OS: Har Kadam, Tumhare Saath... cont'd pg 6 and 8

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Hi everyone! As my 1000th post, here is my latest OS! Smile  But you have to assume Natasha has not been kidnapped a second time.  

WARNING: EXTREMELY EMOTIONAL! I'm totally serious, so if you don't think you can handle it, don't read it.  I'm sorry in advance but this has been coming back to me for a while now and I felt like I should post it.  I know you guys are going to hate me for this...Please don't kill me..

If you choose to read it, I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to leave a comment/ like it! 


OS: Har Kadam, Tumhare Saath...

Niharika (on the phone): Kya? Nutz bhag gayee? Find her' and bring her to me at any cost. (then to herself) Nutz, yeh tumne theek nahi kiya.  Maine tumhe warn kiya tha, ab tumhe is ki saza zarur milegi. 

Priya is in the backseat of her car, heading back to Kapoor Mansion when she spots Nutz in a rikshaw.  She opens the window and yells her name.  Natasha hears her and they both stop and are talking on the road.  Meanwhile, Niharika's gunman sees Natasha but he does not recognize Priya.  He aims his gun towards her.  Priya notices the gunman aiming the gun towards them and before she could say anything she hears the gunshot. 

Priya screams NATASHAAA and pushes her out of the way.  The bullet hits Priya in the right side of her chest and she falls to the ground, losing consciousness quickly. 

Natasha screams: PRIYAAA! And runs to her.  The driver is also there.  The two of them put Priya in the car and drive her to the hospital.  Natasha calls Ram.

Ram: Choti? Tu theek to hai? Tu kahan hai is waqt, main aaraha hu?

Natasha: Bhai, aap yeh sab baat chodiye, aap please jaldi se hospital aayajie, Priya ka accident ho gaya hai.  Usse goli lagi hai. 

Ram drops the phone.  He is rooted to the spot.  He can't move.  Priya's smiling face flashes in front of his eyes, and then her pleading with him to believe her brother, and then her tears.  Then his own voice echoes in his ears'"I don't want you back" That was the last thing he had said to her.  No! It can't be true! He gets into his car and drives to the hospital.  Tears streaming down his face, he is driving faster than he has ever driven before. 

When he reaches the hospital, he sees Natasha there, sitting on a chair outside the Operating Room, with her face buried in her hands.  He puts a hand on her shoulder and she looks up at him teary eyed.

Ram: Choti, Priya kahan hai?

Natasha: Bhai us ka operation chal raha hai.  Yeh sab meri waja se hua hai. 

And she buries her face in her hands again and starts crying.  Ram slumps down in the chair next to her.  He doesn't even know what to say anymore.  Tears start flowing from his eyes too as he looks at the red light, which will decide the fate of his own life.  He cannot live without Priya.  She is his life. 

Ram (thinking): Bhagwan, please meri Priya ko bachalo.  Main jaanta hu ke maine usse bahut dukh diya hai.  Main vaada karta hu ke aaj ke baad, main usse kabhi koi chot nahi paunchaunga.  Uske bahut sapne hai jo ab bhi adhoore hain (thinking about her last wish). Main uske beger nahi jee sakta.  Ek wahi hai jo mujhe sache dil se pyaar karti hai; jo mere dil mein basi hai.  Maa bhi mujhe chod ke chali gayee, agar Priya bhi mujhe chod ke chali gayee toh main bilkul toot jaunga.  Please bhagwan, Priya ko bachalo. 

After a little while, Dadi, Rishabh, Shipra, Sudhir and Ayesha make it to the hospital.  Ram knows he owes Sudhir and Shipra an apology but he just can't do it right now.  He is too shaken up.  He is just sitting on a chair with his face buried in his hands and tears streaming down his face. 

Dadi puts a hand on his shoulder: Ram puttar, Priya ko kuch nahi hoga.  Tu usse bahut pyar karta hai na, aur woh bhi tujhse bahut pyar karti hai.  Yeh tum dono ka pyar hai jo usse bachalega.  Tu chinta mat kar, Priya ko kuch nahi hoga. 

Ram is thinking about all the times he spent with Priya.  All the awkward times they had before they got married, to their wedding, to the times soon after they got married.  He thinks about the whole Ashwin and Apeksha drama that they had gone through and that had brought them closer together in the end. 

