OS: Tere Bin... (continuing precap)

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Ram: Jab tak Priya waapis nahi aati, mere se koi umeed mat rakhiyega, please'

Niharika leaves from there, thinking what she should do.  Ram wasn't going to do anything unless she brought Priya back and so she had no choice.  She would bring her back for now and then deal with what to do with her later.  She calls Priya:

Priya: Haan ji Mummyji, pairi pauna.

Niharika: Uh Priya, mujhe tumse kuch baat karni hai.  Kya tum mujhe uss coffee shop mein milogi? Aadhe ghante mein?

Priya: Haan theek hai.

At the coffee shop:

Niharika arrives to see Priya sitting there, drinking coffee.  She smiles when she sees Niharika, putting on a tough look as to not show Niharika any sign of weakness. 

Priya: Ayie Mummyji.  Aap ne mujhe yahaan pe kyun bulaya. 

Niharika sits down, leans back and crosses her legs: Priya, tumhe mere saath ghar chal na hoga.  Jab tak tum wahan nahi aati, Ram kuch nahi karega.  Isiliye tumhe aana padega.  Aur agar tum nahi aati, toh tum jaanti ho main kya karsakti hu.  Natasha aur Kartik, aur Ram ki zindagi'

Priya stopped her before she said it: Main chalne ke liye tayyar hoon.  Lekin meri ek shart hai. 

Niharika, getting up: Tum shart rakhne ki position mein nahi ho.  Tum jaldi se ghar paunch jao. 

Niharika walked off.  Priya sat there, wondering what she was going to do next.  For now, she would have to go back to Kapoor Mansion, until she could figure out how to expose Niharika.  It was good, at least she would get to see Ram and maybe try to fully gain his trust.  She picked up her purse, flagged a cab and headed to Kapoor Mansion. 

At Kapoor Mansion, Ram was standing by the balcony with tears falling down his face. 

Ram, to himself: Priya, I'm sorry.  Main jaanta hu ke main kitna galat tha aur maine tumhe aur tumhare parivaar ko kitna dukh paunchaya hai.  Sab jaanta hu.  Main jaanta hu ke mein in sab halat ka zimmedaar hu.  Aur shayad mein tumhe deserve bhi nahi karta.  Lekin phir bhi please mere paas waapis aajao.  Tumhi ne kaha tha na ke tum mujhe kabhi chod ke nahi jaogi.  Toh phir kyun? Kyun mujhe itni badi saza de rahi ho? Main tumhare bina nahi jee sakta.  Iss poori duniya mein main sab se zyada tumse pyaar karta hu.  Please mere paas waapis aajao.  I love you Priya, I love you so much 

"I love you too, Ram" 

He turns around to see Priya standing in the doorway of their room with tears in her eyes.  They stood there, looking at each other for a few minutes.  Tears in their eyes saying everything they had felt in the last few days, from love to pain. 

All of a sudden, Priya drops her purse and runs and throws herself on Ram.  He lifts her up and holds her tightly.  So tight, almost crushing her small frame.  After a couple of minutes he tries to move Priya back but she wouldn't let him.  She just held on so tightly.  She didn't want to let this moment go.  She didn't know what was going to happen with Niharika and if she would have to leave again.  But for the time being, she didn't care.  She was with Ram and she wanted this moment to last forever.  He understood everything she was feeling.  He let her be until she herself finally loosened her grip on him a bit.  He held her face in his hands, looked into her eyes and wiped her tears with his thumbs and kissed her forehead.  He took her into his arms again.  He put his hand on her head, caressing her hair gently while she rested her head on his chest and held him tightly.  They stood like that, neither one of them wanting to break the hug. 

After a few minutes, someone knocked on the door.  Ram and Priya separated from each other and Ram wiped her tears again and went to open the door. 

It was Bansi Kaka.  He said Niharika wanted to speak to Priya.  Ram looked at Priya, who said she was just coming.  Ram closed the door, while Priya walked over to Ram.  She stood in front of him and they looked into each others eyes again.  Ram's eyes were still wet.  She reached over and gently wiped the tears off his cheeks. 

Priya: I'm sorry Ram.  Aap nahi jaante aap ko chod ke, itna sab kuch kehte hue mujhe kitna dukh hua hai.  Jitna dukh aap ko hua hai, usse kahin zyada dukh mujhe hua hai aapko itni takleef paunchate hue.  

Ram: Toh phir tum mujhe chod ke kyun chali gayi Priya? Tumne mujhe itni badi saza kyun di?

Priya: Main aap ko yeh baat nahi bata sakti.  Lekin itna zarur bata sakti hu ke main majboor thi.  Aur yeh bhi bata sakti hu ke main aapse bahut pyaar karti hu aur please aap kabhi mat sochega ke main aap se pyaar nahi karti.  Aap mujhpe bharosa karte hai na? 

Ram: Priya tumne mujhe kaha tha na ke tumne kabhi nahi socha tha ke kabhi aisa pal ayega ke tumhare liye tumhari family se zyada koi matter karega aur aaj woh insan main hu. 

He takes her face in the palms of his hands. 

Ram continues: Priya maine bhi yeh nahi socha tha.. Lekin in do dinon mein, tumhare bina, tumse door rehkar, jab tum mujhse naraaz thi, mujhe ehsaas ho gaya hai ke aaj tum bhi mere liye, meri family se bhi zyada matter karti ho.  Maine shayad apni family ko support karte hue tumhe bahut dukh paunchaya lekin aaj se, aisa dobara kabhi nahi hoga.  Main tumpe apne aap se bhi zyada bharosa karta hu.  Maine apni poori zindagi mein, tumse zyada na kabhi kisi se pyaar kiya hai aur na kabhi kar sakta hu. 

