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Well.. there's warning, this is too long!Smile But It wouldn't have made sense to break this down into parts.. So.. And I'm again warning you, length is not the worst thing about this OS!Tongue 
'Priya...' Ram called in pleading voice..
She was reading a book.. Actually pretending to read. She was angry with him.
Well.. She had a valid enough reason. Both of them had been rather busy in the previous week.  To compensate that, he had promised her a evening togther, but only to return home late.  She had waited for him all the evening and he had turned up at 10 o'clock. Not a single call in between.
She knew that he didn't do it on purpose, but still she couldn't help getting angry. She had resorted to silent treatment since he came back. 

Now, she was pretending to be engrossed in a book, just to ignore the fact that he was staring at her, mutely asking her to talk to him.

He tried once again.. 'Priya, I'm sorry'

Priya said  'It's ok.. Mr. Kapoor.. Aapko koi jaroori kam hi hoga..'

Ram did not say anything.. and as if she couldn't help she added

'lekin ek phone toh kar sakte the.. Mai bewkoof.. sari sham aapka intejar kar rahi thi.. Inform to karte.. Par nahi.. Aapko kam ke aage kuchh yad rahe toh na.. actually... The thing is.. Apko na.. meri kadar hi nai hai.. agar kabhi mai na rahu na aapke paas.. Tab aapko pata chalega...'

Ram felt a stab at heart.. He could never bear even a mere thought of her going away from him. He fell silent. Why did she have to say that? Didn't she know, how much he is scared of losing her?  She is his life now...

He lied down on bed, turning to the other side and pulled comforter on himself. He wanted her to be in his arm more than ever now.

What if someday, she really... 


he shook the thought away. He did not want to dwell on it.

He tried to recollect some sweet memories, and an involuntary grin broke on his face, as he got an idea.

How did he forget the main weakness of his sherani wife?

He stole a glance at her, and sneaked his phone into comforter. Priya was still busy ignoring him because she knew if she looked at him, and he smiled his cute smile at her, she would melt in a second!

Ram found what he was looking for, and pressed the play button. He closed his eyes waiting for next happenings.

Priya jumped in shock as he heard a errie voice. She looked here and there but she could not find source of sound. The sound was getting more horrifying and it did not help that she had picked up a murder mystery to read, in hurry to put up the pretense. She moved closer to Ram and shook his arm.. 

P : 'Ram.. Uthiye nah.. Ram...'

R : kya hai..?

P : muze ajib awaj sunai de rahi hai.. Ram sat up, taking care of keeping the phone hidden. He put one arm around his shoulder. Hardly controling his naughty smile, he said

R : dar lag raha hai?

He pressed the button again and this time eerier sound filled the room.  Priya left all the pretence and hugged him. Ram could have jumped in triumph at the moment!

P : haa.. Muze bahot dar lag raha hai..

R : Daro mat.. Mai hu na.. Aur ab nahi aayegi awaj..

He pressed the button again to stop the music. But alas...! He had pressed wrong the button and...

Priya got up in surprise as suddenly a hindi song started to play, out of nowhere. Ram's face had the expression of being caught. Priya looked for the source of sound, and at the next second, she pulled the comforter off him.  She understood everything as she saw the phone. She snatched it from his hand and got up from the bed angrily. How dare he tease her like this?

She started the previously played tone, it was indeed the sound she heard before. She threw him a dirty look.

P : iska matlab.. Ye aapki shararat thi.. Very bad.. aap mera majak uda rahe the.. Abhi batati hu...

She started to fidget with the phone. He got up and went near her.

R : are are.. Ye kya kar rahi ho??

She moved her hand away..

P : kya kar rahi hu  matlab.. Sabse pehale toh ye tone delete karungi..

R : aise kaise delete karogi.. Mera phone hai.. Laao idhar..

He tried to snatch the phone.. She turned back. He leapt at her, She tried to move back.. The Phone slipped from her hand onto the floor..  and.. Both of them fell on bed..

She tried to get up, but he made his grip tight and kept her pinned to the bed. He looked into her eyes, intently. 

R : I'm sorry Priya. I know its my fault. But I was really so stuck that I couldn't even inform you. Do you really feel I'd do this on purpose? Ab jane bhi do na... Please?

Priya knew he was right. She already did not want to stretch it too much, and he was too close for comfort now!

She smiled, which was enthusiastically returned by him.

He asked, mischievously

R :  so.. Am I forgiven?

P : no...

R : why? now what?

P : aapne muze daraya kyu?

R : are yar.. Dara thodi raha tha.. Bas koshish kar raha tha.. Tumhe paas lane ke..

Priya felt blush staining her cheeks, as she whispered

P : Really?

he chuckled, as he bent down, to prove it to her...

The phone was lying on the floor, long forgotten and still issuing the weird sound,  but unnoticed by the lovebirds now... 

Late into that night, Priya woke up from sleep, She felt that something disturbed her from sleep. She opened her eyes and saw that Ram was wide awake. He was looking at her and his hand was gently caressing her hair. She was surprised, because he always drifted off to sleep before her. She propped up her head into her hand, to properly look at him.