Then he thinks about the BC scare, and her wishes, and how happy he was when she was happy and how he would do anything to see her smile.  And then he thinks about how he never wanted to leave her alone after that and his trip to US, where he realized finally that he was in love with Priya, and his surprise return.  And then the coin under the cup being heads and planning out how he was going to tell her his feelings.  And then the ugly fight between them that led to their confessions and then finally their special night together. He thinks about the morning after where he was still embarrassed about everything and he didn't know how to proceed, and then Holi, where Priya was high on bhang, and how cute she looked, and how she managed to make him put colors on her. 

Then he thinks about that magical hug that changed everything between them again, that reassured him that Priya was his life now.  He thinks about how she solved Ayesha and Choti's problem in an instant, and all the moments where he teased her after that. 

He thinks about how much she had changed him in the last few months, how she had brought out just Ram from the Ram Kapoor.  How she had given him a new life, one that he wanted to live for himself, with her.  He thinks about the surprise she gave him, his father's statue, and how no one had ever done anything for him before; and this was the best surprise he had ever received in his life.  

Then he remembers the bathroom conversation and how it was destiny that brought them together.  Why would destiny bring them together only to separate them? This was the 4thtime he had been scared of losing her.  1st when she found out about Apeksha, 2nd when the doctor told him she might have BC.  3rd when she walked away after he poured his heart out to her and now, this.. Why was destiny playing such a cruel game with them. 

Then he remembers all the fights they had during the last few days regarding Natasha's domestic violence case, and then her kidnapping.  He wished more than ever that he had believed her now.  Maybe if he had believed her, then she would have been with him instead of roaming the streets alone.  This thought made him sob all over again.  These were the longest few hours of his life. 

After a few hours of waiting, the light finally turns off and the doctor comes out. 

Ram, with tears in his eyes: Doctor, Priya kaisi hai?

Doctor: Mr. Kapoor, Mrs. Kapoor bahut lucky hai.  Goli ne kisi major organs ko chuha tak nahi.  Lekin bahut khoon behne ke waja se, hum bacche ko nahi bacha paaye.  I'm sorry. 

Ram choked out: Baccha?

Doctor: Haan, usne aapko bataya nahi? Woh maa ban ne wali thi.

Those words hit Ram like a lightening bolt.  "Hum bacche ko nahi bacha paaye".  He fell on his knees, sobbing again.  Priya was pregnant! During all this uproar in Kapoor Mansion, Priya was pregnant!  Their dream had been shattered before they even had a chance to celebrate it.  Why was this happening?  He had almost lost Priya, and he had already lost his child.  Guilt overtook all his thoughts.  All that he had said to Priya in the last few days.  He had given her more pain than anything else, when she needed him the most.  He didn't deserve her love.  He didn't deserve her at all. 

Rishabh came and put his hand on Ram's shoulder: Bhai, please apne aap ko sambhaliye. Agar aap aise toot jayenge toh bhabhi ko kaun sambhalega. 

Rishabh was right.  He had to take care of Priya now.  He had fulfilled enough responsibilities at home.  Somehow, Natasha had come home.  How didn't matter anymore.  She would go back to her in-laws and he would take care of Priya. 

The nurse came to him: Mrs. Kapoor ko hosh aagaya hai.  Hum sirf ek insaan ko andar jaane ki ijazat de sakte hai.

Ram looked at Shipra and Sudhir.

Sudhir: Jao Ram beta, Priya se mil lo.  Is waqt Usse tumhari bahut zarurat hai. 

Ram: Thank you Papa. 

Ram looked through the window of her room.  Priya was sitting there, looking away, with tears silently falling from her face.  Ram wiped his own tears, and put on a strong face, keeping in mind what Rishabh had just told him.  He entered the room.  Priya saw him enter from the corner of her eye and turned her face the other way.  She did not have the courage to face him. 

He walked to her bedside and sat on the stool right next to her bed.  He took her hand in both his hands and kissed it.  He held her hand to his lips. 

Ram: Priya'

Priya did not turn to look at him.  She knew as soon as she looked at him, she would not be able to control her sobs. 

Ram: Priya, meri taraf dekhogi nahi?

Priya just continued to face the other way.  She slightly shook her head and tears started flooding her eyes.  

Ram: Priya please, meri taraf dekho.  Tum mujhse itna naraaz ho ke mujhe dekhogi bhi nahi?

Priya, still looking the other way, with her eyes closed and tears streaming down her face: Main aap se naraaz nahi hu.  I'm sorry Ram, main aapke aur bauji ka sapna poora nahi kar paayi.  

Ram puts her hand down and gets up from the stool and sits on the edge of the bed.  He cups her face in his hands and turns her face to make her look at him.  As she looks into his eyes, tears continue to flow from her eyes. 

