SS: Ram's surprise for Priya!!

Posted: 2012-05-12T07:41:46Z
This is how i want it to happen!!!

Ok!! So heres a special one!! My second attempt with writing!!

Ram and priya are sitting in their room after dinner!! Ram on his side with his face burried into the laptop and Priya on her side with her novel!!
Waise toh haath me uske novel hai.. But her thoughts are elsewhere... She smiles thinking about something and looks at Ram!! Ram notices this and looks at her surprised..
R: Kya hua Priya??...
P: Kuch khaas nahi!! Ek baat yaad aa gayi!! Nothing important.. Aap apna kaam pura kar lijiye.. Phir sote hai!!
R: tum so jao.. Muje boht kaam hai..mai study me chala jata hu!!
Priya suddenly sits up straight, cuddles up next to Ram and says,
nai, aap muje chod k kahi nai jayenge.. Aap k bina muje nind nai aati..

Ram puts his arms around her and holds her close.. Just then, she looks at Ram's laptop.. His wallpaper is the one from their engagement when neha pushed Priya and she had landed on Ram... They start talking about the pic and their meets earlier.. And then

P: pata hai Ram, maine life me aaj tak iss mahine ka wait nai kiya h...
While she is still talking, ram gets a call and he excuses himself!! When he comes back,
R: ha bolo... Tumne iss mahine kya...
P: nai kuch nai.. Rehne dijiye.. So jate hai..Ram shuts his laptop thinking that he will complete his work tomorrow!!

They cuddle in, looking at each other and fall off to sleep..They are still sleeping when there is a loud beep on Priya's phone..

R: yaar ye itni raat ko kaun hai.
P: kuch nai Ram!! Aap so jaiye.

Priya checks her phone and she smiles... And there are some more beeps following soon after!! Ram looks at Priya nd there she is smiling looking at her phone!!Ram notices this but says nothing!!The next morning when Priya goes to freshen up, Ram takes a peek into her cellphone and there it is!!! A message from Neha at12 followed by shipra, ayesha and Kartik, shruti and some more of he collegues...
He opened Neha's message and

Oh Shit!! How could he??? How could he forget this day?
He had waited for it... He wanted to be the first one to wish Priya on her Birthday... he had now missed his chance!!
But all's not lost he thought!! I couldn't wish her first but i'll make the end special for her!!

Priya on the other hand waited wit anticipation.. She wanted Ram to wish her too... She came out of the dressing room hoping he would do it now.. Ram however did nothing of that sort nd started conversing normally.. Priya avoided him and went down for breakfast, Ram smirking behind her!!
But now he gets thinking... Yaar ab mai kya karu k Priya ka birthday special ho jaye??
Hmm.. Acchi si gift?? Nah... Sharma family k sath dinner??... Nah.. Vikram Neha k sath outing??..Nah..Ha... Got it...

And Ram flashes his big broad smile...

Priya reached down and dadi rishabh, sid, nih, mama wish her for her birthday...