 P : kya hua? Neend nahi aayi?

R : hmm... Aank to lagi thi..  Ek bure sapane ne jaga diya.

P : kya hua...? Kya dekha aapne?

He looked at her intenly with all the love that his heart contened.

R : mai tumhe aakhari bar bata raha hu... Don't ever make me say it again..

Jab maine kaha tha ki mai nahi jee paunga tumhare bagair.. I meant it Priya.. I really meant it.. I had to wait for long enough Priya.. aayinda muzse dur jane ki bat majak mai bhi mat karana..

Priya could see how serious he was. She cursed herself for saying the sentence. How could she hurt him? Tears wailed up in her eyes..

P : I'm so sorry Ram... wo gusse me.. mai aapko hurt nahi karna chahti thi.. I'm really really sorry!

Ram didn't need her apology. He just pulled her towards himself. She did not say anymore, but just held onto him tightly, reassuring him. He understood it and patted her head.

Finally she said..

P: 'Mai hamesha aapke saath hi rahungi... Ram... I love you..'

R : Love you too...

Soon, both of them drifted off to sleep, peacefully...

'Bhai... Bhai...'  Rishabh was shaking Ram.  Ram woke up from the trance. He looked at Rishabh questioningly. What was he doing here?

He looked around and he realized that he was sitting on a chair in his room. A glass of drink in one  hand and his phone in another. Rishabh got little scared on seeing him lost like that..

Rishabh : woh.. Maine aapke room se kuchh ajib awaj suni.. Toh.. Aap thik toh hai..?

He looked at the phone in Ram's hand. Ram also looked at the phone and realized. The horror tone, which had triggered his train of thought was still playing aloud. He stopped it.

R : ha mai thik hu.. Ja tu..

Rish : par..

R: ek bar bola na ja..

Rishabh didn't dare to argue. He left.

'Mai hamesha aapke sath rahungi Ram..'  Her voice rang in his ears.

Angrily he poured a strong peg into his glass, but as he  lifted the glass. Her voice stopped him again..

'Don't drink too much Ram.. its not good for you...'

Helplessly he banged the glass on the table. He went to bed, but he knew sleep won't come anywhere near him tonight.

Pyaar Hum Ko Bhi Hai.. Pyaar Tum Ko Bhi Hai'
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye
Bewafa Hum Nahin' Bewafa Tum Nahin'
To Kyon Itne Gile Ho Gaye''


He remembered the disastrous morning... It was his worst nightmare which came true..

R : Ma.. Kartik aur Priya chhoti se bat karna chahte hai?

Nih : Ram, nutz ki halat thik nahi hai.. Doctor ne use stress dene ke liye mana kiya hai..  Par Priya hai ki apni jid pe adi hai... Apni biwi se kaho.. Plz.. Meri beti ki jaan ke peeche na pade.. Tum shayd bhul gaye ho ram ki tumhari ek behen bhi hai.. Par mai to maa hu na..

R : ma aisa nahi hai..

Nih : agar aisa nahi hai to.. Priya se kaho ki kuchh din natasha se dur rahe.. Dono ek chhat ke neeche rahegi to nuts ko wahi sab yad aata rahega.. use aaram ki jaroorat hai.. Priya se kaho woh kuchh din apne mayke jaake rahe..

R : par maa..

N : ha bhala.. Tum aisa kyu kahoge.. Mai toh bhul gayi thi ki tum ab mere Ram nahi rahe...

Ram looked helplessly at Priya. Already there was enough stress between them They had had an argument last night. He had shouted at her, how he was getting sandwiched between the two families. She looked at him, unable to comprehend what he wanted. He did not say anything. She could not see him in so much pain, and so helpless.

P: thik hai ma.. Agar aapko lagata hai ki mere chale jane se yaha sabko shanti milegi.. Toh thik hai... Mai kuchh dino ke liye ghar chali jaungi..

She half wished he would stop her. He badly wanted to, but he really did not know what to do. So she left..

Ram was tossing on his bed, thinking

'Why did niharika do this? What was Priya's fault? Agreed, chhoti's well being was too much important for him.. But why ma and chhoti did not understand Priya was equally important for him? Didn't they care for him? Was he unlucky as ever? Did he not have the right of happy life with his wife?'

He turned restlessly... unable to even close his eyes.. let alone sleep...

Chalte Chalte Kaise Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale...

In Sharma house, Priya sat down on the bed. She was too much tired. Kartik was still in jail. Sudhir was feeling weak after the BP attack. She had taken him to doctor and then went to lawyer. She also had extra work at classes. She was too much busy for the whole day, but there wasn't a single moment, in which she did not think about Ram. Even now she was wondering if he was ok? Had he eaten properly?

She remembered how Niharika asked her to leave..  If KM was her house, that was because of Ram. She wanted him to stop her. but he didn't..

Her eyes turned moist.

