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Natasha came back to KM. Niharika had let slip about Kartik's condition. Natasha realized that she had done too much damage, and she decided to go against her mom for once. She managed to return, but she still did not have courage to tell the whole truth. She told Ram that Kartik was innocent. She did not want to live in Sharma house anymore, so Shaks suggested her to put up pretence of domestics violence. She put all the blame on shaks, that she did not realise it first, but Shaks only wanted her to get away from Kartik. She actually wanted to go with Kartik, but Shaks kidnapped her from hospital and was threatening her to marry him.
Ram was relieved to have her back safely, nothing mattered to  him anymore... He hugged her tightly and assured her that everything will be all right, her Bhai is capable enough to make it so...

Ram and Priya returned to their room for the night. Priya couldn't understand her own emotions. Everything was alright now.. Or was it?
Niharika had not forget to remind her that she still had not given up. Her one move might have failed because of Natasha's stupidity, but she won't leave any stone unturned to get what she wants.

Priya could only manage to reach the couch, before her knees gave away. She still had not found anything about Jayesh, and Krishuji simply refused to help anymore..
She had expected to be relieved after Natasha came back, but she just couldn't.. The missing piece of puzzle was troubling her.. how many more times this cycle will continue?
How much more she will have to struggle? She was feeling weaker than ever, may be because, she had to be too strong in past few days. She was scared now.. She was feeling lonely.
She saw Ram's frame retreating to washroom, silently. Her eyes turned moist. She loved this man more than anything, and she knew he loved her as much, if not more. But then why such misunderstandings stand between them? He had barely talked to her in the whole drama? Why there was lack of communication? He trusts her completely, but why he always turns blind eye to Sid's, Nih's mistakes?

Pang of fear hit her again, as she realised this was Niharika's biggest advantage..
She felt dizzy. She hadn't eaten in the day and she was feeling weak.She did not have the strenght to get up. She lied down. She wanted to remain awake and talk to Ram, but the dizzyness forced into slumber..

Ram came out. He looked at Priya's pale, tired face. A lonesome tear was shining on her cheek. He stood their watching her.. she was looking too fragile. He had never seen her so vulnerable before. Remorse filled him. 'I don't want you back..' his own words echoed into his ears.  
She knew he did not mean it.. Or did she? Will she forgive him, after what he did to her brother, her father?
Or will she also leave him.. How could he expect her to love him anymore, not when his own mother never loved him...
He shook away the thoughts and tears.. He did not want to open the chapter again. He went near her, she was lying in very uncomfortable posture. He hesitated, but finally he picked her up, and made her sleep on the bed...

10 days were over, after Natasha's return. Ram had made sure that Kartik was released and his job, his position was restored. He had even apologised to sudhir. Kartik and Natasha shifted to separate flat. Sudhir managed to convince shipra that it was for their own good...

'so.. Is everything alright now..?' Priya asked herself. Everything was in place, but still biggest thing was missing.. Everyone had moved on.. But she could not quite understand where her and Ram's relation stood right now.. Just when she thought all her dreams were coming true.. She did know not what went wrong..
An awkward silence prevailed between them these days.. Ram had mistaken her sleeping on couch anh her ill health for her hurt. He was feeling guilty. Priya initially was busy in still searching for Jayesh, until she realised that Ram was avoiding her. He was struggling to make everything alright for Natasha-Kartik, his responsibilities of company.. He had kept himself busy. He wanted to say sorry to her, but he was afraid that he could never make it up to her. Priya was indeed hurt and unknowingly it had reflected in her behavior too, but she never wanted to make him feel guilty. She could not see Ram like that! She tried to reach out for him but he recoiled even more. She couldn't blame him, as he still was not used to being expressive of his feelings.  Both of them wanted the happy times back, desperately.. But none of them could understand how to break the ice..
Ram and Priya had gone to a party. None of them was really interested, but they had to go for pretence. They had done their part, and they were in parking lot now, ready to leave.
R : Priya, yahi ruko.. I'll get the car..
P : ji..

Ram had hardly taken two steps, when he heard a loud noise of speedy car. He turned and was beyond shocked.. A car was wildly approaching, he was not sure if the driver was drunk, but he surely had lost the control. The car was seconds away from Priya, who was rooted to the spot,  horrorstruck..
He lept towards her and pulled her with all the might he had. Both of them fell down due to the impact. The car bumped into the wall with loud crash, and if Ram hadn't pulled her, Priya would have been crushed between the car and the wall...
Ram got up angrily, he wanted to kill the person, who had just tried to take away love of his life, the main reason of his existence.. He lept towards the car, but just then he had to stop.. Priya had gotten up and she threw herself onto him. She was shivering from head to toe, she had just escaped death and she needed comfort. Ram put one arm around her and patted her back with another to soothe her. He was trying to fight back his own tears, as he realised that he was lucky to have her in his arms again. Priya made her hold even tighter, to savor his soothing touch.
The hug, the touch did wonders. It said it all, which they were trying to say since ages, and which probably no words could have ever conveyed.
The uncertanity of life which they just saw had again made them understand, just how much they mattered to each other.. Priya calmed down a little. 

