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Hii..guys!! here I am with my first ff. since few days I had this idea in my mind,but was nt sure wether I shud write or nt. bt my dear friend tora encouraged me and so I dared to try this! And this will b a joint ff written by me nd tora,though we bth r busy wth our approaching xms,but wat to do! Our love for abhiya forced us! but let me tell u guys tora will nt b able to write now,she will join me later and mayb I will nt b able to update that frequently,as we both r busy!! so plzz tell us do u all still want us to continue with this?


When both Worlds Collide


A girl who is highly educated and intellectual. Believes in goodness and positivity! But life had been harsh to her'men played with her emotions, people mocked her nd friends used her! But despite of all this she never lost hope! The hurt the pain people gave her was nt able to take away her kindness and positive view towards life!! Hence she had closed herself to others. Now she stays away from peoples,gatherings. but she still believes that goodness has nt left mankind yet! She hopes there is that pure love somewhere! Mayb in this world or mayb somewhere else! Though she does nt know wether she is fortunate enough to have that love or nt! And even if nt ,the mere thought of pure love keeps her going! She comes to Pondicherry nd joins an ashram to teach small children,women nd men of village!


A man with a cursed existence. He is now a senceless living being who was given the orders to inflict pain and suffering on mankind! No nt physically bt mentally! So that only negativity can generate through human mind with no hope, no trust, no goodness left!

His mind is injected with negativity alone,he is just like a man-machine, unable to feel anything! A mere robot in the hands of his creator!

But what happens when two worlds clash? One Positive and the other Negative? Will Pia b able to break the invisible shield around him nd make him feel from within? What will b the outcome then? Will one have to sacrifice?can both exist at the same time?!!



Character Sketch- Pg-2">

And The Destruction Begins - Chapter-1">


Guys plzz press the like botton if u like and plzz do comment and tell us how is it and wether we should continue it or nt?

Thank you..Embarrassed

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Posted: 2012-05-03T11:48:53Z
*clap clap*told u the idea was fab!!nw cnt wait for u 2 cntnu!!:-))of course i vl join in bt dat will hav 2 wait;-)Edited by ..tora.tangled. - 2012-05-03T11:57:37Z
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Posted: 2012-05-03T11:52:16Z
Of course u shd continue Indu Embarrassed The concept is really nice and besides I love both urs n Tora's writing. Will be a treat to readers. Dont worry abt not being frequent. Update when either of u get the time Hug Edited by mandy1024 - 2012-05-03T11:55:30Z
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Posted: 2012-05-03T11:56:47Z
concept is really interesting!!!!
plz continue soon n pm me ...its ok if u cant update frequently but at least continue itSmile
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Posted: 2012-05-03T12:02:46Z
Hey indu, it's a awesome concept. I really loved it. It's ok, take ur time and update but pls continue it and on me. Trust me, urs concept is really nice.
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Posted: 2012-05-03T12:05:02Z
sure! u should continue!
its amazingClap
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Posted: 2012-05-03T12:09:41Z
ofcourse u shuld cont.
pm me
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Posted: 2012-05-03T12:14:52Z
good concept  i real like it .. Embarrassed Hug plz continue it ...  waiting for update
Edited by maria_mahar - 2012-05-03T12:15:28Z
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