Ram, shakes his head: Nahin Priya 

He wipes her tears with his thumbs and takes her into his arms.  He holds Priya tight against his chest.  Priya holds the collars of his shirt and just breaks down into sobs being against Ram's chest.  Ram has his arms around her, holding her tightly.  He rubs her back gently, consoling her.  He rests his cheek on the top of her head, trying to fight back his own tears.  But he can't control himself anymore and soon he is crying too.  The two of them are crying in each others arms, mourning the loss of their unborn child. 

After they calm down, Ram moves Priya back a little bit and wipes her tears again and makes her lie down. 

Ram: Priya, tumhe araam ki bahut zarurat hai.  Please, ab tum araam karo.

He turns to leave but is stopped by something.  He turns back to see Priya holding his hand with tears in her eyes again.

Priya: Please Ram, mujhe chod ke mat jaaye.

Ram comes back and sits down on the stool next to her bed.  He takes her hand in both his hand and kisses it.

Ram: Priya, main kahin nahin jaa raha hu tumhe chod ke.  Kabhi nahi.  Main yahin hu, tumhare paas.  Ab tum please thoda araam karo.

Priya closes her eyes and falls into a deep sleep from the medications she was on.  Ram sits there with her hand in his.  He silently thanks god for saving Priya's life.  Tears start stinging his eyes again as he thinks about everything that has just happened in the last few days down to the last few minutes.  "I don't want you back".  His own words ring in his ears.  Why had he said that to her? He couldn't live without her, then even in anger, why had he said that?  More tears continue to flow from his eyes.  Priya stirs a bit, sensing something is wrong.  She opens her eyes and sees Ram holding her hand with tears flowing down his cheeks. 

Priya: Ram'

Now it's his turn, he can't look her in the eye as he remembers all the things he had said to her that day at her parent's house.  He looks down, with her hand still in both of his, held to his lips, and starts sobbing.

Ram, in between sobs: I'm sorry Priya.  Uss din maine tumhe itna kuch'

Before he could finish his sentence, Priya takes her hand out of his and puts a finger on his lips, while shaking her head. 

Priya: Nahin Ram'

Ram: Please Priya, mujhe kehne do.  Uss din maine tumhe itna kuch kehdiya.  Pata nahi, gusse main aake maine aisa kyun kaha.  Sach to yeh hai ke main tumhare bina adhoora hu Priya.  Main tumhare bina nahi jee sakta.  Tum jaanti ho ke main kitna dar gaya tha.  Mujhe laga ke maine tumhe hamesha ke liye khodiya.

Priya saw that fear in his eyes.  She noticed it all the time.  In addition to all the love for her in his eyes, she saw this deep fear in his eyes too.  A fear that she would one day leave him too.  From the first time she realized what it was, she promised herself and him, that she would never ever leave him, no matter what happened.  And it was his love, their love that had saved her life today. 

She reached over and wiped his tears. 

Priya: Ram, main hamesha aap ke saath hu, agar main iss duniya main nahi toh main hamesha yahan rahungi (while touching his heart with her hand), aap ke dil ke bahut kareeb, hamesha aap ke paas. 

Ram: Priya, please tum aisi baat kabhi mat karna.  Ab tum please araam karo.

He takes her hand in both his again as she drifts off into a long sleep.  He also falls asleep sitting on the stool with his head resting on the bed and her hand in his. 

A few hours later, Priya wakes up.  She sees Ram sleeping, with his head resting on the bed.  She gently caresses his hair. 

Priya: Ram, I'm sorry ke maine aap ko pehle nahi bataaya hamare bacche ke bare mein. Aap itna pareshaan the aur main sahi waqt ka intezaar kar rahi thi lekin uss se pehle hi', and a tear rolls down her cheek again. 

For the next few days, Ram stayed with Priya almost all the time at the hospital and then at home when she was discharged.  He wasn't going to leave her alone, especially not in these times.  He knew she needed him more than ever right now.  It didn't matter what was going on at home, or in the office or anywhere in the world.  What mattered was Priya and only Priya.  He wasn't going to make the same mistake again. 

Priya had almost fallen into a deep depression.  She barely spoke anything and she barely ate.  She felt like she had lost a piece of herself.  A piece that she was never going to get back.  Losing a child was the biggest pain in a mother's life.  She just sat there, silent, occasionally crying.  Ram was feeling more helpless than ever.  He did not know what to do, but it was killing him seeing Priya like this.  When Dadi or Shipra would be with Priya, he would leave for a little while, and go to the hill top or the beach, and just sit there and cry on his own.  He couldn't break down in front of Priya.  She was already going through so much and he knew she would be even more hurt to see him like this.  He had to be strong for her. 

