OS: First Anniversary

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hi friends as i have said i would write an OS so back with OS Tongue.

OS: RaYa First Anniversary

It was their first anniversary Priya was sitting on the couch looking at the book in her hand but her mind was elsewhere, Ram went out of country for some meeting , Priya looked at the mobile this was 100th time she was looking at the mobile since morning now it was 9 in the night

Disappointed Priya  thought: Ram aap ko humara anniversary yaad hi nahin hai aap aise kaise bhol sakte hai… subah aap ne call kiya tha lekin apne file ke bare mein pooch ne ke liye, aap ne tho kaha tha ki aap 3 dino mein wapas aa jayenge lekin 5 din ho gaye hai aur aap abhi tak nahin aaye humne plan kiya tha ki aaj ka poora din ek dusre ke saath rahenge aur dekhiye aap ko tho yaad hi nahin hai she turned the other side then her eyes fell on her books but something caught her attention the diary… her dairy…

Priya took her dairy opened it, turning the pages she went to the bed then she eyes caught something she began to read it was about Ram… their first meeting… her feelings about Ram she dint know why she wrote about him in her dairy at that time he was nothing to her but she still she wrote now she got  her answer he was a part her life but he is now her life anyone would have told her that he would become her life she would have laughed like mad but now it was real she couldn't even think of living without him just penning down her thoughts about him she went to sleep.

It was 10:30pm Ram came to his room saw Priya sleeping by resting her head on the wall behind, he came near to her saw a dairy in her laps he quietly picked it and was about to close he saw his name so he opened it: Ram aap mere zindagi mein bale ek compromise ban kar aaye the lekin ab aap mere zingadi ab chuke hai mera har shubh aap se shuru ho kar aap se hi khatam hota hai aap ke bina ek din bhi jeena bahut mushkil hai maine kitne mushkil se khata hai ye 3 din ye main hi jaanti hoon pehle ek waqt tha jab main ek pal bhi aap ke saath nahin rehna chahthi thi lekin ab… ek pal bhi main aap ke bina nahin reh sakthi thank you Ram for coming in my life and making it wonderful love you!!!

Ram looked at Priya with his eyes full of love he slowly moved forward gave a kiss on her fore head lightly he took care not to touch her as he know that she would recognize him even in her sleep and he didn't want her to wake up so soon without his arrangements then he saw a pen near her he too wrote something then he made few arrangements before waking Priya. He lit the room with candles then he brought a cake and set a song on the timer then went near Priya kissed her on cheek wishing her: happy anniversary sweetheart

Priya in her sleep smiled and snuggled close to him thought it to be dream but when she was snuggling she felt someone was there she slowly opened her eyes and saw Ram near her but didn't speak anything as she was trying to understand whether it is a dream or in real and she thought if it is dream I don't want to open my eyes so soon and she closed her eyes to be in her dream with Ram

Ram saw Priya closing her eyes again: ye kya hai… main itne durr se aaya hoon aur meri biwi hai ki mujhe dehna bhi nahin chahthi

Hearing Ram's voice Priya's eyes flew open: Ram… aap… aap kab aaye

Ram: tumne kya socha ki main apna anniversary bhul jaunga aisa tho ho hi nahin sakta…

Priya: aap ne mujhe bataya nahin ki aap aa rahe hai

Ram: agar bata deta tho tumhare chehre pe aur aankhon mein ye jo khushi dekh raha hoon woh kaise dekh pata… hmmm… abhi tak tumne mujhe wish nahin kiya

Priya: happy anniversary

Ram:ye kaisa wish hai

Priya: aap ne bhi tho aise hi wish kiya tha na

Ram: excuse me maine aise wish nahin kiya tha

Priya: thik hai she hugged him then wished him: happy anniversary aur abhi time kya hua hai

Ram: abhi 1 ganta hai…

Priya kept her head on his shoulder and opened her eyes and saw the room beautifully decorated: yeh sab aapne kab kiya… aap kab aaye… mujhe kyun nahin jagaya

Ram kept his finger on his lips to stop her: chup abhi che chalo and he took her to the cake both together cut the cake and fed each other thn the song played as it was set on timer Ram looked at Priya and mept his hand forward Priya smiled and kept her hand in his he held her close to him both danced in each other's arms looking into each other's eyes. The song finished but they stood there still looking into each other's eyes suddenly a window closed loudly due to the wind Ram went to close the window Priya went to the bed and she saw the dairy then she saw some other person's handwriting in it she saw it was written by Ram: Priya thanks mere zindagi mein aane ke liye aur iss mein inte khushiya bar ne ke liye mujhe zindagi jeene shikaya tum mere liye sab kuch tho meri duniya tum se shuru ho kar tum se hi khatam hota hai you are my life love you a lot!!

Priya looked at Ram who was coming towards her she kept the dairy down Ram stood before her she was about to say something

Ram: shhh kept his finger on her lips gentle yet firm enough to tell her he meant it but held her gaze slowly he traced the tip of his fore finger on her lower lip, the lightest and sheerest contact she couldn't move and didn't want to move too just stood there looking at him there was something in his eyes the love which was in hers eyes she could see that in his eyes she felt as if they both felt the same. Both stood there looking into each others eyes as thought silently telling each other what each mean for other.

W8ing for ur comments

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wonderful girl !!!!!!! missing such cute n light hearted moments in da show StarStar

do write more
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As usual...you rocked it...do write more...Tongue Glad ur back with a bang..!!!!Edited by sss283 - 2012-05-11T07:31:07Z
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Really beautiful...thanks for postingEmbarrassed
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Just awesome, please continue soon
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lovely.. Fantastic start of gd friday wid ur fabulous post...
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