Duniya Jo Pooche To Kya Hum Kahen.. Koi Yeh Humko Samjaade
Thes Lagi To Pal Mein Toot Gaye..Sheshe Ke The Kya Sab Vaade?

 There Ram sat up on his bed

Jaata Hai Koi Kyon Sapno Ko Thukraake
Payega Yeh Dil Kya Kisi Ko Batake?

Night was getting darker with each passing moment.. 

Chalte Chalte' Kaise Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale
Bewafa Hum Nahin.. Bewafa Tum Nahin..
To Kyon Itne Gile Ho Gaye


Priya was still in thoughts. 

Did she do the right thing? She did not want to give stress to Ram, but was this the right way?  'Mai nahi jee paunga tumhare bagir..' his words rang into his ears. But which other option did she have? Niharika made her leave.. Did she do it purposefully?  Why she was feeling that Niharika never wanted Ram to get closer to her? why did she felt sid was interested in only his money? She had even seen him stealing the neckless? Why did she feel that these people did not want her, or rather Ram to be happy?

Suddenly.. She remembered Krishuji's words.


Realization hit her like a bolt of lightening. It was these people responsible for all this! and what did she do? She left him alone amidst of those people? Her tears were flowing freely now.

Another jolt hit her as she realized that whatever was happening now, was just the tip of iceberg. She will go back to him, but will she ever be able to show the true colors of Niharika to him? How will she bring back his real mother's love in his life. She knew how much he had to crave for it. What on the earth is she going to do now? Will Ram trust her? Will they get happy times back together..? She felt scared..


She lifted her phone, and the looked at the screen. There were.. Ram and Priya smiling happily at her.. The picture was enough for her to break down. She threw herself on bed and buried her face in pillow to diminish sound of her sobs.

Doob Gaya Hai Kaise Dard Mein Dil.. 

Aansoon Bhari Hai Ab Aankhen                      


Ram gave up and popped up a pill so that he can escape the turmoil, atleast for a few hours...

Tanhaiyon Ki Jo Ruth Aa Gayi.. Ujdi Hui Hai Sab Raahein


Look at the irony of fate.. Both of them wanted so badly to be together, but they did not realize what exactly had gone wrong..


Socha Tha Paayenge Dono Ek Manzil Ko.. Raahein Jo Badli To Tumhi Batado
Chalte Chalte Gum Kahan Kaple Ho Gaye
Kho Gaye Kahan Raste
Pyaar Hum Ko Bhi Hai' Pyaar Tum Ko Bhi Hai
To Yeh Kya Silsile Ho Gaye

Bewafa Hum Nahin' Bewafa Tum Nahin
To Kyon Itne Gile Ho Gaye
Chalte Chalte Kaise Yeh Faasle Ho Gaye
Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale
Kya Pata Kahan Hum Chale

It was too late in night before they finally could sleep..

Morning came at its pace. Ram got up and got ready. He sat into car and started driving. When he stopped the car, he was surprised, because he had not planned the destination. He had reached Priya's classes. He got out of the car. Priya who had just reached there, was getting out of the auto. She too was shocked to see him. She went near to the car. They looked into each other's eyes. What  all they could see was hurt and pain that they had to bear for last few days..

But.. As few tears rolled down on Priya's cheeks.. The pain washed away.. And they could see the love, that had made their lives worth living. It all that mattered to them for now..

R : Priya.. Muze tumse bat karani hai..

P : ha.. Kahiye.

R : gadi me baitho..

P. Kya?

R : Bat karni hai.. Par yaha nahi.. Hamare ghar me.. Hamare  kamre me baithkar.. There is nothing that we can't solve together, Priya'

Priya just kept looking at him. She couldn't name the emotion that was running down her veins now...

R : Gadi me baitho Priya..

She sat into the car through the door which he held wide open. He went on driver's seat and turned the car on the way to Kapoor Mansion.. Their own house!


Feeling like killing me? Atleast throwing brickbats? well.. I deserve it!Cry

But don't ask me missing pieces puzzles, like how Priya's gonna expose Nih.. I'm not good enough writer to make justice to whole story! for now Just assume RaYa are together,, forever!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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As soon as i read its long...i was feeling like to check it before reading it... and you call it lengthy?? then u definitely dont know our capacity .. our digestion system is very strong.. 
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very nice post it's awesomeClap ClapClapthanx tumne separate nahi kya apni RaYA ko, & also song selection is too good akdom perfect my one of the fav song .
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ClapClapClap really awesome take Amy...loved it to bits...Embarrassed
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Its to good continue soon
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amyyy sweetheart... r u kidding me??? u have to write atleast one more part... write about priya's plan to reveal niharika in front of ram... btw whatever u wrote is very nice... 
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Originally posted by sparkling_gems

amyyy sweetheart... r u kidding me??? u have to write atleast one more part... write about priya's plan to reveal niharika in front of ram... btw whatever u wrote is very nice... 

So u liked it? I was apprehensive to post it!
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