Hearing this, tears started to well up in her eyes again. 

Priya: I'm really sorry Ram. 

He wiped off her tears: Nahi Priya, ab hum mein se koi nahi royega.  Ab hum ek saath hain na? 

He kisses her on the forehead and said : Ab jao, Maa tumhara intezaar kar rahi hogi.

Priya nods and leaves.  She goes to meet Niharika. 

Niharika was sitting on her chair with one leg crossed over the other.  She leaned back with her eyes closed.  Priya knocks on the door and Niharika opens her eyes and looks to see who it is. 

Priya: Aap mujhse milna chahti thi?

Niharika smiles at her: Haan, andar aao.

She gets up and walks to the window and looks out. 

Niharika: Maine tumhe is ghar se nikala tha lekin aaj tum iss ghar mein waapis aagayi.  Lekin ab tumhe Ram ki zindagi se bahut door jana padega.  Kisi aur shehr mein, Ram se, Kapoor khandan se bahut door.  Aur agar aisa nahi hua toh tum jaanti ho na ke main kya kar sakti hu' 

Ram came in and slipped his hand in Priya's.  Priya looked at him in surprise.  He assured her with his eyes and then looked at Niharika. 

Ram, raised his eyebrows: Lekin main nahi jaanta.  Kya karlengi aap agar Priya mujhse door nahi gayi toh? 

Niharika turned around to see Ram standing beside Priya, with his hand in hers. 

Ram: Aap chup kyun hai.  Bataye, kya karlengi aap agar Priya mujhse door nahi gayi toh? 

Niharika: '. (speechless)

Ram: Ab samaj mein aaraha hai.  Aap hamesha Priya ko sab ki doshi kyun tehrati rahi.  Aap humein alag kyun karna chahti hai?  Priya kahin nahi jaayegi.  Agar woh gayi, toh mein bhi uss ke saath jaounga aur aap ko ek paisa nahin milega. 

Niharika and Priya both look at Ram in shock.  How did he know?

Ram: Jee haan.  Itna heraan ho ne ki zarurat nahi hai.  Main sab jaanta hu.  Aap ko kya lagta hai, main kuch nahi bolta iss ka matlab yeh nahi ke main kuch nahin jaanta.  Aap mere paise ke peeche padi hai na? Toh aaj mein aapse kehta hu, agar Priya mujhse door gayi, toh aap ko ek paisa nahi milega.  Soch lijiye.  

Priya couldn't take her eyes off Ram.  How had he found out? He took her by the hand, leaving a stunned Niharika, and led her back to their room.  He let go of her hand and locked the door as Priya stared at him in a daze.  He turned around and looked at Priya.  He slowly walked towards her.  He held her face in the palms of his hands and looked deeply into her eyes. 

Priya closed her eyes as Ram kissed her on her forehead.  Then he kissed her on each eye and then on her cheeks.  He was about to bring his lips down to meet hers, when suddenly Priya lost her balance.  She grabbed his collar, yelled "Ram!", taking him down with her on the bed.  He was on top of her and she was clutching his collar tightly with both her hands and her eyes squeezed shut.  Her hair was all over her face, disrupting Ram's view.  He slowly removed her hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear.  He looked at her longingly. 

Priya slowly opened her eyes only to find herself looking straight into Ram's dark brown eyes, filled with so much love, that made her weak in the knees.  After a couple of minutes, she lowered her eyes. 

Ram: Priya, meri taraf dekho'

She looked up into his eyes again. 

Ram: Hum bahut dinon se ek dusre se door rahe.  Ab aur nahi.  Ab hamare beech mein koi nahi aayega. 

Priya, still clutching his collar, slowly pulled him towards her'

Hey everyone, 

That was my latest OS. Sorry it wasn't the greatest.  Been really busy and major writers block.  But I hope you all liked it anyways! Don't forget to like/comment!  Also, my other OS have been added to the media center if anyone wants to read them. Smile

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Awesome update Amby...really loved the romantic moments...you brought out the pain and love so beautifully dear Embarrassed...thanks for this OS...you rock as usual...Clap..Keep it up Thumbs UpThumbs UpEdited by TVserialfreak - 2012-05-11T21:19:14Z
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Amby please ab  next update jaldi de dou, can't wait yaar,
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Posted: 2012-05-11T21:27:50Z
Amby - DHINCHAK Chapter dear. Right On!  Star Star Star Star Star

Ram knew about it all along??? Was it the convo in the parking lot that we imagined??LOLLOLLOL

It Couldn't Be Better!
It's Everything I Hoped For!

Hug     Hug     Hug     Hug     Hug     
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Posted: 2012-05-11T21:32:32Z
Haaye Haaye... Kitni asaani se saare problems solve ho gaye! And Ram is back to being the shrewd businessman along with being Golu in his room... Wink... What more can a fan ask for!  Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

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Posted: 2012-05-11T21:33:03Z
Woo hoo! Amby got my man back atleast in the OS!! Loved RaYa in this! Fantastic! Trust me that the only good part of fights is the make upWink Can I expect the crib in the next OS ?LOL
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Hey nice one...Clap
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Originally posted by TVserialfreak

Awesome update Amby...really loved the romantic moments...you brought out the pain and love so beautifully dear Embarrassed...thanks for this OS...you rock as usual...Clap..Keep it up Thumbs UpThumbs Up

Thank you!!Embarrassed I'm glad you liked it! haha i felt like we needed some romance Wink its been too long! LOL

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