In sabko mera birthday yaad hai.. Par jise hona chaiye, wo toh bhool gaye!!
By then, Ram comes down too and leaves for office like any other day after breakfast.. At least that is what Priya thinks.. Ram however has got different plans!!
Priya is depressed the entire day and sits with a swollen face!! Aane do Ram ko.. Mai unse baat hi nai karungi!! Aur unke Birthday pe unhe wish bhi nai karungi!! But just then she gets a text from Ram...
Priya, aadhe ghante me ready rehna.. Ek party me jana hai.. Its very important that you come!! And wear on your best dress!! I want you to look special!! Mai aadhe ghante me tumhe pick up karta hu!!
Priya reads the message and goes towards the changing room..She meets Ram in half an hour outside KM.. Ram opens the door of the car and she gets in.. She looks at Ram and she is dumbstruck... There he is, sitting in casuals like the one he had worn to surprise Priya, smiling his trademark smile..
P: Ye kya hai.. Aap toh ghar se formls pehan k nikle the na?? Ye kab change kar liya??
Ram drove on without saying anything and Priya remembered that she was supposed to be angry on him and started looking outside the window!! They drove on for hours and then Ram stoppd the car!!
It was then that Priya realised where they were!! Yes, It was the place where she realised that she had found her prince.. Where she had realised that she loved Ram crazily.. Yes, It was the Mah-Guj border, yet again, during sunset... She got out of the car and started walking ahead and stopped a few paces ahead of the car, looking at the brathtaking view!! Ram came up from behind, and whispered very close to her ears, Happy Birthday Priya!! Priya, who was blissfully surprised turned back with teary eyes and hugged Ram.. She didnt care where they were or who was looking at them... She just wanted to be held close to Ram.. Wanted to feel his heartbeats... Ram hugged her back and they stood near the bonet of the car looking at the mesmerising scene!!! Ram then led her back to the car and started driving again...
P: thank you Ram... U made my day.. Muje aga k aap bhool gaye...
R: Thanku badme bol lena.. Aur boht kuch baki hai...
P: matlab??
R: Matlab ab tak mera surprise pura hua nai hai!! Tum chup chap baithi raho aur enjoy karo..
Ram drove off again and stopped after sometime... He took out a piece of black cloth and tied it around priya's eyes and started driving again... Priya was lost in thoughts.. Anticipating what Ram's next surprise for her could be.. Just then Ram stopped the car and led her out.. She could feel cool breeze and a moist atmosphere... A few paces ahead, Ram just lifted her in his arms and put her on a chair..
R: Priya ab yahaan shaanti se baithi raho.. Mai bas yahi hu.. And dont you dare spoil my surprise by opening your eyes.. I can see you from where i am and agar tunme wo patti kholi toh mai tumse kabhi baat nai karunga!!
Ram leaves and Priya sits there in solitude thinking about the Romantic pal she spent with Ram.. She could get the fragrance of Roses and Orchids and white lilies..
By then, Ram arrived and put down the cloth from hr eyes!! And then she saw where he had brought her.. They were on a cruise on what looked like a private beach.. The only two people visible around.. No one else to disturb them.. Ram hugged her from behind and she leaned on him.. They stood in the same poise for sometime and then Ram took her back to the table, where in front of her was a nice arrangement for a candlelight dinner with Ram's handmade Pakoda's... They had the best dinner of their life, feeding each other and talking to each other...All the while, there was a light music playing on the background, and after dinner, Ram asked Priya for a dance!! As they started swaying to the music, they completely forgot the whole world and all their worries, just feeling each other and the sense of togetherness... Priya placed her head on Ram's chest and he held her close.. Swaying to the music... Lost into each other...Ram breaks the hug and suddenly lifts Priya again.. He put her down under the open sky, lied down next to her and said"Tare ginte hai, abhi..." He went and lied down next to her and put his arms around her... They start counting the stars and have fun for quite sometime... Priya then places her hand over Ram's heart..Jante hai.. Jis din humne tare gine the, that was the day I realised k saari khoobsoorat cheez mehsoos ki jati hai... Aaj bhi muje wohi karna hai.. Ram looks at her for a brief second and he brings his lips close to hers.. And they kiss.. Not very passionately, but to just let each other know their felings.. Their unspoken words.. Their love..
Ram breaks the kiss and said
chale ab...
they get up and start walking towards their car..
P: Abhi thanks bol lu Ram.. I really loved the day.. Thanks for recreating those memories...
R: Thanks bolne ki zarurat nahi hai... Waise ek surprise aur baki hai...
Ram takes his wife to The WESTIN OBEROI... The place they came to on their first night... Ram gave Priya the keys and asked her to go to the room.. He would join her in a few minutes... Priya walked slowly towards the room and opened the door... There it was, the very same room decorated in exactly the same manner as on their first night..
Roses and Balloons everywhere, swans on the bed, a big cake on the table and a glass of milk near the bed...
Then her eyes fell on a note kept on the bed:

Dear Princess,
Honestly speaking, i did not remember your birthday... Checked your cell in the morning and then it struck me... I wanted to be the first one to wish you.. But that did not happen.. So i thought i'd rather make the end memorable for you.. I wanted you to relive the best moments of OUR life together and i tried to recreate them.. I know you would have loved it as you find happiness in the smallest things in life... This was another day we could have made special had we loved each other then.. But then, we have another chance don't we??
So, My Love.. Go to the changing room.. There's a last bit of surprise waiting for you.. Will join you in a few moments!!

Priya was overwhelmed reading the letter.. She had tears in her eyes!! She walked off to the changing room there she found her next surprise!! She smiled looking at it and went off to change..
Ram came into the room and started looking for Priya... He was about to call for her when she suddenly came up from behind and hugged him... It was a tight embrace.. Thanking him through the unspoken words.. Ram turned around to look at her and he found His Priya looking gorgeous in the Red nightgown waiting for him.. Ram pulled her into a tight hug and they looked each other deep into the others eyes, full of love, full of emotions!!
Ram brought his face down towards Priya and she closed her eyes!! The savoured this moment of their passionate kiss...
And needless to say...
You can imagine what happened next...

I hope u like this coz i really enjoyed writing this!!!!

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Posted: 2012-05-12T07:52:29Z
Awesome and lovely update dear.
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Posted: 2012-05-12T08:28:39Z
wowww recreating all the surprises .. superb yaar 
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Posted: 2012-05-12T08:28:51Z
gr8 way to make d day imagination dear...luvd reading it...TongueTongue
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Posted: 2012-05-12T08:40:27Z
That was FABULOUS!! How romantic!! Absolutely loved it! It's on my list of favourite things to read when the show sucks Wink
Actually I was just thinking a couple of days ago that someone should write something like this Tongue
You should write more!!

P.S. what was your first attempt at writing? I want to read it lol. 
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Posted: 2012-05-12T08:44:47Z
Wow, fab update.. beautiful.. Clap
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Posted: 2012-05-12T09:02:20Z
Awesome update...thanks for bringing back those old memories Embarrassed...really good...ClapClap...Continue to write...Star
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Posted: 2012-05-12T09:08:46Z
Originally posted by azk92

That was FABULOUS!! How romantic!! Absolutely loved it! It's on my list of favourite things to read when the show sucksWink
Actually I was just thinking a couple of days ago that someone should write something like thisTongue
You should write more!!

P.S. what was your first attempt at writing? I want to read it lol.
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