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Bade Acche Lagte Hain...Yeh iPhone, Yeh Blackberry Aur Tum!
A story of text messages. ;)

Natasha escapes from the village and she reveals the truth to Ram.

Blah blah blah blah blah...

This is basically a fast forward, when Priya leaves Kapoor Mansion, after having heard too much from Ram, who had hurt her beyond limits. 

Ram comes home and rushes to see Priya. He screams out her name twice, but there's no response. The room is empty. He tries calling her, but the phone is switched off. 

He then types out a text message:

Where are you priya? Reply asap. 

Ram frantically scolls down his phone for Sharma house landline number and rings them up. Shipra picks up the phone and before she is able to say anything, 

Mummyji, I am extremely sorry for behaving that way, main sach mein nahin chahta tha ki baat iss tarah ho jaye, lekin halaat aise the or aapko toh pata hai na main chhoti se kitna pyaar karta hoon, jasbaat mein aake maine karthik ko and aap logon ko itna kuch suna diya, ki ab to main aapse nazrein bhi nahin mila sakta.

 Nahin Mr.Ram, hum log samajh sakte hain. Shayad ayesha ke liye karthik ne bhi aisi hi react kiya hoga. Lekin karthik se bhi zyaada meri puri chinta Priya ke baare mein hi thi, in fact hum sabki. Hum nahin chahte ki jo bhi problem yahaan ho, uska asar aap donon ki rishte ko affect kare. Khair, chhodiye, ganpati bappa ki kripa se sab kuch theek hai.

Ji. Phir bhi, i am sorry. Main aapki bohot izzat karta hoon. Main aapko aur papako, jis nazar priya dekhti hai, ussi stthaan mein rakhi hai maine aap donon ko. You both are like my parents. Aur Chhoti se main baat karoonga, usse wahin par aap logon ke saat rehne ke liye convince kar doonga, ji aap chinta mat kijiye, woh zaroor meri baat manegi...

nahin Mr.Ram, uski koi zaroorat nahin, pehle mujhe bhi bohot bura laga. Phir, sudhir ne mujhe ye samjhaya ki natasha ki thodi galti hai ki woh itni badi ghar mein peida huyi aur badi huyi? Agar unke is faisle se itne saare logon ki khushi vapas luatne ki chances hain, toh rehne do,  interfere mat karo. Bacche ab bade ho gaye hain, aur unke door rehne se pyaar kum nahin, balki badhegi.

Ram: theek hai. Natasha ke taraf se bhi main aapse maafi maangta hoon. Ji, Priya hai, wahan pe?

Shipra: nahin to, kya hua, woh nahi hai? Wahan pe? 

She gets extremely paranoid, and starts panicking...

Ram decides not to trouble the Sharmas again and lies, "oh she has gone outside with Rishabh, she just texted me.." 
Thank you, main aapse baad mein baat karta hoon. Bye.

Ram is confused. Where is Priya? Where could she have gone? He takes his car and goes to her TOEFL classes and inquires with the peon. "Nahin saab, Priya madam ne kal hi phine karke bataya tha ki woh 3 dinon ke liye leave pe out of station jaane wali hain." Ram is shocked. "kya unhone bataaya ki kahaan jaane wali hain?" Peon: "nahin saab, uske baare mein main kuch nahin jaanta." Ram is worried. 3 din ke liye, out of station? Where? Why hasn't she informed anyone? Then he assures himself, "Shayad Vikram ke yahaan hai.

Just as he is sinking into deep thoughts, he receives a call from Vikram.

Ram: haan Vikram bolo. 

(vikram is not able to hear Ram, he is with his naughty playful kids and Neha, and Priya, just like how Ram has predicted.) 

Ram: Vikram, kya Priya wahan hai? 

Vikram: Priya? 
(rolls his eyes and glances at the two ladies, Neha tells him not to say anything, not to mention that Priya is there) Priya is too low and sad to say anything, she continues staring at her switched off phone. 

Vikram: Priya yahan kyon hogi? Kyon woh wahan nahi hai?