R : Relax Priya..kuchh nahi hua.. Ghar chalte hai, phir aaram kar lena..

Priya nodded, but she kept holding his arm till they reached home.
They went to room. She became quite normal after getting fresh n changing.  She saw, Ram sitting on bed. His hand has scratched n it was wounded, because he had fell down.
Priya brought cotton and dettol, and started to dress his wounds.

R : Priya..
She looked up...
R : I'm sorry for everything.. I can't live without you.. I can't tell you how I felt today .I almost lost you! forgive me.. I want the happy times back..
P : I want them back too.. and when did I blame you? Natasha had told only me, and situation aisi thi ki...
you werent wrong Ram.. cirumstances were..
I don't know why you are avoiding me.
Ram cupped her face..
R : I can see how weak you are.. that day, I saw you sleeping on couch, so pale and fragile.. I felt guilty for hurting my gudiya so much.. I thought I can never make it up to you.. you'll never forgive me..

He lowered his hands

R: Jab ma bhi muze chhodke chali gayi toh..

Piya moved closer to him.. She kept her finger on his lips..

P : shhh.. see here

she forced him to look into her eyes..
pure love blazing into her eyes made his doubts to wash away and his heart overwhelmed with his own love for her..

R : I love you Ram.. more than anything.. and I've promised.. I'm will never leave you.. and I'm sure, you'll never let me do so.. Didn't you just save me?

Ram flinched at the memory and and pulled her closer. She nestled on his chest, and said

P : lets forget everything and move on.. I want a happy life with you Ram.. With you,
one of my dream came true.. And now I want more.. there are so many joys that are awaiting us.. Lets cherish them as much as we can.. Shall we?

She looked up into his face..

R : I think I've said it earlier but I'll say it again.. You make every difficult thing seem simple.. You make my life beautiful..
P : not mine.. Say ours..

both of them smiled.. They were feeling relieved after weeks..

P : waise promise me one thing..even if we are angry with each other, we'll talk it out.. and not just stop communication by shouting..
R : ha promise.. And I'm sorry for shouting..

Priya started smiling naughtily..

R : what?
P : nothing.. I was wondering, if you would have continued shouting.. muze aapka tarika use karana padata.. aapko chhup karane ke liye..

And she winked.. He too smiled..

R : achha... Toh roka kisne hai.. or you still need some shouting for starter..??

Chuckling, she proceeded to give her answer..

It was morning, but it was different..
It was a morning that came after darkest hours and hence it meant a lot to Ram and Priya..
Priya opened her eyes to see Ram's smiling face..

R : good morning..
P : good morning..

And he gave her a cup of tea..
R :  achha... Chalo batao.. Kaunsa sapana dekha tumne kal rat ko?
P : hyya... Ae kya sawal hai?

R : tum hi toh keh rahi thi na kal rat ko.. you have some dreams which I have to make true..
Listening to this.. Priya's smile became even broader.. She had been waiting for right time to tell him something..

P : Two corrections.. Not my dreams.. Ours.. And.. You don't have to.. We already did..
R : means..?

Priya only smiled in return. But his face remained puzzled..

P : What is our biggest wish now? We had taken a important decision a month ago.. Remember?

Realization drawn on his face, and blush stained her cheeks..

R : you mean.. Are we..?

P : yes.. We are going to be parents soon..

He didn't have words to tell her how happy he was, but his face showed it.. He just hugged her gently, but with all the love that his heart contented..
Their eyes were moist once again, but for a change, they were tears of happiness now...

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i have 3 words for you!
this is fantastic!!! amazing! emotional! absolutely love it!! 

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Posted: 2012-05-01T22:21:54Z
Ok dear. Now I can go sleep in peace. Something good to dream about Wink.

Seriously, Priya ka tho pata nahin, but you have solved a difficult situation so easily. Raaz bhi bana raha, aur RaYa ko separate bhi nahin hona pada...Wish they would really do something like this. 

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Posted: 2012-05-01T22:36:48Z
nice,touchy too...haay...kitna pyaara tha...u rocked itClapClapClapClapClap
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Posted: 2012-05-01T22:47:54Z
Wow, its just amazing.
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Posted: 2012-05-01T22:49:05Z
wow wonderful.keep it up
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Posted: 2012-05-01T23:17:19Z
ohhh this emotionally touched me ..yaarr they way she told him about pregnancy ohh i just loved it ..
thank you for posting this
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Posted: 2012-05-01T23:32:57Z
brilliant... superbbb 
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