But Priya knew.  She knew Ram was just being strong for her.  She knew when Dadi or her mother was with her and Ram left, that he would be going somewhere and crying.  She could feel it.  Her heart ached everytime he left.  But she could not bear it anymore.  It was too much.  The pain of losing their child and then seeing Ram so hurt made her weaker and weaker day by day.  Ram did not know what else to do.  Dadi and Shipra also tried to make her eat, but she just couldn't. 

Ram then thought of the last person on his mind, and he was sure Priya would listen to her.  She was the only one who would be able to make Priya understand; his mother, Krishna.

Ram didn't know how to call her.  He didn't know how to dial the number, or what to say. He was sitting at the beach one day, thinking about what he would say, or how he would approach her.  Had he forgiven her for what she had done to his father? For leaving him? These thoughts, on top of seeing Priya's condition deteriorating each day, brought tears to his eyes again.  He was sitting on the sand with his face buried in his hands, when he felt someone put a hand on his shoulder.  He looked up to see himself looking straight at his mother.  She had heard about Priya on the news and was already in India since Priya had called her here.  She wasn't sure if Priya had managed to uncover the truth yet, but she didn't want to take a chance because if Priya had, then Ram would be needing her at this time.  

Ram looks up at her, teary eyed: Maa'

Krishna kneeled down on the ground beside him.  Ram just hugs her and starts sobbing again.  That was what he had been craving for all his life.  He needed his mother by his side.  He needed his mother's lap, where he could rest his head and cry.  Krishna just held him, herself teary-eyed.  She had not seen her son in over 20 years and the first time she saw him, he was in this much pain.  Ram then got the answer to his question.  He had forgiven her for everything. 

Krishna: Ram beta'Yeh sab kya hogaya.

Ram tells her the whole story from the beginning.  About how they fell in love, to the whole domestic violence case to Natasha's kidnapping, to the shooting, to Priya's miscarriage to now, when she had fallen into a deep depression. 

Krishna: Ram tum kabhi nahi samjhoge ek maa ko apne bacche ko khone ka dard.  Main samajh sakti hu ke Priya pe kya guzri hai.  Haan tum baap ho, lekin tum yeh nahi samajh sakte ek aurat ka dard.  Jab woh apne bacche ko apni kok mein mehsoos karti hai.  Phir usse kho ne ka dard.  Maine bhi apne bacche ko khoya hai, 20 saal tak door rahi hu usse, sirf uski khatir.

Ram is stunned.

Ram: Yeh aap kya keh rahi hai maa?

Krishna: Priya ne tumhe bataya nahi?

Ram: Nahi, kya hua?

Krishna: Woh hi mujhe yahaan India bulayi thi.  Usse pata chal gaya ke Niharika ne yeh sab natak tum dono ko alag kar ne ke liye kiya tha kyun ki usse pata tha ke agar tum aur Priya ek saath rahoge, toh phir usse ek paisa nahi milega tumhari daulat se.  Lekin agar Priya tumhe yeh baat seedhe se kehti toh tum us ka yakeen kabhi nahi karte, isiliye uss ne mujhe yahaan bulaya, yeh keh kar ke tumhara accident ho gaya taaki main India ajaaoon aur uss ki madad karun Niharika ke chehre se naqaab utarne ke liye.  Niharika kamyab rahi mujhe tumhari zindagi se bahar nikal kar, mujhe dhamki de kar ke agar main tumhe chod kar nahi gayi, toh woh tumhe jaan se maar deti.  Aur Priya ko dhamki di ke agar woh tumhe chod ke nahi gayi toh woh uss ka bhai ki zindagi barbad kardegi, tumhare zariye.

Ram was shocked.  He was shocked that he fell into Niharika's trap.  That he had made Kartik's life miserable after he thought he was responsible for everything that happened with his Choti.  That he had said all those things to Priya, even though she was right all along.  This time, Ram felt like he had to believe what he was being told.  He knew his mother would not lie to him, especially not about Priya.  Yes, he was surprised to know that Niharika was after his money, but somehow he was not too shocked to hear this.  He was more shocked to hear that he had fallen into her trap.  He had sensed it in the past, when she kind of refused to give him his rights, and had also been pretty nasty to Priya recently too.  And she had barely come to see Priya after this accident.  The pieces started to fit the puzzle now.   He clenched his fists in anger as he figured out what Niharika had done to his life.  She had ruined it; used him as a money-making machine.  He would make her pay; for separating him from his mother, and for trying to take away Priya too. 

