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Ladies and their gentleman here is a choti  and  badi co-production ( sammy_108 and Anamika163) presenting you balh our way ,this is my brainchild which shags has sketched beautifullyClapClap basically its more on her part so hope you all like it

"Na Judaa Honge Hum"



part. 3
part.7 ~ special update for 200th epi of BALH



Priya closed her eyes, trying to belive  all that happened in her life was just a  bad nightmare and the next morning will be all normal with happiness, warmth and most important ram her husband , soulmate , the  love of her life sleeping right next to her and would engulf her petite frame in his huge arms and the warmth could make her felt "loved",priya quickly opened her eyes as soon as she felt the warmth drifting away from her , she hugged her bosom tight to not let that warmth escape but it did leaving her heart void , she recalled the past days events as how did their relationship became rocky and how they being inseparable got separated just with few wrong misconceptions !,it all started with Natasha and ended with her too , she had returned to K.M.  with blue black bruises on her face  putting the blame of all this on her family ,her family who she knew very well and never in her dreams could believe it yet she had questioned them jabbing her emotions aside but they too were clueless about all this alike her ,then when she had convinced ram to confront karthik abt all the matter  he had fully agreed but Natasha couldn't let that be and had slit her wrist once again and soon was hospitalized ,she had warned everyone not to talk with the sharma's supported by the other family members, ram got scared for her choti  and went overprotective for her ,he didn't even talk to anyone and spent most of his time alone in his study even had his meals over there and headed straight to his office meeting nuts on his way it had been a week since  they had talked or atlesat had a proper dinner together ,life was hell for both ram and priya ,the  trigger had been when she had bailed karthik out as both her parents health degraded and even there was no proof for him being guilty ,ram came to know this from niharika and on other hand nuts had refused to have any meals  and locked herself in her room , and the last nail in the coffin had been when niharika broke out and had blamed  priya that though she knew beforehand about nuts abortion as nuts couldn't bear the mental torture by the family and had gone with the decision but priya came to know about it and challenged her that ram wouldn't listen to nuts and help her ram didn't listen a word any further from anyone and had even ignored to listen priya's point of view  and asked  her to spare  his sister for god's sake!, priya tried to convince him but all her attempts went into drain  , and finally she had to leave K.m. AND Ram behind  as it was worthless staying at a place  where she couldn't be trusted and getting respect was a far away thought
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Anu what a senti start of a story... but loved it a lott... and plss dont take tooo much of time in updating..
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Posted: 2012-04-18T13:30:09Z
di me scnd and bautiful pic
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Posted: 2012-04-18T13:35:25Z
Originally posted by sammy_108

di me scnd and bautiful pic

introducing u to the writer ShagsClapClapClap
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Posted: 2012-04-18T13:36:46Z
Originally posted by sparkling_gems

Anu what a senti start of a story... but loved it a lott... and plss dont take tooo much of time in updating..

thnx dearHug will defo update regularly.. stay tuned
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Posted: 2012-04-18T13:38:04Z
Originally posted by Anamika163

Originally posted by sparkling_gems

Anu what a senti start of a story... but loved it a lott... and plss dont take tooo much of time in updating..

thnx dearHug will defo update regularly.. stay tuned

if possible drop a pm when u update... Smile
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Posted: 2012-04-18T13:45:54Z
Fantastic Badi N Choti Production. Very touchy and realistic looking at current conditions...
why do i get the feeling that we will see this happening in coming weeks? (minus the part where Ram leaves too)

Keep them coming...

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Posted: 2012-04-18T14:06:43Z
i guess the cvs are on the same track toooDead and if this is gonna be the story then only god can save the trps trembling downConfused and for balh ram is the saviour  his reactions and decesions will decide bothe their future in serial and serials future in trps..i wish they wont seperate for tooo longCry
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