Ram: Nahin yaar, (in his irritated tone) nahin jaanta kahan gayi hai. Aur woh bhi kisi se kuch nahin bataye bina. TOEFL classes ka peon keh raha hai ki woh out of station hai, 3 dinon ke liye, leave pe hai, vagaira vagaira, mujhe kuch nahin samajh mein aata hai. Uska phone switched off hai, text messages ke reply bhi nahin aa rahe hai, i am really worried, i hope she is alright.

Vikram: Ram, tu zyaada tension mat le. Main aur neha yahan se koshish Karte hai usse dhoondne ke liye, tu ghar jaa ke aaraam kar, tu thak gaya hoga. Thande dimaag se sochenge and uska pata karte hain...

((winks at Neha)) and disconnects the call.

Neha: dont you worry Priya, Fatty ko hum ye realise karvayenge ki, usko tumhari kitni zaroorat hai. 

Priya: (she is so morose and low) yeh sab karne ki kya zaroorat hai neha, main kehti hoon ki mujhe unse kya lena dena hai? Why should i get deliberately hurt by him? Matlab main janti hoon ki ab sare problems solve ho chuke hain aur Mr.Kapoor convince bhi ho gaye hain ki main sach hi keh rahi thi, par main poochti hoon hi yeh kya baat huyi -- pehle believe nahin karna aur uske baat realise karte hi, sorry feel karna. 

I mean, I know ki jab bhi unhone mujhse rudely baat ki hai, he doesnt intend to hurt me. Phir aise karte hi kyon? 

Vikram: Priya, haan hum samajh sakte hain ki tum par kya beet rahi hogi, lekin Ram ek pratical SAINT hai. Aur hume usi ke raste mein jaakar use samjhaana hoga ki, tere bina wo us ghar mein chain and khushi se kabhi nahin reh payega. Already wo worried hai. He might even go to the police in search of you. Yeh sab hone se pehle, tum uske messages ka reply kar dena. But dont pick up his calls.

Priya: I don't even want to reply, mera man nahin hai. 

Neha: Come on Priya, switch on your phone and reply, let's teach fatty a lesson. (she gives a naughty, reassuring smile)

Priya picks up her phone, and her phone vibrates to a million texts.
<<are you angry?>> <<pick up your phone>> <<ghar aa jao, jaldi please>> <<kahan ho tum?>> <<priya reply for heaven's sake!!>> 
Etc etc.




PART 2!!! :D
Priya just touches the screen and moves to help Neha in the kitchen.

Ram stares at his phone forever. No reply.
He glumly moves to his side of the bed realises that the windows were thudding against the wall, in the wind. 
He moves to he balcony and feels the wind gush past his tired forehead. He inhales the cold air, moves to the railings. 
Ram slowly puts his hand out and lets his hands get drenched by the relieving rain. 
It is the first time ever, Ram Kapoor, acknowledged the beauty of the rain. He is actually enjoying it. He smiles to himself, at how much he has changed. And for who!

But there was something missing. He turns to his side and thinks of Priya. He then recollects what all he had actually uttered in his anger and out of an inevitable impulse. He felt pathetic, extremely sorry. 

He missed her. He wanted her back.

Ram, just he is moving back into the room to sleep,  whishpers to the rain, "bas, ab laut jao, Priya. Mere paas. Sirf mere paas... " 

The rain drops fell carefully on her palm. Priya was getting her hands wet, throught the kitchen window. They kissed her his words. She felt calmer. She felt lighter. She lets out a tiresome sigh and leaves. 

end of part 2



The morning sun wove a net of scorching gold rays on Ram's lethargic face. He had been sick and tired of all the problems that were haunting Kapoor Mansion in the past week. He woke up the harsh brightness of the sunlight entering his room. 

He wiped his eyes like a three year old clearing his eyes after hours of crying. He quickly overcame a yawn that broke his laziness. Becoming conscious of what had happened the day before, he involuntarily took his iPhone from the side table and gazed at it. 

Missed calls - none. 
Text messages - 2 unread.

"YESSS", he exclaimed like a little boy. He showed the same excitement on his face like how he had reacted at the Sydney Stadium. :)

His heart pounded unusually, as he scrolled down the screen. One message was from Natasha and the other from Vikram.

Uh oh. 

