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Posted: 18 years ago

Priya Badlani INTERVIEW  : Rustic tale of love

By Ashish Mitra

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How did you bag the role in Jabb Love Hua?
I auditioned for the show and got into the skin of the character from the beginning. I performed a skit to open up and followed it by a couple of 'look tests' that finally enabled me to bag the role. What's your role in the serial?
Ananya comes from a good family where everyone has been very protective and possesive about her. She has got everything she wanted in a platter and has got it all too soon and comfortably, living in a paradise. So when she steps out in the big bad world, she has to adapt to the different kind of lifestyle. It's about how she gets to the village and the twists in the tale following that. Though both Raghu and Ananya have their own point of views neither is bad or arrogant. How was it playing Ananya?
I relate to Aanya in many ways, though not in terms of her lifestyle. It's her process of growth as a person and the situations she goes through that I can empathise with. How is it working with the team?
I am excited about this show and the different character that I am playing. I started having a ball while auditioning itself. It's fabulous to work with Tony, Deeya and specially Sudeep. He's such an easy, balanced and focussed artiste.

Do you get time to socialise?
I have no time for anything in life. For now I am working, working and only working. I am absolutely passionate about my work so there's no time for personal life. I wake up at five in the morning, go to the gym, go to work, come back home, watch movies, vegetate in front of the TV and crash. I am a very domesticated person and not at all into parties.

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