OS: Tum meri, yaadon mein rehna..cont'd pg.5

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Ram is sitting at the office, thinking about Priya, her smile, her laugh, the gorgeous sarees she wears, her fresh out of the shower look in the morning, the smell of her hair, her soft hands and ' He picks up the frame with a picture of her from their wedding from his desk and smiles looking at it.  She is smiling back at him looking gorgeous as ever.  He kisses the picture and puts it back down, packs up his stuff and heads home.  It's early but he just cannot concentrate at work.  All he can think about is Priya, Priya and Priya.  So he decides to go home and take her out.  Though they had confessed their love for each other and shared a few intimate moments together, he hadn't taken her on a date yet.  Today would be their first date.  He wanted to make it special.

At home, Priya is trying to prepare a lesson plan for her next class.  She is having such a hard time concentrating.  Her mind keeps wandering, thinking about Ram.  After a lot of frustration, she throws her pen down and slams her book shut.  She walks over to the bed and sits down on Ram's side.  On his bedside table, there is a frame with both their photo.  She picks it up and smiles while looking at it.  Then she hugs it tightly to her heart and squeezes her eyes shut while smiling.  She hugs the frame for a couple minutes.  She is still hugging the frame when she hears Ram's voice down the hall.

Ram: Priya! Priya! Kahan ho tum yaar?

Priya yells back, still holding the frame:Main yahaan hoon, aap itna chilla kyun rahe hain?

Ram: Priya, tum jaldi se tayyar ho jao, hume bahar jana hai.

Priya: Kya? Kahan? 

Ram: Pehle tum tayyar ho jao phir main batata hu.  Aur haan ek acchi si saree pehn lena. 

Priya: Theek hai

Ram gives her a funny look while looking at the frame in her hand.  He walks over and takes the frame from her hand and looks up at her. 

Ram: Priya, tum iss frame ko kyun pakadke rakhi thi?

Priya turns a shade of deep red: Um kyun? Main hamari tasveer nahi dekh sakti kya? 

Ram, smiling: Bilkul dekh sakti ho, lekin is mein sharmane wali kaunsi baat hai?  Tumhara chehra toh poora laal ho gaya hai.

Priya turns away: Main change karke aati hoon

Ram holds her hand: Priya'

Priya, without looking at him, but she could her heart beating faster and faster: Kya hai?

Ram: Tum bhi mujhe miss kar rahi thi hai na?

Priya pulls her hand away and runs to the change room without answering. 

A few minutes later, she comes out, wearing a cream coloured chiffon saree with a thin dark purple border.  She has that fresh out of the shower look. 

Ram is on the phone, talking to someone.  When he sees her come out he just stops talking. 

Person on the phone: Hello? Mr. Kapoor? Hello? Hellooo?

Ram: Haan main aapse baad mein baat karta hu.  Aap bas sab tayyari kar lijiye please. 

He hangs up the phone and continues to stare at her.  These days she was looking more beautiful than ever.  After realizing his love for her, all he could do is think about her, all the time.  He saw her everywhere, in the office, in the car, in meetings'

He slowly walks over to her and extends his hand, asking for hers.  She takes his hand and he leads her to dressing table and makes her stand in front of the mirror while he stands behind her.  He opens the drawer and takes out a beautiful diamond set.  Then he looks into her eyes through the mirror.  While in an eyelock, He takes the necklace and puts it around her neck.  Then he takes the dangling diamond earrings and puts them on her ears while still looking her in the eye through the mirror.  Ram then puts both his hands down, by his side, and stands behind Priya, still looking into her eyes through the mirror.  Priya then takes his left hand and puts it on her waist.  Then she takes his right hand and also puts it on her waist and puts her own hands on top of his.  Ram rests his chin on her shoulder and continues to stare into her eyes through the mirror. 

After a few minutes of an intense eye-lock, Priya starts to blush and lowers her eyes.  She turns around and hides her face in Ram's chest.  Ram just continues to hold her like that until finally she releases herself and turns to walk away.  She makes it about 3 steps when she stops.  She turns her head to see Ram holding her pallu looking at her with that million dollar on his face.  He walks over to her.

Ram: Priya, main tumhare liye ek aur cheez bhi laya tha jo ab bhi baaki hai.

He puts his hand into his pocket and pulls out a small box.  He opened it, and took Priya's hand in his.  He slipped the beautiful sapphire and diamond ring on her finger. 

Ram: Priya, ab tumhare paas 3 anghooti hai.  Pehli, hamari shaadi ki nishaani, doosri, hamari dosti ki nishaani.  Aur ab yeh.  Yeh hamari pyaar ki nishani hai Priya.  Jab tak tum iss anghooti ko pehnti rahogi, tab tak mujhe lagega ke tum mere saath ho. 

