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Hey guys.. so after watching yesterdays episode and precap i got some ideas on how the story should proceed.  it got kind of long so i'll post in parts.  Its not very good cuz its my first FF/SS or whatever you want to call it Tongue and i'm not a very good writer.  Might be a little dramatic and cheezy and some might not make sense But I hope you like it! LOL


Part 1 and 2 - page 1

Part 3 - page 6

Part 4 - page 8

Part 5 - page 11

Part 1

Ram returns home from the hospital.  He is feeling so torn between his family and Priya's.  He has no idea what he is supposed to do in this situation.  He knows he is hurting Priya by not talking to Kartik but what else is he supposed to do?  Seeing his Choti in that state is also killing him.  How could Kartik do that to her?  And why isn't Priya supporting him? She loves him doesn't she?

All these thoughts are giving him a headache.  He is sick and tired of dealing with all this drama.  He goes to his room and picks up his bottle of tablets.. he looks at it for a second and then takes out about a dozen tablets in his hand.  He is about to take them when Priya grabs his hand.

Priya: Ram, yeh kya kar rahe hain aap!

Ram: Please mujhe chod do. 

Priya: Nahin main aap ko tablets khane nahin doongi.  Aap ko andaza bhi hai aap kya karne ja rahe hain?

Ram: To main kya karun! Mujhe kuch samaj nahi aa raha hai! Main kya karun! Do parivaar ke beech phas gaya hu main.  Agar main tumhari baat nahi manta to tum naraaz ho jaati ho aur agar main tumhari baat manta to meri Choti apni jaan deni ki koshish karti hai.  Main kya karun? Tum log meri mushkil ko kyun nahi samajhte.  Maa bhi tumhein taane maarti rehti hai aur mujhse bardaasht nahi hota lekin main unse bhi kuch nahi keh sakta.  Choti ko is halat mein dekh har mujhe kitna dukh hua hai yeh main hi jaanta hoon aur Maa ko lag raha hai ke mein khush ho raha hoon.  Aur tumhein itna pareshaan dekh kar mujhe kitna bura lag raha hai lekin main Choti ki baat bhi nahi taal sakta. 

He leaves Priya standing there with tears forming in her eyes...

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Me first. Comment after reading. So wait for them
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Part 2 

Ram goes back to his car.  He goes to the hilltop and sits in his car and thinks. 

Why had Natasha slit her wrist after he mentioned that he was going to speak to Kartik?  Why had everyone been so against him going to speak to Kartik?  It was only fair that he found out why he did this to his Choti.  Why had Niharika been trying to put the entire blame on Priya? What did she have to do with what her brother did, if he did anything at all?  For the first time in his life, Ram considered the possibility that Niharika and maybe even Natasha might be lying.  But then how did she end up with a million bruises and a bleeding lip?  Who did this to her?  All these questions were eating away at his brain.  He needed to find out what was going on.  He decided to talk to Kartik.  He got into his car and drove to the Sharmas.

At the Sharmas, Shipra and Ayesha had taken Sudhir to the doctor's to get a check up and make sure everything was back to normal after his blood pressure attack. Kartik was home alone, wondering if Natasha was ok and if he should go there. 

The doorbell rang and Kartik opened it and came face to face with Ram. 

Kartik: Mr. Kapoor? Natasha kaisi hai? 

Ram silently walks in.

Kartik: Sir maine Natasha ko haat tak nahi lagaya! Please aap mera yakeen kijiye. 

He explains the whole story from Sudhir's attack to the huge fight to telling her to leave their house. 

 Kartik continues: Haan maine ghusse mein aa kar use ghar se jaane ko kehdiya lekin maine use haat tak nahi lagaya.  Main usse kitna pyaar karta hoon.  Aur main usse maar ne ki soch bhi nahi sakta!

His eyes tear up at the thought of Natasha in the hospital. 

Aur mujhe kaisa lagta agar aap di ko thapad maar te to.  Natasha bhi kisi ki beti, kisi ki behen hai. 

Ram shivers at the thought of Kartik mentioning how he would feel if he hit Priya.  He could never do such a thing.  He loved her so much.  He couldn't live without her! Seeing Kartik's tears and love for Natasha made him think.  What if he really didn't do anything? Ram, without saying anything, gets up from there and walks out.  He gets into his car and drives straight to the hospital. 

Once he reaches the hospital, he sits in his car and starts thinking again.  So if Kartik didn't hit Choti, then who did? And why did she say that Kartik did? And why was Niharika bent on blaming Priya for everything?  It seemed like everything somehow ended up being Priya's fault.  Just because Kartik was Priya's brother doesn't mean she was responsible for the situation.  So why? Then it dawned on him.  Niharika had been putting Priya down from the moment Ram had started developing feelings for her.  She obviously didn't want Ram getting close to Priya.  Then he knew what he had to do.  

Inside the hospital 

Niharika is sitting outside Choti's room with Mamaji.  Ram goes up to her. 

Niharika:  Are Ram, tum yahaan kyun aagaye.  Hum sab hai na Nutz ka khayaal rakh ne ke liye.  Tumhari tabyat theek nahin hai, tum ghar jaao.  

Ram: Ma, maine yahaan isiliye aaya hoon kyun ki mujhe aap se Priya ke bare mein baat karni thi. 

Niharika: Priya ke bare mein kya baat karni thi.  Who aur us ka bhai hamare ghar to barbad kar diye aur ab Nutz ki is halat un ke waja se hi to hai.  

Ram: Haan, isiliye maine socha hai ke main Priya ko divorce dena chahta hu.  Aap please divorce ke papers tayaar kijiye.  Main sign kar ne ke liye tayaar hoon.  

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Too good amber dii :-) who said u are not good writer. U are superb writer. :-) great start please continue it soon. we all got a new ff writer. THREE CHEERS!!! FOR AMBER DII ;-) i hope monday episode should be like this only.Edited by SWEETETIKA - 2012-04-20T04:32:47Z
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Thank God atleast he realised that his mom is taunting his wife
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Originally posted by SWEETETIKA


Etika mujhse panga le rahi ho?
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Originally posted by ravichitra

Originally posted by SWEETETIKA


Etika mujhse panga le rahi ho?
lekin aap mujhse panga le rahe ho chitra di,
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Golu is on a reverse gear. Wow
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