Os=true family

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(ram standing near window and thinking about his step family and tear rolled down from his eyes because of his step family he hurt his love priya and he fill guilty = in same time someone put hand on his shouldar and he wipes his tear turn with smile and see priya)                   *RAM*=HI SWEATHEART AND WHY ARE YOU WAKE UP IN MIDNIGHT YOU HAVE TO SLEEP BABY .*priya*= what are you thinking .*RAM AGAIN FEEL GUILTY   AND   CRY*= AM SORRY PRIYA BECAUSE OF MY MISTAKE YOU HURT.*PRIYA*=ram why are you crying like and its not    your mistake   and why are you thinking negetive be positive and think we come close to eachother after that storm.   *RAM*= but...you. *pRIYA* =SHH...NOTHING HAPPEN TO ME AND NEVER THINK ABOUT THAT TIME ITS ALMOST ONE YEAR WE FINISG THAT CHAPTER . *Ram*= i love you and thank you and he pulled her her close to him and give her passinet kiss after sometime they broke their kiss and ram nuzzel her. *PRIYA* =WHAT IS YOUR INTENSION MY GOLU .*ram*=what you think .*pRIYA she SMILE AND THEN WISPER IN HIS EAR*= TO WAKE UP OUR CHILDREN.     (ram and priya and then go near to bed and hug eachother to see their children priam and riya sleeping peacefully after sometime they both go to sleep with priam and raya)                      @IN THE MORNING ITS RAMS BIRTHDAY@ PRIYAM AND RIYA PLAYING WITH HER CHACHU RISHABH AND PRIYA GO IN ROOM TO WAKEUP RAM                   *PRIYA with smile*= happy bday sweatheart and common wake up.                 *RAM WAKE UP WITH SMILE AND PULLED PRIYA AND HUG HER TIGHTLY*=THANK YOU BABY AND GIVE MY GiFT AND PRIYA SMILE AND MOVE TO KISS HER AT THAT TIME NEVI COMES AND SEE PRIYA AND RAM SO CLOSE THEY COUGH FAKALY AND OUR RAYA SEPREAT AND LOOK AT NEVI .    *ram*=kya tum dono thodi der ke bad nahi aa sakte the . *priya*=ram...,...*NEHA*=OH PLEASE PRIYA SAMJAO APANE PATI Ko KITNA ROMANCE KARTA HAI DO BACHE KA   DAD HAI BHUL GAYA   and that time nuts come running and hug ram and say bhai happy bday and bythe way what are you doing hear common guys ma or didi apko bula rahe hai.*neha *=BABY ASK YOUR BHAI .*RAM*=NOTHING CHOOTI MAA SHOULD BE WAITING FOR US AND THEY LEAVE FOR DRAWINGROOM. *VIkram*=ram im so happy tume sab mila jo tum deserve karate hai and after that they both hug.@@@ IN HOLE YOU SEE SOME GIRL PLAYING WITH RIYA AND SEE RAM SHE RUN AND HUGS HIM AND SAY HAPPY BDAY BHAI AND GIRL IS APEKSHA. *ram*=apeksha ma kaha hai   and then kk comes with cake and hug ram and wish him after that they cut cake and feed eachother all family enjoing .@.@@RAM AND PRIYA STANDING IN SEE THAIR HAPPY FAMILY AND THEY BOTH SAY IN SAME TIME '''TRUE FAMMILLY''' AND THEY BOTH HUG EACHOTHER AND THEN THEY JOIN THAIR FAMILY@.@@
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Nice story sister...loved it EmbarrassedBig smile
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Posted: 2012-04-20T22:54:53Z
Nice story. I think this would be the last episode.
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Posted: 2012-04-20T22:55:16Z
Originally posted by TVserialfreak

Nice story sister...loved itEmbarrassedBig smile
thanks and i also update nuts turn positiue part 3 read it if u wont
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Posted: 2012-04-20T22:56:56Z
Will surely read it sister...
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Posted: 2012-04-20T22:58:28Z
Originally posted by Jahanvivakil

Originally posted by TVserialfreak

Nice story sister...loved itEmbarrassedBig smile
thanks and i also update nuts turn positiue part 3 read it if u wont

Will definitely read it dear. Where were u for so long?
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Posted: 2012-04-20T22:59:29Z
Nice and lovely OS. :-)
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Good one, i like it. Keep continuing.Clap
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