Ram's happiness was just momentary. He didnt want these messages. All he craved for was atleast a '.' from Priya. His smiles vanished and he was left with a hopeless, gloomy expression. 

He decided to call Priya up. 
 With each ring, he could feel his heart thud against his chest. 
"pick up pick up..." he chanted like a saint. 

Priya who was already awake, was setting food in the kids' lunch boxes.

Vikram's daughter comes there and says, "Mama, Mamamamaaa!!! Idhar aooo aur dekhhhooo" furiously.

Priya: kya hua beta, tumhe sandwiches pasand nahin? 

Neha comes running there, wondering what the ruckus was all about.

Neha: kya hua? Chilla kyon rahi ho sweetie? Kya baat hai priya?

Priya: Ummm.. Mujhe pata nahi... Lunch box ko dekhte hi, uska expression change ho gaya.
To the kid: Ab batao beta, aapko kya chahiye? Roti? Dosa? Frankies? Main change kar doongi! Jaldi batao, please gussa mat ho.

Kid: Mama, look at the sandwich, Priya aunty drew smileys for us on the sandwhich. Aur mere pink box mein wo sandwhich hai na, usme flower bhi banayi hain, you don't even know to do all this. I love Priya aunty. 

Priya aunty, aap please mama ko aapke saare magic recipes sikhayiye. Main apne saarrree friends ko dikhaungi. Kitna cute hai na, cartoon sandwich... Thankkk youuu 

She runs to hug Priya. 

Priya is all smiles and hugs the little girl and puts all their boxes in their bags. 

Neha: Priya Madam, would you honour me by teaching me some of your  baccha maska tricks? 

Priya: kya neha, tum bhi na. Bacchon ko swaad se zyaada, designs aur colours bohot pasand aate hain. Uska faayda uthake maine yeh kiya, ketchup use karke, thats all.

Neha: umm.. No wonder fatty ko hum fatty bolte hain.

Priya gives a faint, bland smile. 

Neha: Sach mein tu na, ek Super Mom ban jayegi! Your kids will be lucky. But you still have to make food for mere shaitans! :p 

Neha leaves to help Vikram get ready. 

Priya's eyes are filled with tears. She thought of the only happy conversation she had had with Ram in that week, it was about their child. Before her thoughts could drown her any deeper, her Black berry rang, "bade acchhe lagte hain,yehhh..." Ram's favorite song, she had made it his caller ringtone. 

Without any second thoughts, she disconnects the call. 

Ram quickly messages her. 

Priya didn't reply. Ram had tears in his eyes. He then thought, probably, he should stop hoping for love in his life. :'(

Part Three Ends! :D

 to be continued :D


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Posted: 2012-04-28T15:56:55Z
very interesting concept. They should really start using text messages more. The whole world is, why should they be left behind.

waiting for more texting romance! 

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Posted: 2012-04-28T16:03:16Z
iit is real interesting...keep post soon...
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Posted: 2012-04-28T16:18:08Z
Originally posted by mem1

very interesting concept. They should really start using text messages more. The whole world is, why should they be left behind.

waiting for more texting romance! 

PLease see the updated post. I was struggling to put in the images, now i got the hang of it. PLease tell me your views!! :) Thank youuu
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Posted: 2012-04-28T16:19:13Z
Originally posted by naveendh

iit is real interesting...keep post soon...

Please see the post with the picture update! :D Thank you :))
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Posted: 2012-04-28T16:24:32Z
Originally posted by popo1234

Originally posted by mem1

very interesting concept. They should really start using text messages more. The whole world is, why should they be left behind.

waiting for more texting romance! 

PLease see the updated post. I was struggling to put in the images, now i got the hang of it. PLease tell me your views!! :) Thank youuu

Haha... That was some effort you put into this. COOL!
Keep going. And that conversation sounds a lot like me! Wink.
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Posted: 2012-04-28T18:03:19Z
A really nice post and a truly innovative way to present it...ClapClap...Please continue A S A P...Big smile
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Posted: 2012-04-28T19:58:23Z
The written parts are too sweet and the text messages part is too damn emotional. It is bringing tears to my eyes. But a big WOW for u
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