Priya: Ram, mein hamesh aap ke saath hoon, mein is anghooti ko pehnu ya na pehnu, main hamesha aap ke saath rahungi.  Lekin phir bhi, agar aap ko kabhi shak howe ke main aap ke saath nahin hoon, toh aap iss anghooti ko dhundlijiye.  Aapko hamesha isse meri ungli mein milegi. 

Ram nods and opens his arms.  Priya walks into them and closes his arms around her tightly.  They stand like that, in a hug, for what seems like to be eternity. 

Flashback ends

Ram snaps out of his flashaback when his phone rings.  He answers it angrily.

Ram: Maine kaha na mujhe aaj pareshaan mat karo.  Papers ke sign chahiye toh ghar aajao.  Ab mujh dobara phone mat karna!

And he hangs up angrily.  He is sitting in bed.

Priya is lying on the couch.  She was lost in the same memory.  She looks at her hand and sees the sapphire ring on her right ring finger, and her wedding ring on her left ring finger.  She had never taken it off since the day he had put it on her finger.  It meant the world to her.  It was a symbol of their love.  Yes, they had fought and yelled at each other many times in the last few days, but that did not mean she loved him any less.  She knew Ram was tensed and thought maybe it woud be best if she gave him a little bit of space.  Sometimes he reacted at just seeing her or little things so she decided it would be best if she slept on the couch for a few days.  Maybe then Ram would get some proper sleep and would feel better. 

But on the other hand, Ram was no where near sleep either.  He couldn't understand why he was so angry.  He wasn't sure if it was because of Kartik, or Priya for supporting Kartik or even himself for not believing either of them and saying all these things to to Priya and her family that he knew hurt her.  He just couldn't understand what was going on.  And the more he thought about it, the angrier he got.  And now Priya had shifted back to the couch.  Things had gone back to being the way they used to be in the initial stages of their marriage.  Interaction between them was minimal.

This distance between them was killing them both.  They had never imagined that their relationship would be put to the test like this. 

Ram couldn't take it anymore. He needed to sleep.  He needed something to take away his pain and anger.  He reached over to his side table and grabbed the bottle of pills.  In a flash, Priya was standing beside the bed and she grabbed the pill bottle from his hand.  As she took it, Ram noticed the sapphire ring on her right hand and her wedding ring on her left hand.  He took her right hand in his and touched the ring with his fingers.  Tears started to well up in his eyes as he remembered the day he gave it to her. 

Ram: Tum ne ab bhi yeh anghooti pehni hai?

Priya: Ram, maine aap se kaha tha na ke main hamesha aap ke saath hoon aur jab bhi aap ko koi shak ho, to aap isse dhundlijie aur aapko hamesha isse meri ungli mein milegi.  Main aaj bhi aap ke saath hi hoon.

She takes the comforter and puts it over him.  

Priya: Ab aap aankhen band kijiye aur neend apne aap aajayegi

Priya walks back to the couch and lies down.  Ram closes his eyes and falls asleep, remembering all the sweet moments he spent with Priya, hoping all this would end soon so he could share more sweet moments with her. 

hey guys! 

sorry i know this one wasnt the best but ive been really busy and had major writers block.  will post a better one next time!! Wink dont forget to like/comment! Smile

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Hey, if thisone 'wasn't the best' then I can't imagine what 'the best' would be like! Wink

This is so good. I might just re-read it instead of watching the episode tomorrow! Big smile
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Shetan ka saya LOL
- this is guuud... you promised a date but this was equally good.. .Loved it..

CM meter - StarStarStarStar AND HALF Wink Keeping half for next time.. 
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Posted: 2012-04-29T22:44:42Z
It was awesome and loved it...i think your chapters are ahead and i am so behind...but i loved this one...it was too good...
Keep up the good workClapThumbs Up
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Posted: 2012-04-29T22:46:57Z
Brilliant!! It was just WOW! Connecting the flashbacks and the current distances, you totally rocked it. Now I want some moments like this today.. CV"s hope you have something good planned!!
Amby my friend, you are fabulous even with the writer's block. Looks like the inspiration surely helped!Wink
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Originally posted by IndYa4u

Shetan ka saya LOL
- this is guuud... you promised a date but this was equally good.. .Loved it..

CM meter - Star AND HALF Wink Keeping half for next time.. 

lol thanks..  waise date pe jaa rahe hai lekin thoda side track ho gaya WinkLOL

LOL next time better be a nice 5 Tongue

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Originally posted by mem1

Hey, if thisone 'wasn't the best' then I can't imagine what 'the best' would be like! Wink

This is so good. I might just re-read it instead of watching the episode tomorrow! Big smile

lol thanks..Smile dont get your expectations too high haha, i dont want you to be disappointed Tongue

hahaha thats what i do too.. go back and re-read FFs Tongue but after watchign the epi of course.. LOL
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