FF:All's fair in Love and War GRAND FINALE pg66

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Setting: at the dining table


Priya (thinking): times have changed so much. There used to be a time when Ram and I would have breakfast together. But now Ram is so tensed about Natasha that he does not care about anyone, including himself.


She goes to grab an apple but then she stops. Instead she grabs an aloo paratha and puts it on her plate. She remembered how much Ram loves aloo paratha. A tear rolls down her eyes as she gets up to leave the dining table. She thinks to herself: who am I kidding, I am not even hungry. How can I be when the people I love are in so much trouble. Ram has not even had breakfast before he left for the office, and who knows how Ma, papa and Karthik are.


Just as she turns around to leave someone places a hand on her shoulder to stop her. She turns around to see that it was Niharika who had stopped her with a cunning smile on her face.


Niharika: what happened Priya, why are there tears in your eyes? (she laughs). Perhaps you have finally made a decision to divorce Ram, does that thought hurt you? But baby don't worry, this decision is best for everyone.


Priya: you are wrong, I will NEVER leave Ram.


Niharika: shakes her head. Wow Priya how can you be so selfish, that too over a man who does not even love you. Snap out of your dream world and realize what you are saying. Do you have any idea what your decision to not leave Ram means for your family. **She pauses** Okay Priya let's do one thing, you still have 48 hours left to re-consider your decision. In the meantime, sit and have some breakfast, (she gestures Priya to sit, but Priya remains standing). Your mind is not working properly, besides you need more energy to make such a BIG DECISION, na? (PRIYA DOES NOT MOVE) Acha, I will feed you with my own hand baby. She breaks a piece of the paratha and moves it to Priya mouth. Lo Baby, eat!


(Priya grabs her hand to stop her)


Priya: you know what your problem is ma, you think that money can buy everything and everyone. To a certain point you are right. This greed for money has blinded you so much that you think your sins will never surface. But you are wrong! Let me tell you, I know everything about your past and all your dirty deeds.


(she does not tell her that Krishuji told her about the man/woman who knew about Niharika's past but she says that I have proof about all your bad deeds. She begins re-stating everything that that man/woman had told her **guys I will leave it to the actual CVs to reveal Niharika's actual sins, but let's just pretend that Priya knows**).


Niharika listens and is completely shocked. Everything Priya was saying about her past was true. She began to fidget, her eyes widened as she tried hard to maintain eye contact with Priya. But as Priya continued, she turned her face away from her. She began to wonder, does she really know about everything, even about' (before she finishes her thought Priya grabs Niharika's arm and gives it a tug).


Priya: Kya hua Ma? Your face looks like you have just seen a ghost, which is really shocking for me because all I am doing is showing you a mirror.


Niharika: shut up Priya. What do you think that you will say these things and I will get scared? You think that Ram will believe even a single word that you have said about me. No, he NEVER will! So don't get your hopes up, you are middle class so stay within your limits.


Priya: Yes I am middle class, but you? You are so called upper class so how come you stooped so low. And yes maybe you are right, it will be hard for Ram to digest what I have said about you since he worships you. But in this DVD (she takes out a DVD that she had tucked in her sari) I have the evidence that will let him see first hand the sins that you have committed in the past. And why stop at Ram, this DVD should also go to the police. Oh and you are so concerned about your upper class image right? Let me do one thing, I will take this to the media first so the whole world can see your dirty deeds.


Niharika: oh cut the crap :P . Priya if you really had anything on that DVD you would have shown Ram already. What are you waiting for?


Priya: you see Ma, Ram and I share a beautiful bond that is beyond your dirty minds understanding. He will be very hurt once he finds out the truth about what you have done to his entire family. For his sake, I will give you a chance to change your ways. Now the ball is in your court. By tomorrow morning I want my brother out of jail and Natasha back in the KM so that she can tell Ram that Karthik is innocent. Or I will send one copy of this DVD to Ram, the police and the media. Now you have 24 hours to make a decision. (Priya turns around to leave but then she turns back to look at Niharika, who stood there  stiff and completely shocked. She walks to the dining table and places 2 more aloo paratha's in the plate. She hands the entire plate to niharika). Here Ma, now you eat and make sure you share with Sid and mamaji. You all need the energy to come together and make a decision about what you want to do. (priya grins and walks away)


Niharika slams the plate on the dining table. She was confused whether there was even anything on the DVD that Priya showed her or was it empty. But how the hell did Priya know about her past in so much detail. (she got nervous and thought: maybe Priya does have the evidence, I cannot take the risk of not giving her what she wants. If the DVD reaches anyone then my image will be tarnished and Ram will begin to suspect me). Niharika storms up to her room. She knows that she has to get that DVD from Priya at any cost.


Setting: RAYA's Room


Priya walked into her room and sat on the couch. She looked at the DVD in her hand. she says: I wish that this DVD did in fact have evidence that I can show Ram so that he can see his step-moms real identity. But I am relived that Niharika had actually fallen for this empty DVD trick. Once karthik and Natasha misunderstanding clears up in front of Ram then everything will be okay. Hopefully Niharika has taken me seriously. 


Priya remembered that the man/woman who had revealed the truth about Niharika's past had made her promise that she would not mention his/her name to Niharika. Priya walked up to the closet to grab her purse. She placed the DVD in her purse and left for her tuition classes.

Sorry if this was too long (especially if you didn't like it). please let me know what you think.

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reserved !!!

edited !!!

hey !!! v nyc imagination... PK is really v intelligent... PK & RK have same thought's... wen RK solved ashwin's prob he sed about sum audio cassets... nw PK is with a DVD... just awesome !!! hats off to ur imagination... can u pls send me a pm wen u update next part... thank u !! continue asap !!!
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Nice post...Priya acted like Ram with a fake DVD...Ram too acted like that to solve Ashwin's problem...by saying that he had recorded each conversation Priya had with him...really an awesome one friend...keep it up...continue A S A P...ClapTongueBig smile Edited by TVserialfreak - 2012-04-28T00:16:42Z
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 nyc imagination
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Posted: 2012-04-28T01:30:50Z
Really nice please update soon... .<3
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Big smile omg this  is srsly your first attempt ,then take a bow from my side such a brilliant ff i was smiling throught the ff ,priya 's answer blew me away.
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lovely...luvd the way priya handled niharika...awesome...want to see the same evn in the serial...hoping for it...Thumbs Up(fingers crossed)
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excellent!plz continue it soon!ClapClapClap
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