#5 Ishq Junoon Deewangi Chapters 1-4. - Page 94

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Posted: 9 years ago
awesome update khushi...loved it
waiting eagerly for next part
continue soon
Posted: 9 years ago
This was amazing update from u.
Sorry dear I felt it really short.
I know its long enough but its short one wen u r considered as a writer.
K now to the update nice start.n hehe food thieves!!poor them!!lol...update soon!

Posted: 9 years ago
okay pehle sorry for such a late reply...

lekin better late than never.. right???????

good news i got CS5 portable version...

how was the test???????

now the update:

one side kriya is fantasizing abt wht the night holds for then and here rey is skeptical.. loved the contrast u drew... rey so wanted to mend their relationship but he didn't wanna commit any mistake as he knew the price of it...

par pata hai whatwas funny him thinking they had slowly started becoming friends... Friends???? I love u over... they spent the night.. she forgave him.. all he has to do is win her trust toh friends banna kahan se aaya... u plz clarify this point...

but i still don't understand y rey is so worried... i mean they r mending their relations.. okay he might be skeptic that kriya is not so looking fwd to the relation and she might think that rey is just grabbing every opportunity to come closer lekin fir bhi yaar...

okay so the trust was immense.. u know giving the house key.. thats a big step.. rey has to work hard a lot *thinker pose*

well then door key hidden.. u know a common phenomena but not that much used in stries.. well done for it...

sisters act... lovely.. u know there r always somethings in siblings which never ever chaNge no matter what happens...

which tile creaked they knew.. i mean itna bada ghar and they knew abt each and every tile...

one thing y cudn't reyam just ring the bell.. aisa bhi kya surprise...

well pakka rey is going flat aftr eating kriya's haath ka khaana...

so raat abhi javaan hai???????????????

i love u for that...
Posted: 9 years ago
Ausum update...!!!!!!Smileluved it 2 the core...n u made our reyam food thieves...LOLg8 wrk..n update soon..Smile
Posted: 9 years ago
Khushi . . . Plz update it na Embarrassed
Posted: 9 years ago
Can I say one thing...? I'm seriously disappointed with the lack of comments I get nowadays.. Makes me not want to update... I asked for long comments and most of them who always comment did make them long. And I wholeheartedly thank them for that Hug But others... what's the reason guys? Why no comments...? Or even a short view..? Not much likes either... Before I'd be getting so many requests.. Now you all seem to have disappeared somewhere... I hadn't expected IJD to have only 6 pages of comments... If you've been reading since the beginning, then you'd be aware of the number of comments I used to get from everyone.. .Everyone used to comment then... I don't know why I'm even saying all this now because it doesn't seem to make a difference.. Didn't before and I'm doubting it will when I update tomorrow.. Was going to update today but nope.. I'm pushing it off till tomorrow...

Good night!
Posted: 9 years ago
Sorry nams, I'm not mad at people like you who always comment and pester me for updates. I'm ok with that.. but if you pester and want new updates, then least you can do for me is give me sufficient comments na?
Posted: 9 years ago

Swayam walked out of the car and turned when he didn't hear Rey's foot steps behind him. Rey was still being skeptical about the dinner. He really did want to see Kriya. But the thought about Kriya's thinking kept him in a trance. He wondered what she would think about him coming to her house for dinner… They were slowly becoming the friends they had started out with. But was this right?

Big smileBig smileBig smile

aww...such a sweetheart rey is...always thinking about his baatcutter's comfort...


Swayam looked at his face that was on the other side of the glass shield as Rey sat in the car looking lost. He traced his steps back to the car and tapped on the window. Rey blinked his eyes and came out of his deep thoughts. He realized that they were in front of her house. He got of the car and Swayam asked.


"What's wrong? It's just a dinner. She's not going to eat you alive."


hilarious...swayam-how cud he not understand rey's hesitance...best buddies they have been...i like the bnd they share...always comforting each other and easing off each other's stress...lovely...


Despite the humor, Rey wasn't in the mood. He knew his friend was just trying to ease up his worries. But it wasn't enough. He just looked ahead not saying a word. It was a dinner after all. What if she took it in a different way? Such thoughts were just worrying him. Swayam understood the problem. They were friends after all. They didn't have to speak out their problem in order for the other to understand. He kept his hand on Rey's shoulder and consoled.


"Look Rey, stop thinking too much. I know you want both of you to be back together as soon as possible. It's going to take time. Both, you and I know that. Even I want both of you to be the happy couple you guys used to be. Just give it some time and I promise, by the end of it all, it'll work out."


"I know that Swayam. I know that. It's just that what if she takes this the wrong way? I mean does she even know that I'm coming as well…?"


Swayam had had enough of negativity for one night. He gave up on being nice. "Okay that's it. You're not going to be any sorry *** person anymore. You're going to walk in that door with a smile on your face; all the thoughts put aside and concentrate on enjoying the dinner with the best of its possibility. Do you understand?"


