RMJ(last/maha episode) WU April 12th,2012

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Posted: 11 years ago
In the previous episode,
Mona managed to find
Aditya in the temple.
Mona tries to convince
Aditya that he must not
lead the life of a hermit.
Aditya replies that she
cannot live without Mona
and hence he wanted to
lead the life of a hermit.
Mona tells Aditya that it
would be difficult for her
to live without him. Mona
embraces Aditya and
confesses her love.
Mona thanks Lovely and
Kartik for helping her in
searching Aditya. Kartik
asks Aditya where he had
gone. Aditya lies that he
had gone to the temple to
seek blessings.
Later, both the couples
arrive in the Derawala
area. The Gandhis and the
Bedis welcome Kartik and
Lovely. Mona informs the
families that without
Lovely and Kartik's help,
she would not be able to
find Aditya.
Bharati realizes that Mona
was addressing Aditya
with his name. Mona used
to address Aditya as 'Sirji'.
Bharati smartly points it
out to the family.
Lovely tells Bharati that
she wanted to see Hetal's
baby. Bharati shows her
the baby. Later the
families go inside the
Gandhi residence to pray
in front of Srinathji's idol.
Sejal teasingly asks Mona
and Aditya to take each
others names. Mona and
Aditya happily do the
Kartik enquires with the
family why they did not
send Aditya and Mona for
their honeymoon. Ketaki
had informed Kartik that
the couple did not go for
their honeymoon.
Kartik asks Bharati
whether he could take
Aditya and Mona to
Jaipur. He believes that
couple would get quality
time to spend with each
other. Bharati happily
Before leaving for Jaipur,
Aditya and Mona take
blessings from their
elders. Satnaam asks
Aditya to take good care
of Mona.
Meanwhile at the Kaushik
residence, a scared Bittu
chants mantras as he
strongly believes that
Anamika was possessed.
He gets shocked when he
notices a certain thing in
the darkness of the night
and goes out of his room.
Bittu gets shocked when
he sees a shadow and
believes it to be Simran's
spirit. Out of fear, Bittu
screams out Simran's
The family assembles in
the hall after they hear
Bittu's scream. Karantiya
realizes that Anamika was
missing from her room.
The Kaushiks go on the
terrace and notice
Anamika near the puja
ghar. While bending down
to offer prayers, sindoor
accidentally gets applied
on Anamika's forehead.
Bindeshwari points out
that the wind was blowing
only in Anamika's
direction. She gets
stunned when Anamika
starts walking towards
her. She realizes that
Anamika was walking in
the manner similar to that
of Simran.Anamika mysteriously
apologizes to Bindeshwari
for arriving late.
Bindeshwari believes that
she was talking to Simran.
Shivendu refuses to
accept Anamika as Simran
and leaves.
While talking to
Bindeshwari, Anamika
comes back to her senses.
Anamika gets confused
when she realizes that she
had sindoor on her
forehead. Anamika tries
to wipe off the sindoor,
however Bindeshwari
stops her.
Bittu gets scared and
faints as he believes that
Anamika was possessed
by Simran's spirit. The
family brings Bittu back to
consciousness. Bittu fears
Anamika would endanger
the family members if she
continues to stay in the
Bindeshwari tells her
daughters-in-law that
Anamika's behavior and
mannerism reminded her
of Simran. She believes
that there must be some
connection between
Simran and Anamika.
In order to find answers
to her question,
Bindeshwari calls a pundit
at her residence and
informs him about the
happenings. The pundit
informs the family that he
can sense the presence of
Shivendu's deceased wife
in the house. Bindeshwari
tells the pundit that she
too can feel Simran's
presence in the house.
While the family is busy
conversing with the
pundit, Anamika writes a
letter and throws it in
Bindeshwari's direction.
The letter reads that
Simran can never separate
from her family as she
cannot see her family in
grief. The entire family is
left shocked on hearing it.
Lovely informs
Bindeshwari that the
letter came from
Anamika's direction.
Anamika is left wondering
when Bindeshwari asks
her whether she had
written the letter.
Anamika states that she
was feeling uneasy and
hence was going to the
Bindeshwari asks the
pundit whether Anamika
could be Simran. She
states that she has a
strong feeling that
Anamika was Simran. The
pundit believes that God
had given them an
opportunity to bring
happiness in their lives
and so they must accept
Shivendu gets irritated
and refuses to accept
Anamika as Simran. Aarti
too refuses to believe that
Anamika was Simran. She
states that Anamika had
no connection with
The pundit states that
Anamika was destined to
come to the Kaushik
residence. He explains
that if Aarti would not
have brought her to
Jaipur, someone else
would have surely brought
her to the Kaushik
An irritated Aarti refuses
to believe in the pundit's
justifications. She states
that she would have
dropped Anamika back to
her village right away,
however she could as she
urgently had to go to
Before leaving, Aarti
requests Bindeshwari to
keep Anamika in her
house until she returns
from Bikaner. Bindeshwari
An irritated Shivendu
states that Simran was
dead and would never
return in their lives. He
refuses to accept Anamika
as Simran.Edited by sangadlover - 11 years ago
Posted: 11 years ago
Thanks for the update...I didnt liked the ending...all loose ends
Posted: 11 years ago
ya even idont like the whole episode except part 1 because adina was shown only part 1 for me overall a backwass mahaepisode worst serial ending i have ever watched
Posted: 11 years ago
That's all we r going to get! They left so many things hanging. I want to know how come Adi could buy a house for double it's value! I want to know who helped him get started in business. I want to know who Adi's father really is-this whole story of Bharti giving the baby away to safe guard future children is facile in the extreme. What if it turned out she couldn't have more kids?! Also how come her her husband didn't know she was preggers?? I mean, 9 mths? It smacks of an affair that needed to be concealed! Also when did his name change from Joshi to Gandhi? And how did everyone all of a sudden know that he is a Gandhi? This serial has so many unanswered questions!
Posted: 11 years ago
for name its rmj Maha episode.but full of MKKPB..thanks for update
Posted: 11 years ago
Very sad that the show has ended, it seemed to finally be getting interesting again. Maybe they can do new version further ahead, something like Choti Bahu has done. 
Posted: 11 years ago
^ they'd be fools if they didn't! They have a ready made audience. Not that i'm holding my breath! It ain't gonna happen :-/
Posted: 11 years ago
I'm really sad that this ended.. It was a great show, espeically since Angad joined..
Like others say, I want it to come back :)

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