Ram: Maa, aap please Priya ko samjhayie.  Who bahut kamzor hoti jaa rahi hai.  Main jaanta hu ke woh aapki baat kabhi nahi taalegi 

Krishna: Haan Ram beta, main uss se baat karungi.  Chalo

They reach Kapoor Mansion.  Shipra was sitting with Priya, trying to make her eat a little bit, but Priya was refusing.  She said she wasn't hungry. 

Krishna entered the room.

Krishna: Priya, agar tumhari saas tumse kahegi ke khalo, toh bhi baat nahi maanogi?

Priya looks up and sees Krishna standing there, and Ram waiting in the doorway. 

Krishna comes and sits down on the edge of the bed.  Priya throws herself at Krishna and starts sobbing. 

Priya: Maa'

Krishna: Priya, tum toh meri har baat maanti ho, hai na.  Mujhse vaada kiya tha na ke tum Ram ka khayaal rakhogi, toh phir agar tum is tarah kamzor pargayi, tum Ram ka khayaal kaise rakhogi.  Please kuch khalo'

Krishna takes a bite in her hand and feeds it to Priya.  Priya cannot resist.  She finally eats properly for the first time in a few days. 

Krishna leaves to go meet her own saas, Dadi, and Ram comes in and sits beside Priya.

Ram: Priya mujhe sab sach pata chal gaya hai.  Kaise Niharika ne Maa ko mujhse cheen liya tha aur kaise woh tumhe bhi mujhse cheen lena chahti hai.  Priya maine tumhe bahut baar kaha hai ke main tumhare bina nahi jee sakta.  Main jaanta hu ke tum kitni hurt ho is waqt. Lekin please, tum mujhse vaada karo ke tum apna khayaal rakhogi, aur meri baat maanogi.  Main tumhe is halat main aur nahi dekh sakta. 

Priya starts tearing up: Kaise? Ram yeh bahut mushkil hai.  Mujhe aisa lag raha hai ke maine apna ek hissa kho diya hai jo mujhe ab kabhi waapis nahi milega.  Ek alag sa akelapan jo sirf main jaanti hu.  Mujhe kuch samaj mein nahi aaraha hai.  Aur aapka sapna bhi poora nahi kar paayi.

Ram takes Priya's hand: Priya yeh hamara sapna hai.  Aur hum isse poora zarur karenge. Hum phir se koshish karenge.  Lekin is ke liye tumhe apna khayaal rakhna padega.  Tum itni kamzor nahi ban sakti.  Tumhe apni sehat ka khayaal rakhna padega.  Aur Priya, tum akeli nahi ho.   Kabhi nahi.  Main hoon tumhare saath, har kadam.  Hum yeh safar saat mein te karenge. 

Ab tum so jao, bahut raat ho gayi hai.  Main change kar ke aata hu.

Ram kisses her hand and puts it down.  He goes to change and when he comes out he sees Priya hasn't moved yet.  He gets into bed beside her. 

Ram: Arey, tum ab tak soyi nahi?

Priya: Aap jaante hai ke main aap ke bina nahi so sakti. 

Ram smiling as he finally had his old Priya back: Haan jaanta hu, aa jao.  

Priya cuddles close to Ram, with her head on his chest, like she used to before.  

Ram: I love you Priya

Priya: I love you too Ram

Listening to his heartbeat, she finally falls asleep.  Ram thinks about everything that had happened in the last few days.  He thinks about almost losing Priya yet again, and then he thinks about the loss of their child.  This loss that had bound them even closer.  He realizes how lucky he was to have Priya in his life.  Because of her, he had his mother back in his life too.  He kisses her on the head and drifts off to sleep; a peaceful sleep after a long few days and a whole lot of sleepless nights. 

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First of all Congrats on becoming a goldie...StarClapThumbs Up.

Very emotional...really disturbed me a lot...thanks...I am totally at a loss of words after reading ur post...hats off sister...I bow my head to ur writing skills...
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wow!!! Luved it
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Dear,its to good i read your os 2 time and second thing ham balh me running bakwas drama handle kar sakte hai to phir tumhara emotinal but super os handle karne me kya baat hai. Again its amazing dear.
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Very emotional but loved it.hats off 2 u...
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Fantabulous Amby. After a sleepless night and a tiring morning I am reading it from my mobile. That much I loved it.
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good one love itBig smile
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wow its really nice...
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