Rey looked at him, shocked, for using such a word. Now, he did know that Swayam meant exactly what he said and if he didn't do what his friend had told him, he'd face serious consequences. Thus, he put on a smile, took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly. He then looked back at Swayam and said, "Happy now?"



even i was hell shocked by swayam's change of tone and words...never thought of him going so different...

"Very." Swayam replied and both walked up to the front door.




While all this was happening inside, the girls were in their own different atmosphere till both of them forwarded to pick up the hair dryer at the same time. They looked at each other and then laughed. Since the time of college, whenever they were getting ready for something, this always happened. It was as if this was their signature start.

 am loving the krisha sisters bonding...they are fun indeed...Big smile


Whether they talk or not, they would always pick up the dryer at the same time, unknowingly. They had two dryers, one for each. Still, this always happened. Kriya bent down to open the drawer and pulled out the second dryer.


"So, how are you planning to spend the next few weeks?" Kriya asked.


To which, Sharon replied, "Oh nothing. Just roam around here and there. Sometimes come to support you and other times just hang out with either Swayam or go shopping and stuff."


Kriya nodded. "Basically, you have nothing important to do?"


Sharon stopped for a second to think. She did have the part to make sure their mission was successful. She couldn't tell this to Kriya though. She twisted her words in a way so that she wasn't exactly lying. "Nothing that important due to which I can't spend time with you."


smart one sharon!!!!!




At the door, Swayam was about to ring the bell when he turned to Rey. "You have the keys right?"


"Me?" Rey asked back, confused. "How will I have them?!"


"Ofo, remember, a long time ago, she had given you one set of keys. Do you still have it…?" Swayam asked.


Rey re-thought about that moment. Kriya had trusted him enough to give him one set of the house keys. Oh, how he wanted the trust to be back already! He shook his head. "No… I used to have it. Seeing it every day just tempted me to come back here over the years. I hid it somewhere so I won't be tempted and eventually, I forgot where I kept it." He said after coming out of the memories.


Swayam passed him a 'sorry' look for reminding Rey about that disastrous time of history. He hadn't meant it… He lifted his hand to ring the bell for sure this time when Rey stopped him.


"Wait, she keeps a pair of keys hidden here…" he said as he lifted his hand and felt the top of the door. It was just a hunch but sure enough, there was a pair of keys hidden safely at the end of small length wall.


entering with a surprise...un hun...i like it,...


He brought it down with a victorious smile and handed it to Swayam. "How did you know?" he asked him.


Rey simply shrugged. "Wild guess." He replied. Swayam forwarded to open the door and both entered.


Inside, they looked around to find them. They didn't and they heard laughing sounds from the top floor and understood that both the girls were in their room, oblivious that they had just broke in their house. It wasn't exactly a break is as they found the key. But still, in a sense, it was.


beware girls!!!!two smart men have already broken into your house!!!!!beware!!!1




The girls stopped laughing as they heard the floor creak. At first, they didn't pay attention to it, thinking that it was just nothing. When it creaked for the second time, they decided to check it out. Co-incidences don't happen for more than once or twice after all.


For safety procedures, both of them grabbed the first thing they saw. Kriya grabbed the rod while Sharon took the vase next to her. Just like perfect detectives, they stealthily came out the room and climbed down the stairs. As it was their house, they very well knew which tile creaked and which didn't. This came to their advantage as they proceeded down.


holding my stomach while imagining the scene...a rod and a vase,...poor guys...not knowing whats next in store...


They spotted two guys by the kitchen table. Both of their eyes went wide as they thought the same thing. Food thieves! Giving each other a look, they walked closer to the boys, still not figuring out that the people they were about to hit were their lovers, Swayam and Rey individually!


its very rare when i have heard of food thieves!!!!but here it certainly seems to be fun!!!


The boys had their backs to the girls. It was the scent of the food that pulled them towards the dining table. Unable to control the salvation, they opened one after another bowls. That was when the girls walked down and thought of them as 'food thieves.'


Meanwhile, the girls raised their 'weapon' above their head and continued walking closer. They put all their energy in bringing the rod and vase down to hit the boys' head. Just then, the boys turned. As their reflex was fast, they grabbed the weapon, twirled the girls around making them end up in dipped position and then weapon stood behind their backs as they held them by their waist, which was supported by their own waist as they stood. Their backs parallel to the ground.


In just a split of a second, many motions had taken place. To them, it seemed to go by in slow motion though as they savored the moment. Their girls in front of them in the position they were in. this just started the beginning of an endless night.



there they go!!!!our loverboys yet again captured the moment...quick moves!!!!

a cool staring session...Big smile

rocking chapter khushi...rey's concern over kria's trust and the spying scene were the best!!!!eager to know what the night has hidden in its belly for them!!!!

each and every bit was a treat to read!!!1

update soon dear...

i know thats not so much of a long comment...but bear with it please...having more in hands to write about your updates...the update made me smile...especially the last scene i was like hell crazy...Big smile

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