Part 3 = raya romance

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PRIYA'S EYES WIDED AND    SHE IS SHOCK BECAUSE THERE IS   LOTS   OF LOVE   BYTES   MARK ON HER   ON HER NEACK AND THEN   SHE REMOVE HER SAREE   FROM   WAIST AND SEE MARK   ON HER WAIST *PRIYA     THANKS HER   STAR   AND THINK WHAT HAPPEN   IF ANYBODY   SEE   THIS   AND   SHE HURRIDLY COVER HER WAIST WITH PALLU AND OPEN   HER HAIR   FROM   PONY AND SHE HERSELF   IN   MIRROR   AND   BLUSS    SAME   TIME   RAM   COME FROM   BATHROOM   AND HE   GOES NEAR   PRIYA *RAM*=priya what   happen   why you cover   yourself with pallu   anything   wrong.*pRIYA*= NOTHING WRONG   AND BYTHE WAY   ITS MY   NEW   FASHION   AND   SHE TURN . *ram   hold her hand   pull   her close   to   him   and    remove her pallu   from waist and   shock to see marks   and   our lion   turn   into golu avtar *=priya i am sorry.*PRIYA*= FOR WHAT. *ram*=for this mark and we are going   to doctor .*PRIYA LAUGH LOUDLY*= WE ARE GOING   TO DR FOR THIS? AND WHAT WE TELL HIM   MY HUSEBAND DO THIS TO ME .*RAM*= you laugh at me tum mera mazak uda rahi   ho and   listen tum dawai   lagalo .*PRIYA*=RAM JUST RELEX AM FINE AND I AM HAPPY TO SEE THIS MARK ON ME AND SHE LOWER HER GAZE AND BLUSS. *ram nughtily*=how i bilieve and   carisis her chick. *PRIYA SHOCKINGLY STARE AT HIM   AND   THEN   SMILE   AND GO CLOSE TO HIM   AND GIVE   KISS ON HIS   LIPS AND RUN AWAY OUT OF ROOM*AND OUR RAM IS SMILING [email protected]@ = neha=priya yaha km me machar nahi hai na       priya=nahi kyu [email protected] =nahi tume kisi ne kata hai isliye ...,...IN MY Os OUR ROCKSTAR DADI BECOME NAUGTY WITH NEVI AND TEASE RAYA   AND DEMANDING PARPOTA/[email protected] ENJOY next part in sometimeEdited by Jahanvivakil - 2012-04-20T03:55:50Z
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it was very small !!!!! want more pls pls pls...its lovely...a different trail of thought...its very very sweet...thinking of our RaYa in ds situation makes me smile...Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
  update asap!!!!!!!StarStarStar
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Posted: 2012-04-19T23:17:31Z
Originally posted by sss283

<font color="#0033cc">it was verysmall !!!!! want more pls pls pls...its lovely...a different trail of thought...its very very sweet...thinking of our RaYa in ds situation makes me smile...Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
</div>Clap[= D>

update asap!!!!!!!StarStarStar</font>
                                    thanku thanku thanku so much im so happy u liked my os   and next part only for you in 5 hour again thanks
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thanku thanku so very muchHugDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2012-04-19T23:52:02Z
Superb take sister...keep it up...EmbarrassedThumbs Up
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Posted: 2012-04-20T00:07:21Z
Great ff jhanvi
love it :-)
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Posted: 2012-04-20T00:14:04Z
My god...great bedroom romance...and i just loved neha's remark...MACHAR nahi hai na...!!!ROFL Fabulous jhanvi! Keep it up and waiting for other parts... And thanks yaar...!
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Posted: 2012-04-20T00:17:54Z
It would b great if you merge up all the parts in one thread.. so that the members who sees your post late can read from part one and it will hassle free for all of them to find all parts in one thread. 
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