly kissing her lips. Honey.He whispered softly. She moaned only but he again and again whisper making her open her eyes slowly making her moan a little at him disturbing her sleep..




I need to go office now. It's really important.


She makes a face. Sweetheart it's really important warna main nahi jaata.


Opening her eyes slowly she smile moving her hand brushing his hair.
Hmm. That was enough for him to know she allows him. Smiling he leans down kissing her lips than stood up and made his way to washroom getting ready in hurry.





She groggily opens her eyes when he came out from washroom with his towel around her waist and almost ran to take his office cloths. After changing he comb his hair wearing his watch and taking his mobile and wallet he bent kissing her lips.
Love you. Bending he kiss her stomach. Bye baby.



Whispering he almost ran out zooming out his car.




After almost hour she slowly wakes up feeling really lazy and with a slight headache. Moving her lazy leg she spent half hour to do her daily routine of getting ready making her way downstairs where all were eating there breakfast.



Morning. She smiles a little sitting beside Vicky who was in hurry. Why so hurry?


Bro called. Need to go. He said straightly..  She nods her head playing with her spoon when he spoke up.. So Bhabhi.. You and bro prepared kicking me out Han? She frowned at him
to which he chuckled scarcity taking a bite.. Vicky what are you saying?




I'm saying the truth.. You both are behaving like I'm nothing to you..



Geet tried to say but he stopped his hand in mid way stopping her.. At least I didn't expect this from you bhabhi.. Agar bro KO itni hi nafrat ti to him shouldn't have fixed this engagement.. With that he gives her a look and look down but geet knew before this would come.. She knew Vicky would feel bad for whatever maan is doing.. He does not like this distance between Vicky and maan.. This is what she feared of.. Vicky and maan have come close after so many difficulties and now these small things are making space between them again..



Aisa nahi hai Vicky.. She tried to make him understand..



To kaisa hai Bhabhi.. He whispered looking at her angrily and hurt.. What will he feel after getting this reaction from his beloved bro and bhabhi.. They are so important to him but after giving him so much happiness they both are distancing themselves is making him feel guilty.. Was this his fault to think about marrying the girl whose sister almost tried to snatch his brother happiness always.. If they were having any problem with this than why have they fixed this relation?





 Geet saw the pain in his eyes which reared her heart.. She can't see him like this.. Never.. Vicky.. She whispered holding his arm but he simply shake his head and  hurried out. Mom sighed at him but didn't say anything.. Looking at geet she can see how week she is looking like and now discussing this issue will make her more depressed. They sat there in silence when she frowned seeing geet making a face looking at her plate.



Kya hua geet?


Pata nahi mom. I'm feeling so weird. Mom smiled at her. Aisi haalat main Aisa Hota hai beta.


Geet nodded slowly but again one look at breakfast her stomach made a summer Sault and all Vicky words were ringing in her mind making it thud a loud and pain was becoming more and more.. Mom understands her state..



Beta you can eat something else if you want.


I don't feel like eating mom. Can I just go and rest for a while.


Of course. Annie.


Annie without word was within geet side holding her hand and made her walk slowly at her room letting her sleep.












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