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Posted: 9 years ago
i am apni marzi ki maalkin :P the whole of IF may like someone or something..but if i don't, i absolutely will not make anything on them. LOL but then again, if anyone requests on someone i don't like..then i can't say no, so i'd do it. though i wouldn't feel creatively attached to what i'm making..in that case i'd try and do a good job, purely visually :D
Posted: 9 years ago
I only make things that I like when updating...I'll only consider people's wants when taking requests...
I feel for newcomers in siggying they end up catering to what people like to get others to come into their store..thats perfectly fine, I believe I did the same when I started way back...but when you increase your own market value you tend to gravitate to what you want to do and then others have to take/leave whatever you make but you're then in the position to do so and no longer in the mercy of the janta-janardhan... eventually there will be a point when you start to make a niche for yourself and make whatever the hell you please and people will find your work magnificent no matter if they follow the show or not.. (sounds alot like louboutin shoes for me Ermm)
khair, at the end we make creations for different reasons but the main deal is to find inspiration in everything we make and try to push boundaries to make something better than your last creation
Posted: 9 years ago
Hmm, nice topic.

Well I'm mostly 50-50. I usually make siggies on what I like or at least watch. But if there is something that a lot of people like, then I might make a few siggies on that. For example, I don't really watch IPKKND, but there are a lot of fans of it. So maybe, I'll make one or two siggies from that show if I can find some good pics in the picture gallery.

Or I've started to watch DSDDSB now. But I only make siggies on what I've seen. And a lot of people seem to have liked it.
Posted: 9 years ago
I make stuff on people that I like and follow :) But I always say that Im open for suggestions and if I can find good pics of other people that my friends like or they provide me with pics then I will also make stuff on them :) For me I think the outcome is better when its people I like and follow because I enjoy making it more if that makes any sense.
Posted: 9 years ago
This is tricky! 

You know, when people spend such a lot of time in IF, they tend to get influenced in the matters of what movie/TV show to watch by the other members. So, that could always reflect in the sig/GIF work they do. 

As for me, I do primarily what I like to do, seeing as Photoshop is something I enjoy, not something I do to please others. When I post stuff here, I like how people respond, but I solely do it so as to get something productive outta the thoughts about whatever fiction get accumulated in my head, because I cannot always write about it.

So, sometimes I follow people's likes and try new things but I dun usually follow people's dislikes, cause that's kinda never helpful. 

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